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How Samsung’s beans broke the mould of wi-fi earbuds



How Samsung’s beans broke the mold of wireless earbuds

It wasn’t tough to spot Yongseok Bang, lead designer of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, the instant I joined a video clip call with him and other workforce collected around a table in 1 of Samsung’s South Korea meeting rooms. Directly in front of Bang was a black notebook with a huge white bean stamped on the entrance. He swiftly confirmed to me that the group had internally called Samsung’s most recent legitimate wireless earbuds by the very same “beans” nickname that the relaxation of us did after the leaks started. Samsung went in a different course with the closing branding in an endeavor to emphasize the open-air structure of the Buds Reside. Oh very well.

For the future 30 minutes, Bang spoke with me about how Samsung manufactured it a precedence from the really beginning to occur up with a style and design that would stand out from every little thing else on the sector. This is Samsung’s initially set of open up-kind earbuds, and in a environment of AirPods knockoffs all over the place you seem, the enterprise preferred to get a small daring.

It’s honest to say Samsung succeeded.

Early prototypes of the Galaxy Buds Live present Samsung’s attempts to nail the appropriate shape and dimension.
Impression: Samsung

Bang explained it took Samsung two several years to deliver the Buds Stay to market place, a time frame that associated a good deal of experimentation and trial and error. There were a few locations of concentration: originality in layout, ergonomic healthy, and the desire for kind to follow functionality — yet another way of stating that these earbuds experienced to seem very good no issue what they finished up wanting like.

So how did the business land on the bean shape? Samsung intently studied the concha of the ear and discovered that a bean-like type factor could cradle snugly in the ear with a pleasantly shocking, comfy healthy. It carried out structure tests with in excess of 2,000 individuals to finalize the correct measurements and weight.

But receiving the Galaxy Buds Live to accommodate smaller sized ears was a single of the most important structure issues. (In my review, I mention that a friend experienced difficulty having them to match her ears easily.) The little wingtips ended up added to the earbuds for this goal the Buds Reside sat naturally in the folds of the concha for people today with medium- and huge-sized ears with no any help, and the wingtips — two sizes appear in the box — aided continue to keep them in location within ears on the very small facet. They are meant to, at the very least.

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

A photo of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live in someone’s ear.

Photograph by Chris Welch / The Verge

Samsung also had to strategy the engineering approach in different ways than it had with the far more standard Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds In addition. Bang pointed out that the parts are placed sideways as opposed to staying stacked vertically like in the Buds Moreover. This permitted for a thinner, extra refined layout that would not noticeably protrude from the ear like quite a few wireless buds do.

Some of Samsung’s drawings of the Galaxy Buds Reside and its carrying situation.
Picture: Samsung

Because the Buds Are living are completely within your ear’s contours, Bang’s crew had to be mindful of mic placement. The distance involving the two exterior mics was to begin with very considerably to be certain functionality, but person checks showed that one particular of the mics could from time to time be lined by extended ears. So engineers optimized the length and extra a modest groove to the exterior of every single earbud to assistance your voice have to the mic. Bang informed me that Samsung analyzed the mic functionality with hundreds of persons.

The dots on these prototypes were being likely microphone spots that Samsung tested in advance of choosing on the last placement.
Graphic: Samsung

See that best row? The Galaxy Buds Reside scenario also appeared like a bean at very first.
Graphic: Samsung

As for the carrying / charging scenario, it really started out with a bean form a lot like the earbuds inside. But according to Bang, the consensus was that this design and style appeared much more like a sun shades situation than an earbuds case. With a concentrate on pocketability and straightforward opening, the group landed on the last scenario style that some have compared to a jewelry box. There is a groove jogging together three sides, earning it quick to pop open up in whatever way you locate most at ease.

Audio excellent was never misplaced in the shuffle. Samsung was determined to nail its initial open-style earbuds, and I was incredibly content with the listening practical experience. You can rotate the Buds Live so they are seated further in your ear for a lot more effective bass and considerably less overwhelming ambient seem — which is how I like to use them. No make a difference how you suit them, there’s always a honest amount of exterior sounds leaking by, as is to be predicted with this variety issue.

Bang hit me with a auto analogy, evaluating the Buds Are living to a convertible. The open-air type is like placing the roof down, he mentioned, and the lively sounds cancellation is not all that distinctive from a cloth-deal with roof. It is not going to block out all the sound around you — not even shut — but it can assistance slash down mid- and lower-band noises. The sounds cancellation was the most underwhelming part of the Galaxy Buds Live in my checks. With no in-ear seal, Samsung is appreciably limited in what it can do to mute your environment.

The Galaxy Buds Dwell structure team had these stickers produced to celebrate the concluded item.
Impression: Samsung

But in nearly just about every other regard, Samsung succeeded on all those concentration places that guided the progress of the Galaxy Buds Dwell. The style is one of a kind and fresh new, the healthy is relaxed, and they audio rather excellent. As for what is following, Bang reported it all will come down to client feedback. The organization has been inspired by early opinions, so the bean kind issue may well be here to keep.

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[오늘의 스팀] Payday 2 Ends With 90% Off



[오늘의 스팀] Payday 2 Ends With 90% Off

▲ Top 20 concurrent users on Steam as of July 6, 10:00 am (Source: Steam)

“Payday 2,” which is on sale for 1,050 won at a 90% discount in honor of the Steam Summer Sale, ranked 17th in the daily ranking of the most active concurrent users on Steam. In addition to the discount on the main part, it looks like the discount has been added to the DLC pack, which has an 84% discount rate.

As of 10:00 am on July 6, Payday 2 had the highest number of concurrent users on Steam, with 60,785 Steam users ranked 17th. For the first time since last November, Payday 2 had over 60,000 simultaneous users. . One of the factors that influenced visitor numbers at the time was the return of existing users through an update to Payday’s unique “Fame” tier system. It seems

Payday 2 game screenshots (Image source: Payday 2 Steam page)
▲ Payday 2 game screenshot (Image source: Payday 2 Steam page)

▲ DLC 2 Trailer for Payday 2 Midland Ranch Heist (Video Source: Official YouTube Overkill)

Payday 2 is a four-player cooperative first-person shooter released in August 2013. The player becomes a “thief” and completes the mission alone or with group members and plays faithfully to achieve the main goal of stealing a lot of money. In the process, they either infiltrate their destination and leave silently with the money, or encounter noisy situations where they use explosives or firearms.

Payday 2 has seen a steady user count of 30,000 to 40,000, although it has not yet made it into the top 20. The reason for this user retention was constant updates and extensive DLC support. Also, the constant follow-up support, 9 years after its release, seems to have played a role. The key to rankings seems to be how a race that has a discount added to it will be saved.

Starting July 6 at 10:00 AM, Top 10 Best Selling Items in the World on Steam (Source: Steam)
▲ Top 10 best-selling items on Steam as of 10:00 a.m. July 6 (Source: Steam)
(This is the procedure for accessing by IP address from the US to view unreleased games in Korea.)

On the other hand, in the ranking of the best selling products in the world, Ready or Scythe, which continued to win after the AI ​​update, took first place, proving how much improvement in AI can make the gaming experience. In addition, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which is slowly gaining attention with its quick troubleshooting actions, came in fourth place, and F1 22, rated as an urgent but indispensable improvement to the game, came in third place.

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BANDAI BANCO announces Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, which mixes Ultraman and Monster Rancher.



BANDAI BANCO announces Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, which mixes Ultraman and Monster Rancher.


The game will be released only for Nintendo Switch

BANDAI BANCO announces Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, which mixes Ultraman and Monster Rancher.
© Reproduction / BANDAI NAMCOBANDAI BANCO announces Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, which mixes Ultraman and Monster Rancher.

BUT BANDAY NAMCO introduced this week a new game called Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancherthat mixes the classics Ultraman e Monster Rancher in one the gamewhere you can take care of new Kaiju and improve them in combat.

In the game, the player will have to take care of the Ultra Kaiju for the competition and will have to collect over 200 types of Kaiju from the Ultraman series. In addition, you can use other ways to get new creatures, including through searching for songs, NFC-enabled devices, or even merging two different species.

This blend celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Monster Rancher series in which players cared for monsters to duel. However, the mix with Ultraman made the scale of the monsters much larger than traditional for the franchise, with giant foes and punches in the same proportion.

The release of Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive in 2022, but no official date has yet been announced. More news about the game will come in the future, such as gameplay footage, pre-orders, and official launch.

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Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition: what has changed compared to the original version



Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition: what has changed compared to the original version

Earlier this year, Xiaomi introduced its first line tops for 2022. The most powerful presented to date was Xiaomi 12 Pro with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Most recently, during the presentation of Xiaomi 12S, the brand introduced a new version of this equipment.

called him Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition. This version has a lower price compared to the original version. But the big question arises: what are the differences and what does the existence of this version and the subsequent price reduction lead to?

Dimensity 9000 Plus replaces Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

As the name of the smartphone suggests, the first big difference is the processor. Instead of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Dimensity 9000 Plus, developed by MediaTek, is installed here. This is, in fact, the first equipment on the market with the aforementioned processor.

It promises to bring something the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 didn’t have: stability. In addition to being a more power efficient processor, the promise is that it will be able to better control temperatures.

Chambers are experiencing a marked decline

However, there were to be other changes as well. The hardware supports a 50MP main camera with a Sony IMX707 sensor and a 32MP front camera. The secondary sensors, however, are a base 13MP ultra-wide sensor and a 5MP telecamera. Recall that the 12 Pro has an ultra-wide and a 50 MP telephoto.

Bigger battery, slower charging speed

Another area where there is skill is drums. In the new Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity, the battery is increased by 5160 mAh against 4600 mAh. However, it charges at a maximum wired power of 67W (instead of 120W).

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In terms of design, it comes with the same features and a similar panel, albeit the LTPO2. It is available on a limited basis in black and blue, with no green and purple versions.

The price of this Xiaomi 12 Pro starts at 570 euros in China, where it will be sold exclusively. The original Xiaomi 12 Pro costs in Portugal from 1049.99 euros. To buy this new version, just import.

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