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Jake Arrieta’s best start in a long time on yet another full team from the red-hot Phyllis



Jake Arrieta's best start in a long time on yet another full team from the red-hot Phyllis

Jake Arrieta made his best start in a long time and the bottom of the Phillies’ rankings showed up again in a late game rally in Friday’s 5-3 away win over the Mets.

Arrieta allowed two runs in seven innings on Homer from Michael Conforto, but played for most of the night. For the first time in 20 starts, he completed seven innings.

He gave up a two-time lead, but became the winner thanks to the bottom of the Phillies’ order. Starting with Bryce Harper and finishing in eighth place, Phil Gosselin doubled up and scored a goal on 9-hole striker Roman Quinn at the top of seventh.

Over the past 21 days, Quinn has helped the Phillies win three different matches with his speed, defense and now excellent grip.

In lap eight, the Phillies did what good teams do, and that added insurance with two singles, two walks and hitting the pitch. It proved valuable with Hector Neris’ shaky eighth inning (two hits, step, run).

Rhys Hoskins made a defensive save in eighth place, catching a line jump from Todd Fraser that would have otherwise been a double-double.

The Phillies have won 10 of 11 games for the first time since 2011. They are 19-15 in the season. They played 10-0 against the Nationals and the Metz.

They are 2 and a half games ahead of the Marlins for second place in the NL East, which will be the playoff venue this year.

Arrieta needs the night

Arrieta has recovered well from the shortest relegation of his career in the Major Leagues.

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He started the night with four scoreless innings. He stuck two runners in the fourth by knocking out Jeff McNeill. McNeill was on fire this week, but he looked uncomfortable in this bat.

The serve Arrieta paid for was a 90 mph sinker that hooked too many cymbals against Conforto, who crushed her left-center to level the score in fifth.

He bounced back from that to finish the inning and faced lows in sixth and seventh.

Arrieta made seven starts. Three were good, three were bad, one was normal. He has a 5.67 ERA.

Workman’s best work to date

Brandon Workman became the cleanest player as Philip with a 1-2-3 timeout for his fifth save. He allowed several baserunners in all seven of his previous runs with Fils, but got stuck on 14 of 18 runners.

Bohm settles in defense

After making multiple mistakes in one inning on Aug. 21 in Atlanta, rookie third baseman Alec Bohm played all 27 games of his own accord.

A rare day off for Harper

Bryce Harper, who had played 32 of the Phillies’ 33 games until Friday, received a day off from coach Joe Girardi. It was Girardi’s decision, and a few hours before the start of the game, he said that Harper “probably not very happy with me… “

Harper is 7 out of the last 45, and his two-week average is down 91 points. He has remained a valuable player for the Phillies with his defense and base running, and has a 0.365 clip base despite a 0.156 average during his decline.

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Harper isn’t the only Philly to have fallen into disrepair. JT Realmuto has averaged .211 in their last 16 games.

Nearest pitching plans

Things are going strange in the Phyllis rotation. They have three doubleheads next week and need seven starters over that 10 day period. More details here how you can align the rotation.

Spencer Howard, Aaron Nola, and Zach Wheeler will feature the next three games in this Phillies-Mets series. On Sunday afternoon, Nola vs. Jacob de Grom.

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Zaidoo has already booked a return trip to Porto



Zaidoo has already booked a return trip to Porto

Tunisia will now face Burkina Faso in the CAN quarter-finals, which eliminated Gabon today.

Tunisia eliminated one of the top favorites to win the African Cup of Nations (CAN), Nigeria, by winning 1-0 to advance to the quarter-finals where they will face Burkina Faso.

The goal that qualified Tunisia was scored early in the second half, in the 47th minute, by midfielder Youssef Mskani of Al Arabi, currently ranked sixth in the Qatar I League.

Tunisia’s qualification against Nigeria is surprising considering North Africa’s ‘eighth place’ finish as one of the best third-placed teams in a group they only had one win against a fragile selection from Mauritania and two defeats, against the Gambia and Mali, both 1-0.

On the other hand, Nigeria advanced to Group D with nine points added from three wins, one over title contender Carlos Queiroz coached Egypt and two more over Sudan and Guinea-Bissau.

Porto Zaidu FC played 90 minutes for the Nigerian team, whose premature return to Porto is certainly good news for Porto coach Sergio Conceição.

It’s also worth noting that Nigeria were reduced to 10 after the 66th minute when Everton’s English striker Alex Iwobi was sent off with a straight red card.

Tunisia will now face Burkina Faso in the CAN quarter-finals, who eliminated Gabon today in the final shoot-out after a 1-1 draw at the end of regulation and extra time.

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BOLA – Portugal defeats the Netherlands (futsal)



BOLA - Portugal defeats the Netherlands (futsal)

Portugal beat the Netherlands 4-1 in the Group A round 2 game which they dominated and controlled from start to finish. At half-time the national team was leading 2-0 (Saaduni in own net, 6 minutes and Pani Varela, 20 minutes), which was extended to 3:0, and Pani Varela was back in the spotlight (23′). The Dutch didn’t get past a goal of honor (Buzuyan, 33′) and in the final minutes Afonso Jesus set the final score at 4-1.

40′ – End of the match.

40′ – 4:1, PORTUGAL, GOAL, Afonso Jesus, stealing the ball from an opponent and, when the Netherlands is playing with an attacking goalkeeper, kick on goal with the goal open.

39′ – What a big loss in front of the goalkeeper, Eric, allowing Kuik to recoup.

38′ Joao Matos (Portugal) gets in a strike blocked by a Dutch defence.

35′ – Pani Varela (Portugal) has a shot blocked by the Dutch defence.

35′ Fabio Cecilio (Portugal) gets in a strike blocked by a Dutch defence.

33′ – 3-1, GOAL FROM THE NETHERLANDS, Buzuyan, on the rebound, after the first hit on the bar by El Gannuti.

32′ – After a corner Pani Varela first has an effort on goal.

31′ – Martinus (Netherlands) is in a great position to close the gap, but Portugal’s Andre Sousa fails to score.

29′ – Another shot by Andre Coelho and another save by Cuik.

29′ – Portugal are very close to a 4-0 lead by Andre Coelho but Cuik makes a stunning save.

28′ – André Souza (Netherlands) gets in a strike, but Bouzambou (Netherlands) scores.

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27′ – Thiago Brito (Portugal) goes wide.

25′ – Fabio Cecilio (Portugal) saves Cuik.

24′- Buyuzan (Netherlands) gets a yellow card.

24′ – Martinus gets in a strike, but Andre Souza saves the opponent.

23 ‘- 3:0, GOAL PORTUGAL, Pani Varela, after hitting the ball passed between Kuiku’s legs.

22′ – Bruno Coelho (Portugal) will try his luck.

22′ – Mossaoui (Netherlands) also misses the Portuguese goal.

22′ – Bouzambu (Netherlands) has an effort on goal.

21′ – The second half has begun.

Interval – The national team wins 2-0 over their Dutch counterpart with Saaduni (6 minutes) in his own net, with a bad rebound from Zika and Pani Varela (20 minutes), following the table with Ziki, the lightning-fast Kuik.

20 minutes – 2:0, GOAL PORTUGAL, Pani Varela, after the table with Ziki, shooting with violence, at an angle. What a great goal!

19′ – Tomas Paso (Portugal) dribbles well and shoots hard, but Cuik again lands 2-0 away.

18′ – Bruno Coelho (Portugal) gets in a free kick, Cuik pushes forward.

17′ – André Souza (Portugal) thanks to a perfect save.

14′ – Ziki (Portugal) tries to surprise with his heel, but the ball hits a wall of Dutch players surrounding the Portuguese.

10′ – Another strike from Pauleta (Portugal) and another interception by the Dutch defender.

9′ Paulet (Portugal) has a shot blocked by a defender.

9′ – Good shot from Martinus (Netherlands) from the side.

7′ – Thiago Brito (Portugal) gets in a strike, but Cuik saves it.

6′ – 1:0, PORTUGAL GOAL, Saadouni, own goal, while inadvertently dodging a ball thrown by Ziki.

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5′ – Ziki (Portugal) dangerous shot.

5′ – Pani Varela (Portugal) goes wide.

4′ – Again Portugal: now Bruno Coelho has hit Cuik’s defense.

3′ – Another good opportunity to score for the national team, but Erik gets a shot from Kuik, who saves him for a corner.

1′ – A great opportunity for Portugal, but Cuik is defending for the line.

1′ – The game has started.

Five starters are available:

Portugal – André Souza (GR); Eric, Joao Matos (C), Bruno Coelho and Pani Varela

Netherlands – Cuik (GR); Buzambou, Mossaoui, Saint-Just and Velsebourg

Portugal will face the Netherlands, hosts of the European Futsal Championship, at 16:30 in the match for qualification to the 2nd round of Group A.

Follow the game here.

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Eriksen set to return to Premier League after panic



Eriksen set to return to Premier League after panic


Danish international to strengthen Brentford, British press assures

After a big scare set by Christian Eriksen at Euro 2020, the 29-year-old midfielder is about to complete his return to the competition and soon to the Premier League.

The English newspaper The Sunday Mirror guarantees that Eriksen will strengthen 14th-placed Brentford in the next 72 hours, simply by skipping the club’s routine medicals.

Eriksen has spent the last few days training with the Ajax team in order to get back to perfect pace as soon as possible and do his part for the bees.

Eriksen has been a free player on the market since 17 December, when Inter announced the sacking of a Danish international who was banned from Serie A due to having a cardiac defibrillator implanted to control any anomalies.

The player went into cardiac arrest in a Euro 2020 group stage match between Denmark and Finland and has some doubts about whether he can return to professional football. Panic appears to be a thing of the past as Eriksen is about to move to the second English club of his career after a successful run at Tottenham Hotspur between 2013 and 2019.

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