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The world screams and calls on Palestine against violent occupation



This Saturday, thousands of people demonstrated in support of the Palestinian cause in cities around the world. Some concentrations have been marked by episodes of violence, while Israeli abuses against Palestine continue.

The latest combat balance points to 139 deaths, including 39 children, and more than 1,000 injured in Israeli attacks since Monday. Hamas fired more than 2,300 rockets into Israel, killing ten people, including a child and a military man, and wounding more than 560 people.

IN Paris, about 4,200 police officers were mobilized to conduct unauthorized demonstrations at several points in the French capital, with instructions to disperse any congestion with water cannons and tear gas. It happened in the afternoon in the Barbes area in the north of the city, when the authorities intervened against about a hundred protesters who shouted “Palestine will win” and “Israeli assassin”.

In the afternoon, the organizers held a press conference at which they confirmed their intention to hold a peaceful demonstration, condemning the position of the authorities, who accused them of wanting to “worsen the situation and get out of control.”

Thousands of people also demonstrated in the center London, asking the UK government to intervene to stop Israel’s military intervention against targets in the Gaza Strip. Demonstrators gathered in the afternoon at the Marble Arch, near Hyde Park, and from there they made their way to the Israeli embassy, ​​holding Palestinian flags and posters calling for the “liberation” of the Palestinian territories.

IN Madrid, about 2,500 people, including a significant number of young women, held signs with the inscriptions: “the silence of some – the suffering of others” and “Jerusalem – the eternal capital of Palestine.” Arriving at the Atocha transport station, they shouted that Israel’s military intervention in Gaza against the Islamist movement Hamas “is not a war, this is genocide.”

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IN CopenhagenIn the Danish capital, three people were arrested Friday night after pro-Palestinian protesters threw stones at the Israeli police and embassy. The demonstration, which gathered about 4,000 people in front of the diplomatic mission, was eventually dispersed due to riots caused by several dozen protesters. According to the DR TV channel, Copenhagen police used tear gas to disperse the protesters.

In several cities Tunisia, demonstrations in support of the Palestinians called for the intervention of the international community to stop the “crimes of the Israeli forces.” In the center of the capital, Tunisia, hundreds of people with Palestinian flags gathered, and then, under police surveillance, marched along one of the main streets.

Although the country was imprisoned due to the pandemic until Sunday, protesters attended to declare that “Tunisians and Tunisians support Palestine” and that “the people want to criminalize the normalization of Israel.”

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Prominent colonel criticizes Russian invasion of Ukraine on Russian state television: ‘We must be prepared to lose this war’



José Milhazes and Nuno Rogueiro reviewed Tuesday an interview with Mikhail Khodaryonok, “the most respected colonel,” a Russian military analyst and anti-aircraft missile specialist. According to SIC observers, the colonel warned Russia and said that Ukraine was capable of arming one million people.

“He said: “We, Russia, are not in a position to resist or win over a million well-armed people. (…) They are more motivated than ever, well prepared and trained,” Nuno Rogueiro translated.

Mikhail Khodarenok also stated on a Russian state television program that Russia could lose the war and that the world is against the Putin regime.

However, Jose Milhazes believes that the statements of the famous Russian colonel “will not change the mentality of Russians if coffins do not start appearing in Russia en masse.”

As for the fate of the Azovstal soldiers evacuated on Monday from a compound in Mariupol and taken to Russian-controlled areas, Milkhazes said that Russia would try to “roll back the process” and “detain the Ukrainian military.” The SIC commentator echoed the Kremlin spokesman’s claim that international laws would be respected and warned: “There is a law in Russia that states that domestic laws take precedence over international ones.”

In turn, Nuno Rogueiro does not believe that Russia can lightly decide to violate the agreement. “Russia will not have much interest in assuaging a grudge and losing something that it can still gain in the process.” He added that, according to his own information, Russia “was solemnly warned” by the United States that it would “suffer hitherto unimaginable consequences” if it attacked soldiers at Azovstal.

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After the surrender at Azovstal, the fate of Ukrainian soldiers is unclear – Obozrevatel



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The withdrawal of hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers who had been at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol since the beginning of the war raised the question: what was the fate of those who surrendered? Ukraine has announced that a prisoner exchange will take place, while Russia is showing signs that the men, who remained for months at the factory in Russian-controlled territory, have another destination.

On the day of the surrender, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine confirmed the withdrawal of 53 soldiers who needed medical attention and another 211 soldiers who were inside the Azovstal steel plant. All were transported to regions controlled by the troops of Vladimir Putin.

Although a Ukrainian official said the aim is to exchange these soldiers for Russian prisoners of war, the Kremlin’s position is still unclear, especially after one of the deputies involved in the peace talks with Kyiv came to defend the death penalty for soldiers withdrawn from Azovstal. .

Give up? In total, 264 soldiers were withdrawn from Azovstal. The army said it had “completed” the defense of the plant


If Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured that the soldiers would be treated “in accordance with international standards,” then so be it. that Russia should “think well” about imposing capital punishment on the members of the Azov battalion, who have now been withdrawn from the Azovstal metallurgical plant.

“They do not deserve to live after the heinous crimes against humanity that they have committed and that are constantly being committed against our prisoners,” he said, quoted by Reuters.

Already on Tuesday it became known that on May 26 the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation will decide on the recognition of the Azov battalion as a terrorist organization. According to the Interfax news agency, cited by the BBC, it will be Russian justice that will “judge the nationalist paramilitary association Azov, deciding whether it is a” terrorist organization “.

According to the Russian news agency RIA, Russian MP Sultan Khamzaev also said that “all nationalists should be convicted for the grave crimes they have committed” and sentenced to “life imprisonment.”

Azov. Neo-Nazis or Russian propaganda? History and ideology of the battalion that survived in Mariupol

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Putin will make military decisions at the level of colonel or brigade | Russia



Russian President Vladimir Putin will be so involved in the war in Ukraine that he will make military decisions, which are usually the responsibility of colonels or brigadier generals, usually leading teams of 700 to 900 troops, Western military sources cited by the British press office said. Click.

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