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Church Promotes the Canonization of “Inconvenient Witnesses” of the Mozambican Civil War, Including the Portuguese – Current Events



Church Promotes the Canonization of "Inconvenient Witnesses" of the Mozambican Civil War, Including the Portuguese - Current Events

“They witnessed the events and obviously had connections with the church in Mozambique, with people who had access to power,” they condemned “violence on both sides,” said Diamantino Antunes, adding: “That’s why they were uncomfortable voices.” …

Opposed were the Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo), the party in power since independence, and the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo), the opposition.

Father Silvio Moreira, 44, Portuguese, and father João de Deus Gonçalves Camted, 54, native of Mozambique, were killed on 30 October 1985 with firearms and bayonets by an armed group who captured them from their home in Chapotera, in the Angonia Region.

The bodies were thrown in the bushes, 200 meters from the house.

Almost 36 years later, the Catholic Church in Tete is in the preliminary stages of the canonization process, considering the two missionaries “martyrs.”

They “opposed the war and perceived the suffering of the people as their own suffering”, denouncing the tragedy of war based on Christian virtue.

The priests had “faith, courage and mercy,” Diamantino Antunes defended.

“I can believe, but if I don’t have the courage, my faith is in vain,” he said, adding that the priests can “shut up, close their eyes and say there is no condition here to continue,” but they didn’t.

Based on documentary and oral reports collected in Mozambique and Portugal, Bishop Diamantino Antunes highlights the merits of two missionaries who risked their own lives to help bury the dead they found scattered about, while guaranteeing health, education and more.

They also held masses and weddings, sometimes in secret so as not to attract the attention of the military.

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“They decided: let’s stay, whatever the cost. And there people stayed while the priests were. But after their death, a mass crush began in Malawi, ”the bishop explained.

Immediately after Mozambique gained independence in 1975, the neighboring Lifidzi mission was occupied by Frelimo, and the Jesuits living there were left without a large church and other missionary premises: male and female boarding schools, a hospital, carpentry workshops, metalwork and other addictions.

As an alternative, the creation of a new mission appeared instead of Chapoter.

But Diamantino Antunes said the consequences of the deaths of the two missionaries were reflected even after the peace accords in 1992, when the population resisted an immediate return to the region, still fearing insecurity.

In this case, as a strategy, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) should have sponsored the reconstruction of missions, especially in Lifiji, to allow the return of the priests and therefore the population.

“In 1992 I was already here. I worked in Nyasa and did not see UNHCR re-establish missions to return the inhabitants of Nyasa, ”as happened in Angonia.

The two priests had been in Chapoter for just over a year when the attack took place in 1985.

In a press release issued by the Society of Jesus during the killings, it is said that on the night of October 30, an armed group took the Jesuits to an unknown location.

Some Christians from the village noticed their absence and thought they had been abducted by the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo), the opposition, but on November 4, the bodies were found stabbed to death and hidden in a forest 200 meters from their home.

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On the same day, the bodies were delivered and buried at the cemetery in Oolong Village.

According to Bishop Tete, all the information gathered suggests that the main target of the attack will be Father João de Deus, who translated the Bible into the local language.

But when the attackers picked him up to take him away, Father Silvio said: “If my colleague leaves, so do I.”

Even today, there is an annual spontaneous movement of Christians who hold vigils in the place where the missionaries were buried.

The deed of canonization has already been approved by the Society of Jesus and the Episcopal Conference and is awaiting further consultations and opinions, including from the Holy See.

One of the steps is aimed at checking that there are no inconveniences or obstacles due to the political context: “We do not want to settle accounts with anyone, but only – and this is the most important thing – to provide testimony”.

Bishop Tete said that he had evidence that none of the authors of the material was alive, and even if he was alive, “it was very important to testify not for the trial,” but to find out the reason for the canonization.

The opening of the diocesan phase of the canonization case is scheduled for 14 August at the seminary in Zobue, where Father Silvio was a professor and where Father João de Deus helped during the war. The date coincides with the pilgrimage organized by the diocese.

On this day, a public oath will be taken by the diocesan commission, which will lead the process.

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Every Portuguese wastes 183 kg of food a year, and this is “inconceivable”.



Every Portuguese wastes 183 kg of food a year, and this is "inconceivable".

President of the Portuguese Federation of Food Banks Against Hunger Isabelle Jonet considers food waste unacceptable and absurd, as every Portuguese wastes 183 kg of food a year.

As World Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day is celebrated, speaking at a conference on the subject in Lisbon, the official recalled statistics released by the National Statistical Institute and said the situation was “worse than expected.”

The data, official and published for the first time, refers to 2020 and shows that 1.89 million tons of food was wasted in Portugal this year, so each Portuguese wasted an average of 183.6 kilograms of food.

INE statistics show that families spend the most. The figures show that over 1.2 million tons of food was wasted by families this year, followed by catering with over 237 thousand tons, trade and distribution with 214 thousand tons, primary production with over 101 thousand tons and food . industry, about 61 thousand tons.

“We buy too much, we buy bad, we let it go bad. It is unacceptable that a third of what is produced ends up in the trash,” the official said, speaking at a debate organized by the United Movement Against Waste.

Ana Cristina Carrola of the Portuguese Environmental Protection Agency (APA), who also took part in the debate, stressed that the average amount of waste per year per inhabitant in the European Union is 173 kg, less than the 183 kg that is thrown away by the Portuguese.

“This is unthinkable in our day,” he lamented.

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Thanks to goals from Evanilson and Pepe, Porto beat Braga in Portuguese; Sporting wins too



Thanks to goals from Evanilson and Pepe, Porto beat Braga in Portuguese;  Sporting wins too

Evanilson scored four goals in eight matches in the 2022/23 Portuguese Liga (Photo: MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP)

Photo: Lance!

After the draw in the last round Portuguese Championship, Porto won again. This Friday, the defending champions thrashed Braga 4-1 at the Dragau Stadium. Goals came from Evanilson, Eustaquio, Pepe and Galeno. Defender Pepe, against, got to the opponent.

Ex-Fluminense Evanilson opened the scoring in the 32nd minute of the opening stage. Eustaquio tried to make a cross and the Brazilian forward appeared on the second post to prop up his chest. Two minutes later, Pepe filed Eustaquio, who sent the ball into an empty net.

In the final stage, the Portuguese-Brazilian defender Pepe tried to cut off a low cross, but sent him into his own net. Pepe, the former Gremio who assisted, got it from Taremi after a beautiful move that extended the game in the 18th minute. In addition, the Brazilian Galeno closed the account in the north of Portugal.

– I am very happy to score again and, above all, for this victory. A match we knew would be difficult, against a strong opponent who was in good sequence, but in which we managed to impose our rhythm and win three points in front of our fans. Now it’s time to rest and get back to work, already thinking about the next challenge, which is also very important for us, – said Evanilson after the match.


Another great player to take the field this Friday is Sporting CP. In Lisbon, on José de Alvalade, the Lions beat Gil Vicente 3-1. For Rubén Amorim’s side, Morita, Pote Gonçalves and Rocinha scored. Fran Navarro scored in stoppage time.

Sporting CP are the vice-leaders of Portugal (Photo: PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA / AFP)

Sporting CP are the vice-leaders of Portugal (Photo: PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA / AFP)

Photo: Lance!

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Portuguese tennis player Gonçalo Oliveira in the doubles final of the Lisbon Belém Open



Portuguese coach praises the development of women's handball after the Iberian duel

Oliveira and Kolar defeated France’s Manuel Guinard and Venezuela’s Luis David Martínez in the semi-finals for first place in the series, in straight sets with partial scores of 6-1 and 6-2 after 58 minutes of play.

In the title match, they will take on the Ukrainian duo of Vladislav Manafov and Oleg Prikhodko, who eliminated Jivan Nedunchezhyan of India and Christopher Rungkat of Indonesia 6-4 and 6-2 in the semi-finals.

For the 27-year-old Portuguese tennis player, this will be his 31st doubles final at the ATP Challenger Tour and third at the Lisboa Belém Open after reaching the final in 2017 with compatriot Frederico Gil and champion in 2020 with Dominican Roberto Cid Subervi.

In singles, Italian Marco Cecchinato, semi-finalist of Roland Garros in 2018, beat Spaniard Carlos Taberner 7-6 (7-2) and 6-4, scheduling a meeting in the semi-final with the “Reserve” Kazakh Timofey Skatov, responsible for eliminating Frenchman Benoit Pera, in three matches, with a score of 6-4, 2-6 and 7-5.

The other semi-final of the Lisbon tournament will be discussed between Austrian Filip Mizolich, who defeated Giulio Zeppieri 6-4 today, and Frenchman Luca van Assche, the executioner of compatriot Alexander Müller, who finished seventh. parts 6-4 and 7-5.

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