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Katie Taylor beats Delfine Persoon to keep undisputed environment lightweight titles



Katie Taylor beats Delfine Persoon to retain undisputed world lightweight titles
Taylor defended the four earth lightweight titles in the garden of Matchroom Boxing’s headquarters

Ireland’s Katie Taylor developed a gutsy show to acquire a relentless rematch with Delfine Persoon and remain undisputed planet light-weight champion.

Taylor boxed stylishly early on but was slowly forced into a fight by the non-prevent tension of her Belgian rival.

Persoon – dismayed by a details defeat 14 months previously – hardly stopped punching all over and seemed to be attaining major momentum.

But Taylor gained 98-93 96-94 96-94 and Persoon acknowledged the scoring this time.

“I assume I broke my nose in the next spherical but I give regard to Katie – she deserves to acquire,” explained 35-year-outdated Persoon.

The grace with which Persoon acknowledged the defeat was most likely stunning specified how near some of the rounds ended up in a bout which lived up to all anticipations.

“You cannot chill out from Delfine simply because she attacks all the time, it was these kinds of a tough fight and we’ve experienced two wonderful fights for women’s boxing but it was additional convincing this time,” Taylor told BBC Radio 5 Are living.

Persoon (right) offered constant pressure throughout the 10 rounds
Persoon (ideal) presented consistent tension in the course of the 10 rounds

Some 14 months in the past, Persoon took Taylor to depths she experienced previously under no circumstances visited as a specialist. The night time finished with Taylor’s arm lifted, Persoon in tears and pundits up in arms at the scoring, still unanimous in their praise for a actually amazing combat.

Madison Square Yard had been swapped for Essex and Eddie Hearn’s childhood back again back garden but the obscure environment brought on by enforced Covid-19 policies could not gradual both girl as they picked up wherever they left off in New York.

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Taylor boxed and moved early on to negate the stress and Persoon – a policewoman in her homeland – was before long closely marked less than her correct eye.

When place opened between the pair, Taylor’s course as an Olympic gold medallist shone. But Persoon regularly smothered, took the fight up near and punched endlessly.

Taylor claimed she would not be tempted into a brawl. She wasn’t, she was forced into a single by the stress and uncomfortable combating design her opponent as soon as all over again introduced.

“Preserve your composure,” Taylor’s supervisor shouted in the seventh. By the finish of the round his fighter sported a hefty inflammation on her brow and pundits pointed to the title currently being up for grabs in a contest so restricted.

The two could be read respiration closely on their stools in advance of the closing spherical and Taylor did locate effectively-picked, exact pictures when underneath hearth in the closing levels.

Wherever she goes now is up to her. The fiscal constraints the Covid-19 pandemic sites on earning the most beneficial fights continues to be an ongoing concern.

But she continues to be the confront of women’s boxing globally and the unique fighter her rivals dream of beating. An Olympic winner, a two-fat globe champion and the holder of all 4 titles at 135lbs, she has minor left to show.

This dogged win only serves to demonstrate how difficult she will be to triumph over. The champion stays a definitely formidable force.

Taylor's arm was raised and she moved on to 16 wins from 16 bouts while Persoon now has three defeats in 47 contests
Taylor moved on to 16 wins from 16 bouts though Persoon now has three defeats in 47 contests

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José Raposo in mourning: “This damn disease that struck so many people”



José Raposo in mourning: "This damn disease that struck so many people"

This Friday, September 30, Jose Raposo used your account Instagram leave a tribute to a friend “who was a good person”, Mario Rosashare your photo.

“My friend MARIO ROSA has left us. He was a good man, a friend of many people from theaters… more from the so-called “commercial” theatres! This relationship was due to the fact that for many years Mario was a “disc jockey” (now called a DJ) in nightclubs, one of which, Acapulco, was very frequented by residents of Mayer Park in the 80s / 90s – x years.started with what they wrote in the signature to the publication.

“We left the theaters in the park and walked late into the night to do three-quarters of an hour ‘performances’ or just to have a drink. And Mario, who in addition to the music in the nightclub, also performed all the light and sound operations of the “show”, what he did with ease was that he made friends with everyone, for his natural friendliness and simplicity.he added.

“I suddenly remembered how I ended up in Acapulco with Maria Joao, Fernando Mendez, Rita Ribeiro, Carlos Cunha, Carlos Areia, Marina Mota, Nicolau Breiner, Vasco Morgado (father), Enrique Viana, Carlos Coelho, Vera Monica, Camacho. Costa, Rosa do Canto, Noemia Costa, Carlos Ivo, Rosa Areya, Luis Mascarenhas, Fatima Severino, Carlos Zel, I don’t know… the majority!continuation.

Finally, the actor left a few words of support to his friend’s wife. “It was in Acapulco that Mario met his lifelong companion, my friend and colleague Rosa Vieira. And Rosa was a tireless fighter, she was by her side 24 hours a day for the last 21 months in the unequal fight of this damned disease that affects so many people called cancer! I just wanted to register mine forever with a friend who was a good person as I mentioned at the beginning. And my condolences to the family. And kiss Rose.”it’s finished

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The specialist analyzes the profile of Christina Ferreira, is criticized and reacts: “You are jealous …”



Especialista faz análise ao perfil de Cristina Ferreira, é criticada e reage: “Tens inveja…”

Susana Areal, a human behavior specialist, analyzed Cristina Ferreira’s profile and shared it on Instagram on the night of this Thursday, September 29th.

The behavioral analyst then identified five characteristics of the presenter and director of entertainment and fiction on TVI’s current profile, such as: here we told, and in the end we were praised, but also severely criticized.

So, this Friday, September 30, Susana Areal decided to leave a clarification in the comment box for the post.

“Let’s see if I answer all the haters, blind defenders, people who don’t want to learn, and everyone at once: I’m a profiler, I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years (…). For me, analyzing Cristina Ferreira or Ze from around the corner is the same thing, it takes the same work, so it’s the same thing.”started with an underscore.

Susana Areal deplored the many “harmless and simple comments” made in her post and later emphasized that, like Cristina Ferreira, “there are thousands of people in the world” with such a profile.

“There are thousands of people in the world with this profile, which at this stage is not very good! And woe to all the workers who travel around this country who have to take these leaders with them, and to the shareholders who bet on people with such a profile and see their money go “out the window” … “counts.

Susana Areal invited all those who criticized her to search for the meaning of the word “Profiling” – her field of study – leaving a disclaimer at the end.

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“Spare me the stupidity, because I can only teach those who want to learn, others will remain limited, but with the mania that they all know, this is a choice!! In short: Of course, this is a professional profile! I would never waste my personal time analyzing such emptiness and uselessness.”

Now see:

The specialist analyzes the profile of Cristina Ferreira, receives criticism and reacts: “Are you jealous”?

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Triple H has big plans for Finn Balor



Triple H has big plans for Finn Balor

career Finn Balor already WWE He had many ups and downs. He was of great importance in NXTwin the title brand twice and was considered a star with a big future in the company.

When climbing to main castbecame the first WWE Universal Champion, but due to a shoulder injury he had to vacate the title, and since then, despite winning other titles, he has not returned to the “top”.

now with Triple H leads the creative teamthings could get better for The Prince, given that he was the game’s favorite when he was the leader of NXT. black gold.

According to WrestleVotes, the Irish wrestler could play a bigger role in WWE and that Finn Bálor has big plans for the future.

The Judge Day contestant is already starting to show signs that he has pushthen will fight Edge in an “I’m out” match No Extreme rules October 8.

Do you think Finn Balor will become a star again? main event to WWE?

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