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Matic Drops 16% Even After Listing On Google Platform



Matic Drops 16% Even After Listing On Google Platform

The Polygon blockchain community posted a Google BigQuery listing last Friday (28). But the price Matic, the network’s national currency, fell 16% in the last 24 hours after the event.

Matic it is a currency that has caught the attention of many cryptocurrency investors around the world in recent months. Launched in 2019, it was useless for years due to controversy over its launch, leading to distrust from the community.

In January 2021, Matic was still worth $ 0.1 on the market, but then things started to change. As the NFT and DeFi market gained more prominence, the currency network began to be used to create innovations, which resulted in a price increase of 13,650% until the last day of May 18, when it was quoted at $ 13.75, current assets. write down.

The market retracement was strong, bringing Matic to $ 4.40 on May 23. Despite the recovery, when it hit $ 12.56 on the 26th, the currency fell again.

Matic’s price dropped 16% after listing on Google BigQuery.

BUT Matic announced, last Friday (28), web integration with Google BigQuery solution. This Google solution allows users to analyze data from blockchains in real time, such as transaction fees, most popular tokens, and more.

“We look forward to seeing the active Polygon developer community use @GoogleCloudTech and #BigQuery to make more use of their Dapps!”

Thus, Matic began to be analyzed alongside Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash, Zcash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The announcement was expected by the community, which has driven the currency’s price up in recent weeks.

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Regardless, Matic’s price dropped 16%, even with a promising new listing for the currency linked to the Ethereum ecosystem. As a solution to increase the scalability of the ETH blockchain, Matic continues to develop its technology with the support of Binance and Coinbase.

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Chinese company “cloned” Cybertruck Tesla



EF1-T da empresa chinesa EdisonFuture

While its launch is continually delayed, the Cubertruck is Tesla’s big promise. In advance, the Chinese company created an electric pickup, very similar to that made by the manufacturer Elon Musk.

The electric truck was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show and dubbed the EF1-T.

Chinese company EdisonFuture designed a pickup truck that could resemble Tesla's Cybertruck. The electric and solar truck was at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, known as the EF1-T, and is set to release maps to improve range.

While the Chinese company's pickup truck is quite similar, it has one notable difference: it includes a panel that charges the truck from the sun. According to EdisonFuture, a retractable solar panel can protect anything on the platform up to about two meters away. The company called the pickup Armadillo Armor, it has a beveled shape and panels resembling tiles.

EF1-T from Chinese company EdisonFuture

According to the analysis AutoWeekThe big challenge for manufacturers who are betting on this pickup design is to get consumers to love and want a bold, out-of-the-box vehicle.

However, in the case of the Tesla Cybertruck, it seems to bring together many stakeholders as already accumulate over 1.2 million bookings. Regardless, the manufacturer has confirmed that it has again postponed production of the electric pickup for next year.

EF1-T from Chinese company EdisonFuture

EdisonFuture is a subsidiary of SPI Energy, which also owns Phoenix Motorcars, and therefore should have more technology to improve its pickup. SPI Energy recently announced a partnership with Icona Design to develop a range of private and commercial electric vehicles. So, EF1-T is one of the first results of this plan.

Our vision for EdisionFuture and Phoenix Motorcars is to become a leader in sustainable transportation with a focus on energy efficiency and innovative design. We are delighted to partner with Icona Design to bring this vision to life.

Disse Xiaofeng Peng, CEO of da SPI Energy.

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The reasons for the sharp drop in Bitcoin through the eyes of this Brazilian expert



bitcoin, d√ļvida

Cryptocurrency analyst and seasoned trader Marcel Pechman posted on Saturday (4) on his Youtube channel: RadarBTC Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, analysis of the recent fall bitcoin… The largest cryptocurrency on the market began to lose value on Friday (03), falling the following night, losing support of $ 50K after a devaluation that exceeded 15%.

According to the analyst, this time there was a specific drop in bitcoin, which can only be explained after some observation of the last all-time high, which occurred on November 10 of this year, when bitcoin hovered around $ 69,000.

Historical bitcoin price

At the time, Pechman said, Bitcoin was already strong, motivated by the launch of a Bitcoin ETF, the forecast for US inflation and the inevitable duration of stimulus packages for the public, as evidenced by then-US President-elect Joe Biden.

‚ÄúAt that moment, everyone thought that Bitcoin would grow non-stop,‚ÄĚ he said.

However, the rise in BTC stalled when the SEC rejected an application to register a “physical” Bitcoin ETF filed by US investment manager VanEck. It was then that the downward trend began, Pechman said, referring to the November 12 date.

The unfavorable situation was further exacerbated as regulators and congressmen began to address regulatory issues cryptocurrencies and companies in this sector, mainly with the aim of limiting the output stablecoins… The US Congress then scheduled a hearing with companies in the sector following notices requesting information about these establishments.

‚ÄúSo you have regulatory uncertainty, fear, because stablecoins are important to the arbitrage guy, so you can send money from one broker to another much faster without going to banks,‚ÄĚ Peshaman said, adding:

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‚ÄúThis regulatory uncertainty is crushing the market. There was no news on a specific fall today (12.04), ‚ÄĚthe analyst emphasized.

operations using borrowed funds

According to Pechman, who cited leveraged operations as one of the reasons for the fall, there was no news to bring down the market. In terms of leverage, as he summarized, ‚Äúyou deposit $ 10,000 and you can buy $ 100,000 in bitcoin or other cryptocurrency – if it goes up 5%, you get a 10x increase, but if it drops 8%, 9 %, you will lose everything, you will be paid. ” , illustrated.

However, the analyst said that what happens with these usual 10%, 12% drops, given bitcoin as an unstable asset, is that it will ultimately speed up the move due to these liquidations.

Bitcoin: High Forecast

Pehman concluded that he cannot tell when Bitcoin will rebound, and that he does not see the medium-term uptrend is broken because Bitcoin is a scarce asset. ‚ÄúNone of this has changed,‚ÄĚ he said, noting that the asset recovery could take several months.

However, he ended with a little more detail on US regulation: “We’re back on track.”

See Analysis below:

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Elon Musk has determined the initial production of Tesla Cybertruck and will have 4 engines



Cybertruck Tesla Elon Musk pickup motores

One of the next innovations Tesla will be Cybertruck. It has already been presented to the public, but it is still far from reality on the market and cannot be bought by consumers. What is known is about to go into production.

Still without much data, it was Elon Musk who spoke more about this futuristic-styled pickup truck. Continuing this scenario, the strongman Tesla has now announced that the Cybertruck will have its initial model determined and with the correct specs.

all plans point to 2022 as at the time when production of the Cybertruck was launched by Tesla. The brand will also define several parameters for this pickup when changing and preparing production lines.

Even so, the brand has already closed most of what it wanted to start production of its van. This information came from Elon Musk himself in response to a question received in a tweet from one of his subscribers on this network.

So, and from what Elon Musk said, the original Tesla Cybertruck will have 4 independent motors, each of which will be mounted on its 4 wheels. They will have high performance and very quick response regardless of each wheel of this pickup.

In addition to this problem, Elon Musk faced some more questions from Internet users. One of them re-launched a release some time ago that was already answer before... It's all about direction and how Cybertruck can turn.

The answer was clear and shows that the Tesla Cybertruck will have independent all-wheel drive. This ensures that the pickup can pivot like a regular tank and walk sideways like a crab.

Thus, another important information about the Cybertruck Tesla is known. Elon Musk should continue to play his part and talk more about his pickup truck and what it will bring to production.

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