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Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot from the Nets has a chance to succeed



Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot from the Nets has a chance to succeed

Sometimes it takes an outside view for perspective.

And when the Nets’ wing, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot, their friends and family who return to France witness the US failing to slow down the coronavirus – and many Americans refuse to act responsibly – they cannot help but be stunned.

“Yes, they really ask themselves what happened, why it’s still here, why [is it] you can’t do everything we do, especially how sophisticated you are, “Luwawu-Cabarrot said on Zoom’s call Friday.” I’m just telling the truth. I tell them that sometimes people are not responsible, and are outside without a mask and gloves, and don’t pay attention to all these things. They are shocked and surprised. “

“For them, it is difficult. Literally [for] two months, you can’t get out. If you leave the house, you must get a lethal reason to go, such as going to the doctor and having paper to prove it, or going to the grocery store to get supplies. But besides the two or other urgencies, you can’t get out. Or if you come out it’s a big fine, a few thousand euros. It was a big problem there, so they were really surprised and surprised we didn’t have things like this here. “

The US has more than 2.7 million of 10.9 million COVID-19 cases worldwide, and nearly 130,000 of 523,000 deaths. And the number is still increasing in 40 out of 50 countries.

Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot
Timothe Luwawu-CabarrotNBAE via Getty Images

With the long past French peak, Luwawu-Cabarrot hopes he will take the time to go home; but in the end, he decided it wasn’t worth the risk.

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Instead, he stays in Brooklyn, spends his time studying Spanish, starts cooking (his favorite is fried chicken), and reading (currently “Chop Wood Carry Water,” temporarily owned by Jacque Vaughn.)

But now with the Nets continuing training, he and his team-mates are preparing to restart the season in Orlando on July 31 against the Magic.

This will be a few Nets teams that will be difficult to recognize.

With Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Jordan, Wilson Chandler and Nic Claxton all out, and Spencer Dinwiddie in question, there are several minutes guaranteed to be owned by Luwawu-Cabarrot.

For a player who was released in preseason, joining the Nets as a two-way and having to prove himself with a 10-day contract, one place in rotation is a big thing.

“This is very big for us, very big for me,” said Luwawu-Cabarrot. “Obviously, we will miss them. But as we said this year and as always, that is the next person. You must stay ready and ready to play … I am sure they will support us and we will try and do the best work possible. we can. “

Just before closing, Luwawu-Cabarrot has played the best since joining the NBA. There were 21 season high points in the win at Charlotte, and 16 points, an effort of eight rebounds in the comeback victory on March 3 in Boston where he posted an amazing plus-27. He ended the game with 13 points when he won at the Lakers before the match was stopped.

The French wing has the third highest Net Ranking in the team (7.0) in five matches just before the league closes.

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“The NBA people are the NBA people at the end of the day, whether they get an injection or not,” Caris LeVert said. “The people there [Boston] game – many of them are young like [Chris] Chiozza and TLC – still NBA-caliber players, really high-level players who have many talents. “

Luwawu-Cabarrot will take his shot in Orlando. He not only played, but – with the frontcourt destroyed – had to use his 6-foot-7, 210-pound body as a four stretch. Or worse.

“I think now I have to play 4 or 5 at some point,” said Luwawu-Cabarrot, adding that he had never played center.

“My role will remain the same: I will only help more in the paint and stay there together [Jarrett Allen], sometimes they have to do the dirty work they do. “

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Portuguese health minister rejects conflict of interest over marriage to president



The health minister said there was no conflict of interest in her marriage to the current chairman of the Order of Dietitians, saying that the trusteeship of that body had been delegated to the Secretary of State for Health Promotion.

Portugal Digital with Lusa

“Honestly, I don’t think it exists. I have no doubt that this Lady Secretary of State will fill this leadership role,” Manuel Pizarro said on Monday (age 26) on the sidelines of the Pharmacist’s Day celebrations in Sintra, in the Lisbon area.

Aware of the possible conflict of interest, Manuel Pizarro explained that he took “the most appropriate measure (…)”, which was to entrust the functions of guardianship of the Order of Nutritionists to Margarida Tavares.”

“(…) Since I took office as a minister, I have been aware that, since professional organizations have an administrative oversight role, (…) there is a risk of conflict of interest, and I have taken the measures that seem to me the most appropriate, which from the very decided at the outset that he would delegate this oversight function over the Order of Nutritionists to the Secretary of State for Health Promotion,” he stressed.

When asked about the reasons why Margarida Tavares’ name still does not appear in the Diário da República, the official said that “it was necessary to wait for the inauguration of the secretaries of state” and then “to organize the whole process of delegation of authority.” .

“It’s even a good chance that there is a Secretary of State for Health Promotion. I think custody of the Order of Dietitians has been well handed over to the Secretary of State for Health Promotion,” he repeated, noting that “he definitely won’t go through the Minister’s order.” [da Saúde]”.

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“If the secretary of state is responsible for this, it should not go through the minister,” he stressed.

Manuel Pizarro’s statements came after news that the government official may have a conflict of interest because he is married to the chairman of the Order of Dietitians, Alexandra Bento.

The Order of Dietitians was created in 2011 with the approval of the current Minister of Health, who at the time served as Secretary of State for Health.

In addition, Alexandra Bento was the only President of the Order of Occupational Health to attend the inauguration of Manuel Pizarro on 10 September.

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Portuguese newspaper criticizes CR7: “Less Ronaldo, more Portugal” | international football



Portuguese newspaper criticizes CR7: "Less Ronaldo, more Portugal" |  international football

The cover of one of the most important sports newspapers in Portugal this Monday drew a critical tone against the greatest player in the history of the country.

+ See League of Nations table

On the eve of the day when the Portuguese national team will play with Spain and draw for reaching the semi-finals of the League of Nations, the daily newspaper “A Bola” printed a photo Cristiano Ronaldo stating that the player had lost influence in the team commanded by Fernando Santos.

“Less Ronaldo, more Portugal,” reads the headline.

The publication reports that the 37-year-old striker could start on the bench and lists some of the positives of his possible absence, such as the buffing of protagonist Bruno Fernandes. See below:

This Tuesday’s cover of A Bola is being printed by Cristiano Ronaldo – Photo: Reproduction

+ After shock and bleeding, Cristiano Ronaldo trains with a black eye in Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo started and assisted in a 4–0 thrashing of the Czech Republic on the last round. He has only scored twice in his last eight caps, both against Switzerland.

Czech Republic 0 x 4 Portugal highlights in UEFA Nations League 2022

For Manchester United in the 2022/23 season, he started in three of the eight games played. In the last of them, against Sheriff from Moldova, in the Europa League, he scored for the first time.

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September, Holiday Month for the Deaf – Portuguese (Brazil)



Mutirão Opens To Negotiation Of Individuals' Overdue Debts - Português (Brazil)

September is a very important and visible month for deaf people, with three dates that raise awareness and celebrate achievements that are part of the entire community’s trajectory and struggle. These are: – International Sign Language Day, September 23; – Day of the Deaf, 26 September; and Libra National Interpreter and Translator Day on September 30th. With a focus on the deaf community, the Department of Education is promoting several initiatives in this area.

The first is aimed at changing the scenario of educational and language policy based only on the inclusive perspective of including a deaf student in the school environment without guaranteeing procedures that enhance accessibility in his education. The National Guidelines for Bilingual Education for the Deaf integrate all stages of basic education and are based on the promotion of bilingual curricula and pedagogical practices for the deaf: Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) and written Portuguese.

Through the Department of Special Education, the MEC coordinates with interested municipalities the construction, renovation or expansion of bilingual schools for the deaf. To date, 11 locations in Brazil have shown interest in the project. To complement this phase, the Libras National Textbook Program (PNLD) provides accessible formats to deaf students and public school teachers of basic education in the country.

In the academic world, in partnership with universities, advanced training courses are offered for teachers, managers and professionals who want to work with bilingual education for the deaf. Thanks to the projects of various institutions, there are currently 3,520 vacancies for teaching the deaf.

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On the Internet, Canal Libras is a space for communication and content distribution with a focus on the national educational network, from early childhood education to higher education.


Another important date: The National Institute for Education for the Deaf (Ines) turns 165 on the same Libra and the Deaf Day, September 26th. Within the structure of the Ministry of Education, the Institute stands out as a national reference in the field of deafness, necessary to support the formulation of public policies, and then for their implementation in the field. The Institute works to promote education for deaf children, youth and adults.

With information from Ministry of Education.

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