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Oregon has a new climate threat: fires rage where they usually don’t burn



Oregon has a new climate threat: fires rage where they usually don't burn

The wildfires that hit western Oregon this week may be the most unexpected element in the wildfire season, which is full of surprises: not only new wildfires, but wildfires in places that normally don’t burn.

The forests between Eugene and Portland have not experienced such severe fires in decades, experts say. What’s different this time around is that exceptionally dry conditions, coupled with unusually strong and hot easterly winds, have caused wildfires to spiral out of control, threatening areas that have not yet seemed vulnerable.

“We see fires in places we don’t normally see fires,” said Crystal A. Caulden, professor of fire science at the University of California, Merced. “It’s usually too wet to burn.”

The fires in Oregon, which have evacuated hundreds of thousands of people and are approaching the Portland suburbs, are different from what was already an unusual fire season in the West, when global warming, land-use changes and fire management practices have teamed up to create a hellish mixture of smoldering forests. charred houses and stifling air.

Until this week, Oregon has been grappling with a much more subdued problem – a series of small fires on both sides of the Cascade Range, which separates the state into east and west.

Fires are common in the east, where it is usually dry, according to Philip Mote, a climatologist at Oregon State University. In some parts of eastern Oregon, he says, the “recurrence period”, or the time between major fires, is only 20 years.

But the western slope of the Cascades, which traps most of the moisture from the Pacific Ocean, is usually more humid. “Here, the return period can be hundreds of years,” he said.

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This protective moisture has disappeared in large part because climate change has altered rainfall patterns and temperatures.

Tim Brown, director of the Western Regional Climate Center at the Institute for Desert Research in Reno, Nevada, said the excessive heat caused vegetation to be exceptionally dry and more prone to burning. Temperature, humidity, wind and solar radiation dry out the brush and are key elements of fire. “We call this evaporative demand,” he said. And in recent weeks, he added, “the western cascades have been really dry due to the need for evaporation.”

These dry conditions are likely to have been exacerbated by climate change, according to Meg Kravchuk, a professor at the Oregon College of Forestry. They “prepared the landscape” for the wildfire, she said.

The critical moment came on Monday and Tuesday, when a storm blew hot air from the high desert in eastern Oregon over the mountains, quickly spreading fires to the more densely populated western part of the state, according to Josh Clarke, a fire meteorologist with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

Those winds were the strongest the state has seen in at least 30 years, Clark said. And when they crossed the mountains, the winds swept through the river canyons, compressed the air, warming it even more and pushing it westward like fur.

As these fires raced westward, they encountered unusually dry conditions, which in turn allowed the already burning fires to spread quickly, Dr. “Fire can move very quickly and just explode in these canyons,” she said.

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The wildfires threatening Oregon’s cities could be worse than anything else in this part of the state in decades, according to Cassandra Moseley, chief research fellow at the University of Oregon and professor at the Sustainable Environment Institute.

Tillamook, the series of fires that began in 1933 and destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of land, was probably as bad as the fires this week, according to Dr. Moseley. According to her, it is difficult to say for sure, because “there is no one alive who could tell this story.”

And what has changed this time, Dr. Moseley said, is that 90 years ago, there were far fewer people living in these areas. “There were no people in Tillamook,” she said. By comparison, the fires this week are likely to result in a large number of casualties.

Already several mountain settlements have been destroyed by flames that swept through the surrounding forests. Government officials received reports of dozens of missing persons. And as some of the biggest fires approached the southern suburbs of Portland, authorities warned residents who thought to stay in some communities that there would be no firefighters to protect them.

The lesson this week is that the state must now prepare for the same, said Dr. Mote, an Oregon climate scientist, who recalled that extreme heat also led to record low snow cover in 2015.

“The big fires situation and the little snow year is what my colleagues and I, who have studied climate change in Oregon for 20 years, said they will happen over time,” he said. “And now they’re happening.”

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Neil Young vai perder 60% das receitas de streaming ″em nome da verdade″



Neil Young vai perder 60% das receitas de streaming ″em nome da verdade″

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Prison, betrayal and a lot of money! How Ignaki Urgandarin deceived Infanta Cristina and took (almost) everything from her – The Mag



Prison, betrayal and a lot of money!  How Ignaki Urgandarin deceived Infanta Cristina and took (almost) everything from her - The Mag

By mutual agreement, we decided to terminate our marital relationship. The commitment to our children remains unchanged. Because this is a personal decision, we ask that everyone around us be treated with the utmost respect.“, said in a statement sent to the EFE agency on behalf of Infanta Cristina and her husband Iñaka Urdangarin. It was a step that the second daughter of Juan Carlos and Sofia, honorary kings of Spain, believed she would never take. .

He did his best to never get into that situation. But the father of his four children, Juan (22), Pablo (21), Miguel (19) and Irene (16), didn’t give him another chance. He cornered her, allowing her to be photographed holding hands with a woman. on the beach in Bidart, France. Christina couldn’t keep pretending to be happily married next to a man who, after all, had taken everything from her over the years. Finally, even dignity.

public betrayal

The final and public end of this marriage
which about 10 years ago entered a deep crisis, happened when the magazine “Lekturas” published on the cover very awkward image for Infanta Cristinain particular, and for the royal family of Spain in general. The former Duke of Palma was shown walking hand in hand with Ainoa Armentia, a colleague. at the law firm Imaz & Asociados in Vitoria, in the Basque Country, the city where Ignaki settled after his release from prison and where he continues to serve his sentence, but on parole.

Journal of Readings

These photos were a real blow to the sister of King Philip VI. Her husband’s betrayal was in full view. Happy next to a woman 13 years younger than her. And he is equally happy and in love. Looking at his mistress in a way that he had not looked at her for a long time. The scandal was so great that Christina could not continue to pursue the “ostrich” policy. Pretend everything was fine. I could not deny what was more than obvious to the whole country and the world. The Infanta pays dearly for being a public figure. She, who has given so much to her husband and who, in return, has lost almost everything, leaves defeated in a marriage that has set the Bourbons on new sheets so many times.

Detained Inaki Urdangarin Finds Solace in Faith

Let’s move on to what irreversibly destroyed this marriage, which began with a strong, beautiful and true love story.

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Fraud and arrest. Perhaps this was the destructive engine of this union, which began so well that the Dukes of Palma were considered an exemplary and happy couple. Since October 4, 1997 in Barcelona, ​​the date of the wedding, which the Spaniards considered the Infanta and Iñaki the best part of the royal family. An image that fell apart when the former Olympian’s name was implicated in the Noos case. He sat in the dock accused of crimes malpractice, embezzlement, fraud, influence peddling, and crimes against the treasury.


Christina has always been there. lead
even when it was revealed in court that Iñaki had an affair with his colleague’s wife. The exchange of emails between them was read out in the courtroom, and the Infanta did not turn her back on her husband.. Even when his father, who was still king at the time, asked him for a divorce.

His brother, the then Prince of Asturias, approached him with exactly the same request. But she did not waver in her support for the father of the children. Even when royal titles and the family had to close the doors of the Zarzuela Palace in front of him in order to reduce the damage to the monarchy. Christina, proud and passionatedid not hesitate to give from herself the image of a woman faithful to the oaths that she exchanged before the altar: “I promise to be faithful, to love and respect you in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, in wealth and in poverty.

Letitia is in a panic because of the unreliability of Iñaki Urgandarin


This scandal erupted in November 2011, but only in February 2017. sentence: six years and three months in prison. The sentence was later revised by the Supreme Court, which reduced it to five years and 10 months. On June 18, 2018, the renegade Juan Carlos’ son-in-law, convicted of corruption, reported to the Brieva prison in Ávila. His wife and children visited him regularly, while the rest of the Bourbons pretended to have nothing to do with them. They were like criminals.

Children of Infanta Christina – an example of education

Only Queen Sofia continued to hug her daughter and grandchildren.. Visiting them often and making sure they don’t need anything. It was Sofia who wiped Christina’s tears so many times. She also gave her daughter strength so that she would not give up her love. She told her daughter to look at her, she also never parted with Juan Carlos. And the former Duchess of Palma renewed her strength and desire to stay married, in spite of everything and everyone. He sincerely believed that he could save this marriage, long wounded to death. Despite the distance at which the couple came under arrest, the Infanta Christina was convinced that it was possible to rehabilitate the union, which she considered lifelong, like that of her parents, even with so many scandals behind her back.


After the parole of Inaki Urgandarin, the couple decided to continue living separately. An unmistakable sign that something is wrong, as Pilar Eyre emphasizes
. The well-known journalist and writer says she completely condemns the fact that Christina insists on continuing to live in Geneva, Switzerland. Irene’s school is for Eir only and is just a pathetic excuse. Cristina could return to Spain and enroll her daughter, for example, in the French College in Madrid. She could rent an apartment and settle in the Spanish capital in order to “return” to life with her husband. Even the work of the Infanta cannot be a reason for her stay in Switzerland, since, as happened during various births, Christina could continue to perform her duties on a remote work basis. The point here, according to a well-known journalist, is that there was no will, perhaps on the part of Inaki, to continue the marriage, which did not survive 10 years of suffering caused by the terrible deed of Noos.

New scandal of Inaki Urdagarin

But even living in different homes, cities and countries, the sister of King Philip VI wanted to honor family traditions last December by returning to the ski resort of Baqueira-Beret in the Pyrenees with her husband Iñaki Urdangarin and children. . In the photographs published by Hola magazine, the infanta smiles next to her husband. It was the first time the family was seen together on vacation after five years of scandals. They also spent the Christmas holidays together in Vitoria. They were in Barcelona to watch their son Pablo play handball and were seen walking hand in hand through the city. This would be another last attempt by the daughter of Juan Carlos and Sofia to convey the image of fictitious happiness, as it has now been revealed that this Inaka’s extramarital affairs already existed last summer. There is evidence. Photos of a couple on the beach. The del corazon magazines say that Infanta opened everything in September. Will? An answer that only the mouth itself can give, and which is very unlikely.

Inaki Urdagarin and Infanta Cristina on a snowy vacation
Photo: Hi


After all this, Infanta Christina could still become a victim of another heavy blow from her husband. There are rumors in Spain that Iñaki Urdangarin may ask his ex-wife for a pension when the divorce decree is issued. According to lawyers contacted by the Vanitatis website, this a plausible scenario as long as it can be proven that a situation of financial imbalance exists.

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Javier Castro-Villacañas, an expert on royal affairs, said on the Todo es Mentira program that the current situation of the former Olympian is the result of his “criminal activities”, and not the inequality arising from his devotion to his family, which could be the main reason for economic compensation. JAs for the maintenance of four children, it will certainly be Infanta Cristina will bear most of the expenses, as Urgandarin will be able to prove that he does not have the required income. to cover the education, food and health care costs of their children.

like it

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Michael Madsen breaks silence after death of 26-year-old son



Michael Madsen breaks silence after death of 26-year-old son

Days after the death of Michael Madsen’s son Hudson Madsen was confirmed, the Reservoir Dogs actor broke his silence on the grieving process.

“I am shocked by my son, whom I spoke to a few days ago, and he told me that he was happy. The last message I received from him was: “I love you dad.”the 64-year-old artist told The Los Angeles Times in a statement.

“I didn’t see any signs of depression. It’s tragic and sad. I’m just trying to figure it all out and trying to figure out what happened,” he emphasizes.

“She had the usual financial problems in life, but she wanted a family. She planned her future, so it’s hard to say. I can’t stomach what happened.”

Recall that the 26-year-old Hudson was the result of Michael’s relationship with his wife DeAnna Madsen.


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