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Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong may possibly have taken about a critical North Korean publish, SK officials say



Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo Jong may have taken over a key North Korean post, SK officials say

The advancement, if genuine, likely more cements her status as the secretive country’s next-most powerful figure.

Talking to lawmakers in the Nationwide Assembly on Tuesday, Protection Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo stated Kim Yo Jong is possible now in charge of the Organization and Steerage Office (OGD) of North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Social gathering (WPK), the celebration system that discounts with ideological indoctrination, bash organization and political appointments.

Specialists say the OGD is also accountable for checking the approximated 3 million users of the WPK to make guaranteed they are adequately loyal to Kim Jong Un and respect the teachings of the North Korean regime.

Kim Yo Jong has for yrs been a trustworthy aide and confidante to her brother. She previously served as 1 of North Korea’s major propagandists and is now an alternate to the Politburo — the senior body of North Korea’s ruling social gathering.

When North Korea and the ruling Workers’ Social gathering often do not publicly proclaim management improvements, industry experts and analysts had speculated formerly that Kim could have been set in demand of the Business and Guidance Office earlier this 12 months, centered on her raising portfolio of tasks. Jeong, the South Korean defense minister, reported Kim now appears to also have an crucial role in shaping plan towards South Korea and the United States.

Jeong’s comments seem in line with last week’s evaluation by South Korea’s Countrywide Intelligence Company (NIS) that Kim Jong Un had determined to delegate a lot more of his powers to senior officials encompassing him, including Kim Yo Jong, in purchase to relieve his workload.

Discuss of Kim Yo Jong’s expanding job in North Korean politics has earlier fueled speculation about her brother’s wellness. Kim Jong Un traditionally has saved a grueling agenda loaded with community appearances, but he disappeared a handful of moments from the public eye earlier this yr, at times for weeks on close. He also reportedly retains a really unhealthy life-style.

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North Korea is a notoriously opaque place with out a free press, so absences that would be uncommon in most of the world can occur in Pyongyang with no formal rationalization. In fact, South Korea’s formal assessments with regards to Kim Yo Jong’s new occupation title appear amid studies she was absent for the duration of a number of essential govt and get together meetings this summer months.

It is really not crystal clear if her apparent disappearance is tied to her perform previously this summer season, when she oversaw the destruction of an business office applied for dialogue in between the two Koreas. The bombastic statement was believed to be in reaction to defectors sending anti-North Korean propaganda from inside of South Korea into North Korean territory.

Many specialists consider Kim Yo Jong’s rising profile has been portion of a diligently choreographed publicity marketing campaign by North Korean state media to signal that she’s getting groomed for one thing, but have been loath to hook up her climbing role to any speculation about Kim Jong Un’s demise.

There have been no indications that Kim’s grip on power has eased, Jeong explained. Agent Kim Byung-kee, who attended the NIS briefing very last week, explained he was explained to that Kim Jong Un is still the supreme authority in North Korea and workout routines “absolute electrical power.”

When questioned about Kim Jong Un’s prospective succession programs, Jeong explained to South Korean lawmakers Monday it would be “inappropriate for me to formally speak about that.

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The former FIFA employee says she was the victim of harassment and still does not know if Miguel Macedo was punished.



The young man, whose name has not been released, filed two complaints against Miguel Macedo over a year ago. FIFA mediator says he has evidence of abuse, but agent remains in body

A former FIFA employee, whose identity is unknown, told The New York Times whether Miguel Macedo, who is in charge of the FIFA Legends program, was punished for sexually harassing her.

According to the North American newspaper, the claims of a young woman who filed a complaint more than a year ago were confirmed by a FIFA mediator who had access to details of the behavior of the Portuguese, who maintains good relations with President Gianni Infantino.

In 2018, the former employee joined the legal department of the organizations of the governing body of world football, under the tutelage of Miguel Macedo, in charge of the FIFA Legends project, which is dedicated to the creation of activities carried out by former – world famous footballers.

That same year, according to The New York Times, the woman was subjected to several acts of sexual harassment by Miguel Macedo, who instructed what clothes to wear and sent sycophant messages to the young woman.

The victim said that one day she was asked to go to the room of the accused agent early in the morning. In another situation, on evaluation, a young woman was groped by Miguel Macedo and became the object of provocative comments. “It was one of the worst days,” said a young woman quoted by the NYT.

Despite a complaint filed by FIFA head of human resources Kimberly Morris, the organization did not take it into account, and the Portuguese agent ignored the investigation or even possible punishment.

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The former FIFA official then met with the head of FIFA’s member associations, Joyce Cooke, who launched an investigation process, but months passed with no action. “I want to let you know that Miguel Macedo unexpectedly returned to the office today, and it’s becoming unbearable for me to be here. I don’t know how we can continue to stay in this unhealthy environment,” the victim emphasized in an email. addressed, later to Joyce Cook.

However, Nirmala Diaz, FIFA’s mediator, has produced a report stressing that there is sufficient documentary evidence to address the woman’s complaints against Miguel Macedo (Figo’s former agent), who is still employed by FIFA.

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Europa tem alternativas para substituir parcialmente o gás russo, defendem especialistas – Atualidade



Em declarações à France-Presse (AFP), especialistas consideraram “improvável” a interrupção total do abastecimento de gás natural russo, mas apontaram alternativas.

“Os gasodutos vêm da Noruega, Argélia e Azerbaijão, mas esses países não têm capacidade de produção adicional”, indicou Thierry Bros, professor da Sciences Po Paris.

Assim, prosseguiu, a Europa está de olhos postos no fornecimento de gás natural liquefeito (GNL), que pode chegar por navio, proveniente de qualquer parte do mundo.

Do outro lado do Oceano Atlântico, os Estados Unidos anunciaram que estão a trabalhar em “fornecimentos alternativos, que cobrem uma maioria significativa de potenciais cortes” no fornecimento de gás russo à Europa.

Nesse sentido, o Presidente Joe Biden tem já uma reunião agendada com o Emir do Catar, o maior exportador mundial de GNL, na próxima semana.

Também a Australia disse estar pronta para enviar gás natural para a Europa.

“Em termos de volumes [de GNL], os três gigantes, atualmente, são o Catar, a Austrália e os Estados Unidos”, indicou Vincent Demoury, delegado-geral do Grupo Internacional de Importadores de Gás Natural Liquefeito (GIIGNL).

“São sobretudo aqueles três países que teriam flexibilidade para produzir mais, ou redirecionar para a Europa volumes tradicionalmente direcionados para outros mercados”, acrescentou.

No entanto, “não é possível substituir todo o gás russo por GNL”, advertiu Thierry Bros.

As capacidades de regaseificação na Europa (incluindo o Reino Unido) são de cerca de 19 mil milhões de metros cúbicos (bcm) por mês, dos quais cerca de 8 bcm, em média, já estão utilizados, sobrando cerca de 11 bcm de capacidade para uso.

Aquele valor, apontou o especialista, nãoé suficiente para compensar os cerca de 14 bcm por mês vindos da Russia.

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Este inverno, as reservas de gás na Europa estão baixas e os suprimentos da Rússia atingiram um nível historicamente baixo este mês.

Ainda assim, os especialistas duvidam que a Russia chegue ao ponto de fechar completamente a torneira.

“A suspensão total das exportações de gás continua a ser o menos provável dos cenários”, considerou o Eurasia Group.

Para o grupo de consultoria e pesquisa de risco político, “isso acarretaria sérios riscos de longo prazo para a estabilidade financeira e influência política da Rússia na Europa, já que a União Europeia, provavelmente, responderia agressivamente, diversificando o seu suprimento de energia”.

“Os russos não têm interesse em interromper as entregas”, realçou Thierry Bros.

Além do interesse financeiro, apontou, a manutenção das suas entregas “permite criar discordância na Europa”, uma vez que a Rússia poderia continuar a abastecer alguns países (Alemanha, Grécia, Hungria, por exemplo), mas outros não (Polónia, Lituânia) .

Perante uma crise que ilustra a forte dependência energética da Europa em relação ao seu vizinho russo, os 27 Estados-membros da União Europeia (UE) estão a ponderar soluções a médio prazo.

O primeiro caminho, que acaba de ser discutido numa reunião informal dos ministros da energia europeus, em Amiens, França, passa por estabelecer “regras mais rígidas sobre armazenamento de gás”, conforme indicou a ministra francesa para a Transição Ecológica, Barbara Pompili.

O modelo francês, que garante o preenchimento das reservas para o inverno, poderia, assim, ser ampliado.

Também o Luxemburgo sugeriu a assinatura de contratos de fornecimento de longo prazo com paises produtores considerados mais fiáveis ​​do que a Russia.

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A six-month-old baby was mistakenly vaccinated with six doses of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine.



The case occurred in Brazil and led to the hospitalization of a child


In the Brazilian state of São Paulo, a six-month-old baby was mistakenly inoculated with a whole vial of Pfizer’s coronavirus drug.

According to the newspaper Condition of the mines, the child has received the equivalent of six doses of the vaccine. In Brazil, the vaccination of children under the age of five is not yet allowed, so the case concerned specialists and medical workers.


According to the family, who told Brazilian media, the baby should have been vaccinated against meningitis, tetanus and hepatitis.

The child’s mother stated that the dosing nurse contacted the health monitoring team and the child was later admitted to the Hospital das Clínicas in Ribeirão Preto.

The case occurred on 17 January and the child was observed for three days with symptoms of an abscess in the leg, fever and pain. However, the symptoms did not improve significantly and the child was discharged after being treated in the hospital.




To the Brazilian press, the child’s mother said: “Do not hold a grudge” and praised the behavior of the medical worker for immediately reporting the incident.

The child is at home and receiving medical care.

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