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Netflix launches LoL TV series




No, you are not sleeping. Almost every hobbyist’s dream League of Legends becomes real! An all-new series, fully living in the LoL universe, featuring super-champion characters, well-known minor characters, and a host of mysteries and great news, arrives later this year in Netflix

Arcane this is the name of this beauty, a series that is created entirely in partnership with Riot games, the omnipotent owner of the franchise. Do you like the news? What is about to happen is still tense – they drive everyone crazy with their curiosity – but so far the following is known:

  • The origins of the game will be explored like never before;
  • Everything will revolve around Jinx and V;
  • What is developed in Arcade may or may not be used in LoL;
  • The villain Jinx’s full potential will be unleashed, especially with the use of impressive and unprecedented weapons;
  • The rivalry between Piltover and Zaun will be shown from the beginning and may explain some of the poorly solved nonsense in the original game;
  • With rival cities in the spotlight, it’s likely that Victor, Warwick, or Caitlin may appear on the small screen at some point.

Even with a lot of news, the teaser for the series kept the intrigue, showing the shadow of a mysterious character sliding over the walls, making the fandom dream of a little disclosure, check it out below:

It is impossible not to worry with the images, the whole view is made using a special innovative drawing technique, of course, everything is in 3D. Everyone says that this “different” look will eventually attract a lot of people who have never played the game before, but who love anime or animation in general. The fandom must grow …

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The guys who already live in the game are very addicted, almost everyone wants to experience the new sensations associated with LoL, without necessarily entering the game. Other media tend to evoke new sensations, global fandons worried about a new product – which has been talked about for a long time, but has been postponed countless times – on a different platform. Manufacturers guarantee that everyone will be delighted with Arcane

When will it be?

The forecast that you will be able to start using this miracle varies from September to December 2021. There is no exact date because – as always – it will depend on how far the pandemic is in most countries. They want to see if a big launch event with fans, voice actors, producers and so on can be held.

The popularity of League of Legends on the planet is growing so much that everything related to the game is also becoming gigantic. Proof of this is that after searching for news about LoL, supporters eventually put the game on the list. most wanted by betting sites, another universe that is becoming more and more familiar among gamers.

Arcane's new look

There is no shortage of options. The crowd chooses the best players, the most spectacular battles, the strongest teams, etc. Lol attracts the desire to participate in this parallel universe even from those who are not usually gamers. Whoever has a favorite character will not fail to try his luck and at the same time boast of the successes achieved. This is another fun way to get involved.

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If you love TV shows, aside from your love of LoL, you might start to freak out because the audiovisual niche has just rediscovered gaming. Many TV series are created on the basis of very famous franchises. Among them: Tomb Rider, Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Resident Evil: Absolute Dark, Assassin’s Creed.

Mysterious advertising image

All of this will happen on multiple streaming platforms, but Netflix is ​​particularly interested in starting to invest in this combination of TV series and movies with games. They have huge potential in using interactive tools since 2018 when they released the movie. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, where the viewer chose the paths the characters could follow.

It also emerged that streaming is intended to “gamify” other linear narratives in addition to running only a few games. Finally, they realized the size of this market and the millions of dollars to be won. I just know that fans will die of joy with this new release. Wait for scenes from the next chapters …

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Relive or remake history with The Great War: Western Front



Relive or remake history with The Great War: Western Front

The First World War, unfortunately, was one of the most remarkable events of the 20th century, and in many ways helped to change planet Earth on a global scale.

But… what if things had turned out differently? Come and discover The Great War: Western Front, the game that allows us to rediscover the First World War or even rewrite it.

American studio Petroglyph is working on its next game, The Great War: Western Front, which will be released early next year for PC.

The Great War: Western Front invites players to take part in the First World War at the heart of the Western Front and thus rediscover or rewrite the history of this conflict.

Players will wear the livery of the theater commander (providing the most appropriate strategy with high-level analysis) and the livery of the commander of operations (ensuring its use in the field). In other words, this is a game that, on the one hand, allows you to create more global tactics (in turn), and on the other hand, allows players to apply these strategies on the ground and in full combat (in real time). ).

As you would expect, players can control either the allied forces or the forces of the Central Empires (Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire).

According to Petroglyph Studios, The Great War: Western Front faithfully reproduces trench warfare, which was extremely common at the time. In fact, those responsible go further, pointing out that this is the most realistic simulation of this type of combat ever made in a video game.

Each vantage point offers its inhabitants unique mechanics that allow them to gain an advantage over their enemies, whether they are defending or attacking.

Players will have to think strategically at every point in the game, carefully distributing resources throughout their territory, choosing wisely which points to fortify, in a conflict that has been won inch by inch.

The game will also have an evolution component that allows the use of other weapons such as poison gas attacks or more powerful armored vehicles through the discovery of new attacks and technologies.

The battles take place in a persistent environment, meaning that the battlefields retain the scars of battle as players go through and through the same places again. On the other hand, atmospheric conditions, which will be dynamic, also offer a greater variety of problems and obstacles for the advance of troops.

The Great War: Western Front will release in 2023 on PC via Steam and Epic Games.

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Space pollution: How Mars accumulates more than 7 tons of debris on its surface



Poluição espacial: Como Marte acumula mais de 7 toneladas de lixo em sua superfície

The man didn’t even step on the ground. Marchbut has already polluted the neighboring planet with more than 7 tons trash left on its surface. The warning was given in an article signed by Kagri Kilic, a PhD researcher at the University of Virginia, USA. He made a calculation from the mass of everything that had already been sent from Earth in the Martian missions, coming to the result by subtracting from the total weight of the equipment that is still in operation.

An image of NASA’s Opportunity rover, which is currently stranded on Mars.

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According to an article by Kilich published on the website Talk, the sum of all the equipment already sent to Mars reaches a mass of 9.97 tons. Currently operating devices weigh 2.86 tons. Subtracting this weight, he received 7,119 tons of garbage left by us on a neighboring planet. “You debris on Mars have three causes: discarded equipment, inactive devices and spacecraft that collided with the earth during landing, ”explains the researcher.

On Mars found a protective shield like debris from landing on the planet

On Mars found a protective shield like debris from landing on the planet

Did you see that? 9-year-old Brazilian created a space debris collector and won an award in Europe

The chronology of the study dates back to 1971, when the then Soviet Union sent the Mars 2 probe, which was destroyed in the process of landing, leaving the first debris on the Martian soil. Since then, 14 more missions have delivered 18 objects to the planet. It is not uncommon for current equipment to detect these remnants on expeditions, as happened recently with an astromobile. perseverance discovering a thermal blanket left over from his own landing.

Mysterious object recently discovered "perseverance" type of network or cable

The mysterious object recently found by Perseverance is a type of network or cable.

See what: NASA pays $1 million for ideas on how to feed astronauts on Mars

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In addition to the wreckage, currently in planetary surface: The Mars Pathfinder probe and the Sojourner rover, for example, landed on Mars in July 1997, but lost contact with Earth two months later. Also on the planet were “sent” the Soviet probes “Mars-3” and “Mars-6”, the spacecraft “Viking-1” and “Viking-2” and the probes “Phoenix”, “Spirit” and “Opportunity” of NASA, the apparatus ” Sojourner” also by the American agency and the British spacecraft “Beagle”. , two.

rover lander "Spirit"photographed by the technique itself in 2004

Lander of the Spirit rover, photographed by the equipment itself in 2004.

To learn more: Astrocolonialism: how big tech is stealing humanity’s sky

The biggest concern with trash on Mars remains a possible threat that it poses to current and future missions, as well as the possible contamination of samples collected on the planet. engineers NASA they are currently investigating whether the Perseverance robot can be damaged by debris, but suggest that the risk is low. “The real reason debris on Mars is important is its place in history. The ships and their parts are the first milestones in the exploration of the planets by man,” writes Kilic. “Most of them are intact, and perhaps they can be considered more historical relics than garbage,” he concludes.

wheels "Curiosity"for example, leaves small residues of aluminum wherever it is

For example, Curiosity wheels leave small aluminum scraps wherever they go.

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[아하! 우주] China launches ‘two spaceships’ with rocket to explore Jupiter and Uranus: ZUM News



jornal de Seul

[서울신문 나우뉴스]

Buyer Data Image (Source: NASA)

China is planning an ambitious “one stone and two birds” project for the outer planets of Jupiter and Uranus, launching a pair of spacecraft simultaneously with a single rocket around 2030.

The mission is called Tianyuan 4, and the two largest Jupiter-bound probes will be sent to Uranus, while a smaller spacecraft will be sent to explore Uranus.

Launched simultaneously by Changjun 5 rockets, the pair use two flybys of Venus and two flybys of Earth to place the spacecraft on an outer solar system trajectory before determining their intended paths.

China previously said it was in the planning stages of Jupiter exploration, but at the 2022 International Space Conference in Paris on Sept. 21, Wang Qiong of the China National Aeronautics and Space Administration (CNSA) announced the establishment of a new Center for Space Technology and Lunar Exploration. . Details.

The main spacecraft will be designed to study the Jupiter system and eventually enter orbit around Callisto to explore its more distant Galilean moons.

According to the CNSA statement, a small spacecraft weighing a few hundred kilograms will make a long journey to Uranus, indicating that the spacecraft could fly close to the asteroid on its way away from the Sun.

“Scientific targets are still being explored,” CNSA’s Wang Qiong said after the presentation. Previous announcements have focused on extensive surveys of Callisto as the main target, which could reveal much about the history of the Moon and Jupiter, or irregular satellite surveys of Jupiter, which could provide insight into the solar system’s early days.

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CNSA had previously considered landers as part of the Carilsto-focused mission profile, but Wang says the latest concept does not include landers other than orbital ones.

Meanwhile, China launched its first independent interplanetary mission in 2020, sending the Tianyuan-1 orbiter and Colony spacecraft to Mars.

Tienwon 2 will launch around 2025 and land on Kamo’oalewa, an underground satellite orbiting the Sun in Earth orbit, collecting samples and returning around 2026.

Tianyuan 3 will be a complex double-launched modular Mars return mission, expected to deliver the first samples collected from Mars to Earth as early as 2028.

Wang also added that with the plan to build an international lunar research base in the 2030s, “the goal is to promote the use of manpower, create a new kind of international cooperation in space exploration, and promote the peaceful use of spacecraft.” space”.

Or columnist Kwangsik Lee Science [email protected]

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