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Thwaites: ‘Doomsday Glacier’ vulnerability seen on new maps



Thwaites: 'Doomsday Glacier' vulnerability seen on new maps

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Icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer mapped over 2,000 sq. Km of the seabed in front of the glacier.

Scientists may have just identified the Achilles heel of the Thwaites Glacier.

This Antarctic colossus is rapidly melting, dumping billions of tons of ice into the ocean each year and raising global sea levels.

Now the British-American team has explored the deep seabed channels in front of the glacier, which almost certainly provide warm water access to penetrate and attack the lower Thwaite.

This information will be used to try to predict the future of the ice stream.

“These channels have never been mapped in this detail before, and we found that they are actually much larger than anyone thought – up to 600 meters deep. Think of six football pitches in a row, ”said Dr. Kelly. Hogan of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

“And because they are so deep and so wide, it allows much more water to enter and melt Thwaites’ floating front and its ice on the seabed,” she told BBC News.

Why is Thwaites Glacier so important?

Located west of the Antarctic continent, Thwaites is almost as large as Great Britain.

It is a majestic sight with its moving front, or “ice shelf”, stretching far out to sea and discarding huge icebergs. But satellite monitoring shows that this glacier is melting faster and faster.

In the 1990s, it lost just over 10 billion tons of ice per year. Today it is more than 80 billion tons. The melting is believed to be due to the influx of relatively warm bottom water from the wider ocean.

Currently, ice loss at Thwaites represents approximately 4% of the annual rise in sea level, with the potential for a total of 65 cm to increase if the entire glacier collapses.

No one thinks this will happen in the short to medium term, but Thwaites is considered particularly vulnerable to warming, and scientists would like to know how quickly any change could occur.

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Media headlineDr. Kelly Hogan explains the significance of the new study.

What does the latest research show?

In 2019, the UK and the US joined forces to investigate the Thwaites case.

Their scientists sent a ship equipped with an echo sounder straight to the icy cliffs of the glacier to trace the shape of the seabed below.

The aircraft also flew back and forth across the shelf to measure small changes in gravity. These deviations reflected the unevenness of the seabed under the shelf.

The two datasets taken together now provide the best view of Thwaites topography. They trace the path of a network of deep channels that cross the ridge and then join to form a large cavity beneath the ice shelf.

“The associated channels, which we first mapped in detail, are potential pathways for deep-sea warm water to penetrate and damage it at the point where the glacier still rests on the seabed where it starts to rise. and swim, “BAS colleague Dr. Tom Jordan explained,” but also melt the base of the ice shelf, which, if you loosen up, will cause the ice to flow further upstream at a faster rate. ”

How will the new survey information be used?

Scientists need real-world data to capture their models so that they can get realistic results when modeling possible future behavior.

The new information clarifies the amount of warm water infiltration that can be considered possible under various scenarios.

Through their research, scientists now have a better understanding of the overall roughness of the seabed.

This tells them how fast ice can reach deep in the glacier as it slides over rocks and sediments. What the researchers have developed, if you like, is a kind of “stickiness index” that further limits computer models.

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Thwaite’s size and rate of melting has led to it being dubbed the “doomsday glacier.”

What could happen in the near future?

At the moment, the eastern side of the ice shelf is entangled with a large ridge, which gives it stability. But the current melting trend suggests that this situation won’t last long, says Dr. Robert Larter of BAS.

“When the East Ice Shelf comes loose, the ice will expand and thin out, eventually collapsing as we see what’s happening in the (central) tongue of the glacier,” he told BBC News. “Even before the ice shelf breaks down, detachment and thinning will reduce the supporting effect of the ice shelf on the glacier upstream, resulting in an increase in ice flow rate. This, in turn, will further accelerate the thinning of the glacier and the retreat of the ground line. … “

British and American scientists were forced to temporarily suspend their research at Thwaites due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The teams were supposed to return to the glacier this southern summer, but the remoteness of the site means too much risk in case someone falls ill. However, once the coronavirus outbreak is properly contained, scientists will return.

“It’s amazing to be in a place like Thwaites and see the changes happening right before your eyes,” said Dr. Hogan. “When we were there in 2019, we were able to get right up to the rocks of the ice shelf, and the reason we were able to do this and make our observations was because the icebergs and sea ice that have always been here historically are starting to disappear. … “

The latest study is published in two articles in The Cryosphere and can be accessed. Here and Here

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“Never before has a president run for re-election with such a high rejection rate,” the political scientist estimates



“Never before has a president run for re-election with such a high rejection rate,” the political scientist estimates

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Senate candidate Alvaro Diaz (Podemos) reiterated that professional work in the Senate is for experienced politicians, not for trainees. The senator’s remark was a response to União Brasil candidate Sergio Moro, who announced that he would create Lava Jato in the National Congress, without knowing, however, the real functions of the senator, i.e., not within the competence of the Senate. Alvaro made the announcement after being asked about voting against a project that would set rules for social media, the so-called “Fake News Law”.

Photo: Pedro France

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Alvaro Diaz said the bill, which makes it a crime to finance and spread fake news, was hastily sent by senators to the Chamber of Deputies. Diaz claimed to have voted against approval of the project in 2020, believing that the proposal required a deeper analysis of the topic with more elaborate proposals.

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The senator said the law was “a fine line between free speech and lying” and commented, “Obviously you cannot allow yourself to ridicule and attack people with impunity in the name of free speech. . We are victims, we are victims, of course, I want a good law.”

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A survey conducted by the Instituto Opinião shows that 83% of those polled said that the choice of a candidate for the Palacio do Planalto is final. In the presidential race, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Portugal) appears with 45% against Jair Bolsonaro (PL)’s 33%. As for choosing a candidate for federal deputies, out of 2,000 people interviewed by the institute by phone, only 28% said they had chosen a candidate for the chamber of deputies in more than a month.

Write down
The survey was conducted from 18 to 20 September. 2,000 people over the age of 16 were interviewed by telephone in 114 municipalities across the country. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 2% with a reliability of the overall survey result of 95%. The poll is registered with the Higher Electoral Court under number BR-09430/2022.

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The consultation can be done on the website of the Federal Tax Service. The taxpayer simply clicks on the “My Income Tax” box and then “Consult a Refund”. The consultation can also be carried out in the Meu Imposto de Renda application, available for smartphones on Android and iOS systems.

The High Electoral Court (TSE) has identified suspicious transfers worth 605 million reais after reviewing partial campaign accountability submitted by candidates between 9 and 13 September. A total of 59,072 cases of potentially illegal donations or spending were identified, the Electoral Justice said. Now the Ministry of Elections (MPE) must investigate these suspicious cases. A new round of data intersection will take place after the final submission of first round reports, which must be submitted by all applicants by November 2nd.

The column was published simultaneously in 20 newspapers and related portals. Find out more at

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Elections: Like Anitta, you can also seek political knowledge



Elections: Like Anitta, you can also seek political knowledge


Since then, with Jair Bolsonaro’s victory in the electronic polls and the start of his term in the executive branch, Anitta has maintained her position, questioning the elected politician about situations she disagrees with. It is the responsibility of any citizen to question and bring charges against elected politicians who are public servants.

One of the first actions taken by the Culture Administration was to cancel the announcement of LGBTQIA+-themed series for public TV channels. “I asked your constituents who are not heterosexual. Some told me that you explain everything on a weekly live broadcast and that the reasons were related to public funds; others because the content was null or low-level; still others told me it was for all kinds of “low level” content, not just LGBT, others didn’t know what to say. But here I got confused. If the question is about money or “low-level” content, because your post is addressed directly to the LGBT community and not all the content involved, as I was told? ”, The artist wrote in the photo of the politician on social networks.

He continued: “They accused you of being homophobic and you said that you are not homophobic, but mentioning only the LGBT community in your post, without captions and explanations, doesn’t this make your subscribers think that LGBT content should be banned? that family content should not mention LGBT people, as I saw in some of the comments here. If the decision has other factors, why publish only the LGBT topic? I write this with all the respect that should be given to a political ruler.” Her response was harassed by supporters of the president and by Bolsonaro himself.

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