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Atari and Virtually Human Studio sign agreement to improve entertainment using blockchain.



Blockchain has been steadily coming into various parts of our lives, not being restricted to just financial transactions and the world of cryptocurrencies. That is one of the biggest advantages behind blockchain – that it has various applications, not just related to finance and financial services, but ranging from healthcare to entertainment, sports to data storage. This is why many firms, businesses and investors are looking at blockchain as the next big technological ‘fix’, with a lot of investment taking place in this area. It is also why Ethereum is being considered more important than Bitcoin in terms of its wider impact. While Bitcoin is based on a blockchain network which is only good for verifying transactions, the Ethereum network has many more applications, especially due to the use of smart contracts. One quick example of this can be seen in the online gambling industry, a sector which one would hardly associate with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Blockchain is helping improve the online casino experience, while also supporting those online casinos where users can play with cryptocurrencies, which are now being known as crypto casinos. Bitcoin online casino is using blockchain to secure its transactions, which is helping improve the confidence that users have in their systems, while also helping to keep user data safe. Games based on blockchain are also tamper-proof, which earns the trust of players and thus improves players’ engagement with those games, and therefore with the site. This is just one in a variety of examples where blockchain is having an impact in the wider world outside of the financial sector, and a recent announcement by Atari, the video game giant, further illustrates this.

Atari has signed a three-year deal with Virtually Human Studio, the entertainment startup, to bring Atari into NFT and blockchain gaming. Virtually Human Studio (VHS) have gained popularity through their games such as Zed Run, which is a game running on the Ethereum network, where users can interact with non-fungible tokens in the form of unique racehorses, for example. The deal will see Atari and VHS work together to introduce rare collectible in-game items for some of Atari’s most iconic and famous games, such as Asteroids, Missile Command, Pong, Centipede and many more. Through this deal, VHS will have full access to Atari’s entire catalogue of licensed game assets, logos and brands, including in-game sponsorships across the Zed Run gaming platform.

In an attempt to further showcase the way in which blockchain gaming can improve traditional gaming, Atari will also use its own cryptocurrency, known as Atari tokens, at Zed Run events. These official events, sponsored by Atari, will have qualifiers along with a weekly schedule of main event racing sessions, with tokens being awarded to players based on their performance in the qualifiers as well as the main event, which will further boost the visibility and usage of these Atari tokens as well. Along with this, Zed Run, which is a horse racing game, will also offer players the chance to use the Atari Breeding Program, where a series of rare racehorses will be available for players to use and breed offspring for in-game use for a limited time. Each of these digital Atari-branded racehorses will then be auctioned to the highest bidder at the conclusion of the Breeding Program.

This partnership shows how the world of gaming is coming to embrace cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks, with a number of applications and partnerships coming to life over the last few months. These will be vital to show how blockchain can enhance the traditional gaming experience, and thus pave the way for blockchain to have a greater influence on the entertainment sector. This partnership shows how the world of gaming is coming to embrace cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks, with a number of applications and partnerships coming to life over the last few months. These will be vital to show how blockchain can enhance the traditional gaming experience, and thus pave the way for blockchain to have a greater influence on the entertainment sector.

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‘Angola and Portugal are doomed to live in the arms of eternity’



'Angola and Portugal are doomed to live in the arms of eternity'

“Angola and Portugal are doomed to live in the arms of eternity. Nothing can shake the relationship that we always want to be good between our two countries, ”Angolan President João Lourenço (known as JLo) said yesterday to his Portuguese counterpart Marcelo Rebelo. de Sousa at the European-African Forum. “There is a great relationship between the States that has only improved over the past few years,” Marcelo said at an event that discussed the pandemic and economic recovery, highlighting the good personal relationship between the two.

“We have the same understanding of the urgency of overcoming the pandemic and the same understanding of the urgency of economic and social recovery”– said Marcelo, explaining that we have a “unique opportunity to make a qualitative leap” in the post-pandemic scenario. “If we can make a quantum leap forward together, it will be a huge step,” added the head of state, who called João Lourenço “my president,” as Angola assumed leadership of the Community of Portuguese Countries (CPLP) in September.

The videoconference debates between them took place at the end of the 4th Eurasian Forum at the initiative of the Council of the Portuguese Diaspora. However, covid-19 was at the center of the conversation, mediated by journalist Cristina Estevez. “When it comes to economic and social development and economic recovery, there is a fundamental priority issue. Most of the world is in a pandemic, ”said Marcelo. He warned that while we are moving from a “pandemic to an endemic,” it is still present and leaves traces: “The pandemic exists and determines the economic and social start, the ability to withstand the coming years.”

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Lack of solidarity

Despite a reminder that the vaccine “does not solve the problem like a magic bullet,” the Portuguese president recalled that it was “a possible solution to fight the pandemic.” And he believes that international efforts to share vaccines, whether through bilateral cooperation mechanisms or the global COVAX mechanism, are “still insufficient” and should be accelerated. Portugal has already pledged three million doses, already shipping at least half – most to CPLP partner countries.

On the other side of the discussion, as the leader of the country that received the donated vaccines, João Laurenzo publicly thanked the international solidarity. But he argued that more needed to be done. “The solidarity shown so far has been limited to the donation of vaccines. This is not enough. Another form of expression of solidarity would be to open up opportunities for our countries to purchase the vaccines we need with our resources, ”he said. said, referring to the “enormous difficulty” in gaining access to the vaccine market.

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A BOLA – Portuguese Pedro Gonçalves in the Angola (Angola) national team



A BOLA - Portuguese Pedro Gonçalves in the Angola (Angola) national team

The vice-president of the Federation dispelled doubts about the fate of the breeder. The Football Federation of Angola (FAP) has guaranteed the succession of Portuguese coach Pedro Gonçalves, who leads the Angola football team.

The information was provided by FAF Vice President Jose Carlos Miguel, who also said that although Angola’s qualifications for the 2022 Qatar World Cup were compromised, the work designed by Pedro Gonçalves provides guarantees for the future.

“The FAF board has no plans to get rid of Professor Pedro Gonçalves despite the fact that we do not have good results on the field, but in terms of adding new players and restructuring the team, we believe that the work“ And this gives us guarantees of a better future, so we we will continue the work developed by Professor Pedro Gonçalves, ”he said.

The confirmation came a few days after speculation that the FAF intended to terminate the coach’s contract over qualifying results for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In truth, Pedro Gonçalves made history by taking the U-17 team to the World Cup in Brazil. From his team came Angolan footballers who made their dream of going to Europe come true: Domingos Andrade (Sporting U-23), David (U-23 Sp. Braga), Capita (Lille U-23), Zito (Cagliari, Italy, on loan). at Cosmo) and Abdul Bari (U23 Leixões). After working for Academia do Sporting for several years, the coach took over the team in 2014, where he signed a contract with 1º de Agosto.

Now in 13 games for the Angola national team, the Portuguese coach has won five, lost seven and one draw (13 goals scored and 13 conceded).

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In the race for the World Cup, Angola has three points in four games and is last in Group F, Gabon is third with four, Egypt leads with 10 and Libya is second with six.

Pedro Gonçalves and Celesao return to their November 11 game in Luanda against Egypt, which they lost 1-0 in the first round, and end the group stage three days later when they visit Libya, which they also lost. in the second round with the same result.

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A BOLA – Joao Felix justifies Simeone’s bid (Atlético Madrid)



A BOLA - Joao Felix justifies Simeone's bid (Atlético Madrid)

The Spanish press seems to have given up on João Felix’s early season. The Portuguese player is in great shape at Atletico Madrid, promising to fight for his spot and make his mark in the tournament. mattresses, after a more turbulent period in the Spanish capital.

Was hired by Benfica in 2019 for an operation that brought in 120 million euros to the treasury eagles, the Portuguese striker quickly gained attention in the first games he played for the Spanish side, with goals and influential performances for Diego Simeone’s squad.

But what seemed like João Felix’s meteoric rise was overshadowed by a string of injuries and lack of rhythm, reasons that led him to lose confidence and place in the team. mattresswho has names like Luis Suarez, Lemar, Correa or Carrasco playing in positions where the Portuguese can act.

Having decided to undergo surgery due to an injury that has plagued him since he arrived in Madrid, João Felix recently returned to the team and, as writes AS, proves the reasons why Atletico officials paid the amount they paid for it.

In the last three matches against Milan, Barcelona and Liverpool, the player played a decisive role in the attacking process of the team, playing well and giving assists. The team has always shown him good results on the field, and Felix seems to have finally taken a dominant place in Coach Simeone’s team.

The Portuguese have shown great talent in recent games and the ability to communicate with attacking players. mattress, the reasons why Luis Suarez recently praised the player: “This will be the year of Joao Felix,” the Uruguayan player guaranteed.

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