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Skull Session: Jim Harbaugh Wants His Players To Prepare For October, Myocarditis Claim Wrong, And Pac-12 Wants To Equalize His Season With The Big Ten



We're wearing helmets in today's skull session.

Guys, I officially had my first moment, “Oh my God, I’m old.”

In his defense, his father still plays football for some reason.

Word of the day: Fecund.

PREPARE FOR OCTOBER. I have no idea when the Big Ten will play football again, and Jim Harbo probably will too. But he tells his team to prepare like it would be in October.

Let me repeat – I strongly doubt that Jim Harbaugh has any inside knowledge of the Big Ten decision. However, this is also not something that you would just get out of your ass. At least a small part of him thinks there is a chance that his team will play football in October.

I hope he is right and the Bakkeys will follow suit.

DO IT TOGETHER. The Big Ten and Pac-12 still have no idea what they are doing during football season, but at least they have no idea what they are doing together!

That’s all well and good, as long as “leveling our seasons” means that if the Big Ten play this fall, so will you. Because if the Big 10 consider it safe to play in the fall, but in any case decides to postpone the season as a sign of solidarity with Pac-12, I will lose what is left of me.

Oops! The Internet roared like wildfire yesterday for a full seven hours, on the advice of a doctor that 30-35 percent of Big Ten athletes test positive for COVID-19 it also turned out that he had a bad heart condition, myocarditis.

And you know what? Fair! Because it was a staggering number should there are interested people.

But in reality it was not true.

Kudos to Dr. Sebastianelli for setting the record here, but I will never get back the seven hours of my life that I spent watching the Internet burn.

ON THE NEXT. Our hero is back to work!

After upsetting world racket Guido Pella with his first big win, Buckeye JJ Wolf beat Roberto Carballes Baenu in three sets to earn his second big win.

His run is probably coming to an end soon, because he has the third number in the world, Daniil Medvedev, on the deck, but the big giants have fallen! Once David killed Goliath with just a slingshot and a stone (and also with the sword with which he decapitated him – a small detail).

The fact is that Daniel is being abandoned.

SONG OF THE DAY. “Take a Chance on Me” Abba.

NOT ADDICTED TO SPORT. The council informed the furious tenants that they are repainting their houses in the color of “poop” help save the planet … The $ 75 million estate comes with some iconic Budweiser Clydesdales … Can a tree help find a decaying corpse? … A stranger helped my family in the darkest moment … The hunter is butted to death by a bull elk, whom he shot and wounded with an arrow previous day …

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Zaidoo has already booked a return trip to Porto



Zaidoo has already booked a return trip to Porto

Tunisia will now face Burkina Faso in the CAN quarter-finals, which eliminated Gabon today.

Tunisia eliminated one of the top favorites to win the African Cup of Nations (CAN), Nigeria, by winning 1-0 to advance to the quarter-finals where they will face Burkina Faso.

The goal that qualified Tunisia was scored early in the second half, in the 47th minute, by midfielder Youssef Mskani of Al Arabi, currently ranked sixth in the Qatar I League.

Tunisia’s qualification against Nigeria is surprising considering North Africa’s ‘eighth place’ finish as one of the best third-placed teams in a group they only had one win against a fragile selection from Mauritania and two defeats, against the Gambia and Mali, both 1-0.

On the other hand, Nigeria advanced to Group D with nine points added from three wins, one over title contender Carlos Queiroz coached Egypt and two more over Sudan and Guinea-Bissau.

Porto Zaidu FC played 90 minutes for the Nigerian team, whose premature return to Porto is certainly good news for Porto coach Sergio Conceição.

It’s also worth noting that Nigeria were reduced to 10 after the 66th minute when Everton’s English striker Alex Iwobi was sent off with a straight red card.

Tunisia will now face Burkina Faso in the CAN quarter-finals, who eliminated Gabon today in the final shoot-out after a 1-1 draw at the end of regulation and extra time.

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BOLA – Portugal defeats the Netherlands (futsal)



BOLA - Portugal defeats the Netherlands (futsal)

Portugal beat the Netherlands 4-1 in the Group A round 2 game which they dominated and controlled from start to finish. At half-time the national team was leading 2-0 (Saaduni in own net, 6 minutes and Pani Varela, 20 minutes), which was extended to 3:0, and Pani Varela was back in the spotlight (23′). The Dutch didn’t get past a goal of honor (Buzuyan, 33′) and in the final minutes Afonso Jesus set the final score at 4-1.

40′ – End of the match.

40′ – 4:1, PORTUGAL, GOAL, Afonso Jesus, stealing the ball from an opponent and, when the Netherlands is playing with an attacking goalkeeper, kick on goal with the goal open.

39′ – What a big loss in front of the goalkeeper, Eric, allowing Kuik to recoup.

38′ Joao Matos (Portugal) gets in a strike blocked by a Dutch defence.

35′ – Pani Varela (Portugal) has a shot blocked by the Dutch defence.

35′ Fabio Cecilio (Portugal) gets in a strike blocked by a Dutch defence.

33′ – 3-1, GOAL FROM THE NETHERLANDS, Buzuyan, on the rebound, after the first hit on the bar by El Gannuti.

32′ – After a corner Pani Varela first has an effort on goal.

31′ – Martinus (Netherlands) is in a great position to close the gap, but Portugal’s Andre Sousa fails to score.

29′ – Another shot by Andre Coelho and another save by Cuik.

29′ – Portugal are very close to a 4-0 lead by Andre Coelho but Cuik makes a stunning save.

28′ – André Souza (Netherlands) gets in a strike, but Bouzambou (Netherlands) scores.

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27′ – Thiago Brito (Portugal) goes wide.

25′ – Fabio Cecilio (Portugal) saves Cuik.

24′- Buyuzan (Netherlands) gets a yellow card.

24′ – Martinus gets in a strike, but Andre Souza saves the opponent.

23 ‘- 3:0, GOAL PORTUGAL, Pani Varela, after hitting the ball passed between Kuiku’s legs.

22′ – Bruno Coelho (Portugal) will try his luck.

22′ – Mossaoui (Netherlands) also misses the Portuguese goal.

22′ – Bouzambu (Netherlands) has an effort on goal.

21′ – The second half has begun.

Interval – The national team wins 2-0 over their Dutch counterpart with Saaduni (6 minutes) in his own net, with a bad rebound from Zika and Pani Varela (20 minutes), following the table with Ziki, the lightning-fast Kuik.

20 minutes – 2:0, GOAL PORTUGAL, Pani Varela, after the table with Ziki, shooting with violence, at an angle. What a great goal!

19′ – Tomas Paso (Portugal) dribbles well and shoots hard, but Cuik again lands 2-0 away.

18′ – Bruno Coelho (Portugal) gets in a free kick, Cuik pushes forward.

17′ – André Souza (Portugal) thanks to a perfect save.

14′ – Ziki (Portugal) tries to surprise with his heel, but the ball hits a wall of Dutch players surrounding the Portuguese.

10′ – Another strike from Pauleta (Portugal) and another interception by the Dutch defender.

9′ Paulet (Portugal) has a shot blocked by a defender.

9′ – Good shot from Martinus (Netherlands) from the side.

7′ – Thiago Brito (Portugal) gets in a strike, but Cuik saves it.

6′ – 1:0, PORTUGAL GOAL, Saadouni, own goal, while inadvertently dodging a ball thrown by Ziki.

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5′ – Ziki (Portugal) dangerous shot.

5′ – Pani Varela (Portugal) goes wide.

4′ – Again Portugal: now Bruno Coelho has hit Cuik’s defense.

3′ – Another good opportunity to score for the national team, but Erik gets a shot from Kuik, who saves him for a corner.

1′ – A great opportunity for Portugal, but Cuik is defending for the line.

1′ – The game has started.

Five starters are available:

Portugal – André Souza (GR); Eric, Joao Matos (C), Bruno Coelho and Pani Varela

Netherlands – Cuik (GR); Buzambou, Mossaoui, Saint-Just and Velsebourg

Portugal will face the Netherlands, hosts of the European Futsal Championship, at 16:30 in the match for qualification to the 2nd round of Group A.

Follow the game here.

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Eriksen set to return to Premier League after panic



Eriksen set to return to Premier League after panic


Danish international to strengthen Brentford, British press assures

After a big scare set by Christian Eriksen at Euro 2020, the 29-year-old midfielder is about to complete his return to the competition and soon to the Premier League.

The English newspaper The Sunday Mirror guarantees that Eriksen will strengthen 14th-placed Brentford in the next 72 hours, simply by skipping the club’s routine medicals.

Eriksen has spent the last few days training with the Ajax team in order to get back to perfect pace as soon as possible and do his part for the bees.

Eriksen has been a free player on the market since 17 December, when Inter announced the sacking of a Danish international who was banned from Serie A due to having a cardiac defibrillator implanted to control any anomalies.

The player went into cardiac arrest in a Euro 2020 group stage match between Denmark and Finland and has some doubts about whether he can return to professional football. Panic appears to be a thing of the past as Eriksen is about to move to the second English club of his career after a successful run at Tottenham Hotspur between 2013 and 2019.

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