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Ruben Ribeiro: “I was attacked at work in Alcochete”



Ruben Ribeiro: "I was attacked at work in Alcochete"

At the age of 33, after a great season in Turkey for Hatayspor, Ruben Ribeiro is energized in Portugal and looks forward to the next season with boyish ambitions. He does not know where he will play, but intends to fight for titles and continue to rejoice on the field. An ordinary friend with the ball.

In this part of a large interview with BigfootballRuben returns to the dark days of the Alcochete invasion and details what the family went through until the day he decided to terminate his contract with Sporting. A strong and emotional testimony, lived three years after a terrible day at the Leonin Academy.

PART II: “I won in court and I have nothing to pay Sporting.”

PART I: “I spent the club world championship in tears because I could not play”

PART III: “I spoke with President Vieira the day I signed with Sporting.”

Maysfootball – Are there any fears in the Sporting dressing room that something bad might happen in Alcochet?

Ruben Ribeiro Yes, we felt that something might happen. There was a bad episode with a group of fans almost every week. I’m sorry. Even the group’s conversations with the president were bad. We didn’t have peace. We knew that things would go wrong, but no one could have guessed that something so serious would happen. But it happened. I remember talking in the locker room about a message being circulated that said supporters had our addresses and car numbers.

MF – Was your family with Ruben?

R.R. – Yes, because I thought many times that I would stay there. This was the idea. We lived at home in Montijo with Bruno Fernandez. We always went to training together. Bruno is really one of those good people, the brother I won in football. I am very happy with what he is going through, he is an example of a player and a friend. He earned the title of Sporting Champion. I have already said that he can come and compete for the Ballon d’Or, and I keep this idea.

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MF – Were you attacked during the invasion of Alcochete?

R.R. – Yes, it was. One of the invaders pressed on me. And he was not a little boy. We were preparing for training. I remember pulling on my boots and starting to hear screams. My family has experienced horrors. The wife began to imagine that she was being followed. And we still had to go and play in the Portuguese Cup final. Someone wanted to play, someone didn’t want to, someone wanted to leave right away. We trained once at Jamora and played.

MF – When did you decide to continue with good reason?

R.R. – First, I talked to my family, and we decided that there were no security conditions for us in Lisbon. What happened and what could happen. My kids were threatened in high school. This was the limit. I felt that there were no conditions. I’m sorry because I would like to continue. If I had a coach with Ruben Amorim, I could still work at Sporting. Young, ambitious, smart, he values ​​his players and makes the team play the way he likes. This Sporting has nothing to do with Sporting, which I have met. I was attacked at work. There is no money to pay for the fear that I saw in the eyes of my family. I refused Porto and Benfica to play for Sporting, and then I had to go back to zero. Spend six months in Dubai without being able to play.

MF – He never had an opportunity on the national team.

R.R. – I’ve never tried it. Most of all I focused on getting into a big team. Once I got there, I had to play and give up. Did not happen. At that distance, I think if I had stayed on Rio Avenue until the summer of 2018 and played the way I played, I would need a call from the national team. [para o Mundial da Rússia]… I never went to the national teams, not even to the Porto District team. Who wouldn’t want to play in the European and World Championships? Did not happen.

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MF – What else does Ruben expect from football at 33?

R.R. – I want to be healthy, not have injuries and represent clubs that are fighting for titles. I had a great year in Turkey, I was one of the best midfielders in the championship. I was very inspired by Costinha and Bruno Fernandez, two great recommendations for me. “6” and “8”. I never thought about these positions, but the coach asked me, and I understood the moment of the team. I helped to help me. I’m still hungry for the game, the ball. This pose should be like this. Always aim for a high rating. I found my year in the Turkish league very interesting and exceeded my expectations. We beat Galatasaray and scored a goal, these games motivate me very much. I treat myself well, take good care of my body, rest and eat, so I can play for a few more years at a good level.

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BALL – Goalkeeper was a hero as Nottingham Forest reach play-off final (England)



BALL - Goalkeeper was a hero as Nottingham Forest reach play-off final (England)

Closer and closer to the possible return of the historic Nottingham Forest to the Premier League 23 years after their last presence (in 1998/1999 Forest fell and never rose to the top flight).

After winning 2-1 away, Nottingham Forest were beaten by Sheffield United in the first leg and were happier (and more competent) in the shoot-out to confirm reaching the Champions League promotion play-off final.

With Cafu and Tobias Figueiredo starting on the home bench, the first goal of the match was scored in the 19th minute by Brennan Johnson, but Sheffield managed to turn the tide with Morgan Gibbs-White equalizing in the 47th minute and John Fleck in the 75th he gave the advantage to the guests, forcing extra time, where the result did not change, and subsequent penalties.

At the penalty mark, Nottingham goalkeeper Bryce Samba put on a hero’s cape and saved three Sheffield shots, while Forest won 3-2 (Portuguese Cafu scored and did not lose). It was a real madness at the City Ground when thousands of fans unleashed a (peaceful) invasion on the pitch to celebrate with the players.

In the final, Forest will face Huddersfield City, who eliminated Luton (2-1 on aggregate) in the other semi-final. The match will take place on May 29 at Wembley, the winner of which will receive promotion to the Premier League.

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BALL – Euro U17: Portugal start with a rout against Scotland (Football)



BALL - Euro U17: Portugal start with a rout against Scotland (Football)

Portugal made the best appearance at the European Under-17 Championships, which takes place in Israel. The Portuguese team defeated Scotland 4-1 in a game that took place at the Municipal Stadium of Lod.

Goals from Ivan Lima (8 minutes), Dinis Rodriguez (26 minutes), João Veloso (37 minutes, penalty), Afonso Moreira (70 minutes) and Rodrigo Ribeiro (73 minutes) sealed a solid triumph for the team of Rui Bento (assistant coach and replacement of José Lima , positive for Covid-19). Magnus KatzKezin scored for the Scots in the 62nd minute.

In another group match, Sweden beat Denmark 2-1 in the northern duel. Portugal lead the group and return to the field against Sweden next Friday at 14:30.

Game movie:

90. Portugal defeated Scotland 5-1. On Friday at 14:30, the under-17s have a new game against Sweden.

73. Rodrigo Ribeiro, who had just entered, signed the fifth goal of the national team with the first touch of the ball with a good kick.

69. Afonso Moreira, after a quick counter-attack, was isolated and scored the fourth goal of Portugal.

62. Scotland is reduced. McKinsey, after an individual initiative, outplayed the Portuguese goalkeeper.

46. ​​The second part begins.

45. Portugal come into the break beating Scotland 3-0.

36. João Veloso signed Portugal’s third goal with a penalty.

26. Dinis Rodrigues took advantage of Ivan Lima’s left cross to score Portugal’s second goal.

15. Dinis Rodriguez had everything to score, but his rebound went wide.

8. Ivan Lima puts Portugal ahead at the first opportunity. Rodriguez attempted an acrobatic throw but missed the ball and it was up to his teammate to take advantage of the opportunity to score.

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1. Launch the game.


Scotland: Pazikas, Kingdon, Mackenzie, Allen, MacArthur Cap, Jackson, Rice, Reed, O’Donnell, Moore and Wilson.

Substitutes: Mahadi, Bruce, Dede, Lobban, Cooper, Miller, Macleod, Laidlaw and Wales.

Portugal: Diogo Fernandes, Joao Conceicao, Diogo Monteiro-Cap, Joao Moniz, Leonardo Barroso, Dario Essugo, Ussuman Djalo, Joao Veloso, Ivan Lima, Afonso Moreira and Jose Dinis Rodriguez,

Substitutes: Francisco Silva, Rafael Luis, Joao Vasconcelos, Manuel Mendonza, Thiago Andrade, Vivaldo Semedo, Luis Gomes, Rodrigo Ribeiro and Martim Fernandes.

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BALL – “Real Madrid’s defense is bad” (Champions League)



BALL - "Real Madrid's defense is bad" (Champions League)

UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin spoke about the men’s and women’s Champions League finals, highlighting the presence of Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively, two clubs promoting the so-called Super League, a project designed with some emblems but no legs to walk on.

“I have no problems with Real Madrid, although at the moment I am not in contact with the board. But Real Madrid’s place in the Champions League final testifies to the purity of UEFA competition. Real Madrid and Barcelona are in the men’s and women’s finals. No one interfered,” he stressed in his statements to the Slovenes. Sports.

Čeferin also analyzed the performance of the teams: “In the semi-finals, I doubted that Real Madrid would be able to knock out Manchester City, especially after losing the first game. But it looks like they have nine lives, just like cats. This is an experienced team. In my opinion, the protection is bad. They have the wonderful Karim Benzema, who is often referred to as one of the most underrated players in football history. Luka Modric the older the better. But Liverpool have younger players and they have very important experience for the final. It’s going to be an incredibly interesting finale.”

We remind you that the final is scheduled for May 28, at 20:00, in Paris.

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