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Google Confirms Substantial Upgrade For Google Maps Users



Google Confirms Massive Upgrade For Google Maps Users

08/23 Update below. This publish was initially revealed on August 20

Appropriate now, Apple is gunning for Google Maps. So far in 2020, the business has radically overhauled Apple Maps, prioritized intercontinental expansion and produced massive Apple Maps upgrades a pillar of iOS 14. Google’s worry is obvious but for those tempted to stop it, Google Maps is now preventing back again. 

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In a new web site write-up, Google Maps products supervisor Sujoy Banerjee has declared arguably the major visual updates the support has found in its 15 calendar year heritage and they will be coming to 220 nations around the world all over the world. 

08/22 Update: Google is not resting on its laurels. In addition to the finish visual overhaul described down below, the business has now declared Google Maps will map the boundaries of wildfires by using satellite facts each individual hour. The procedure takes advantage of satellites from the Nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in conjunction with its individual information. Typing the name of an lively wildfire in Google Maps, will carry up its boundary, identify and area along with information article content and unexpected emergency contact companies. In purchase to assure its accuracy, Google reveals it piloted the characteristic with crisis providers last calendar year, prior to supplying it the go in advance to roll out to people. Google Maps now has flood forecasting alerts and a short while ago included earthquake detection.

08/23 Update: Spotted by Justine O’Beirne, Apple has responded to the Google Maps up grade by now rolling a new, more in depth variation of Apple Maps to the United kingdom and Ireland. These up-to-date maps contain detailed structures, streets, parks and much more. In contrast to Google Maps’s around-simultaneous world start, Apple took a 12 months to release its upgraded mapping throughout the US, but that course of action has now started to launch internationally. Canada is predicted to follow future with other European international locations extra thereafter. Apple Maps has manufactured large strides in the final few several years, but it is the company’s slower roll out of map upgrades, which is letting Google Maps to continue to be in advance – for now.

“Google Maps has substantial-definition satellite imagery for over 98 p.c of the world’s inhabitants. With a new shade-mapping algorithmic approach, we’re ready to take this imagery and translate it into an even a lot more comprehensive, vibrant map of an space at world scale,” describes Banerjee. 

The benefits are startling. Google Maps can now properly map mountain peaks, ice caps, seashores, vegetation, deserts and additional as nicely as adding significantly much more depth to street maps. Google states the changes will scale “from the greatest metropolitan spots to modest, rural cities.”

For substantial metropolitan areas (originally London, New York and San Francisco), Google is also upgrading streets to distinguish amongst crossings, sidewalks and pedestrian islands while the new Google Maps data will even map the shape and width of roads to scale. The implications of this additional element are substantial, particularly for any person in a wheelchair or pushing a stroller. 

Google suggests this significant Google Maps overhaul will start out rolling out worldwide this week. And just like that, Apple Maps has it all to do again.


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Vanessa Oliveira Presents Obesity Podcast – Marketeer



Vanessa Oliveira Presents Obesity Podcast - Marketeer

“The Truth About Weight” is the title of a new podcast promoted by Novo Nordisk that aims to help “understand what obesity is: a chronic disease that can be influenced by many factors, from genetics to lifestyle.”

The podcast is hosted by host Vanessa Oliveira and general and family medicine physician Margarida Santos, joined by special guests for “informal and intimate” conversations about obesity and overweight.

The first two episodes of the podcast are now available on Spotify, Youtube, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts, featuring endocrinologist Joana Menezes and singer Ana Bacalhau. Psychiatrist Julio Machado Vas is another of the already confirmed names.

“We all have a role to play in promoting health literacy and responsible communication on issues that pose real public health challenges, such as obesity. This podcast is for knowledge sharing where the truth about weight will be revealed. Our goal is to help better understand obesity and motivate the search for adequate support to overcome the challenges associated with this complex disease and thus live a fuller and healthier life,” Paula Barriga, CEO of Novo Nordisk Portugal, said in a statement.

This is an initiative of Novo Nordisk in partnership with ADEXO – the Portuguese Association of Obese and Formerly Obese Patients in Portugal, SPEO – the Portuguese Society for the Study of Obesity and SPEDM – the Portuguese Society for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

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There are issues that are delaying the release of iPadOS 16



There are issues that are delaying the release of iPadOS 16

September is usually the month of Apple. The new iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8 and AirPods Pro 2 are expected to launch. And in the area of ​​operating systems, iOS 16, watchOS 9 and iPad OS 16 are expected to be released. iPadOS 16 is expected to arrive no earlier than October.

It’s common for iOS and iPadOS to reach users at the same time, but flaws in the iPad’s operating system app will change the release date of the new software version this year.

It’s the new blame for the delay Multitasking Stage Manager what kind, According to The Verge, development will take longer than expected.. As in previous years, iPadOS 16 may be released in its final version without some previously announced features.

At this point in the beta, the team working on Stage Manager was very critical because the software was confusing and resulted in a lot of bugs. Besides, it is only compatible with iPad with M1.

The Stage Manager will allow you to resize windows, overlap them, or drag and drop multiple applications at the same time. In an interim version, when using an iPad with an external display, the system locks up and returns the user to the home screen. From the news, we also noticed that when using the window resizing option, some applications react unexpectedly.

Since the release of the new version of the operating system for Apple tablets is delayed until September, the release date may change again to coincide with the presentation of new models.

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It is recalled that the latest versions of Apple’s operating systems were presented during WWDC 2022. In early July, the Cupertino giant launched the third public beta version of iOS 16, the final version of which will also arrive in the fall.

Source: edge

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After the confusion, DuckDuckGo started blocking Microsoft scripts



DuckDuckGo Microsoft scripts rastreamento privacidade

DuckDuckGo is one of the most secure search engines that guarantees users maximum privacy. This has been its flag for many years, thanks to which it was able to lure users from Google to Microsoft’s Bing.

Despite all guarantees of safety and protection, DuckDuckGo has been involved in a controversy that has now decided to put an end to it. It has now expanded its protection and has also begun blocking all of the tracking scripts that Microsoft uses on its websites.

Let's get even more privacy on DuckDuckGo

Even though DuckDuckGo promises users maximum user privacy and security, so far it has had some limitations in what it gives users. In fact, he did not take the promised measures and allowed some users to be followed.

It was discovered and opened to the world, explaining how Microsoft scripts are resolved. Of course, this was not known to users and allowed the software giant to monitor without any restrictions or control.

DuckDuckGo Microsoft Scripts Privacy Tracker

Microsoft scripts are also blocked

It ends now like DuckDuckGo disclosed, as well as Microsoft scripts are blocked in search results. In this seemingly simple way, users are once again protected when using this privacy-focused search engine.

This change is promised this week, and mobile apps and browser extensions will get access first. After that, next month it will be applied to the remaining applications and to all items that are not yet available.

DuckDuckGo Microsoft Scripts Privacy Tracker

Not all tracking information will be filtered

In fact, contrary to what DuckDuckGo just showed, not all scripts will be blocked. It turned out that thanks to the use of advertising on their platform, which is carried out in partnership with Microsoft, advertisers still want to know about the success of clicks on ads. So the relevant Microsoft scenarios will be allowed.

This is an important change that provides greater privacy for DuckDuckGo users. After filtering out everything sent by Google, Facebook and other services, it now accumulates Microsoft and the collection of information that it did with its tracking scripts.

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