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Belgium. Ambassador lost position after woman hitting salesman



ABOUT The South Korean ambassador to Belgium lost his post after his wife hit the owner of a shop in Seoul. Noticia BBC… The incident took place in April when a diplomat’s wife attacked a saleswoman who accused her of stealing.

The surveillance footage taken at the time was released to the public, showing how Peter Lescuyer’s wife, Xiang Xueqiu, clashed with two shopkeepers, even attacking one of them.

The seller reportedly asked Xiang Xueqiu to show him the clothes he was carrying, suspecting that he might have unpaid items.

After the incident became public and caused a wave of criticism, Xiang Xueqiu met with the store owner to apologize for his “inappropriate behavior,” according to a report from the Belgian Foreign Ministry.

Nonetheless, Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Vilmes decided to end the ambassador’s term after three years in power. Explaining that while Peter Lesquier was selflessly serving the country, Wilms pointed out that “the current situation” does not allow “to maintain a serene position.”

Xiang Xueqiu initially used diplomatic immunity to avoid charges from South Korean justice, but the Belgian government lifted the immunity so that the South Korean authorities could investigate.

Peter Lesquier apologized back in April for his wife’s “unacceptable” behavior.

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The first footage of the military after the largest exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine



Ukraine and Russia carried out the largest exchange of prisoners since the beginning of the war. Moscow received 144 soldiers taken prisoner by Ukrainian troops. The same number of captured Ukrainians were repatriated to Kyiv. Among the liberated are soldiers of the Azov regiment, seriously wounded in the battle near Mariupol.

Images released by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry show that nearly all of the 144 POWs released by Russia are seriously injured. They received fractures, amputations, gunshot or shrapnel wounds. Most of all fought in Mariupol.

It is in the Donbass and the last urban bastion of Ukrainian resistance in the east of the country that Russian troops are currently concentrating their offensive. Lisichansk continues to be heavily bombed.

Analysts are already predicting that the conflict will drag on as more Western weapons appear in Ukraine.

Earlier this week, London published photos of Ukrainian soldiers with British military instructors.

On British soil, they learn how to handle the L-119 cannon. They are also being trained to handle the complexities of long-range multiple launch rocket systems capable of hitting targets at a distance of 80 kilometers.

After the United States, and with over €1 billion worth of weapons delivered or pledged, the UK is currently the largest donor of military aid to Ukraine.

To learn more:

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The family accepts the cubs, and after 5 days the son dies. “It’s not a coincidence”



UA 14-year-old boy was sentenced to at least 15 years in prison after he killed a five-year-old boy with whom he lived in Wales.

The crime took place days after Craig Mulligan was taken in by the victim’s family, Logan Mwangi. Mwangi’s stepfather had known Mulligan since he was nine months old, and according to international publications, the teenager always idolized him. After the stepfather, 40-year-old John Cole, and the child’s mother, Angharad Williamson, 31, won their foster care case, Mulligan killed Williamson’s son and the body was found about 250 meters from your home on July 31st. .

The child’s injuries have been described as similar to those of a victim of a high-speed crash or a person who has fallen from a height. “Because he was killed at home, it is impossible to be sure what happened”– said the judge.

Despite the identities of the children involved in this type of crime, the judge decided to reveal their identities after a request was made arguing that it was in the public interest to know who the teenager was.

“I have come to the conclusion that after filing, I should remove this restriction”he explained, adding that death came “merciless”as well as “deliberately and organized”.

“They are responsible for Logan’s death and the suffering that followed.”he said, also referring to the child’s mother, who was sentenced to 28 years in prison, and the stepfather, who will serve one more year in prison than the mother.

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The teen was 13 years old when he helped Logan’s stepfather dispose of the child’s corpse in the Ogmore River in Bridgend.

Prosecutors in the case described the teenager as a “monster” and said Craig’s arrival “was no accident.”

So far, Craig’s behavior has not been exemplary. In court, the foster family who had previously been in charge of the teenager described her life with him as “hell”adding that they start to get “frightened” with him.

Craig threatened to kill them for weeks, and also threatened to harm the couple’s daughter and their dog, according to the family, quoted by international outlets.

Also according to publications, suspicions about the teenager began when he asked two young women if they would like to play a game “Game of Killing” which included storing them in black bags. The teenager told these same young people, talking about the foster family, that he wanted to “kill the five-year-old.” In court, they were told that Mulligan had a “passion for violence” and that he was a “monster”.

After Logan’s corpse was discovered, the teenager was taken care of by the authorities, and one of the officials heard him say: “I like kids. I love hitting kids on the head. It’s an orgasm.” Another employee said he did “something wrong” but “can’t talk about it.”.

The teenager was taken from his biological mother after she assaulted him, and according to one of the prosecutors, at that time he was already a “complex, troubled and violent” boy. It also became known in court that he suffered from various disorders of neuropsychic development.

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The child’s injuries have been described as similar to those of a victim of a high-speed crash or a person who has fallen from a height.

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Putin says Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership is ‘not a problem’ for Russia



Russia sees no problems with Finland and Sweden joining NATO, Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

We have no problems with Sweden and Finlandlike we have with Ukraine,” Putin said at a press conference in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. “We have no territorial disputes (…), nothing worries us in terms of Sweden and Finland joining NATO,” he assured. For Putin, Finland and Sweden “can meet wherever they want.”

But, “in the case of sending contingents and military infrastructure there, we will be forced to respond symmetrically and implement the same threats as in the territories where the summonses against us come from,” he stressed.

Official accession process for the two Nordic countries officially started this Wednesdayat the NATO summit in Madrid.

Putin also denounced NATO’s “imperial ambitions”, which he said seeks to assert its “hegemony” through the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

“The call to Ukraine to continue the fight and refuse to negotiate only confirms our assumption that Ukraine and the well-being of the Ukrainian people are not the goal of the West and NATObut a way of defending one’s own interests,” the Kremlin leader accused.

“The leading NATO countries want (…) assert their hegemony, their imperial ambitions“, pointed out.

According to the head of the Russian state, the North Atlantic Alliance and “above all, the United States needs (…) to have an external enemy so that they can unite their allies.”

While in Ashgabat, Putin denied any responsibility for the attack on a shopping center in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchug that left at least 18 people dead and 40 injured.

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