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Florida studies document amount of COVID-19 hospitalizations



Florida reports record number of COVID-19 hospitalizations

Florida shattered its history for weekly hospitalizations, building it a single of the greatest coronavirus incredibly hot places in the nation.

Some 3,355 individuals were being admitted to Florida hospitals from Sunday, Aug. 2, to Monday, the state’s COVID-19 dashboard confirmed.

Very last Wednesday by itself, 621 people ended up admitted to hospitals, The Orlando Sentinel noted. And in overall, 30,785 people have been hospitalized in the state with COVID-19 considering the fact that the start off of the pandemic.

“These are devastating figures,” Dr. Sadiya Khan, an epidemiologist and assistant professor of preventive drugs at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, told NBC Information.

The blame, Khan explained, need to be laid at the toes of the Florida leaders who downplayed the risk early on and who have been sluggish to impose mask mandates and other general public overall health actions.

“In Florida there has been this ongoing controversy about the severity of the coronavirus disaster,” Khan explained. “There has been a politicization of the difficulty of putting on masks. This must never ever have took place, and now we’re viewing the success.”

Overnight, Florida claimed 4,155 new situations and 91 deaths. The complete range of scenarios as of Monday was 532,806, and the statewide loss of life toll was 8,314 and mounting, according to the newest NBC Information tally.

In phrases of the sheer number of COVID-19 scenarios, Florida was just guiding California, which sales opportunities the nation with 560,159, the NBC Information figures present.

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Five states leading Florida in the full quantity of COVID-19 relevant deaths: New York (33,592), New Jersey (15,872), California (10,351), Texas (8,800) and Massachusetts (8,735).

The Northeastern states logged most of their instances and fatalities in the early days of the pandemic, when community health and fitness officers were nonetheless struggling to find a way of dealing with the fatal new virus and supplying conflicting — and generally confusing — facts on irrespective of whether men and women must be putting on masks and practicing social distancing.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday described that out of 54,002 assessments noted Sunday, just 476 were favourable — a lot less than 1 percent of the whole. And on Friday, Cuomo gave the greenlight to start off reopening the state’s schools in the fall.

By contrast, Florida, Texas and other Southern states like Louisiana and Mississippi started out dealing with a surge of new instances and fatalities soon after they — at the urging of President Donald Trump — began reopening in May well just as the coronavirus was setting up to crest.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a staunch Trump ally, has been on the getting end of harsh criticism for staying gradual to respond to the crisis, most a short while ago from Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber, who blasted DeSantis on Sunday in an editorial in the New York Day-to-day Information.

“New York could certainly educate Florida a point or two about this pandemic,” Gelber wrote. “When a hurricane is hurtling towards our communities, our leaders stand side by side laying out the details. No one particular falsely downplays the probable impression of a storm to make men and women truly feel much better. … For some reason, Gov. Ron DeSantis and President Trump determined that it was important as an alternative to decrease the COVID chance and enable people know what fantastic positions they have been doing.”

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In other countrywide developments:

  • Though the bulk of COVID-19 victims proceed to be the aged and infirm, just about 100,000 kids came down with the coronavirus in the last two months of July, according to an assessment by American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Clinic Association. It discovered a 40 p.c increase in COVID-19 scenarios in children among July 16 and July 30. In overall, the report reported 338,982 kids have been sickened with the virus in the U.S., and fifty percent of the U.S. states reported more than 5,000 confirmed conditions in children.
  • The Trump Administration’s conflicting messaging on mask carrying has made popular confusion, hampered the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and has even led to preventable fatalities, numerous well being industry experts explained to NBC News. “Persons have died for the reason that we haven’t had dependable messaging on mask-carrying,” explained Dr. Gregory Kirk, a professor of infectious disorder epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University. “I don’t assume that is definitely up to discussion.” Trump himself only a short while ago has started off carrying a mask in public.
  • NBC News acquired a peek inside of the lab in Wuhan, China that the Trump Administration has blamed — without proof — for unintentionally leaking the coronavirus and setting up the pandemic. It was the very first time a news firm was granted access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology since the outbreak commenced. Scientists bristled at Trump’s accusations. “It is unfortunate that we have been qualified as a scapegoat for the origin of the virus,” institute director Wang Yanyi explained to NBC Information. U.S. intelligence obtained wind of an unknown wellbeing disaster in Wuhan again in November and Trump mentioned he initially read about it in January. It was not until March 13 that Trump declared a nationwide crisis.
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Daymé Arocena launches samba in Portuguese produced by Kassin



Daymé Arocena

Daymé Arocena – Dancing and flying

The highlight of the new Cuban afro-jazz scene, singer-songwriter Daimyo of the Arocene dives into samba for the first time with a single entirely in Portuguese. “Dance and Fly” about freedom through art and produced Bag. This is the release from brownswood records.

Listen to “Dance and Fly”:

Watch the viewer “Dance and fly”:

Inspired by the desire to get closer to people during self-isolation, the song became a source of complete joy for the artist. “Dance and Fly” gave me the energy to be happy again, to be positive again, and I will always be grateful for this song. To be able to have this element to cleanse my soul of sadness, because music is like that, music has such power.”says the artist.

Produced between Puerto Rico and Rio de Janeiro, the composition Arocena learned from Cassin, one of the top Brazilian music producers of recent decades, who immersed himself in a samba ballad inspired by artists such as Javan, Lueji Moon, Ed Motta e Gal Costa. The group was formed by Kasin on bass along with great musicians: Danilo Andrade (keyboards), David Moraes (guitar), Alexander Siqueira (drums) and Daniel Conceicao (drums).

With four studio albums in his solo career, Daime, despite being only 30 years old, has already established himself as one of the main names of new Latin American jazz, using his music as an expression of his roots, faith and soul. Currently living in Puerto Rico and inspired by the Caribbean culture, the artist is preparing new releases.

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Subscribe to Arocene Daime:

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“The Portuguese real estate market is still very fragmented, complex and offline,” says Casavo VP Investment.



“The Portuguese real estate market is still very fragmented, complex and offline,” says Casavo VP Investment.

The real estate market is constantly changing, with increasingly demanding clients and an increasingly limited supply. New technologies have become indispensable tools for companies to use them to grow in this market, which, according to Duarte Ferreira dos Santos, vice president of investment in Lisbon at Casavo, “still remains very fragmented, complex and autonomous” .

In an interview with Executive Digest, Duarte Ferreira dos Santos believes that despite the momentum that the pandemic has given to the digitization of the real estate sector, the real estate industry is still characterized by traditional, autonomous and very dependent on bureaucratic and physical processes. In his opinion, the technological solutions that have emerged in recent years allow streamlining processes, making the real estate market faster, simpler and more uncomplicated, and improving the experience of all stakeholders, whether they are buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants or even real estate agents.

Portuguese real estate market.

“The Portuguese housing market, especially in the Lisbon metropolitan area, has an interesting transactional dimension as a result of the cultural preference to buy a house rather than rent it. In addition, the housing stock in the capital is very old and obsolete, the vast majority of houses were built before the 1980s,” he explains.

To respond to an aging supply, by renovating the houses that Casavo buys, they contribute to refurbishing old buildings in the city and making them more energy efficient.

“The Portuguese real estate market, like other markets in Southern Europe, continues to be very fragmented, complex and autonomous, despite the fact that the pandemic has accelerated the change in customer behavior towards the adoption of a digital channel.” Duarte Ferreira dos Santos believes that much remains to be done in this aspect, namely in the introduction of digital tools to make the market more transparent and improve interaction with buyers and sellers.

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400 million euros for business scaling

Casavo recently raised a new €400 million investment round, which includes a €100 million Series D round and a €300 million credit line.

“The total amount raised by Casavo will be used to scale the business and strengthen its leadership in Europe. This combination of equity and debt is a recognition of our strong growth and investor confidence in our long-term vision. This round will allow us to strengthen our leadership in Europe by growing in markets we already operate in, namely Portugal, Spain and Italy, as well as expanding into new markets where France is a priority.”

A tool that allows you to instantly evaluate real estate

In this context, the VP of Investment explains that Casavo provides a tool that allows sellers to instantly value their property. “Casavo can submit an offer in 48 hours and complete a purchase in a matter of days in a single visit… Through the use of a proprietary algorithm, Casavo ensures that the submitted offer is fair and based on objective criteria.”

On the other hand, for those who want to buy a house, Casavo presents a portfolio of ready-to-live-in properties with high energy efficiency and modern and attractive design, which can be found on the platform and viewed remotely using immersive technology. .

The future of the real estate market in Portugal

Looking to the future, Duarte Ferreira dos Santos believes that “due to the lack of supply of new construction and the high demand caused by the needs of families after the pandemic, we do not expect the market for refurbished homes to be significantly affected by the situation we are facing, especially in homes , prices for which correspond to the income of the Portuguese.

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However, he sees a slowdown that could be due not only to the rise in the cost of living for families associated with the current geopolitical context, but also to the increase in Euribor rates and the new rules that the Bank of Portugal has applied to housing. loans, which can contribute to an increase in the burden of households.

“In our view, it will be increasingly important to refurbish used homes that are outdated and dated to meet the needs of families,” he concludes.

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Escola Portuguesa de Luanda teachers complain of ‘illegal dismissal’ – Observer



Escola Portuguesa de Luanda teachers complain of 'illegal dismissal' - Observer

A group of 15 teachers at the Portuguese School of Luanda (EPL), Angolans and Portuguese are complaining about “illegal dismissal” by the temporary commission of the educational institution, believing that they were forced to sign an “illegal” agreement.

The teacher, who is part of the group and wished to remain anonymous, told Lusa this Thursday that measurements are irregularbecause the new manager sends the target to the cooperative, which is “closing”.

This is a wrongful dismissal with a seriousness that sends us to the co-op, which is currently closing. At the moment, the new cooperative has not yet taken over the functions, and the old one has disappeared,” he said.

The EPL, created in the 1980s, was administered by the Cooperativa Portuguesa de Ensino em Angola (CPEA) until 2021, but since September 7, 2021, it has been administered by the Portuguese Ministry of Education after a dispute with some cooperators.


The Portuguese Ministry of Education has controlled the institution since 2006, although the school was run by a private organization that had a management contract with the state.

Medical boards will analyze the layoffs of teachers who are “doubtful”

Ambassador of Portugal in Luanda Francisco Alegre Duarte, Basically it’s a legal issue..

The diplomat added that with the transfer of the administration of the CPEA to the Portuguese state, “there was no transfer of labor relations of teachers”, which means that teachers had to sign a new contract to continue teaching.

This is what happened to the vast majority of teachers, including those who chose to challenge the decision in court,” Francisco Alegre Duarte Lusa said, adding that more than 100 teachers were at stake.

“There were meetings and clarification sessions where information about the impossibility of transferring the deposit was passed on, and the vast majority of teachers signed new contracts,” said a representative of the Portuguese state.

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According to the teacher heard by Lusa, after the contract ended on September 6, 2021, the next day, September 7, the teachers faced the signing of the ACIP (Community Interest Grant Agreement).

The cooperative handed us over in the public interest to the Ministry of Education. At the time of signing the ACIP, we were not given the time or opportunity to contact a lawyer,” he commented.

“We were even told that if we want to continue this academic year, which is ending, we had to sign, or if we didn’t want to, then we didn’t have a job“, he stressed.

“People were signing without knowing exactly what they were signing,” he said.

For a teacher, a member of a group of 15 professors on vacation, a signed ACIP “there is some illegal activity here”because “there was no way for people to know about it.”

At that moment, the ministry should have taken over everything, because deep down it was already in charge of the school, but this did not happen, ”he regretted.

A few months after the end of ACIP, on August 31, he continued, there was a meeting with the interim commission that runs the school.

“To inform us that they will continue to operate the school and to inform us that the terms of our contract will change,” he said.

Annual contracts will be signed, we will lose remuneration and career growth. When they did this, they did it verbally, we did not have any documents so that we could be detained and sued,” he said.

Months later, he added, the teachers “received an email from the interim committee informing them of a draft termination with the co-op” saying they would have to fill it out if they wanted to continue.

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“And our employment contract, which will be annual, although many have already entered into force, this, as far as I know, violates labor laws in both Angola and Portugal“, these.

The attempt at reconciliation with the Public Ministry failed and the supporters of the attempted agreement were removed.

Target teachers are the backbone of the school, we are talking about teachers who have worked there for 30 years, they are destroying the backbone of the school,” the teacher concluded.

Escola Portuguesa de Luanda – The Center for Portuguese Language and Education was established in accordance with the protocol for the Center for Portuguese Language and Education in Luanda, signed between the governments of Portugal and Angola and formally established in 2006.

The termination of the SPEA functions completes a series of episodes in which a group of cooperators confronted the leadership of the EPL. In 2020, about 300 cooperators from SDR signed a demand in defense of holding an extraordinary general meeting to discuss the revision of the charter and proposed to disband the current management bodies of the cooperative and appoint a temporary management commission.

At the time, the CPEA denied the accusations, saying it was a takeover attempt and justified the raise introduced in the 2020/2021 school year as a necessity to ensure the school’s survival.

Despite the current labor conflict, Francisco Alegre Duarte felt that this “A new beginning” and that “conditions have been met for a smooth start to the school year”, commending the leadership of Eduardo Fernandez (President of the Interim Administrative Commission) which has “benefited” the EPL by guaranteeing a “superb level of learning quality”. and stabilization of the financial situation

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“The transition from the management of the CPEA to the management of the Portuguese state was successful and stabilized the institution,” the diplomat stressed.

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