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WHO Marks Record One-Day Jump in Coronavirus Cases: Live News | news



WHO Marks Record One-Day Jump in Coronavirus Cases: Live News |  news
  • The World Health Organization has reported a record number of coronavirus cases worldwide, with at least 307,930 confirmed cases in just one day.

  • Victoria, Australia’s second most populous state and the epicenter of the country’s coronavirus outbreak, has reported 35 new cases, the lowest daily rise in three months.

  • According to Johns Hopkins University, over 28.8 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and over 922,000 have died. About 19.5 million people have recovered.

Here are the latest updates:

September 14, Monday

03:35 GMT – Doctors protest against easing social distancing rules in Philippines

Doctors in the Philippines have expressed opposition to the government’s plan to relax physical distancing rules in the country, saying it is too early to relax the rules.

In an online forum on Monday, Dr Antonio Dance, the country’s leading expert on university health law, said the Department of Transportation should not change its rule of one meter between passengers, as this could lead to increased transmission.

The government plans to gradually reduce social distancing rules on public transport to half a meter on September 28 and 0.3 meters on October 12 to increase the capacity of trains and buses. The country has more than 261,000 cases of the disease and at least 4,371 people with deaths due to the pandemic.

Medical experts say the government’s plan to reduce social distancing rules on public transport from the current one meter could accelerate the transmission of the disease. [Rolex dela Pena/EPA]

03:05 GMT – The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany rises by 927 to 260,355

The German Monitoring for Infectious Diseases reported that the number of COVID-19 cases in the country increased by 927 to 260,355.

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The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) also said on Monday that the death toll has risen by one to 9,350.

02:50 GMT – Israel restores isolation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the country will re-establish a new lockdown regime across the country this week amid renewed COVID-19 cases.

Starting Friday, schools, restaurants, shopping malls and hotels, as well as other businesses, will be closed and movement restrictions imposed.

The isolation is expected to last at least three weeks, when measures can be relaxed depending on the rate of increase in the number of cases and deaths. There are over 155,000 cases in Israel and about 1,100 deaths.

02:01 GMT – Saudi Arabia lifts international restrictions on Tuesday

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry announced that it would partially lift restrictions on international flights starting Tuesday, six months after the pandemic was imposed travel restrictions.

After January 1, Saudl will also lift all restrictions on air, land and sea transport for Saudi citizens, but the exact date will be announced later in December.

Non-Saudi Arabian citizens with valid travel documents can enter Saudi Arabia as long as they are not infected with the virus, according to the Saudi Arabian Press Agency.

01:42 GMT – New Zealand to lift most coronavirus restrictions on September 21

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Monday that the nationwide coronavirus restrictions will be lifted on September 21, with the exception of the largest city of Auckland, which is the epicenter of the second wave of infections.

Ardern said Oakland’s restrictions will be revised next week.

01:25 GMT – Trump indoor rally plan triggers virus warning

Rally Trump

Supporters of US President Donald Trump, many without masks, gather for an indoor rally in Henderson, Nevada, despite warnings of mass gatherings. [Jonathan Ernst/Reuters]

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US President Donald Trump was scheduled to hold his first fully private rally in months in Nevada, but authorities have warned the rally could violate coronavirus crowd size restrictions.

Indoor rallies during the pandemic proved problematic for Trump, who came under fire after a June rally that was later linked to a spike in cases of the virus.

Plans for a rally in Henderson, Nevada on Sunday drew criticism from local officials, who noted that events with more than 50 people were banned due to the coronavirus, Reuters news agency reported.

01:02 GMT – South Korea reports a decline in the number of new infections: 109 positives.

South Korea’s Coronavirus Monitoring Agency reported at least 109 COVID-19 cases on Monday – the 12th straight day the infection rate has remained below 200.

Yonghap quoted the Korea Agency for Disease Control and Prevention as saying that of the newly reported cases, 98 were of domestic origin, bringing the total to 22,285.

Five deaths were also reported, up from three on Sunday, bringing the death toll to 363.

00:45 GMT – About 71,000 people die from coronavirus in Mexico

Mexico’s Ministry of Health reported 4,408 new cases of coronavirus and 217 additional deaths, bringing the total to 668,381 and the death toll to 70,821.

The government said the real number of infected is likely higher than the confirmed cases, and the country has also reported more than 120,000 additional deaths in recent months.

00:10 GMT – Australia’s Victoria sees lowest rise in COVID-19 cases

Victoria, the second most populous state in Australia and the center of the country’s coronavirus outbreak, reported the lowest number of new cases in three months.

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State r35 new cases and seven deaths were reported on Monday.

Melbourne has begun to loosen some of the restrictions it has put in place to contain the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Residents are now allowed to spend two more hours outside each day, and the city’s controversial night curfew has been reduced by one hour.

00:05 GMT – WHO reports record one-day increase in cases, to 307,000

The World Health Organization has reported another record number of coronavirus cases worldwide – at least 307,930 cases in just one day.

The previous record reported by WHO on 6 September was 306,857.

The largest number of cases are in India, the United States and Brazil, with India reporting 94,300 cases on Sunday. Europe is also seeing an increase in the number of cases.

India - coronavirus

The largest number of cases are in India, the United States and Brazil, with India reporting 94,300 cases on Sunday. [Divyakant Solanki/EPA]

00:01 GMT – Greece reports 207 new cases of COVID-19, preparing to reopen schools

Greece’s health authorities have reported 207 new cases of coronavirus, including 29 cases from abroad and three more deaths, as the country prepares to reopen its schools on Monday.

The total number of cases is currently 13,240 and 305 deaths. Of the total number of cases, about three quarters were registered in August, the average age was 39 years. Meanwhile, among the dead, the average age was 78 years.


Hello and welcome to Al Jazeera’s ongoing coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. I’m Ted Regencia from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For all the key events that happened yesterday, September 13th, see Here

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Russia expels five Portuguese diplomats | War in Ukraine



“This morning, the Portuguese Ambassador in Moscow was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, who was informed of the expulsion of five embassy employees who will have to leave Russia within 14 days,” the Portuguese Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the report said.

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“Ukraine is in for a very unpleasant surprise” — Obozrevatel



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It was a quick change. On Monday, Mikhail Kodaryonok, a retired colonel and television commentator, criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military strategy. This Wednesday afternoon, also on Russian state television, the army has completely changed speech, anticipating a “very unpleasant surprise” for Ukraine.

Mikhail Kodarenok mentioned Russian attacks on American howitzers in Ukraine, suggesting that they would remain a target for Russian forces “in the near future.” “They will be searched for, discovered and hit,” the colonel in the reserve assured, adding that soon only “memories” would remain of them.

Assuring that this goal would be “achieved,” the colonel turned to the news of the victories that Ukraine would win over Russian troops.“There are only rumors Indeed, there are even rumors that [a Ucrânia] allegedly has great success in counterattacks, ”said Mikhail Khodarenok, describing these rumors as “inaccurate.”


To demonstrate the failure of the Ukrainian forces, a retired colonel recalled the Snake Islands plan. Mikhail Khodarenok noted that Ukraine needed to achieve “air supremacy”, and that “in the coming months” it would be “impossible” for the Ukrainian armed forces to accomplish such a feat.

In addition, in the naval sphere, the official also devalued Ukraine: “They need to achieve superiority at sea,” especially in the Black Sea, which “is out of the question.” “At best, it will take years, if not decades.”

“And therefore, when they talk about the ability of Ukraine to counterattack, this is a big exaggeration,” Mikhail Khodarenok hinted, believing in the success of the Russian offensive. He predicted that “a very unpleasant surprise” awaits Ukraine in the near future.

“As much as we hate to admit it, the whole world is against us.” Retired colonel denounces Putin’s strategy on state television

These statements contrast with those that Mikhail Kodarenok made on Monday: “They [os ucranianos] determined to fight to the last man. Ultimately, victory on the battlefield is determined by the high morale of the personnel.who sheds blood for ideas for which he is ready to fight.

Also on Monday, the retired colonel acknowledged that “the main drawback of the Russian military-political position is that we are, in a sense, in complete geopolitical isolation and that, as much as we hate to admit it, practically the whole world is against us.” . “The situation will frankly worsen,” spoke on Monday, anticipating a scenario with “a million armed Ukrainian soldiers.”

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The Spanish government has rejected Russia’s decision to expel 27 employees of the Spanish embassy in Moscow, arguing that reciprocity in this case is not justifiedbecause they did not violate the Vienna Convention.

Spain rejects the decision taken today by the Russian Federation to expel a total of 27 employees of the Spanish Embassy in Russia,” the Spanish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Madrid then explains that Russian authorities justify this decision with the principle of “reciprocity” after the expulsion of 27 employees of the Russian embassy in Madrid, notified last April, adding, however, that “the expulsion then accepted by the Spanish authorities was based on duly substantiated security reasons, which do not exist in this case.”

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs guarantees that the employees of the embassy in Moscow “always” fully complied with the obligations set forth Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.


Russia announced this Wednesday that it was expelling 27 Spanish and 24 Italian diplomats in response to similar measures taken by those countries after invading Ukraine.

The announcement of the expulsion of Italians and Spaniards was made by the Russian Foreign Ministry a few minutes after the announcement of the expulsion of 34 French diplomats and a day after the decision to expel two Finnish diplomats was made.

The number of Spanish and Italian diplomats now considered persona non grata it is identical to the Russian diplomats whom the governments of two European countries decided to expel from their countries in April.

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According to Spanish Ambassador to Moscow Marcos Gomez Martinez, who was summoned to the Russian ministry on Wednesday morning, diplomats from the embassy in Moscow and the consulate general in St. Petersburg were sent to Moscow. will have to leave Russia within seven days.

On April 5, the Spanish government decided to expel 27 diplomats and officials from the Russian embassy in Spain as a sign of rejection of the “horrible actions” of the Russian troops, the “escalation of war crimes” and in “protection of security interests.” » Spain.

The Spanish performer did not directly mention the massacre organized by Russian soldiers in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, Kyiv region.

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