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Kamala Harris joins Joe Biden in 1st campaign celebration



Kamala Harris joins Joe Biden in first campaign event

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Media captionEnjoy Dwell: Kamala Harris and Joe Biden discuss in Delaware

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is keeping his very first marketing campaign function with Kamala Harris, a working day immediately after unveiling her as his working mate.

At a significant faculty in Mr Biden’s house point out of Delaware, he stated “this is a critical second for our nation” forward of November’s election.

Later on Wednesday, they will keep a digital city hall from the resort where by Mr Biden launched his 1972 senate bid.

Mr Biden will face President Donald Trump in the election on 3 November.

Ms Harris, a California senator, is the initially black female and South Asian American to serve in the job.

What did the candidates say?

Wednesday’s function in Wilmington, Delaware, was not open up to the community, with Mr Biden, 77, citing coronavirus prevention requirements. Both candidates walked on stage donning masks.

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Talking from the gymnasium of the Alexis I DuPont Substantial Faculty to a socially distanced team of journalists, Mr Biden mentioned: “The alternative we make this November is heading to come to a decision the long run of The united states for a really, pretty extensive time.”

He ongoing: “Donald Trump has currently started out his assaults calling Kamala, quotation, unpleasant, whining about how she is, quotation, mean to his appointees.

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Media captionKamala Harris’ childhood household reacts to Biden decide

“It really is not a shock for the reason that whining is what Donald Trump does greatest, better than any president in American history.

“Is any one amazed that Donald Trump has a difficulty with a powerful woman, or strong women of all ages across the board?”

He also attacked Mr Trump’s managing of the coronavirus pandemic, local weather modify, the unemployment fee and “his politics of racist rhetoric that appeals to division”.

Coming to the podium, Ms Harris stated: “I am completely ready to get to perform.”

The 55-year-old previous prosecutor explained to reporters: “This is a moment of real consequence for The usa. Every thing we treatment about, our overall economy, our well being, our children, the kind of state we live in, it truly is all on the line.”

Ms Harris ongoing: “The united states is crying out for leadership, nevertheless we have a president who cares a lot more about himself than the people who elected him.”

“We don’t have to take the failed authorities of Trump-Pence,” she extra. “In just 83 times we have a possibility to select a far better long term for our region.”

Ms Harris continued: “He [Mr Trump] inherited the longest financial expansion in historical past sort Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

“And then, like everything else he inherited, he ran it straight into the ground.”

She included: “This is what comes about when we elect a male who just isn’t up to the task – our region ends up in tatters and so does our track record around the entire world.”

What is President Trump saying?

Soon ahead of the function, Mr Trump goaded Mr Biden for remaining at dwelling for significantly of the campaign so significantly amid the pandemic lockdown.

The Republican president requested a group of teachers at a White Property celebration whether it was healthful for students to be mastering in isolation at dwelling.

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Media captionWho is Kamala Harris? A glimpse at her everyday living and political occupation

He then questioned: “So if you are a presidential applicant and you happen to be sitting down in a basement and you’re wanting at a computer system, which is not a very good detail?”

He also tweeted an assault on the Biden-Harris ticket, expressing they would put Senator Cory Booker, who is black, in cost of low-income housing in the suburbs. Critics mentioned the tweet was racist.

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Exposed. Images Proving Thiago Rodriguez Wasn’t Defeated, He Just Fell



Exposed.  Images Proving Thiago Rodriguez Wasn't Defeated, He Just Fell

Brazilian actor Thiago Rodriguez, 42, was exposed by CCTV footage near the site where he was allegedly attacked and robbed. After all, he had just fallen from the structure on which he was sitting, and hit his head and face on the ground, which led to injuries.🇧🇷 He ended up lying on the floor for about 30 minutes until he was rescued by two people passing by who helped him. The case angered the Brazilians.

Thiago Rodriguez Injured” data-title=”Thiago Rodriguez Injured – Exposed. Images Proving Thiago Rodriguez Wasn’t Beaten, He Just Fell – MAGG”>

It was the Brazilian Civil Police itself that released the CCTV images showing that the thesis defended by the Brazilian actor, who is currently starring in the TVI soap opera Quero É Viver, is not true. Police Chief Bianca Lima confirmed to Record TV’s Domingo Espetacular that the fall was the cause of the actor’s injuries, not the robbers’ aggression.

The images were captured by cameras at a commercial establishment located in Plaza Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro, 200 meters from the Jockey Club where Thiago went to party and was expelled from. According to the records, it was 5:40 in the morning when the actor sat on a metal structure, which is located in the square, lost his balance and fell face down on the ground. Only at about 6:10 am he was rescued by two people passing by. However, it is not clear if these people stole the actor’s mobile phone, which has since disappeared, or if Thiago simply lost it in the fall.

The fall of Thiago Rodriguez” data-title=”The fall of Thiago Rodriguez is a revelation. Images Proving Thiago Rodriguez Wasn’t Beaten, He Just Fell – MAGG”> The fall of Thiago Rodriguez

As a result of the fall, the actor received cuts on his head and was even forced to put a few stitches on his head. After that, Thiago went to file a complaint with the police, claiming that he was attacked and robbed by criminals. But that theory didn’t make much sense as the actor still had the wallet and backpack he had that night. “A backpack with things, a wallet and a rope were with him. And we wondered if anyone who goes for such violence would take only a mobile phone,” the police chief explained.

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After all, Thiago Rodriguez was not beaten. The actor will be left alone – News



After all, Thiago Rodriguez was not beaten.  The actor will be left alone - News

Brazilian authorities have denied the story of an alleged attack that allegedly targeted Thiago Rodriguez. The police, agreeing with the video, which is already circulating on social networks, indicate that the actor did fall alone.

Security cameras in buildings near where Thiago Rodriguez was found show him sitting on an iron and falling forward moments later.

The G1 website guarantees that the authorities will suspend the investigation into a possible robbery, given that “the investigation has proven the absence of criminally significant facts.”

However, it is still necessary to understand where the actor’s mobile phone is located. The police, according to the same media, are trying to understand if it was stolen when Thiago was lying on the ground unconscious.

Recall that the 42-year-old artist said that he was robbed at the exit of a bar in Rio de Janeiro.

Thiago Rodriguez is part of the cast of the soap opera Quero É Viver currently airing on TVI.

Watch the video below, published by the Brazilian press, in which you can see the fall of the actor.

Read also: First images of Thiago Rodriguez after brutal attack

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Diana Chavez admits: “I hated Christmas from the age of 11 to 30”



Diana Chavez admits: "I hated Christmas from the age of 11 to 30"

Diana Chavez he lost his mother to cancer when he was only 11 years old. Since then, he does not like Christmas, but everything changed with the birth of his daughter. Pilar10 years, as a result of relationships with Cesar Peixoto.

“Christmas for me is just another day, as it should be for kids who may have gone through the same thing as me. I hated Christmas from 11 to 30when my daughter was born. I hated Christmas. Now I love it again”said in an interview with TV 7 days.

The SIC host described how the day goes: Only men cook in my house🇧🇷 My father, Cesar, my sons-in-law, they cook. Well, my mother-in-law and my daughter-in-law, no! My sisters and I will take care of the French toastwho are the best in the country, and maybe in the world”he decided.

DIANA CHAVES Recalls her daughter’s moment and confesses: ‘I miss them so little’

However, the youngest also ventured into the preparations, including Pilar. “She already cooks, simple things, but she cooks. He cooks tapioca himself, has already learned how to make steak for his birthday, he cooked steak for dinner himself. She is very adventurous, she makes cakes herself, when it’s someone’s birthday, she makes a cake.”he explained.

Diana Chavez also said that typical cod is usually served on Christmas Eve, but admitted: “Everyone loves cod at home, except for me. But also how. My father cooks octopus for me, but sometimes I eat cod and, I confess, it’s even delicious.”

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