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Sino-Indian War: Concerns Over Open Conflict Between China And India Over New Fighter Planes In New Delhi | World | news



Sino-Indian War: Concerns Over Open Conflict Between China And India Over New Fighter Planes In New Delhi |  World |  news

Indian Defense Minister Rajnat Singh said the new combat aircraft are a “strong signal” for potential adversaries of India. Earlier this week, shots were fired at India’s disputed border with China for the first time in 45 years.

India spent $ 9.4 billion (£ 7.3 billion) buying 36 French Rafale combat aircraft.

The first five officially entered the service during a ceremony at Ambala, located near India’s border with China.

A photograph from the scene shows Indian military personnel parading in front of fighters.

Mr Singh took to Twitter to greet the warplanes and praise India’s relationship with France.

He said: “The inauguration of Rafale is a strong signal to the whole world and especially to those who challenge India’s sovereignty.

“Our country will not take any steps to disturb the peace anywhere. We expect the same from our neighbors. “

He later added: “India and France have a lot in common as the two great democracies of the world.

“We look forward to further strengthening our bilateral relations.”

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Relations between Beijing and Delhi have plummeted in recent months with a series of confrontations along the disputed country’s border.

In June, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash with their Chinese counterparts in the Galwan Valley.

Since firearms were prohibited near the border, both sides fought with metal rods, batons wrapped in barbed wire, and stones.

Many of the dead Indian military personnel drowned or died from radiation exposure after being injured.

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Chinese troops also suffered casualties, although the exact number was not disclosed.

In response to the deadly clash, India has banned a number of Chinese mobile apps, including TikTok, from their networks.

In late 1962, India and China fought a short war on the contested border that killed at least 2,000 people.

India is currently in the process of modernizing its $ 130 billion (£ 101.5 billion) army.

In addition to combat aviation, it buys missile defense systems from Russia, and attack helicopters from the United States.

Manoj Joshi of the Observer Research Foundation in India welcomed the new planes, but warned that they would not be enough.

He commented, “If you are from China, you don’t get serious about a few Rafales.

“A handful of planes cannot crush a military power like China.”

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Khloe Kardashian criticized for selling her daughter’s used clothes: “Greed is above average”



Khloe Kardashian criticized for selling her daughter's used clothes: "Greed is above average"

She belongs to the most media-rich family in the world and recently made a name for herself by listing some of her three-year-old daughter’s used items for sale online. Khloe Kardashian shared link to buy clothes, but reactions in Twitter they were not kept waiting.

One of the things dress out Aristocrats Children, costs about 490 euros and a pair of jeans fendi were put up for sale for 438 euros. There is also tennis Gucci for 220 euros. “Who’s going to pay that much for baby clothes and second-hand clothes on top of that? These clothes could be donated to those in need”, “Tru’s clothes are much more expensive than many mothers can afford”, “Are you broke? These prices are ridiculous.” e “Greed above average– here are some of the dozens of comments criticizing the businesswoman and the star reality show.

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Infanta Cristina, the most beautiful of the Spanish monarchs, divorces Inaki – Celebrities



Infanta Cristina, the most beautiful of the Spanish monarchs, divorces Inaki - Celebrities

In 1997 they got married Christina de Bourbon and Inaki Urdangarin in front of 1500 guests dispersed throughout the gardens zarzuela palace, in Madrid. She, beautiful and youngest daughter Juan Carlos I of Spain and Sophia of Greece, kings of Spain; he, who became the most successful handball player in Spain, having been part of the Barcelona handball club and the Spanish national team.

Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin with Sofia and Juan Carlos, 2002
Photo: Getty Images

The marriage does not appear to have survived years of rumors of betrayal and corruption, mostly involving Iñaki, who has been serving a sentence since 2018, now in semi-open custody, for his involvement in what has come to be known in Spain as the Noos affair. case. More recently, photographs of the former athlete with an unknown woman, holding hands, walking by the sea, have become public. “Things that happen,” he responded without denying the evidence. “Let’s agree [com a situação] calmly and together as always,” he said, referring to the family core. After all, the company was Ainoa Armentia’s lawyer, his colleague at Imaz & Asociados.

Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin, 2010
Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin, 2010
Photo: Getty Images

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This seems to be the last straw in a marriage marked by unhappy situations. Infanta Cristina was considered the beautiful girl of the Spanish monarchy, but her marriage to Iñaki also gave her the “title” of the first member of the Spanish royal family to be tried in court in 2016 because of her ex-husband. . This will entail his departure from the royal family, as his father did when he went to Abu Dhabi two years ago. The Infanta ends up sequestering herself and is rarely seen by the Spaniards. breakup news was nominated Hey!, which guarantees its finality, the EFE said in a statement. “By mutual agreement, we have decided to terminate our marriage relationship. Our commitment to our children remains unchanged. Since this is a personal decision, we ask everyone around us with the utmost respect. Christina de Bourbon and Inaki Urdangarin,” the message says. in a text sent by the couple to the agency. The couple is the father of Juan Valentin, Pablo, Miguel and Irene.

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French designer Manfred Thierry Mugler has died at the age of 73. The news was announced on magler official page, not facebook. His agent claims that the breeder died on Sunday, January 23, “of natural causes.” Born in Strasbourg in December 1948, he came to Paris at the age of 20 and created his own brand Cafe de Paris in 1973, a year before Thierry Mugler was founded.

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