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Asian stocks boosted by hopes for coronavirus vaccine Reuters



© Reuters. PHOTO: Man in front of a stock exchange board in Tokyo

Swati Pandey

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Asian stocks strengthened Monday amid renewed hopes for a coronavirus vaccine after AstraZeneca (NYSE 🙂 resumed Phase 3 trials, although sentiment was still cautious ahead of a big week of central bank meetings in the UK, Japan and USA. States.

The broadest Asia-Pacific stock index outside Japan () MSCI rose 0.7% for the second straight session.

Australian stocks () gained 0.6%, while Japanese Nikkei () added 0.7%. China’s stocks began to rally steadily, with the blue-chip index () up 0.6%.

US stock futures, the S&P 500 e-minis (), jumped more than 1% after a mixed session on Wall Street last week.

Friday marks six months since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11.

Since then, the world’s largest economies have plunged into recession and millions of people have lost their jobs, prompting central banks around the world to launch unprecedented stimulus.

The bazooka of politics supported financial markets: the S & P500 () rose 22%, the 10-year Treasury yield fell 20.4 basis points, and the dollar () fell 3.3%. The most successful major currency to date has been the Australian dollar. , an increase of 11.9%, thanks to a healthy appetite for risk.

“This is a really wild ride and is likely to continue as the results of the Phase 3 vaccine begin to show in the coming weeks,” NAB analyst Tapas Strickland said in a note on Monday.

AstraZeneca (L 🙂 said over the weekend that it has resumed UK clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine, one of the most advanced in development, after receiving the green light from security authorities.

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Late trials of an experimental vaccine, developed in collaboration with researchers at Oxford University, were suspended last week due to illness in one of the study participants in the UK, which raised doubts about its early introduction.

We’ve been waiting for a vaccine to help lift the world out of isolation caused by the coronavirus.

“The opening of the global economy prompts us to recommend a long position in a basket of 14 lagging ‘back to work’ stocks versus a basket of 14 major ‘COVID-19 winners’,” BCA Research said in a statement.

“While we maintain a cyclical and long-term bullish outlook for the broader market, a short-term correction for technical and (geo) political reasons is likely,” it said.

“Possible short-term rollback.”

Later this week, the US Federal Reserve will hold a two-day policy meeting, which is expected to keep rates and clarify the already announced move to inflation targeting.

In addition, “the Fed will be less proactive in tightening policies than in the past,” said NAB’s Strickland.

The Bank of Japan and the Bank of England will announce their decisions on Thursday.

The focus of Asia will be on the election of Japan’s new prime minister. Voting in the party room is expected to begin at 05:00 GMT.

Major currencies were in trouble on Monday.

The US dollar was largely stable against the yen at 106.11. , far from its 101.2 low this year.

The euro exchange rate () remained unchanged at $ 1.1849. IN was virtually unchanged at $ 0.7285, while the pound sterling rose slightly to $ 1.2823.

In terms of commodities, US oil () jumped 0.7% to $ 37.58 per barrel. Brent oil () rose in price by 0.5% to $ 40 per barrel.

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Gold was solid, with spot prices at a price of $ 1,949.7 an ounce.

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Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida say goodbye to their single lives. See photos from parties – Celebrities



Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida say goodbye to their single lives.  See photos from parties - Celebrities

Preparations for the wedding of Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida continue. This weekend, it’s time to cross one more step off your to-do list: bachelor parties. They took place this Sunday, August 7, both on boats on the Tagus River.

The BruLi couple, as they became known, were on TVI’s Em Família on Saturday, in which they took the opportunity to talk about this and other milestones the wedding, which, according to Liliana Almeida, will take place on September 2 in Algosa, in the parish of Silves, in the Algarve.

The ceremony will take place at Solar do Paço, just over ten minutes from the house where the singer grew up. “I’m leaving my mother’s house” disclosed, towards this “very beautiful” and “new” place. “It’s a zen garden” and the choice is “belief related”.

As for the boys, a strip show was never considered. – Not that. What for? We don’t think it’s very funny,” Liliana replied when interrogated Claudio Ramos. “We’ve eliminated some things that don’t make sense to us”it’s finished

Instead, they went with family, close childhood friends and familiar faces” to the Tagus River. “One on a sailboat and the other on a catamaran,” the groom added, referring to the private yacht charter company Pacífico Cruises, which they are available for this purpose.

But why a bachelor party on the Tagus River? “Liliana was born by the sea. I had to cross the sea to get to Portugal”, justified entrepreneur born in Mozambique. There was a lot of music on board Bruno de Carvalho’s boat (selected by the DJ, of course) and a lot of good vibes on Liliana’s boat.

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Everyone was entitled to a farewell cake, the work of the Sabores Dourados brand. With a “crazy bride” and “crazy groom” on top, and a black and white illustration of each groom, these cakes were simple but made to order – if not for the white Liliana and ex-Sporting. President Bruno., green.

On Wednesday (10) more images of the parties will be shown on “Dois at 10” and also on Saturday (13) on “VivaVida”. Liliana has already chosen dress “a long time ago” and the wedding cake, which the groom wants to be out of the ordinary, will be run by the LouléDoce patisserie.

“August 11, I will have a reverse vasectomy”

This honeymoon will be in the Maldives. The main occupation, according to Bruno de Carvalho, will be bearing a child., as he explained during the broadcast, for which he was prevented by the growth of the child. “August 11, I will have a vasectomy reversal,” he said.

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SIC Summer Party Looks – Atualidade



SIC Summer Party Looks - Atualidade

The Cuá Cuá Club in Almancil, Algarve opened its doors to several famous faces at the SIC Summer Party.

The radio station broadcast what happened at the event for just over an hour, with several presenters such as Joao Paulo Souza, Yva Lamarao, Carolina Patrosinio and Claudia Borges participating in the program.

Among the most commented looks on social media are Diana Chavez, Claudia Vieira and Andrea Rodriguez, all perfect for this time of year.

Below we leave you photos of the visuals that stood out the most.

With a long dress with some transparency Diana Chavez I had to stand up for courage and creativity. The TV presenter’s hairstyle, however, did not cause unanimity in social networks.

Claudia Vieira opted for a long white dress with a blue pattern, which is easily associated with summer. The leading bronze also did not go unnoticed.

In black and with a bag to complete the look, Andrea Rodriguez She chose a young dress, which she complemented with green sandals.

Joao Paulo Souza Spread elegance with a pink tuxedo.

Sponsorship of Carolina presented himself with two different views at a party. The first one is a green set in which the belly can be seen, while the second one, which is completely white, was used during the broadcast broadcast by the channel.

Jani Gabriel chose a white set for the occasion to accentuate her bronze. The look was completed with large earrings.

Yva Lamarao appeared in a greenish-yellow dress with a lot of glitter and a small neckline.

Claudia Borges chose a short white dress that completely exposed her back. The host chose a long braid.

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Pink and with long sleeves, this is how Sofia Arruda introduced herself.

Renato Godinho wore a very casual floral shirt, which he paired with blue trousers and white sneakers.

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The Undertaker comments on Triple H’s “Nova WWE”



The Undertaker comments on Triple H's "Nova WWE"

Vince McMahon retired last month it’s in WWE has undergone a major revolution in its structure and leadership of the various departments. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan named new co-CEOse Triple H became the head of the creative teamas well as EVP Talent Relations.

many stars Struggle say they have positive hopes for a shift towards better product quality.

The Undertaker is known to be very close to Vince McMahon and Triple H. “Dead Man” said in an article for ESPN:

They take little responsibility for what fighters can say and do. I think the product will probably be a little more aggressive. I think it will be more noticeable in the creative part. They’ve kind of been in this recreational mode, so they need a little courage.

These things will help because WWE will do it better than any other company. I hope that many people know how to control and give these things some meaning, and not do it just for the sake of it.

The Undertaker also offered his opinion on Triple H’s new management:

I mean, he’s great, he really is. I don’t think he gets enough recognition for his wrestling acumen. I think he will be a great help in the development of many fighters. It will tell you what you are doing right and what is wrong. I think it will be a step in the right direction with Hunter. [Triple H].

Undertaker is known to have been present backstage Summer Slam and the next day at Ric FlairLast match.

What do you think of these new Undertaker statements?

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