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Trump promises strong ‘pressure’ to make schools reopen because of the fall



Trump promises strong 'pressure' to make schools reopen because of the fall

President Trump said Tuesday that his administration would “put a lot of pressure” on the US governor to reopen public schools in the fall.

“We will strongly pressure the governor and everyone to open schools, to make them open. This is very important, “Trump said at the White House event which presented health experts, educators and politicians in the reopening of schools.

“So we will put a lot of pressure [governors] to open your school in the fall, “he continued.

“Everyone wants it. Mothers want it. Fathers want it. Children want it. It’s time to do it. “

The president also touted his administration’s efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic – and pointed to Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis, who announced earlier in the day that the school would reopen there in the fall despite the recent large surge in several cases. .

“[Vice President] Mike [Pence] told me that Governor DeSantis did great [job]”The newly announced school will open in the fall and we hope that most schools will open,” Trump said.

He then appeared to accuse the governor of not wanting to reopen on security grounds for trying to hurt him politically.

“They thought it would be good for them politically so they closed the school. Impossible.”

First Lady Melania Trump focuses on children and their educational and emotional needs in a short speech.

“The government has been working all the time to protect Americans from the corona virus, but many challenges for children and families can be as invisible as a virus, and as dangerous as children who are not in school,” he said.

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“They lost more than just time in class, they lost the laughter of friends, learning from the teachers and the joy of resting and playing,” continued the first lady before stressing the importance of safe reopening.

Trump at the event with the teacher.
Getty Images

“For children with disabilities, without access to technology or a home that is not a safe place, the situation could be worse. As the beginning of the school year approaches, I encourage parents, teachers and schools to teach children about the importance of the CDC guidelines and to implement them when appropriate, “he said.

“The mental health and social development of children must be as much a priority as physical health.”

While Trump and Pence talk about the danger of closing schools to children, business and conservative groups urge the opening of safe schools as important to getting their parents back to work and reviving the US economy.

“Schools connect students with peers and mentors, channel young energy into productive activities, teach important academic skills and knowledge, and give parents who are overwhelmed to breathe and work,” said the American Enterprise Institute here in urgent preparation for reopening of a fallen school.

Pence at the event promised that the federal government would work with the governor and other local leaders that reopening was carried out safely and that children’s health would be a priority.

And the chief commander said that once schools and the country were reopened there would be no return – even when several governors stopped their plans to reopen their economy.

“Now we are open and we want to remain open and we will remain open. We do not close. We will put out the fire when they come out. I call them embers and fire and whatever you want to call it, “he said.

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And he reiterated that his administration had saved millions of lives based on projections that two million Americans could die without mitigation, and that the only reason the US led the world in confirmed cases was because of what he called extensive testing.

“If we do half the testing, we have fewer cases,” Trump said.

Colleges and universities are also considering plans to continue this fall, including changes to the calendar and online classes.

The Trump administration said Monday foreign students must leave the country if their schools move to online classes completely, which could hamper income for these schools.

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Members of the Airborne Operational Battalion of the Parachute Regiment of the Portuguese Army during the annual Falcon Jump exercise on September 17, 2022 over the Ede launch zone, 18 km west of Arnhem, in the province of Gelderland, the Netherlands. A Portuguese skydiver is equipped with a SPEKON RS 2000 parachute from the German manufacturer SPEKON Sächsische Spezialkonfekion GmbH. Above him are US paratroopers with T-11 parachutes.

Photo by M. Bienik | 6 barrels per day

The annual Falcon Leap 2022 exercise, based in Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands, took place from 5 to 16 September 2022 in the Netherlands and Belgium. During the first week, the exercise focused on cargo drop operations, and the second week focused on drop operations. It was attended by more than 1 thousand soldiers representing 13 countries, including Portugal, with the participation of the Operational Detachment of 22 soldiers from the Airborne Operational Battalion of the Parachute Regiment of the Ground Forces.

The exercise officially ended on September 17, 2022, commemorating the 78th anniversary of Operation Market Garden, which began on the same day in 1944, during World War II, as part of the largest airborne operation in which more than 40,000 troops serving in the 1st Airborne Division of Great Britain, the 1st Independent Parachute Brigade of Poland, the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions of the United States of America. These commemorations were marked by the launch of paratroopers over the original drop zones of the Operation.

The photo was taken by the Polish soldier M. Benek, seconded to the 6th Airborne Brigade (BPD) – Brigadier General Stanisław Sosabowski, a unit that is the result of the historical legacy of the 1st Separate Polish Airborne Brigade, which jumped during the operation ” Bazaar Garden “, in 1944 under the command of General. Stanislav Sosabovsky – whose name is a suffix (as patron) of the current unit.

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Article published in partnership with “Espada & Escudo”



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Luana Piovani goes to Portugal’s Golden Globes with her boyfriend



Luana Piovani goes to Portugal's Golden Globes with her boyfriend

Luana Piovani

Photo: Instagram/@luanapiovani/Famous and Celebrities

This Sunday, the 2nd, actress Luana Piovani went to the Portuguese Golden Globes along with her boyfriend Lucas Bittencourt. In her Instagram, the actress praised the outfits they were wearing.

Ready for the Golden Globes. Great guy. We are very, very luxurious, my love,” said Luana. While Lucas was wearing a black suit, she was wearing a short white lace dress with green accents at the waist.

Luana Piovani at the Golden Globes.  -

Luana Piovani at the Golden Globes. –

Photo: Instagram/@luanapiovani/Famous and Celebrities

“Long live the Golden Globes and long live you, my love, who accompanied me and constantly gave me a hand, because I have very high heels and I have a problem knee,” the actress shared.

Luana Piovani revealed the reason for the breakup with Pedro Scooby

Actress Luana Piovani finally revealed the real reason behind his breakup with surfer and former BBB Pedro Scooby. In the documentary “A Vida é Irada, Vamos Curtir”, the actress recalled the tense moment they went through due to the inattention of the athlete, which eventually became the trigger for the divorce.

While they are traveling with their family, Pedro forgot to extend their stay, leaving Luana with nowhere to go with her children and several problems to deal with. “I had to leave before 13:00 the next day because the property was already rented out. With three children and twelve suitcases, Luna remembered. “When I hung up, I took the ring off my finger, put it on the table and said, ‘My marriage just ended.’ indicated.

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Portugal loses to meet Slovenia in the 1/8 finals of the Table Tennis World Cup – Observer



Portugal loses to meet Slovenia in the 1/8 finals of the Table Tennis World Cup - Observer

The Portugal men’s table tennis team lost 3-1 to Denmark on Tuesday, but have already secured their place in the 1/8 finals of the World Team Championship, in which they will play with Slovenia.

Portugal, ranked ninth in the world rankings, proved itself in the previous two rounds against Slovakia with a score of 3:1 and against Brazil with a score of 3:2, thus guaranteeing not only access to the playoffs of the World Cup, which occupies a place in Chengdu, China, but also a victory in Group 6.

Without Marcos Freitas, the Portuguese player best positioned in the world hierarchy in which he is ranked 33rd, the national team won one game, Joao Heraldo, world number 49, over Anders Lind, 156th in the rankings, at 3- 1, with ends 11-9, 11-9, 8-11 and 11-5.

Diogo Chen (692nd), who replaced Marcos Freitas, lost the first two games he played in the tournament to Thor Christensen (891st) 3-0 (6-11, 9-11 and 8-11) and Anders Lind . , with a score of 3-1 (8-11, 11-6, 5-11 and 14-16), while João Monteiro (83rd) was surprised by Tobias Rasmussen (363rd) with a score of 3-0, with ends 12-14, 9-11 and 8-11.


The Portuguese team could not get even with an exception introduced by Denmark in the round of 16 of the 2021 European Championship.which suffered its first setback in the competition and did not even shake the first place in the group, as it had the advantage of head-to-head with Brazil and Slovakia, who faced each other on Tuesday, with the South Americans winning 3-0.

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Portugal finished level with Brazil, while Slovakia was third and Denmark fourth, and will face Slovenia, the 14th team in the world, with Darko Jocic standing out as eighth in the individual pecking order and second in Europe.

The Slovenian national team, which beat Thailand (3:0), Puerto Rico (3:1) and the USA (3:0) in Chengdu and lost only to the hosts and the very favorite China (3:0), beat Portugal in the final of the Mediterranean Games 2022 year in Oran (Algeria).

Women’s representation, which reached the 1/8 finals of the World Cup for the first timewill play against Luxembourg, the 25th team in the world rankings.

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