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Tour de France Stage 14 – Live



Tour de France Stage 14 - Live


Sagan crosses the home stretch and scores 15 points, followed by Shahmann, who is slapped on the back. Trentin survives to cross the next one, while Bennett escapes from that group of nine riders and is sixth in the sprint. Glasses on the way.

The intermediate sprint is interrupted due to the dog crossing the road ahead of both groups.

Schachmann looks tired from his efforts during yesterday’s break, but he is preparing a final conclusion for Sagan ahead of the line. He has a lot of room to play.

159 km to the end

Teuns leads Kung down the intermediate sprint line. They are not interested in glasses, but Sagan is important, and he will be there in three minutes.

Bennett is now in the group of nine riders, which also fell behind on the rise.

Bennett did well when he first held on when Bora opened a break with the rest of the peloton, but he had no legs at the top of the climb.

Bennett appears to have resigned. He has another Bora driver, Daniel Oss, who sits behind the wheel, but Oss prefers to leave and leave him behind, taking as many points as possible.

Sagan, together with Shahman, reaches the top of the ascent and in the process almost throws the German off. Trentin is there and wants to return, but Bennett has been pushed right upstairs.

Bennett grabbed the back of this Bohr train. And they get a break compared to the rest of the group …

Sagan will be hoping that he will be able to score the maximum points in the intermediate sprint, which comes 6 km after the climb, and that Bennett will be dropped and not score any.

Kung leads Teuns over the top, while Bora slams forward and ignites him as he approaches.

Yesterday’s performance by Ineos drew criticism from their former director Sean Yates, who wonders why they drove so hard on the penultimate climb and whether Bernal trained properly. Full story at the link below.

Sean Yates raises serious questions about Inneos’ tactics for the Tour de France

171 km to the end

Now everything is calm in the group, and the gap from Kung and Teuns is reduced to 2:15 after 23 km.

Bol and Pedersen are now returning to the peloton. Maybe Bol just wanted to take a big break? I can’t find any explanation for Pedersen.

Kung and Tyuns were confused too. They discuss this before settling down and continuing to work.

Pedersen reaches Bol and they all smile. They seem to be reluctant to get to Kung and Teuns. Strange.

Bol sits down and begins to wait for Pedersen.

Wait, Kasper Pedersen (Sunweb) has other ideas. He jumps out of his backpack and begins his journey. No reaction from other members of the peloton.

Now the pace in the group has slowed down and everything seems to be calming down. Kung, Bol, Teuns go out for 30 seconds.

Here’s how the points ranked ahead of this upcoming intermediate sprint

1.Sam Bennett (Ireland) Deceuninck-Quickstep 252

2 Peter Sagan (Svk) Bora-Hansgrohe 186

3 Bryan Coquard (Fra) B&B Hotels-Vital Concept 162

4 Caleb Evan (Australia) Lotto Sudal 155

5 Matteo Trentin (Italy) CCC Team 146

It looks like Matteo Trentin (CCC) wants to get involved. He was interested in intermediate sprints. The leader of the mountain classification Benoit Cosnefroy (AG2R) also makes a move, but they were returned.

Kung crosses the top three. However, they only have a few seconds and are still starting.

A couple more riders chase us as we hit a false flat slope. The first correct climb occurs after 31 km.

The attacks from behind had ceased, but had not yet completely subsided. The gap is small.

Edward Theuns (Track-Segafredo) jumps over.

Next comes Sunweb with Sis Ball.

Asgrin looks like he wants to escape here and not just guard Bennett. He moves forward and snaps his elbow. It’s stretched a lot, but there are no gaps at the moment.

Asgrin turns it off again before moving to the front of this group. The peloton is lined up and the accelerations come and go in a frantic start.

Next up is De Gendt Lotto Soudal teammate Roger Kluge, and he was joined by Sergio Higita from EF in a small and big combo.

Thomas De Gendt tries to make a move, but he won’t go anywhere. Total and FDJ look keen again.

Total Direct Energie makes the first move, but is quickly overwhelmed by Kasper Asgrin from Deceuninck-QuickStep. After 38 km there is an intermediate sprint and there is clearly Sam Bennett in the green jersey in QuickStep …

Like this!

François Lemarchand rises from the hatch and waves a yellow flag. Attacks begin immediately.

Today we are heading to Lyon, the finish site of the first ever Tour de France stage, back in 1903. Maurice Garin was the driver who won that day and is honored to be the first ever Tour winner. …

Want to know who will be on hiatus today? We selected several candidates for the remainder of the race. We already saw some of them yesterday, and the first name on this list seems to me to be the best choice for today.

Magic 8: Tour de France’s best splinters

We have details about these restrictions, as well as information about tomorrow’s stage in which the authorities will try to stop any viewer on the final two climbs.

Fans banned from participating in the Tour de France: start and finish in the red zones of the coronavirus

Were off!

Racers drive through large crowds at Clermont-Ferrand. From now on, the start and finish zones will be limited when we return to the red zones of the coronavirus.

Race leader Primoz Roglich on the podium a little earlier

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Before we start, why not learn about yesterday’s action?

It was a double whammy: an exciting battle to win the post-breakout stage and a real GC shake-up. Report, results, photos … they are all here

The pre-stage podium ceremony is already in full swing in Clermont-Ferrand, and riders will leave at 13:05 local time, that is, in just over 10 minutes. 15 minutes before the official start of the stage will follow in the neutral zone. Yesterday was a full tank for a long time, and today we will probably see another active start.

This stage is classified as “flat” in the Tour de France road book. I don’t know how they came to this conclusion. They didn’t indicate the total increase in altitude, but the Col du Beal lifts us 1400 meters, not to mention four other categorized climbs and this long, uncategorized climb. After yesterday’s holiday of ascent to 4400 m, another difficult day came.

Hello and welcome as the Tour de France enters its second weekend. The grand summit at Grande Colombier will finish on Sunday, but first we will have this hilly stage that takes us from Massif Central to Lyon, approaching the high mountains. Breakaway contenders have long noted this.

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BALL – Euro U17: Portugal start with a rout against Scotland (Football)



BALL - Euro U17: Portugal start with a rout against Scotland (Football)

Portugal made the best appearance at the European Under-17 Championships, which takes place in Israel. The Portuguese team defeated Scotland 4-1 in a game that took place at the Municipal Stadium of Lod.

Goals from Ivan Lima (8 minutes), Dinis Rodriguez (26 minutes), João Veloso (37 minutes, penalty), Afonso Moreira (70 minutes) and Rodrigo Ribeiro (73 minutes) sealed a solid triumph for the team of Rui Bento (assistant coach and replacement of José Lima , positive for Covid-19). Magnus KatzKezin scored for the Scots in the 62nd minute.

In another group match, Sweden beat Denmark 2-1 in the northern duel. Portugal lead the group and return to the field against Sweden next Friday at 14:30.

Game movie:

90. Portugal defeated Scotland 5-1. On Friday at 14:30, the under-17s have a new game against Sweden.

73. Rodrigo Ribeiro, who had just entered, signed the fifth goal of the national team with the first touch of the ball with a good kick.

69. Afonso Moreira, after a quick counter-attack, was isolated and scored the fourth goal of Portugal.

62. Scotland is reduced. McKinsey, after an individual initiative, outplayed the Portuguese goalkeeper.

46. ​​The second part begins.

45. Portugal come into the break beating Scotland 3-0.

36. João Veloso signed Portugal’s third goal with a penalty.

26. Dinis Rodrigues took advantage of Ivan Lima’s left cross to score Portugal’s second goal.

15. Dinis Rodriguez had everything to score, but his rebound went wide.

8. Ivan Lima puts Portugal ahead at the first opportunity. Rodriguez attempted an acrobatic throw but missed the ball and it was up to his teammate to take advantage of the opportunity to score.

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1. Launch the game.


Scotland: Pazikas, Kingdon, Mackenzie, Allen, MacArthur Cap, Jackson, Rice, Reed, O’Donnell, Moore and Wilson.

Substitutes: Mahadi, Bruce, Dede, Lobban, Cooper, Miller, Macleod, Laidlaw and Wales.

Portugal: Diogo Fernandes, Joao Conceicao, Diogo Monteiro-Cap, Joao Moniz, Leonardo Barroso, Dario Essugo, Ussuman Djalo, Joao Veloso, Ivan Lima, Afonso Moreira and Jose Dinis Rodriguez,

Substitutes: Francisco Silva, Rafael Luis, Joao Vasconcelos, Manuel Mendonza, Thiago Andrade, Vivaldo Semedo, Luis Gomes, Rodrigo Ribeiro and Martim Fernandes.

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BALL – “Real Madrid’s defense is bad” (Champions League)



BALL - "Real Madrid's defense is bad" (Champions League)

UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin spoke about the men’s and women’s Champions League finals, highlighting the presence of Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively, two clubs promoting the so-called Super League, a project designed with some emblems but no legs to walk on.

“I have no problems with Real Madrid, although at the moment I am not in contact with the board. But Real Madrid’s place in the Champions League final testifies to the purity of UEFA competition. Real Madrid and Barcelona are in the men’s and women’s finals. No one interfered,” he stressed in his statements to the Slovenes. Sports.

Čeferin also analyzed the performance of the teams: “In the semi-finals, I doubted that Real Madrid would be able to knock out Manchester City, especially after losing the first game. But it looks like they have nine lives, just like cats. This is an experienced team. In my opinion, the protection is bad. They have the wonderful Karim Benzema, who is often referred to as one of the most underrated players in football history. Luka Modric the older the better. But Liverpool have younger players and they have very important experience for the final. It’s going to be an incredibly interesting finale.”

We remind you that the final is scheduled for May 28, at 20:00, in Paris.

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A BOLA – Irmãos Lenho teaches sports driving in Viana do Castelo (football)



A BOLA – Irmãos Lenho teaches sports driving in Viana do Castelo (football)

Thiago Lenyu and his brother Nelson Lenyu, sporting directors of Gil Vicente and Boavista respectively, are guests of honor at the O Dirigente Desportivo training session tonight sponsored by AF Viana do Castelo.

The responsible guilista, who graduated in environmental engineering and postgraduate in management and organization of professional football, shared his experience in those functions, the experience that a chess manager received, who received a degree in management and organization of professional football, as well as postgraduate/international advanced training The technical management of football also left their testimony.

The former was one of the hard workers in the Barcelos team’s sensational campaign, which guaranteed an unprecedented qualification for the European Cups, and the latter played an important role in the calmness with which the chess players achieved consistency.

The event, which takes place in the Centro Empresarial de Viana do Castelo – AIMinho, is moderated by Jorge Dantas, Professor at the Viana do Castelo Graduate School of Education.

Also noteworthy is the presence in the hall of Joao Carlos Costa, Portugal’s assistant coach Fernando Santos.

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