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Ubisoft CEO raised recent controversy ahead of today’s livestream •



Ubisoft CEO raised recent controversy ahead of today's livestream •

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has addressed recent controversies surrounding the company, including allegations of serious sexual misconduct against senior employees. video statement released ahead of today’s big Ubisoft Forward livestream.

Referring to, although not directly admitting numerous reports of sexual harassment featuring senior executives since June, including Splinter Cell and Far Cry creative director Maxime Belan, VP Tommy François and marketer Andrien Gbinigi – Guillemot apologized for what he called “internal problems that have recently surfaced ”Describing what the company is doing in response.

“We learned this summer that some Ubisoft employees are not adhering to our company values,” Guillemot explained, “and that our systems have failed to protect the victims of their behavior. I am sincerely sorry for everyone who suffered. “

Guillemot said as part of Ubisoft’s “long journey” to promote “real change,” the company has taken “significant steps to punish or eliminate those who have violated its values ​​and code of conduct,” and “is working hard to improve [its] systems and processes “.

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Earlier reports have confirmed that Beland and François as well as number of other senior executivesquit the company and the creative director of Valhalla Ashraf Ismail was fired following statements from several women that he contacted them privately after revealing that they were fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

In a statement today, Guillemot said the company is now also “focusing” on improving diversity and inclusiveness at all levels of the company, and that as part of the ongoing process, it has committed to invest an additional $ 1 million in its graduate program. over the next five years – to create opportunities at Ubisoft for “underrepresented groups, including women and people of color.”

“I am determined to do everything in my power to make everyone at Ubisoft feel welcome, respected and safe,” Guillemot continued.

The CEO also touched on recent controversy surrounds the trailer for its mobile game Tom Clancy: Elite Squad, which uses the raised fist symbol closely associated with the Black Lives Matter movement to represent a fictional group of terrorists that players must kill.

While Guillemont again chose not to mention the incident directly, simply referring to “inappropriate content” in a “recent mobile game,” he insisted that Ubisoft stood for “equality and respect for all”, that the company condemned “anyone who uses our games. as a confidante of hate or toxicity ”and that“ this kind of oversight cannot exist ”.

As such, measures will be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future, and Ubisoft will make a donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in support of Black Lives Matter.

“I am fully committed to spearheading change at Ubisoft,” Guillemo concluded, “and to ensure that we always support and embody our core values ​​in the company, industry, community and in our games.”

Guillemot’s announcement was made ahead of today’s Ubisoft Forward live broadcast, the second in the summer, and yet the company has once again decided not to acknowledge the recent events in its mainstream broadcast. In July Ubisoft claimed it was too late include a public response in his first live broadcast “because all content was pre-recorded,” and now he says he won’t include Guillemot’s message tonight “due to time constraints.”

While disappointing, Ubisoft found it impossible to allocate the extra four minutes of internet time required to make its CEO’s commitment to “do everything in my power to make everyone at Ubisoft feel welcome, respected and safe” reaches the broadest possible audience. … if possible, the company says he wants attach a statement to all versions of today’s live broadcast following broadcast on demand.

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Pregnant Ines Gutierrez shows ‘positive test’ and highlights ‘good part’



Pregnant Ines Gutierrez shows 'positive test' and highlights 'good part'

Ines Gutiérrez took to social media on the night of Thursday, January 20 to let her followers know she tested positive for Covid-19.

The presenter, who is expecting her first child as a result of her relationship with Joao Montes, said that everything is fine with her, and in the end emphasized the positive side of the infection: “I have a positive result. I confess that I was surprised that I had not been caught before by this animal … not that I was careless or did not try as much as possible to do what is required of us, but the truth is that I already had what what I call “true racias”, because so many people around me have already become infected … “, starts with a letter.

“I feel that at this stage we are all playing a kind of Russian roulette. Some are lucky, others are chosen. I would like to believe that I will forever remain in the first group, but I was wrong.😅”, more added.

“I am pregnant and therefore I could only get vaccinated later, after a morphological ultrasound, and I confess that being pregnant, my fear, of course, increases. Fortunately, on January 5th I received my 2nd dose of the vaccine and I feel more protected despite being infected.” still can be read.

“I have symptoms: fever, body aches, sore throat and runny nose… deep down, like I have a bad flu. The usual low immune system of pregnant women is also characteristic. The good part: yesterday was much worse than today. Now yes, I have a good reason to completely relax and spend a week in our ❤️ bubble. Good food and plenty of fluids also help. I just wanted to tell you that I’m fine, calm, calm and resting. Now be patient and heal me. To you: health!he concluded.

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Look here:

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Mafalda Rodiles has a “heart in her hands” because of her son: “I had indications for surgery”



Mafalda Rodiles has a “heart in her hands” because of her son: “I had indications for surgery”

Mafalda Rodiles scared with son Martim and ended by telling everything on this Wednesday, January 19, in his instagram page.

“At the very beginning of the year, Martim fell on his hand while playing on vacation. Since there was a fall in front of me, I clearly saw that we needed to go to the hospital, we went to the Odemira Health Center, where we were treated very well, they took an x-ray, confirming that it was broken, immobilized the arm and advised us to go to Lisbon., began to write.

“After two and a half hours I was in Estefania, with a heart in my hands, because Martim had indications for an operation. He not only broke, but also dislocated his elbow.”, continuation.

Despite everything, the actress received good news: “We were treated so well in Estefania that I can only thank you, and in fact the doctor managed to do a reposition, that is, he injected Martim with a sedative and put his hand in place, and then put a plaster on it. It worked, no surgery was required, and now there are only 5 days left to remove the cast.”.

“Martim was a brave man and I’m sure he will become great again”he concluded.

Reproduction Instagram, DR

Remember that Mafalda Rodiles is a mother chalk, seven years old, and Martim, four years old, through marriage to a Brazilian director. Edgar Miranda.

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Susana Henriquez of Peso Pesado considered suicide: “I was at the top of the overpass getting ready to jump.”



Susana Henriquez of Peso Pesado considered suicide: "I was at the top of the overpass getting ready to jump."

or case Amelie Battle Bastos, a 16-year-old girl who disappeared in Porto and whose body was found in the late afternoon of the day after his disappearance, he left Portugal in shock. teenager ran “suicidal risk”, Existence “one year of psychiatric treatment for depression”. There are several people on social media who have spoken out and warned about the importance of mental health. Susana Henriquez is one of them.

A personal trainer, who competed in the first edition of “Peso Pesado” on SIC in 2011, revealed on social media that he was Amelie’s age when he considered taking his own life. “The case of Amelie touched me in a special way. I was her age when I was diagnosed with depression after losing the most important person in my life: my mother.”, began to write.

“I was her age when it crossed my mind a thousand times to commit suicide and end the suffering that I felt, and yes … I was literally seconds away from doing it that day when I was at the top of the overpass ready to jump!”, said.

“I was in a dark, cold place, similar to what this girl had. Similar but never the same. Only she will know how she felt. Only she will know how dark the world will be in her eyes! Depression is not freshness. Depression is a disease that often runs quietly and is one of the most painful that can exist. Anyone who has been in this dark place will understand what I mean.”, continuation.

Finally, Susana Henriquez leaves a message: “If you are in this dark place right now, I want you to know that you are not alone, that there is a way out of this alley, that you can turn around and smile again. If you are in this place… Please: ask for help! If you have someone close with signs of depression, pay attention, do not underestimate these signs, show that you are close to this person. Don’t listen… Listen… Embrace… Be present!”, he said.

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“Let’s be more attentive to each other, with sympathy, without judgment and with love, in order to avoid such tragedies! Don’t Suffer in Silence: Contacts of the Voz Amiga Association. 213 544 545 – 912 802 669 – 963 524 660 / Daily from 15:30 to 00:30. Rest in peace Amelie. And may your family have all the support in the world.”, finished.

Ask for help.


Friendly SOS line voice. Emotional Support and Suicide Prevention Phone: 213 544 545 / 912 802 669 / 963 524 660 (daily from 15:30 to 00:30)

Contact the Hospital Mental Health Services in your area – adults, Childhood and youth.

Line SNS24 (808 242424 and and 112 are also available.

Contact via crisis lines and yes Line of psychological counseling.

For more information see National Suicide Prevention Plan.

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