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Elias and Faria predict 100% Portuguese match at Oeiras Open 4



Elias and Faria predict 100% Portuguese match at Oeiras Open 4

OEIRAS – Six Portuguese will compete in the main frame of the Oeiras Open 4. At the request of the draw, Gastao Elias e Louis Faria they are set to play on Monday, and there is room for the second round of the last Challenger held at Complexo Desportivo do Jamor, which is reason enough to “challenge” the two for a special preview.

“It’s always boring to play against a Portuguese, but this is one of the facets of tennis, because every week we compete and play the same tournaments, especially now that there are so many fewer of them. We were lucky to play the tournament at home and have a lot of Portuguese players in the main team, so duels like this are normal. “– said Elias, who added the quarterfinals, semifinals and final to Jamor in the previous weeks.

The latest results of a compatriot and the results achieved throughout his career are very present in the head of Faria, who in recent years began to share his court with him several times. “Gastao played the quarterfinals last week, and in the previous contenders he played in the final and semifinals, he was number 57. rating… It will be very difficult, but I will do my best and go out on the pitch to have fun. “, guaranteed, after claiming to have seen it “Often on TV.”

The praise is the same for both tennis players, but favoritism will be on one side of one of them: Gastan Elias. “I am the favorite and he will enter without pressure, which is always dangerous.”he warned, adding shortly thereafter “We trained together so many times that I think it makes Luis forget what I was and what I did in tennis, we talk so much with each other that it eventually disappears and makes me more of a contender than him, with which you must face. but I think the same. “

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And since friends, friends, meetings are separated, the eldest of the two Portuguese wished “Great future” for the youngest, after this duel this Monday, it is important to start another week, which could mean another important climb in rating ATP. Finalist, semi-finalist and quarter-finalist of the three weeks of the ATP Challenger Tour in Jamora, the ex-top 60 of the ATP showed the good humor of custom when they were asked to take it one step further over the next few days, warning that the ladder could follow. so much of one side (title) as well as the other (early defeat) and that, therefore, it is necessary “Appreciate the opponents who are here.”

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11-year-old Portuguese won the final of the world championship in karting



11-year-old Portuguese won the final of the world championship in karting

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The writing


Martim Marques, who also became the Portuguese Karting Champion and Rotax Champion of Portugal this year, reached the final of his race in 11th position on the grid.

Portuguese driver Martim Marques, 11, won the Rotax World Karting Final this weekend at the Kartódromo Internacional do Algarve in Portimão.

Martim Marques, who this year also became the Portuguese Karting Champion and Rotax Champion of Portugal, started in the final of his race in 11th place on the grid among 35 drivers.

“It has been a fantastic year for the Portuguese riders and what Martim has achieved today is remarkable and deserves all the recognition. Congratulations to Portuguese karting, as well as to all those who help and support the career of Martim and all other pilots,” the president said. Portuguese Automobile and Karting Federation (FPAK), Ni Amorim.

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Portuguese researcher publishes dissertation on transgender people in children’s literature – Observer



Portuguese researcher publishes dissertation on transgender people in children's literature – Observer

The publication of children’s books about gender identity in Portugal is still rare because the topic has not yet been standardized in public discourse, researcher Emanuel Madalena, who dedicated his doctoral dissertation to Luce, told the agency.

Emanuel Madalena, collaborating researcher at the Center for Languages, Literature and Cultures of the University of Aveiro, wrote a doctoral thesis on the presence of the topic of gender identity, in particular about transgender people, in children’s literaturewhich he later adapted into a book called “Challenge to Gender”, which will be presented in Lisbon this Saturday.

For the investigation, Emanuel Madalena reviewed a pre- and initial reading edition of books published between 2000 and 2019, bringing together 38 works edited in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Of the books analyzed in the dissertation, there are two that deserve attention for their quality, noted by Emanuel Madalena, and which are published in Portugal: “O Jaime é uma sereia” by Jessica Love (Fábula), “which is in the process of canonization” by readers and ” Thiago’s Dresses” by Joana Estrela in her own edition.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, Emanuel Madalena argues that picture books for children about gender identity, and transgender people in particular, are “very important in providing information about identity to these children and informing people in general about this issue.”

In his book, published by the cultural cooperative Outro Modo, Emanuel Madalena writes that “children’s literature on transgender topics is important not only for transgender children, but for all children and for society as a whole” because it can foster “attitudes of acceptance and integration of differences.

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The researcher does not have a clear answer why there are no more books on this topic in Portugal.

It’s not that the Portuguese publishing scene is far ahead in terms of trends – it isn’t – but maybe it’s a bit on the side of authors. The public discourse on these topics in Portugal itself needs more discussion, information, but it is enough for one of these players to want it, the editor has a strong desire to publish it or the author created it for something to happen, ”he believes. .

In the course of the investigation, Emanuel Madalena read some of these books to children and met with no resistance.

“This is a completely adult problem. (…) This is an essential question of a dual addressee: the book should be liked by both children and adults, and it is they who choose it, especially for early childhood,” he said.

The researcher believes that it is through independent publishers or those with greater creative and editorial freedom that more titles on these topics can be published.

“The independent publication is the firmest first step towards the centripetal path of legitimizing the transgender theme, from the fringe of the literary subsystem of children’s literature to its commercial center,” he wrote.

Emanuel Madalena believes that by reflecting changes in society, entering into public discourse, “emerging, controversial and sensitive topics end up being not so”, even if there may be moments of discomfort on the part of some readers.

“Like, for example, the topic of divorce, which was once divisive in children’s literature and is no longer so. It even seems ridiculous to think that talking about it with children is taboo,” he recalls.

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Given that “books for children with transgender themes are still in their early stages”, Emanuel Madalena explains in the book that much of the literary output is still geared towards cognitive-pedagogical aspect, legitimation, and not in the game phase for younger readers.

Emanuel Madalena, PhD in Literature, MA in Editorial Studies and Education, hopes his work will contribute to “gender studies and the movement to include and make gender diversity visible in academic research.”

“Chalking Gender – Transgender in Children’s Literature” will be presented this Saturday at the Snob bookstore in Lisbon by André Tesedeiro and in the presence of the author.


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Official: Mikael Sagna has signed a professional contract with Sporting. The 16-year-old striker, who moved to Alvalade in the 2019/2020 season, was pleased with the new career step.

“Signing a professional contract was my goal”

“I’m happy. Signing a professional contract was my goal and it shows that I’m doing a good job. So now it’s time to move on to achieve new goals,” he told the lion’s media.

“Sporting believes in us”

The athlete plays for the junior team of lions and is very grateful to Sporting for everything that the club has given him: Sporting believes in us, believes in our potential and therefore puts us at a higher level for growth and development. It was good, I grew up.”

Sporting believe in the youngest

“The problems are getting bigger, but I was able to deal with them. In addition, the master [Pedro Coelho] this helped me a lot. Sporting believe in the youngest, bet on them, and I also believe that with my work I can get there,” he repeated, making a promise to the green and white fans: “I will continue to give everything for Sporting, he finished.

This season Mikael Sagna has scored two goals in 13 games for the youth team and four goals in four games for the youth team.


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