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A BOLA – Belgium-Portugal under analysis in BOLA DE SUNDAY (21:50) (A BOLA TV)



A BOLA - Belgium-Portugal under analysis in BOLA DE SUNDAY (21:50) (A BOLA TV)

This Sunday, June 27th, you can watch on your A BOLA TV (Channel 13 on Meo, 31 on Vodafone and 64 on NOWO) …

An extremely important day for the national team at Euro 2020! This Sunday (20:00) Portugal will meet Belgium in the 1/8 finals of Erro-2020. BALL OF NIGHT It features A BOLA TV coach and commentator Jorge Castelo, journalist Fernando Guerra, commentator. TV-SHAR and former footballer Diogo Luis and former referee Pedro Henriquez. At a press conference on the challenge with the Belgians, Fernando Santos emphatically said that “the one who defends better, has good ball possession and creates a situation for the finish is the one who wins this game.” Strong emotions from a visa in

Jorge Castelo, Lithos and Jose Cayetano at A BOLA DAS 6 (18:00)

Coaches and commentators TV-SHAR, Jorge Castelo and Litos and journalist Jose Caetano d’n ‘SIX SIX preview Belgium-Portugal, meeting of 1/8 finals of Euro 2020. The presentation of the program was signed by Pedro Marc Maya.


Journalist Fernando Guerra comments on the first 45 minutes of the fantastic Belgium-Portugal match. The program is coordinated by journalist Pedro Marquez Maia.

H. Skates: SPORT and BENFICA play in the women’s final (15:00)

TV-SHAR This Sunday (15:00), Sporting Benfica, the first playoff match of the National Roller Hockey Championship, will be broadcast at the João Rocha Pavilion.

The second game of the Grand Final is scheduled for 2:00 pm on 3rd July (Saturday) at Pavilhão Fidelidade. If necessary, the two teams will meet for the 3rd game on July 4th at 15:00.

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Premiere of Miguel Barbosa at MAGAZINE TT (10h25)

MAGAZINE TT with a special guest. Eight-time national champion Miguel Barbosa sums up the Portuguese Championship half-year and comments on the latest off-road topics: the new World Championship, the next edition of the Dakar and Extreme E, among others.

Afonso Pimentel in LET’S ROLL (11:15 am)

Famous actor Afonso Pimentel – central figure LET’S RIDE this Sunday a program of conversations / interviews with familiar faces on TV. The theme revolves around guests’ motorcycle experiences.

BACKSTAGE F1 Season Start Review (12:25)

In this week’s BACKSTAGE F1 episode, we look back at the start of the 2021 season when Ferrari needed improvement after the 2020 nightmare, the titanic milestone marked by Sauber Motorsport, Mick Schumacher’s troubles at Haas, and even Carlos’ rise. Sainz, from McLaren to Ferrari. We also interviewed Antonio Giovinazzi of Alfa Romeo Racing and looked at which direction Formula 1 drivers can go after leaving the grid.

Oeiras Eco Rallt PREMIERE (13:30)

This week, Motores will host the Oeiras Eco Rally, the first leg of the newly created Portuguese New Energies Championship, the Baja de Loulé and the Tour Classic Cars Tour.

Exploring the Costa da Liberdade in HIGH PORTUGAL (17:05)

Traveling south with a board under one arm in Portugal is a journey that leaves many questions and one certainty: all the stories will be about freedom and contact with nature on a coast that is still wild, full of unexplored waves.

Neymar, Aubameyang and Vardy in COMPETITION (19:55)

In this episode: Neymar always finds a way to stay relevant, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang brings his superhero arrogance to every team he plays on. And Jamie Vardy was a little boy with a big dream that he saw. A tribute to these football legends. This series crosses generations of rivalry that have characterized the world of sports as a whole, both on and off the pitch.

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Pedro Gonçalves, league top scorer of the 2020/21 season with 23 goals, in an interview when he won the trophy SILVER BALL… Since 1996, the Portuguese citizen has not received the award given BALL for the league’s top scorer. From Vidago to fame in Alvalada. To see n ‘ TELEVISION.

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BALL – Porto and Sporting victories (roller hockey)



BALL - Porto and Sporting victories (roller hockey)

FC Porto and Sporting CP struggled to overcome their respective fourth-round visitors Placard, Oliveirense and HC Braga, losing 5-4 and 5-1 respectively.

The national champion signed a quick comeback for the fans present at the Dragão Arena, with four goals in nine minutes and a hat-trick by Carlo di Benedetto, who set the score with seven seconds left (44, 48 and 50 m).

Despite winning the match between title contenders via Telmo Pinto (16m), Porto could not avoid an immediate response from Oliveirense Thomas Pereira (16m and 40m) and Lucas Martínez (17m), who scored twice in the second part. . The Argentine striker’s second goal, converted from a direct free kick (36m), resulted in a blue card for Roque Pujadas, who was actively opposed by FC Porto, but criticism of the refereeing by Ruy Torres and Fernando Vasconcelos spread to Oliveirense.

Gonçalo Alves’ penalty goal (41m) was the game’s turning point as Porto gained momentum.

At the same time, in Pavilhão João Rocha, Sporting could not finish due to the organization of the defense of HC Braga and the play of goalkeeper Nelson Filipe. In addition, Pedro Mendez took advantage of not scoring a goal to give Minho the lead (34m).

The equalizing goal belonged to João Almeida, whose move to Sporting caused controversy with HC Braga he represented, followed by Gonzalo Romero (44m), Ferran Font (45m and 50m) and João Souto (49m).

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BALL – Lost from St. Gilloise on Saturday and leaves a warning to SC Braga (Europa League)



BALL - Lost from St.  Gilloise on Saturday and leaves a warning to SC Braga (Europa League)

Club Brugge’s win at the Estadio do Dragao left the football world open-mouthed and still echoes in Belgium, but Saint-Gilloise’s visit to Braga won’t have such a devastating impact, João Gamboa is convinced.

“I think Dragao’s 0-4 won’t happen again, but Saint-Gilloise are a great team and Braga might have difficulty imposing their game,” warns the midfielder, who switched from Estoril to “Leven”. .

Gamboa is well aware of the value of the warriors of the European enemy. Not so much because of the natural knowledge of Belgian football, which he acquired in three months, but because of fresh memories: Leuven met Saint-Gilloise on Saturday and lost at home 0-3.

“Saint-Gilloise is not at the level of Brugge, but they are a team with a very good organization and quite dangerous in counterattacks,” signals the midfielder, who highly appreciates the opposing Warriors’ team. an “intellectual” form of how he plans his game, as well as an indication of some personality that can make a difference.

“Center Burgess is very strong and he makes a difference in set pieces; and Boniface [avançado] It has great quality. In the game with Leuven, he almost did not score a goal from the center of the field, ”he is recovering.

Despite Saint-Gilloise’s ability to make a name for themselves, Gamboa believes the Warriors have a reason to win tomorrow’s game: “Braga is stronger and has European experience that could be decisive against the Belgians.”

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BALL – Ruben Amorim talks about the delay and accuses Marseille of being “immodest” (Sporting)



BALL - Ruben Amorim talks about the delay and accuses Marseille of being "immodest" (Sporting)

Ruben Amorim’s statements after the 1-4 defeat in Marseille.

Delayed arrival at the stadium: “As for the delay, it was due to traffic jams. A meeting is held between members of the two clubs and UEFA where they explain how many minutes it takes to leave the hotel and reach the stadium. This is a learned thing. We were late because we were completely stuck in traffic. It’s not our fault, we sent the team in 45 minutes, warmed up, connected the feet, did a massage and mental activation, I don’t want anyone from Sporting to complain about this. But the tone of the people of Marseille, as if it were our fault… They lacked a bit of humility, and I hope it doesn’t happen to them. And when they talk to us as if we are to blame, it is confusing …. And people at UEFA have to be so sensitive, because we always talk about business, about how the Super League was just business, and at the moment it’s all the same. What we did was protect the players, connect the legs, massage, warm up. We were the ones who got hurt because we didn’t have time. I know it annoys Marseille because they don’t know when to come out for a warm-up, but it’s not our fault and we’re sorry for our delay. We want to follow all the rules. It’s not our fault, we did everything according to the rules.”

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