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Little elephant shrew species documented in Horn of Africa for 1st time in approximately 50 several years



Tiny elephant shrew species documented in Horn of Africa for first time in nearly 50 years
Even though community people today ended up aware that the mouse-sized critters lived in the location, there was no scientific data on their populations, according to investigate from Duke University published Tuesday.

The Somali sengi makes use of its nose to sift by means of leaf litter in research of insects to try to eat, Duke researcher Steven Heritage advised CNN.

Unusually it is neither a shrew nor a mouse, but is instead intently connected to elephants, aardvarks and manatees, all of which have comparable trunks.

Humans are more intently connected to shrews and mice than elephant shrews are, mentioned Heritage.

One more attention-grabbing trait is the animal’s extensive hind limbs, which implies they are very adapted to working.

“The proportions of their hind limbs are nearer to antelopes or gazelles than they are to other modest mammals,” reported Heritage, who additional that some species of sengi can run at up to 30 kilometers for every hour (18.6 miles for every hour).

The mammals also variety monogamous mating pairs for existence, and stay in a reasonably compact home vary which is exceptional from other pairs, included Heritage.

“It truly is really a interesting mixture of mammal qualities that are not truly uncovered in any other get of mammals,” he explained.

“In the scientific community we attempt to use a reserved language that would classify the animals as ‘charismatic microfauna,’ which translates from science talk to usual talk as ‘adorable tiny animals.'”

Throughout a study vacation to Djibouti in early 2019, a group together with Heritage, Galen Rathbun from the California Academy of Sciences and Houssein Rayaleh from Affiliation Djibouti Nature established out to see if they could find the little mammal.

Hero shrews have strong, interlocking spines unlike any other animal, study says

The staff set extra than 1,200 stay-traps utilizing bait produced from peanut butter, oatmeal and yeast — a significantly cry from the sengi’s ordinary diet program of ants and termites, but Heritage defined why it is really not these kinds of a peculiar selection.

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“You can visualize if you might be a modest mouse-sized mammal in the tremendous-arid desert rocky landscapes and you odor some thing a single night that smells like Marmite and peanut butter, you’re gonna go to check that out,” he mentioned.

In a paper printed Tuesday in the journal Peer J, the workforce concluded that not only was the Somali sengi more prevalent than thought, it life more than a greater space that addresses Somalia and Djibouti, and potentially Ethiopia.

Heritage believes that the absence of city enhancement and popular agriculture in the arid locations the Somali sengi phone calls property is good news for the animal.

Heritage plans to return to the Horn of Africa upcoming year to location radio tags on some of the animals in order to get the job done out more about in which they are living, how much space they use and how pairs are shaped.

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“I share your pain,” Putin told the mothers of Russian soldiers sent to war in Ukraine – War in Ukraine



Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday told mothers of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine that he “shares the pain” of those who have lost their children and urged them not to believe the “lie” about the invasion.

“I want you to know that I personally share your pain. We know that nothing can replace the loss of a child,” Putin said.

According to news site EuroNews, the Russian leader also added that Mother’s Day, celebrated in Russia this Sunday, will be marked this year by “a sense of unease and unease” among women whose “thoughts will be with their boys.”

Putin’s meeting with the soldiers’ mothers took place at the leader’s residence outside Moscow and was the first of its kind since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24. The Kremlin rarely talks about the losses suffered in Ukraine, and the meeting, which took place this Friday, comes after weeks of criticism on social media from relatives of soldiers mobilized in early autumn.

Many soldiers’ wives and mothers blamed the authorities for not properly training and equipping them before being sent to the front, EuroNews reports.

“Life is more complicated than what you see on TV or on the Internet, where you can’t trust anything. A lot of false information, a lot of lies,” Putin replied.

The Russian president also said he occasionally talks on his cell phone to soldiers sent to Ukraine and said he was “surprised” by their “state of mind.”

“They give me reason to say that they are heroes, it’s true,” he added.

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Russia sends elite paratroopers to the front line in Donbass after leaving Kherson – Obozrevatel



whitefish here our liveblog from the war in Ukraine

In the first hours of the invasion, on February 24, Russian paratroopers were in the Kyiv area. A few weeks ago they were dedicated to the defense of territories west of the Dnieper, in Kherson. After the withdrawal of Russian troops, some units are sent to a new front, this time to the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

British Ministry of Defense disclosed that, despite the “strong weakening” during the nine months of the war, part of the units of the Russian Air Force (VDV) will return to the combat front.

Some of these units will be reinforced by Russians called up during the partial mobilization announced in September by President Vladimir Putin. Despite the promise of training and equipment, soldiers arrive in Ukraine ill-prepared, and there are already records of the first deaths among mobilized Russian troops. However, the British Ministry assumes that the new elements integrated into the Airborne Forces will be sent to the most important places.

Russian soldiers died in Ukraine 10 days after being sent

In the most recent report, the United Kingdom points out that “although these untrained soldiers undermine the supposedly elite capability of the Airborne Forces, Russia is likely to deploy these units in sectors considered particularly important.”

In the Donbass, units are expected to support the defense of the Kremina-Svatovo area in Lugansk. According to The Telegraph, it was in this city that Russian troops settled after leaving Kharkov. The British ministry also says units could be sent to reinforce defensive operations in the town of Bakhmut in Donetsk, which has been one of the hotbeds of heavy fighting in recent weeks.

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Iranian advisers killed in Crimea by Ukrainian security forces – Obozrevatel



whitefish here our liveblog about the war in Ukraine

A senior Ukrainian security official confirmed the killing of military advisers in Crimea and warned that any Iranians in Ukraine who support Russia’s invasion of the country would be targeted by firing squad.

Statements were made by Secretary of the Council of National Defense and Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, who said that the Iranians were in Crimea in order to to teach Russian soldiers to operate Shahed-136 combat dronessupplied to Russia by Iran.

Although Danilov did not confirm how many Iranian troops were killed by Kyiv forces in October, the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post It was reported that ten councilors were killed during Ukraine’s attack on Crimea, which has been occupied by Russia since 2014.

According to The keeperin an interview in Kyiv, Danilov downplayed the attack, saying the soldiers were “collaborating with terrorists and taking part in the destruction” of Ukraine. “You shouldn’t be where you shouldn’t be”he added.

After Tehran initially denied supplying the drones to Moscow, Iran’s foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahyanconfirmed that the government provided “a limited number of drones to Russia months before the war in Ukraine.

Iran admits for the first time that it supplied drones to Moscow

In an interview Thursday, Danilov said it remains to be determined if Iran will supply ballistic missiles to Russia in addition to drones, saying if that’s true, then Moscow.does not have the ability to produce its own missilesat least in numbers that would allow him to continue a full-scale war.

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The Ukrainian official also questioned the effectiveness of sanctions imposed on Iran by the West, given that the country, which “has been under sanctions since 1979,” has the ability to “produce such weapons.”

The official documents lying on Alexei Danilov’s desk were covered with white sheets for security reasons, but in the middle of them was a game of chess with only one black pawn going forward. When asked about the symbolism of the board, Danilov replied that the game is a metaphor for a world where the rules no longer apply or respect.

“It shows that now everyone has begun [a jogar] with black,” said the soldier. “Or that black can also be white, or that it can be gray.”


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