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England v Pakistan: first Twenty20 – live! | Sport














Rain stops play



WICKET! Gregory st Rizwan b Imad 2 (England 123-6)



WICKET! Moeen c Rizwan b Shadab 8 (England 120-5)



WICKET! Morgan lbw b Iftikhar 14 (England 118-4)




WICKET! Banton c Imad b Shadab 71 (England 109-3)



Banton to 50!



WICKET! Malan run out [Hafeez] England 74-2












WICKET! Bairstow c&b Imad 2 (England 3-1)










Babar Azam has won the toss




Welcome back to the strangest international summer, Manchester again the venue for the first of three T20s between England Pakistan. Now, remember, when these matches were fixtured, they were set to be just before October’s World Cup in the shortest form of the game. Of course, that’s no longer. However, there’s no doubting how much this means to players who have had so little to do in 2020.

Especially the Pakistan white-ball specialists. While their colleagues in the Test arena have been slugging it out over the last month, they have been stuck in the nets waiting for their opportunity to make this trip worthwhile. It isn’t quite the same for England, but this is the second time they have been locked away for a series this summer and it starts to take a toll after a while. Still, they’re here now.

For the hosts, the big news is that they will be without Jason Roy, who injured his side when batting during the week. This has led to him also ruling himself out of the Indian Premier League. The expectation is that the opener will be back for the Australian series beginning this time next week, but there’s nothing certain. It’s likely that this will open the door to a Banton/Bairstow opening combination.

It is safe to assume that at least four and up to six of the Pakistan tourists will be making the jump from red to white ball in the space of four days, including skipper Babar Azam who is the top ranked T20 batsman in the world. It’ll also be interesting to see Sarfraz Ahmed back in operation, returning to his position behind the stumps after being dropped from the Test captaincy last year. Or maybe they’ll stick with Rizwan in that job and the veteran will miss out? We’ll know in 15 minutes.

What seems certain is that we will see both Mohammad Amir and Wahab Riaz with the new ball in their hands when the time comes. In the case of the former, he is no longer available for Test selection so this becomes his main, and only, stage. Shaheen Afridi will also be there, so that makes three southpaw quicks. Fun! Drop me a line at any stage, of course, I’m here all night. Back with the toss shortly.

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Bradley Cooper starred in a nude scene: “It was very hard”



Bradley Cooper starred in a nude scene: "It was very hard"

(reproduction on Instagram, nightmare movie)

Just over a week left before the premiere. Alley of Nightmares, a thriller psychological William Del Toro, which features a lavish cast including Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette, Rooney Mara and Bradley Cooper. The actor spoke about filming Hollywood Reporter and his submission to the character.

“We wanted [o ator e o realizador] to really explore the theme of the film, and to really do that, we needed to be emotionally naked and full of soul.he began by counting. But the same script happened literally for the project, it was the first time the 47-year-old actor had starred in a frontal nudity scene, a decision not taken lightly.

I remember reading the script and thinking, “He’s a punk in this tub, and he’s serving history.” You must do it” commented on the first contact with the script, which received several suggestions from the actors. “I still remember the day when stayed naked in front of the team for six hoursand it was Toni Collette’s first day. It was like “Wow”. It was very hard.”, described the film, which took two and a half years to shoot.

In the same interview, Bradley Cooper assured that it was not unreasonable nudity and that he never backed down from his decision.

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Laura Figueiredo takes her daughter to work: “I’m afraid to send her to school”



Laura Figueiredo takes her daughter to work: "I'm afraid to send her to school"

This Monday, January 17th, Laura Figueiredo shared a few stories in your instagram page, where he reveals that he took his daughter with him, Beatriceto work and explains why.

“On Friday, Bia arrived with a brutal virus. On Saturday after dinner it felt better there, but yesterday … “, began with an explanation, showing that a four-year-old girl was in the hospital and that she did not have Covid-19.

Then the former presenter Fama Show explained why he decided to take his daughter to work with him: “Today is better? Yes. But if only yesterday I had a virus, I’m afraid to send it to school today, no go she gives it to some little friend, some little friend who might have a little brother at home, a pregnant mother. This is my way of thinking. I know that not everyone has the opportunity to take their children to work, but if they can … “.

“I am not saying that those who send their children to school do not think about others. This is not a criticism guys. This is my share and understand how you think”he added.


to a companion Mikael Carreira He also said that this is the second virus he has contracted, as did his daughter: “Ninja recovered in 24 hours and I am still looking for my body because my soul has run away. I already realized that I am a person who never gets sick, but I should have zero resistance to childhood viruses..

Finally, Laura Figueiredo shared pictures of herself with her daughter and dog. Snow, after hours. “We all went to work. It feels like we went on vacation or on a tour. Tomorrow we go toglue,” he concluded.

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Journalist Luis Maya in mourning. “The woman who raised me is dead”



Journalist Luis Maya in mourning.  "The woman who raised me is dead"

luís Maia is going through this Monday, January 17, a particularly painful day. The SIC journalist said goodbye to one of the most important people in his life, his godmother.

“The woman who raised me died, who accompanied me in my childhood, youth, in all difficult moments, who conveyed to me values, who taught me the importance of respect, honesty and gratitude. It is thanks to her that I am here. today. I owe him my life,” he begins with a statement in a farewell message he shared on his official Instagram account.

“She is my godmother, but I have the same love for her as a son for his mother,” he assures.

“Lately, I just breathed. He didn’t move anymore. He didn’t communicate. I was just waiting for her time to come. memories of beautiful moments and everything I would rather believe you heard the words I said to you when I went to say goodbye days before I took my last breath.
I love you godmother. Forever ends.

To these emotional words, Luis Maya added a charming photograph in which he appeared next to such an important woman in his life.

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See also  The widower of Maria João Abreu talks about the hard days without the love of his life
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