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The Dow is looking to boost profits as investors await Apple events, fresh economic data and the start of the Fed meeting.



The Dow is looking to boost profits as investors await Apple events, fresh economic data and the start of the Fed meeting.

US stocks posted solid gains early Tuesday morning, putting stocks on a rally path as the Federal Reserve is set to kick off its two-day policy meeting and investors await the debut of a product for Apple Inc. and a new round of economic reports.

How do capital standards work?

Dow Jones Industrial Average YM00 futures,
+ 0.63%

+ 0.61%
increased by 194 points to 28,065, an increase of 0.7%, the S&P 500 ES00 index,
+ 0.72%

+ 0.73%
rose 24.80 points, or 0.7%, to 3397, while Nasdaq-100 NQ00 futures,
+ 1.06%

+ 1.06%
rose 111.50 points, or 1%, to 11,378.25.

Monday Dow DJIA,
+ 1.18%
rose 327.69 points, or 1.2%, to 27,993.33 after briefly trading above the 28,000 threshold. S&P 500 SPX,
+ 1.27%
added 42.57 points, or 1.3%, to close at 3383.54. Composite COMPONENT Nasdaq,
+ 1.87%
climbed 203.11 points, or 1.7%, to finish at 11,056.65, ending a two-session losing streak.

Russell 2000 RUT Index,
+ 2.65%
low-cap stocks rose 39.70 points, or 2.7%, to 1,536.97 points, beating the performance of major stock indices.

What drives the market?

Stocks are likely to rise early Tuesday, boosted by positive economic data from China, where retail sales rose in August for the first time in 2020, rising 0.5% year-on-year last month, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics.

On Monday, investors were delighted by the positive news about the COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca AZN.
+ 0.54%
and BioNTech BNTX,
+ 3.60%
as well as news of the Nvidia NVDA merger,
+ 5.81%
and Oracle ORCL,
+ 4.31%
and on Tuesday will be monitoring the product launch of Apple Inc. AAPL,
+ 2.99%
as well as several IPOs.

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The Federal Reserve plans to begin its policy meeting later today, followed by a press conference and a new statement from its officials on Wednesday, followed by decisions by the central banks of the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan on Thursday.

“Global markets are focused on the two-day Fed meeting starting on Tuesday, markets are moderately positive as investors look forward to a favorable outcome,” wrote Mihir Kapadia, CEO of Sun Global Investments, on Tuesday. The meeting of the policy-making Federal Open Market Committee will also be the first since the central bank presented its new policy framework for targeting average inflation.

“While other factors on the continent have contributed to this positive momentum, the overwhelming factor driving the markets is the Fed,” Kapadia wrote. “Investors will be looking for signs of what the outlook for US growth and inflation looks like, as well as possible reactions from the Fed,” he said.

Investors are also watching Snowflake Inc., a cloud computing company due to go public today on the New York Stock Exchange and is backed by Warren Buffett. Berkshire hathaway
+ 0.79%

+ 0.92%
+ 1.45%

Snowflake on Monday raised the proposed price range for its initial public offering to $ 100-110, up from the previous $ 75 to $ 85. The company plans to place 28 million shares and raise up to $ 3.08 billion.

Separately Apple Inc. AAPL,
+ 2.99%
will unveil its first virtual product at 1:00 pm ET, where the Cupertino, California-based tech giant is expected to showcase its latest smartwatch and iPad, a debut that could be the next catalyst for the popular company’s stock.

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Looking ahead on Thursday, investors await a report on manufacturing activity in the New York area, the Empire State Manufacturing Index, and import and export price data due out at 8:30 am ET. Industrial production report for August is due out at 9:15 am.

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What stocks were in the spotlight?
  • Promotions Oracle Corp.
    + 4.31%
    was in the spotlight after Wall Street Magazine reported that the Trump administration is considering applications from companies to become a “strategic partner” of the American company TikTok, owned by China’s ByteDance.

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Landlords must report rent by the end of the month. Set this and other IRS dates until the declaration is delivered



Landlords must report rent by the end of the month.  Set this and other IRS dates until the declaration is delivered



Landlords who are exempt and have not chosen to issue electronic rent receipts must submit a Model 44 return to the Finance Department via the Internet by the end of this month – Sunday 30th. delivered to the department by the following Friday.

And who are these taxpayers who are exempt from electronic income receipts?

These are owners who do not have and are not required to have an e-mail box and who did not receive more than 877,622 euros of rent (double the social support index) in 2021. These two conditions are combined.

Landlords who were 65 years of age or older on December 31, 2021, and taxpayers who receive rent under agreements covered by the Rural Lease Scheme, are also exempt.


˂ Consult and update your personal page on the Financial Portal with your family composition and other relevant personal items, such as the email address or NIB to which the state should transfer the IRS refund.

˂ Indicate spending on education and training in the interior of the country or in the autonomous region. You can deduct 40% of these fees up to a limit of one thousand euros, and the rent paid for the maintenance of a relocated student is not more than 300 euros.

˂ Tell the finance department about the rent for permanent housing if you have moved to the hinterland. You can deduct up to one thousand euros in the IRS instead of the usual 502 euros.

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˂ Consider the duration of long-term permanent housing leases (contracts of up to two years or more), as well as the termination of such contracts. This type of lease benefits from lower tax rates, which decrease in proportion to the number of years the property is occupied, as agreed with the tenant. This is done through the financial portal.



It is time to check or report, if your e-invoice portal personal account is not displayed in your personal account, invoices for expenses incurred in 2021. Based on these expenses, the IRS calculates a withholding from the IRS Fee, which reduces the weight of the invoice and increases the government’s possible refund. Thus, in addition to promoting a fairer tax system, the IRS is cutting costs when requesting an invoice with a taxpayer number for education and training, health care, and housing expenses.

There is also a discount related to general family expenses, which includes any fees, up to a deduction limit of €250 per taxpayer (€335 for single parent families). Maintenance payments determined by the court must also be indicated in the declaration according to model 3, since 20% of their total amount can be deducted from the tax. Don’t forget to request an invoice in certain areas of activity corresponding to the percentage of VAT paid in your pocket: 15% for car and motorcycle repairs, accommodation and meals, hairdressing, veterinary activities and gyms and 100% for expenses. with monthly passes for public transport.

Finally, keep in mind that there is a general limit to the set of tax deductions and benefits that follows from the mathematical formula. It varies by household income, the higher the lower the ceiling. Families with three or more children are eligible for an increase in the limit.

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Open an IRS campaign. It is not recommended to send or confirm the data, if they are subject to automatic declaration, during the first 15 days of the period, since, as a rule, it is during this period that the technical services detect possible errors in the system and correct them. You will not be affected in terms of calculating your tax, but you may be penalized with an increase in the time it takes to settle your return and the corresponding tax refund, if applicable.

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Bitcoin is only worth half of its all-time high in November



Russia wants to completely ban the use and mining of cryptocurrencies

Have you followed the fall of bitcoin? We all know that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, and in this sense, it is necessary to be very attentive to price fluctuations in order to bet at the best time.

In early November 2021, Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $69,000. Now, three months later, the world’s most popular digital currency is worth half as much.

Bitcoin is now worth $69,000

Bitcoin is a virtual currency based on a peer-to-peer (P2P) system. P2P is a system that does not provide for a centralized authority to control the currency or transactions, as with other currencies (for example, the euro is controlled by the European Central Bank).

In November, the digital currency reached $69,000, but now it is only worth half. At the time of this writing, according to the Coinbase platform, bitcoin is worth $35,000 - see below. here.

Bitcoin is only worth half of its all-time high in November

But the problem is not only with the BitCoin currency. Also Ether, Cardano and Dogecoin are in bankruptcy this Monday. For Bloomberg Intelligence analysts, this phenomenon is a repetition of the past, a “pause in the face of market uncertainty,” analysts defend.

Since November, the cryptocurrency market, which consists of more than 15 thousand tokens, has lost about $ 1 billion, being in a “bear market”. In light of what is happening, investors have taken advantage of the bitcoin crash and poured $14 million into crypto funds.

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Six new technologies explore the path to a possible entry into the stock market – Bolsa



Six new technologies explore the path to a possible entry into the stock market - Bolsa

Bidirco Engineering Systems, Imaginary Cloud, Immunethep, IMP Diagnostics, Nonius Hospitality Technology and a sixth company that prefers to remain anonymous are the companies selected to integrate the 7th edition of Techshare, a program hosted by Euronext that aims to prepare technologies for shares. entering the market within the next two or three years.

Euronext kicks off this Tuesday with a new edition of Techshare, a program that aims to help tech companies familiarize themselves with the capital markets with a view to pursuing a future Initial Public Offering (IPO, abbreviation in English).

According to Euronext, six selected companies have been selected from 26 valid entries and over the next six months they will be strengthening their knowledge of capital market access through meetings with Euronext and partners to discuss what is required to enter. .

Euronext’s partners this year are Caixa Bank/BPI (bank), CV&A (communications), Morais Leitão (legal services) and PwC (consulting).

Euronext adds that the campus for the end of this academic year will take place in June in Portugal, at Nova SBE, where 122 companies from Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland will participate. , as well as all specialized partners in each country.

Launched in 2015, Techshare’s pre-IPO program already has over 650 companies, of which 46 are Portuguese.

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