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Each and every Sumatran rhino has died in Malaysia. Researchers want to convey them back with cloning technological innovation



Every Sumatran rhino has died in Malaysia. Scientists want to bring them back with cloning technology

Now, Malaysian researchers are hoping to use tissues and cells from Iman and other useless rhinos to bring the population again.

The project, executed by a group at the Worldwide Islamic College Malaysia (IIUM), focuses on stem cell engineering and in-vitro fertilization. The process is equivalent to cloning technological know-how, in that it aims to give start to a new newborn applying cells from previous rhinos, stated Dr. Muhammad Lokman Bin Md. Isa, just one of the lead researchers.

“Before the three rhinos (the previous survivors in Malaysia) died, we received their cells, and the cells are however alive — which is why I’m pretty assured,” Dr. Lokman advised CNN. “If you you should not have any cells, or if we just experienced tissue that usually are not residing any longer, we can not do nearly anything with that. We can only set it in a e book or museum. But now we have a living thing that we can use.”

This is how the process is effective: In collaboration with the Borneo Rhino Alliance (BORA), the scientists gathered cells and tissue from the last three Sumatran rhinos at BORA’s sanctuary — such as Iman — right before every single died.

The cells arrived from the rhinos’ hearts, lungs, brains and kidneys. Crucially, the staff gathered stem cells — fundamentally, raw materials from which cells with specialized functions can be created.

There are then two possible strategies. The very first is to acquire these stem cells into an egg and sperm, to develop an embryo that will be implanted into a surrogate mother. The surrogate will possible be a further rhino, either a Sumatran rhino from yet another region or another species.

The second technique is to acquire the egg of a surrogate animal, take away the nucleus, and join it with a Sumatran rhino’s somatic mobile. This approach was famously made use of to clone Dolly the sheep in 1996.

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Lokman and his colleagues are seeking equally means.

For the reason that the stem cells self-replicate, the group has a decent stockpile and can check out various solutions to see which performs greatest.

There are 2 northern white rhinos left worldwide. Scientists created embryos to save the animal from extinction

The team is still in the preliminary levels upcoming, they need to analyze the cells to produce a genomic database, differentiate the stem cells, and do the job with zoos and conservancies to come across a suitable surrogate woman. There are a range of techniques this could go incorrect the fertilization could are unsuccessful, and even if it isn’t going to, the being pregnant could fail after the embryo is implanted.

But there are indicators of hope from comparable jobs all around the globe. A Kenyan conservancy residences the only two northern white rhinos left globally, Fatu and Najin, who are both of those female. Last yr, scientists effectively fertilized in-vitro embryos gathered from the two remaining women with sperm from useless males, which was celebrated as a important action ahead in preserving the subspecies.

The race against extinction

Iman died at BORA’s Borneo Rhino Sanctuary final yr, the place she had been saved and cared for considering the fact that her seize in 2014. She was 25, and had cancer, which was beginning to result in her discomfort for the reason that a tumor was placing tension on her bladder.

Her dying came months immediately after Tam, Malaysia’s last male Sumatran rhino, died after suffering organ failure. Conservationists had hoped to breed Tam and Iman.
Tam was the only male Sumatran rhino left in Malaysia before he died in 2019.

There are a variety of things that challenging these attempts the female rhinos at the reserve turned out to be infertile, and plans to established up an worldwide breeding collaboration in the long run failed thanks to “a sequence of incidents, some sociopolitical, some organic, and some only bad luck,” stated Susie Ellis, govt director of the International Rhino Foundation, in a statement soon after Tam’s loss of life.

Sumatran rhinos, the world’s smallest rhino species, are listed as critically endangered by the World Wildlife Fund. The Intercontinental Rhino Foundation estimates that there are less than 80 alive in the planet.

With Iman’s loss of life, the IRF declared the species extinct in the wild in Malaysia the remaining rhinos are scattered throughout Indonesia and Thailand.

Scientists create fake rhino horn from horsehair in a bid to save the species

The population’s decline was originally caused by poaching for their horns, which were being coveted as ingredients in traditional Asian medicine. Later, it was exacerbated by fragmented habitats and human encroachment on the surroundings, which protect against the rhinos from accumulating and breeding.

The intercontinental trade in rhino horn has been banned considering the fact that 1977, controlled by the Convention on Global Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), but person countries ascertain their own legal guidelines that allow or prohibit its sale domestically, according to Preserve the Rhino.

There are now only five remaining rhino species globally, and all are threatened. Some sub-species have previously vanished the western black rhino, native to western Africa, was declared extinct in 2013 because of to poaching. The past male northern white rhino died final yr, which is what pushed experts to check out in-vitro fertilization with Fatu and Najin.

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“Sanctions against Russia are useless” – Obozrevatel



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Retired Ambassador Fernando d’Oliveira Neves defended that Western sanctions against Russia are “in vain” and that the solution to the war in Ukraine must be negotiated with Vladimir Putin. “We could start by trying to reach out to Russia to see what measures they can accommodate,” the diplomat suggested in an interview with CNN Portugal.

If Vladimir Putin does not listen, “patience”: we must continue the diplomatic path to “find a solution that takes into account the legitimate concerns Russia’s security,” he defended the ambassador who negotiated on Timor. Sanctions are “completely worthless”: “The only time they say that sanctions could have had any effect was during the apartheid period.”

Fernando d’Oliveira Neves, who served at the Portuguese Mission to the United Nations (UN) and the Embassy in Washington, explained that condemns and opposes “completely against” Russia’s actions in Ukraine. The head of the Russian state is a “criminal” and “murderer” who should be present at the International War Crimes Tribunal, he classified.

But it is not recommended to “create an austerity regime against Russia” because it is harmful. In fact, the sanctions that were applied in 2014 during the annexation of Crimea were already a mistake: “They humiliate the country and strengthen political unity and cohesion,” the diplomat believes.


That is why the ambassador “categorically against NATO expansion to the east” she also disagrees with the opening of the European Union to any country that left the Soviet Union, such as Moldova, Georgia or Ukraine. “All countries have problems with Russian minorities,” Fernando d’Oliveira Neves believed, “and “ours are enough for us.”

And these problems can become more dense for the countries that are members of the Alliance, Fernando Neves fears. “The path we’re on could lead to a direct confrontation between NATO and RussiaThis direct confrontation could “easily slip through a small misunderstanding” between Russia and Finland, countries that share maritime exploration of the waters bordering both coasts, the ambassador warned.

Trying to interpret Vladimir Putin’s goals, the ambassador believes that the Russian leader has two demands on the West: to recognize Russia as a great power and recognize that the country “has a right to have security concerns for your safety, as we all do.” Fernando Neves calls for an end to “hypocrisy” and “not to pretend that we are saints when we do the same thing.”

We support for I don’t know how many years the biggest violator of international law who practices in installments what Russia does all at once: Israel,” defended the ambassador, also warning that the international community was tolerant of US attacks on Iraq — which, in the end, in his opinion, had the same agenda , which is the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Two women died in a shark attack in the Red Sea



Two women have died in a brutal shark attack in Egypt’s Red Sea. The incident took place south of the city of Hurghada and was confirmed by Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad on Sunday.

According to Reutersapparently two victims were not connected to each other, and the attacks must have taken place at different times. One Austrian68 years old, lived in the village, gr.managed to swim ashore after the attack. still no was taken to the hospital, but ended up dying from the severity of her injuries.

In a few hours, about 600 meters from the site where the Austrian woman was attacked, the authorities discovered the body of a Romanian woman under the age of 50.

This was announced by the Ministry of the Environment. setting up a commission to investigate the circumstances of these attacks.

Governor of the Red Sea Province ordered the suspension of all activities and the closure of beaches in the area.

Shark species responsible for attacks unknown. The AFP news agency and the Austrian media claim that Mako shark, known as the fastest shark in the world. Egyptian newspapers I think it’s a white shark.

mako shark (Nano Calvo/VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
White shark (HUM Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Although Egypt is heavenly place and very popular among European tourists, It is known that the Red Sea sharks.

Attacks count rarebut happen. In 2020, a young Ukrainian lost his arm, and the tour guide lost his legs after such an attack.

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Rhian Naud, the man who died after being “hunted” in his illegal game



O The body of a poacher was found next to his car in Limpopo, South Africa.

According to international publications, this is Rian Naud, a man who hunts endangered animals and often shared photos next to the bodies. In the caption to one of these photographs, which shows a lion – still alive – the hunter wrote: “Now have fun in hell”.

Naudé was mortally wounded on the spot, at close range near the Kruger National Park. According to international publications, the man was driving when the car appeared and the people in it shot him dead.

“The man was lying face up, and there was blood on his head”– said a representative of the local authorities. “The reason for the attack is unknown”the same source said.

According to South African media, weapons, clothes, water, whiskey and pajamas were found at the crime scene.

The trophy hunter had a poaching company located in northern South Africa. According to the New York Post, the company charged around €2,428 for a crocodile hunt or €1,457 for a giraffe hunt.

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