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Reality check: Trump encourages a different birther lie, this time about Kamala Harris



'It's nothing new.' Cooper rolls the tape on Trump birtherism

On Thursday, he started out floating a new birther lie about Sen. Kamala Harris, who, if elected, would be the to start with Black and Asian American vice president.

Trump’s incendiary nonsense about Harris was component of a Thursday self-explained “news conference” he mainly used to campaign versus his Democratic election opponents. Trump also produced a series of bogus claims about former Vice President Joe Biden, Democrats a lot more broadly, and, once again, about mail-in voting.

Trump was explained to about statements on “social media” that Harris might be ineligible to provide as president and vice president. He was then questioned if he can definitively say that she meets the necessities.

Trump explained, “I listened to nowadays that she would not meet up with the necessities.” He referred to a lawyer who elevated the situation in a Newsweek post, Chapman University professor John Eastman, as “quite remarkably experienced.”

Trump then said he has “no thought” no matter whether it truly is accurate Harris would not meet the prerequisites. He then questioned the reporter if she was declaring Harris will not qualify since Harris “wasn’t born in this region.”

Facts First: Harris was born in Oakland, California. For that reason, as a all-natural born citizen, she satisfies the Constitution’s necessities to serve as vice president or president. There is no critical question about this.

The fact that Harris’s parents were immigrants — her father came from Jamaica, her mother from India — does not alter the truth that she is indisputably qualified.
Trump did say that he is not particular if Harris is eligible or not he concluded his feedback by saying, “I just read about it, I’ll consider a seem.” Nevertheless, his just-asking-questions posture — which he also used with his Obama birtherism — doesn’t change the simple fact that he gave credence to the conspiracy theory by praising the writer of the posting, expressing he had heard Harris is not eligible, and raising the probability that Harris was not born in the US.

Trump invested the beginning of his information conference lambasting Biden. Here’s a seem at the points all around some of individuals attacks.

Biden and pandemic options

Trump claimed that he has now carried out all the things Biden has called on him to do in responding to the pandemic.

“In point, lots of of the issues — it was well reported about the last couple times — every single single matter he said to do, every solitary detail, we did, and we did ’em perfectly.”

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Details 1st: It can be not true that Trump has finished every single one thing Biden has known as for. Even though there is unquestionably some overlap in Biden’s proposals and Trump’s steps, Biden has created a number of proposals Trump has not applied.

For example, Biden has termed on Trump to “variety a Community Well being Work opportunities Corps — hiring at the very least 100,000 Us residents to help construct a facts-driven disease surveillance system to location and stem flare-ups just before they spread.” Trump has not finished this.

Biden has also referred to as on Trump to deliver entire information on the state of testing all around the place, “like the number of tests finished, the benefits, and the average wait around time for final results.” The federal federal government does not deliver this info on a systematic foundation.

And Biden has identified as for a increased federal job in delivering health care supplies, proposing the creation of a “Source Commander to take command of the nationwide provide chain.” Trump has boasted of how effectively the federal govt has assisted with materials, but he has also insisted that states ought to get the lead function in acquiring them.

Biden and a mask mandate

Trump claimed that Biden required to impose a federal mandate to power individuals to have on masks, questioning the authority of a president to do so.

“He desires the president of the United States, with the mere stroke of a pen,” Trump mentioned of Biden, “to order above 300 million American citizens to put on a mask for a least of three straight months.”

“I guess this just occurred, he thinks it really is great politics I guess,” Trump continued.

Information Very first: On Thursday, Biden mentioned that governors — not the federal authorities — need to impose a mask mandate. In June, nonetheless, Biden mentioned he would mandate masks “from an government standpoint.”

In a speech on the coronavirus Thursday, Biden argued that “each governor need to mandate necessary mask carrying.”

“Each and every single American need to be donning a mask when they’re exterior for the subsequent a few months at bare minimum,” Biden also claimed. “It’s not about your rights, it is about your tasks as an American.”

When asked on June 26 by the CNN affiliate in Pittsburgh, KDKA, if he would use his federal leverage to mandate wearing a mask Biden explained he would. “Certainly, I would. From an govt standpoint, certainly, I would,” Biden explained.

Biden was asked once more if he would “in outcome mandate the carrying of masks,” he replied, “I would do all the things [possible] to make it essential that people today experienced to put on masks in general public.”

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Biden, immigration and the pandemic

Trump claimed that Biden’s immigration policy, which Trump described as “preposterous open borders,” would be “making it possible for the pandemic to infiltrate every US group.”

Details Very first: The coronavirus has now spread to each and every US state below Trump’s immigration coverage there’s no basis for the recommendation that Biden’s immigration policy would be responsible for the existence of the pandemic all over the nation. And whilst Biden is proposing a considerably significantly less restrictive immigration plan than Trump’s, he is not proposing completely unfettered migration, as Trump’s recurring “open borders” assert suggests.

Biden and the press 

The President, who has taken queries from the press each and every evening this 7 days, criticized Biden for allegedly executing the opposite.

“He refuses to take questions. He in no way can take issues,” Trump stated. “I just take queries, he in no way normally takes concerns. And you type of ponder what is likely on due to the fact they are not that hard. Some can be awful, but they are not that complicated.”

Information To start with: Although Biden has been criticized for not having far more queries from the push, and though he absolutely usually takes much less than Trump does, it is not accurate to counsel that he has not taken any. There have been several speeches wherever Biden has taken concerns as perfectly as total interviews with the press. Biden last held a official media availability on July 28.

Biden and educational institutions

Trump also accused Biden of seeking to close colleges and “grind society to a halt” by a federal decree.

About Biden, Trump explained, “he would like to shut down our economic climate, close our colleges and grind modern society to a halt. And he wants it finished by a federal decree.”

Info Initial: CNN could not discover proof of Biden calling for a federal decree to shut educational facilities. Alternatively, Biden has available a five-stage plan for states to reopen schools, which focuses on stopping the unfold of the virus “with the protection of pupils and educators in mind.”
“Anyone would like our educational institutions to reopen. The issue is how to make it harmless, how to make it adhere,” Biden claimed in a video clip accompanying the plan.

Trump continued kicking about voting-similar conspiracies.

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Democrats, educational facilities and the election

Trump claimed that Democrats are attempting to “maintain men and women absent from the polls” by keeping schools shut.

“Some people say they do not want — the Democrats do not want — educational institutions open up simply because that’s where you have a great deal of polling booths, and if you have a faculty closed you cannot pretty conveniently have polling booths at the college,” he stated.

He concluded: “It’s possible we are going to be capable to present that as fact.”

Facts Initial: This is a conspiracy principle for which there is simply just no evidence. (With his “possibly” line, Trump seemed to implicitly counsel that he is not at this time in a position to demonstrate it.)

Mail-in ballot origins

The President claimed that write-up offices are getting thousands and thousands of ballots and “no one understands from exactly where.”

Info 1st: The ballots are coming from voters. Even though Trump and his allies have formerly floated the chance of political operatives sending fraudulent ballots that had been not filled out by voters, states have a number of devices in spot to confirm the authenticity of just about every ballot, together with matching signatures on ballots to the signature of the registered voter to whom it belongs.

Trump also recurring a variety of falsehoods he has designed prior to, like promises that:

  • All small children tackle coronavirus actually well. (Some children have died from coronavirus or come down with a strange and serious connected illness, but over-all youngsters are significantly less most likely to build extreme indications than grownups.)
  • Absentee voting is good although universal mail-in voting is quite poor. (While there can be some discrepancies in the procedures utilised to employ the two, gurus say that they are largely the identical and are both secure strategies of voting.)
  • There ended up fraudulent ballots in the New York Democratic key won by Rep. Carolyn Maloney. (There is no proof of fraud in this race, however there was a legal dispute about other ballot challenges, like missing signatures and late postmarks.)
  • Overseas nations can conveniently forge mail-in ballots. (Experts say this is simply not accurate mainly because of various ballot stability measures. Additional, every state has its very own process and each district has a unique set of candidates.)

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Portuguese surfer to stop competing due to mental health issues



Portuguese surfer to stop competing due to mental health issues

O Surfer Vasco Ribeiro announced this Friday that he will not compete for some time. The athlete justified the decision with his own mental health.

Via social media, Vasco Ribeiro admitted that he had a tiring year when he was forced to seek help.

“I started competing when I was only nine years old and in the first race I started winning. In my career, everything happened very quickly, intensively and successfully, ”he began.

The athlete spoke about the exactingness to the result, which puts pressure on any athlete.

“As long as we’re winning, everything seems easy and we often don’t realize how difficult the life of a high-performing athlete is. one more to manage. I had little desire to do what matters most to me and so it was time to seek professional help to be able one day to fight for my dreams again,” he wrote.

“I decided that the most important thing right now is to focus and invest time in my mental health, because everything else starts with it: stability, family, friends, results, etc. This is my commitment and I have two beautiful daughters , which are my biggest drive and motivation for this new phase,” he added.

Vasco Ribeiro, aged 27, was national champion in various categories, European champion and junior world champion in surfing.

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Daymé Arocena launches samba in Portuguese produced by Kassin



Daymé Arocena

Daymé Arocena – Dancing and flying

The highlight of the new Cuban afro-jazz scene, singer-songwriter Daimyo of the Arocene dives into samba for the first time with a single entirely in Portuguese. “Dance and Fly” about freedom through art and produced Bag. This is the release from brownswood records.

Listen to “Dance and Fly”:

Watch the viewer “Dance and fly”:

Inspired by the desire to get closer to people during self-isolation, the song became a source of complete joy for the artist. “Dance and Fly” gave me the energy to be happy again, to be positive again, and I will always be grateful for this song. To be able to have this element to cleanse my soul of sadness, because music is like that, music has such power.”says the artist.

Produced between Puerto Rico and Rio de Janeiro, the composition Arocena learned from Cassin, one of the top Brazilian music producers of recent decades, who immersed himself in a samba ballad inspired by artists such as Javan, Lueji Moon, Ed Motta e Gal Costa. The group was formed by Kasin on bass along with great musicians: Danilo Andrade (keyboards), David Moraes (guitar), Alexander Siqueira (drums) and Daniel Conceicao (drums).

With four studio albums in his solo career, Daime, despite being only 30 years old, has already established himself as one of the main names of new Latin American jazz, using his music as an expression of his roots, faith and soul. Currently living in Puerto Rico and inspired by the Caribbean culture, the artist is preparing new releases.

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Subscribe to Arocene Daime:

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“The Portuguese real estate market is still very fragmented, complex and offline,” says Casavo VP Investment.



“The Portuguese real estate market is still very fragmented, complex and offline,” says Casavo VP Investment.

The real estate market is constantly changing, with increasingly demanding clients and an increasingly limited supply. New technologies have become indispensable tools for companies to use them to grow in this market, which, according to Duarte Ferreira dos Santos, vice president of investment in Lisbon at Casavo, “still remains very fragmented, complex and autonomous” .

In an interview with Executive Digest, Duarte Ferreira dos Santos believes that despite the momentum that the pandemic has given to the digitization of the real estate sector, the real estate industry is still characterized by traditional, autonomous and very dependent on bureaucratic and physical processes. In his opinion, the technological solutions that have emerged in recent years allow streamlining processes, making the real estate market faster, simpler and more uncomplicated, and improving the experience of all stakeholders, whether they are buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants or even real estate agents.

Portuguese real estate market.

“The Portuguese housing market, especially in the Lisbon metropolitan area, has an interesting transactional dimension as a result of the cultural preference to buy a house rather than rent it. In addition, the housing stock in the capital is very old and obsolete, the vast majority of houses were built before the 1980s,” he explains.

To respond to an aging supply, by renovating the houses that Casavo buys, they contribute to refurbishing old buildings in the city and making them more energy efficient.

“The Portuguese real estate market, like other markets in Southern Europe, continues to be very fragmented, complex and autonomous, despite the fact that the pandemic has accelerated the change in customer behavior towards the adoption of a digital channel.” Duarte Ferreira dos Santos believes that much remains to be done in this aspect, namely in the introduction of digital tools to make the market more transparent and improve interaction with buyers and sellers.

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400 million euros for business scaling

Casavo recently raised a new €400 million investment round, which includes a €100 million Series D round and a €300 million credit line.

“The total amount raised by Casavo will be used to scale the business and strengthen its leadership in Europe. This combination of equity and debt is a recognition of our strong growth and investor confidence in our long-term vision. This round will allow us to strengthen our leadership in Europe by growing in markets we already operate in, namely Portugal, Spain and Italy, as well as expanding into new markets where France is a priority.”

A tool that allows you to instantly evaluate real estate

In this context, the VP of Investment explains that Casavo provides a tool that allows sellers to instantly value their property. “Casavo can submit an offer in 48 hours and complete a purchase in a matter of days in a single visit… Through the use of a proprietary algorithm, Casavo ensures that the submitted offer is fair and based on objective criteria.”

On the other hand, for those who want to buy a house, Casavo presents a portfolio of ready-to-live-in properties with high energy efficiency and modern and attractive design, which can be found on the platform and viewed remotely using immersive technology. .

The future of the real estate market in Portugal

Looking to the future, Duarte Ferreira dos Santos believes that “due to the lack of supply of new construction and the high demand caused by the needs of families after the pandemic, we do not expect the market for refurbished homes to be significantly affected by the situation we are facing, especially in homes , prices for which correspond to the income of the Portuguese.

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However, he sees a slowdown that could be due not only to the rise in the cost of living for families associated with the current geopolitical context, but also to the increase in Euribor rates and the new rules that the Bank of Portugal has applied to housing. loans, which can contribute to an increase in the burden of households.

“In our view, it will be increasingly important to refurbish used homes that are outdated and dated to meet the needs of families,” he concludes.

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