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Carmakers urge FTC to struggle Qualcomm ruling



Carmakers urge FTC to fight Qualcomm ruling

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A team of carmakers and tech firms is urging US regulators to acquire more action from chipmaker Qualcomm in excess of its gross sales tactics.

Tesla, Ford, Honda, Daimler, Intel and MediaTek have requested the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to struggle a latest courtroom ruling in favour of Qualcomm.

Qualcomm has a exercise of demanding consumers to sign patent licence agreements before marketing them chips.

These types of tactics have drawn accusations the business is stifling level of competition.

Qualcomm, the world’s largest maker of cellular telephone chips, has contested people statements. The BBC has approached the business for comment on the carmakers’ letter.

In January 2017, the FTC brought a criticism from Qualcomm in federal district courtroom, accusing it of using “anticompetitive techniques” to maintain a monopoly in providing semiconductors for cellular phones and other goods.

The FTC stated at the time that Qualcomm’s “anticompetitive perform” led to the WiMax regular for 4G currently being dropped, while LTE grew to become adopted by the world wide cell business in its place.

The US trade regulator pressured that Qualcomm’s tactics experienced harmed both of those “competition and consumers” and intended that mobile mobile phone makers like Apple experienced to pay back increased selling prices for Qualcomm chips.

In May 2019, a US district choose sided with the FTC and ruled that Qualcomm would will need to alter its patent licensing techniques, but previously this month, a panel of judges in the Ninth Circuit Courtroom of Appeals reversed the final decision.

“If authorized to stand, the panel’s determination could destabilise the criteria ecosystem by encouraging the abuse of market electric power acquired through collaborative typical-location,” the team of car or truck firms and tech corporations wrote in its letter.

Apple also sued Qualcomm in January 2017 and accused it of overcharging for its technological know-how, and Qualcomm counter-sued, declaring that Apple stole its trade secrets and techniques, among other points. Sooner or later, the two companies settled all lawsuits in April 2019.

The trouble with patents

According to Glyn Moody, a journalist specialising in tech policy, the car or truck industry is bothered by Qualcomm’s patent methods mainly because “cars are essentially turning out to be pcs on wheels”, as the market proceeds to produce more advanced related cars and trucks.

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A car showcasing 5G intelligence exhibited by Qualcomm at Mobile Globe Congress in 2019

In the long run, it is hoped that linked vehicles will use 5G processors to connect them to the internet. Carmakers have seen this battle above 4G and are concerned it will cement the firm’s placement as the fight for dominance about 5G engineering improvements.

“This is a fully different world than the one [carmakers] are made use of to, so they are instantly faced with working with pc benchmarks and laptop patents, which is a big issue for them as they never have any. So if they have to start off licensing this stuff, it is really going to get high priced for them,” Mr Moody informed the BBC.

A patent is a licence that confers the owner the sole appropriate to make an creation, and the sole proper to exclude some others from generating, making use of or selling that creation.

“The simple basic principle of patents is that you had an strategy and people just pay out you for the reason that you experienced an strategy,” he stated.

“The patent point is a final vacation resort system – when you never know what to do, you mainly assert men and women owe you cash for patents even nevertheless you’re not performing considerably for it.”

Prof Mark Lemley of Stanford Law Faculty is director of the Stanford Plan in Law, Science and Engineering. He has been adhering to Qualcomm’s numerous court instances for a number of years.

“Qualcomm produced a motivation that it would licence its chips on sensible and non-discriminatory terms, due to the fact they required their chips to be integrated in the field standards, and then they established a structure to prevent carrying out this,” he claimed.

“I consider they are in fact violating the antitrust legislation.”

‘Patents are poor for innovation’

Prof Lemley thinks that the Ninth Circuit Courtroom of Appeals has misunderstood “the definition of antitrust legislation” in reversing the judgement from Qualcomm.

“It says for occasion that it can disregard most of the district court docket findings simply because these conclusions show harm to downstream clients, and anti-have faith in law only issues opponents,” he defined.

“That is precisely backwards – for many years antitrust legislation has explained we are not out to safeguard competitors, we’re out to safeguard the competitive course of action and protect customers.”

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Qualcomm’s rival Intel has 5G related trials with many carmakers and telecoms technological know-how firms all around the environment

The FTC can charm the conclusion, but if the carmakers and tech companies would like to sue Qualcomm, they would have to keep away from Ninth Circuit courts covering the western coast of the US, as “courts within that circuit would come to feel bound by that final decision”.

“If they are unable to persuade the FTC to act, they will nonetheless have the opportunity to argue this is mistaken and should not be followed in other conditions, but it turns into more challenging.”

Mr Moody, who writes for Techdirt, a well known web site about technology legal worries, stresses that patents are genuinely undesirable for innovation.

“If you want to grow the industry for related automobiles, what you truly want is open specifications without patent encumbrances, so that you can have as quite a few organizations taking part in the marketplace as probable [to] generate innovation and minimize expenses.”

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Rubric: Politicians and politicians – Assembly with 16 newbies



Rubric: Politicians and politicians - In 2002 the best voice

Of the 40 state deputies elected on Sunday (2), 16 will be elected to the first term in the legislature. Another 24 were re-elected. Of the 16 newcomers, two have already come on as substitutes: Carlos Humberto (Poland) for 60 days in 2020 and Pepe Kollas (PR) who was in the Assembly for the same time in 2022.

first election

Four of the 16 newcomers have never held elective office: Mario Motta (PSD), Egidio Ferrari (PTB), Matheus Cadorin (Novo) and Sergio Guimarães (Unian). For the first time, PL will have the largest bench with 11 seats. Since 1982, only MDB and PP had such benches.

MDB is compressed

The MBR elected six deputies, it had 9; PT won four out of 40 vacancies. Psol and Novo elected state deputies for the first time. Both parties already had parliamentarians in the House of Representatives, but elected by other acronyms who, already in power, migrated to Psol and Novo.


* The MDB made six state deputies (from nine) and kept the three federal representatives it already had. But he leaves the October election in disbelief. With no gubernatorial candidate and with groups divided between supporters of Carlos Moises (Republicans) and Jorginho Mello (PL), the polls even killed the party’s president, Federal MP Celso Maldaner, now without a mandate.

* The MDB has been the home of arrogant and outdated politicians for decades. Leadership does not grow in their shadow. Former mayor Antidio Lunelli, now an MP with 76,000 votes, is a more recent example. In order to survive on its own feet, the parties will have to reorganize, but for this it is necessary to sweep all patterns out of the executive branch.

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*This is the same for PP, PSDB, PT and PSD. With all due respect, the rest of the existing parties in the SC are the “New People” rice parties are always welcome in an election year, but carry stones. And stay there.

*Over time: PSD and MDB tend to support Jorginho Mello (PL) in the second round. PSDB has already joined. This is the current voice behind the scenes that the Republicans, the party of Moses, are going to support Jorginho Mello! The announcement will be made by the party’s president and re-elected state deputy, Sergio Motta. At the national level, Republicans support Bolsonaro.

*At the national level, the MDB is in a difficult position. Senator Simona Tebet, who garnered a meager 4.9 million votes but is still ahead of loudmouth Ciro Gomes (PDT), is showing signs of support for Lula da Silva (PT), but that’s personal. The executive branch must “free” state catalogs.

* The PRB Federal MP in 2018, who received 179,000 votes (the most voted out of 16 federal elected this year) and unfurled the Bolsonarist flag, Hélio Costa (PSD) has now garnered a measly 18,000 votes. Even with almost 1.5 million reais from the Electoral Fund. The average cost is 84 reais per vote. explains Freud?

* Arlindo Rincos (União Brasil) was one of the few state candidates nominated in Jaragua do Sul. From the party fund, which maintains party directories throughout the year (and is also used in election campaigns), 600,000 reais were received. He received 1623 votes. The average cost is BRL 370.00 per vote. explains Freud?

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last call

Scheduled for a runoff against PT Decio Lima, Senator Jorginho Mello (PL) and businessman and political activist Luciano Hagn are already planning a new visit by Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to the state. They assume it will be the lime shovel in Lima’s claim. And no less. In Joinville, Mello received 151,000 votes, in Blumenau, the PT candidate’s base of votes, 85,000 votes (Lima received 33,000) and in Florianopolis 68,000 votes. In “Capital”, Mello lost to Lima, who earned 75 thousand.

Influence of presidential candidates

There are irrefutable reflections on the visit of Lula da Silva in September (Florianopolis) and Bolsonaro on October 1 (Joinville). Mello advances to the second round with a huge lead of 1.5 million votes over Lima with 710,000 votes.

cousins ​​in cell

Julia Zanata (PL), who was elected as a federal deputy and had support in Jaragua do Sul and the region, and Ricardo Guidi (PSD), who was re-elected as a federal deputy, come from Crisiuma. And what’s more, cousins ​​from families that get along too well.

Do you want to be the first to know the news from Jaragua do Sul and the region? CLICK HERE and join our whatsapp group!

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Fake news dampens political and election debate, Saretta says



Fake news dampens political and election debate, Saretta says

Congressman Neody Saretta (PT) said this Wednesday (5th) in the Legislative Assembly (Alesc) that the dissemination of information that attempts to sway voters to lie, so-called fake news, is eclipsing pre-election and political debate. “We can’t just keep discussing recruitment, I don’t know what, we have to look at the reality of people who are suffering and hardworking and who are sometimes misled by some kind of false news.”

He recalled how strongly the system and electoral justice were attacked, but despite speculation and mistrust, “the system worked, people voted for whom they wanted, polling stations opened and votes appeared there, as a citizen contributed. ”

According to him, in the second round we will have the opportunity to really discuss the proposals. “Our candidate Desio Lima did well in the elections when he got through to the second round and I’m sure he will take part in the debate about what’s best for SC and our municipalities.”

The MP said that politicians have a mission to work to improve people’s lives and that much remains to be done. “We have people who cannot afford to buy their own food, who are squeezing their salaries from everywhere to get through the month. There are many people who need more effective action from our governments.”

He hopes that the second round will discuss what is best for the population, its conditions and quality of life, “so that the state can guarantee people more services and have a larger share of the national pie, since so much is collected and little is returned.”

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Saretta thanked the people of Santa Catarina who believed and supported her candidacy, which allowed her to remain in the Assembly for another four years and continue the work that she is doing. “I thank those who participated in the electoral process, correctly, with dignity, as it should be,” he said.

According to him, walking around Santa Catarina and talking with the population during the action, many did not understand how the state fund has free resources and people continue to wait two or three years for admission, surgery, medical care. “Karma that cannot last,” he commented.

Similarly, while traveling on the roads, whether federal or state highways, the MP was reminded of the appalling traffic conditions that put those who work with their trucks, transport goods, as well as those who travel with their family or go on foot, at risk.

“Santa Catarina needs to take a closer look at these health and infrastructure issues. I defended it and took it as a real flag of life, because I understand that the key to any government is to serve the people, and health should come first.

Saretta drew attention to the problem of huge social inequality, which depends on the actions of the federal government, which cannot turn its back on those who have the least, those who need it most. “The population cannot be prejudiced against immigrant brothers, almost all of us are immigrants in one way or another, from the present or from the past, and we, unfortunately, see the spread of discriminatory ideas when we are all equal people.”

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Juliana Wilke
Collective consulting | Bench for physical education in Alesc | 48 3221 2824 [email protected]Twitter: @PTnoparlamento | Facebook: PT without Parliament

Source: Agency ALESC – Offices

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Political support for sports!



Vila Nova deve estrear no Olímpico nesse Goianão 2022

In the 2022 elections, some sports-related names in Goiás tried to compete for a seat in the Legislative Assembly or in the National Congress, but did not succeed in the elections. Dante do Volei was not elected as a federal deputy, nor were Edson Automoveis, former councilor of Goiania, and Luis Bercuo, former president of the Goiás Basketball Federation, were not elected as state deputies. All of them have a list of relevant services provided to the Brazilian sport. They have earned a seat in Parliament.

Of the candidates strongly associated with sports, Daniel Vilela, who was elected lieutenant governor on the list of Ronaldo Cayado, succeeded. Daniel is a former professional soccer player. He has the right to represent the segment. Daniel Vilela is expected to have a strong focus on sports through the expansion of sports promotion programs in our state.

Goiás has interesting projects and sports support programs. Pro-Atleta is committed to serving high performance athletes; Construcindo Champions, a martial arts training program with about 7,900 students from Goiás; The Viva Mais Goias program targets seniors in 19 cities across the state.

The sports and parasports centers have been established by the State Department of Sports and Recreation (Seel) in cooperation with the municipalities of the hinterland. Also in partnership with the organizer of the championship of Spain, Seel implements the social project La Liga Goias with the distribution of sports materials in several municipalities of Goias.

Through Seel, the government promotes various sporting events and competitions. The Open Games of Goiás, the largest sports competition in the state, are designed for the participation of athletes from all the municipalities of Goiás in 21 uniforms. This year, the Quilombola Cup was created, which is held in six stages with the final in the city of Cavalcante.

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At the national level, the Senate approved Bill 940 of 2022, which extends until 2027 the tax benefits provided by the Sports Promotion Act (Act 11,438 of 2006). The rapporteur on this issue was the former player Romario, who was re-elected as a senator from the PL of Rio de Janeiro. In addition to extending the term, the Senate-approved rule increases the rates that companies and individuals can use in their annual income tax (IT) contributions and includes elementary, middle and high schools as fundraisers.

In the case of individual taxpayers, the new LIE increases from 6% to 7% of the IRPF due to the deduction limit as a donation or sponsorship for sports and parasports projects. This, together with contributions to funds for children and the elderly, to cultural projects and investments in audiovisual works.

In the case of companies, it increases the deduction limit for donations or sponsorships of sports and parasports projects from 1% to 2%. It also includes projects for social inclusion through sports, up to a collective limit of 4%, which is currently shared only between cultural projects and investments in audiovisual works.

I think laws and programs to encourage sports should go beyond sponsoring athletes and teams from different sports. They also need to contain strategies for social inclusion. Only in this way will the entire population benefit from physical and sporting activities, leading to a healthier life for all.

We hope that elected politicians will follow through on the promises made during the campaign and step up action in favor of sport. We want to see the plate!

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