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The radio station features DJs from senior homes throughout the US



The radio station features DJs from senior homes throughout the US

This one comes out for all senior citizens who love music who remember when the actual DJ – not Spotify or iPod – was there to play your favorite song.

Take heart, dear elders, and turn your dial – your web browser, actually – to Radio Recliner, the first and only retired managed radio station dedicated to the music and memories of the Silent generation.

The DJs and “100% run by residents” programs and stations operate 24 hours a day on, with new shows airing every day on EST during the day. Each program, which lasts about an hour per DJ, features their favorite songs, stories and screams for family and friends who are tuned in from outside the senior’s home.

“I never thought that something like this would happen to me,” said Bob Strand, 73, from Rochester, who was asked to volunteer for a performance by the lifestyle director at his nursing home. His performances included an eclectic set featuring classic rock and folk, such as E.L.O., Jethro Tull, Mamas and Papas and Slim Whitman.

“I’m just beaming about it. I think it was very fun, just that experience,” Strand, and “DJ Ras Man” – R.A.S. be the initials – tells the Post.

The project began as a campaign to encourage residents in senior life centers throughout the US to share memories and connect with loved ones – especially those at high risk who were most isolated during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We think a lot about retirees, and especially people in the senior community that live,” said Mitch Bennett, chief creative officer at Luckie & Co., a marketing agency based in Atlanta. “Even at the best of times, social isolation is a problem for them.”

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Bennett, one of the creators of Radio Recliner, on behalf of his client Bridge Senior Living, told The Post that his team “wanted to create a way for them to have some form of social media that made sense to them.”

What began as an activity specifically designed for Bridge Senior Living residents, with 24 facilities throughout the US, has been expanded to include retirees in nursing homes outside the brand. They also boast a request line that is open to anyone who has a song and dedication to make.

Radio Recliner

That’s not like traditional radio. Resident DJs generally range from the 60s to the end of the 90s, so no one asks them to learn audio engineering. Instead, Bennett appointed Denise Arnold, Luckie’s creative assistant director and, now, radio station director, to produce the program using sound bites from interviews with local DJs.

Arnold, who does work almost exclusively on his own, estimates that he spends at least an hour talking to new DJs every day since the station airs, and the waiting list continues to grow, he said.

Being able to connect with others is “very important with this audience,” Arnold told The Post. “[They have] so many personalities, depth, diversity, and amazing stories to tell. “

Cindy McGreivey, 83, from Rochester, said, “This brings back musical memories that my husband and I will listen to since we were in college.” She told The Post that her late husband was a jazz drummer, with the experience of DJs from the radio station St. Lawrence College.

And if you think dating a DJ and musician is pretty cool and tense in the 60s, McGreivey will agree: “Yes, that’s right.”

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Arnold, who has no prior experience on radio, said he “did not know what to expect” at first.

“We just want to let real people do the real thing. And that, you know, basically becomes a good listener and let this be about them, “he said. “And they have inspired me, and I have seen them inspire each other.”

Strand described the experience as something of a therapeutic nature. “Just exchanging information, getting the chance to say some music that I have enjoyed over the years,” he said, “I have never really discussed it before. And talking to people who are easy to talk to is fun. “

Interviews and song selections give residents an opportunity to explore memories that are triggered by music.

“‘I’ll See You'” by Bing Crosby. . . is the last song, and I dedicate it to my wife who died about two years ago, “said Victor Frascia, a DJ Yankee Forever, who lives in an assisted residential facility in Pennsylvania. The 93-year-old man was very grateful to share the story of wartime.

Victor Frascia
Victor Frascia

“They asked me some of my experiences in the ministry,” he said. “I’m happy to talk about it.”

He said, “I told some funny stories. . . some things that I did on the boat, which I should never have missed. “

One such story, Frascia told his listeners, was when he conspired to steal a pie from the ship’s baker. “The smell of apple pie is driving me crazy,” he said. It was a sweet victory: He and two of his friends stole three pies in the middle of the night – and left a note that read “Kilroy is here,” a reference to popular World War II era symbolism that is often seen in graffiti.

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“I want to hear that story again,” he said.

While Radio Recliner is designed to be an outlet for all the elderly to share, the channel maker acknowledges that he has one thing that was specifically thought of when he gave birth to the idea. Back in June, Bennett told The Post about being separated from his mother, 72, because of a pandemic. “I can’t see it at all and, and that’s really sad,” he said.

He took a breath, and continued, “So. . . it is one of the inspiration for the station. “

He uses his platform to give his mother, who enjoys just listening to Radio Recliner, a very special scream. “I left it devoted to Mother’s Day,” he said, “[and] play a song that means a lot to both of us “-” Sunny Came Home, “by Shawn Colvin, which they watched live 30 years ago.

For now, they can only remember what it was like to see live music with loved ones. Until then, Radio Recliner will be there to help more seniors and their families reach out through songs.

After talking with many DJs, Arnold discovered there was a similarity between them: endurance.

“We want to ask them if they have suggestions for other seniors,” he said. “They feel like this is not the hardest thing they’ve ever had in their lives so they let people know that it will be okay and you will get through it.”

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Portuguese fund CA Património Crescente wins European award for highest return – Imobiliário



Portuguese fund CA Património Crescente wins European award for highest return - Imobiliário

Open-ended real estate investment fund CA Património Crescente has once again received the MSCI European Property Investment Awards in the Diversified Portfolio category for 2021.

This is the 12th time that the Portuguese fund, established in 2005, has received this award, which distinguishes the national real estate portfolio with the best return. In 2021, CA Património Crescente’s real estate portfolio returned 7.8%, compared to 6.3% in the benchmark.

The largest share of real estate income was received through shopping centers and offices: 8.7% and 8.6% respectively, according to the Portuguese fund Negócios, which at the end of August had a portfolio of 141 assets worth 1,031 million euros.

CA Património Crescente is one of the six funds managed by Square Asset Management, with Grupo Crédito Agrícola being the custodian bank and responsible for its marketing and investments mainly in real estate destined for trade, offices, services, industry, logistics or hotels.

The CA Património Crescente fund returned an annualized return of 5.1% in April, which declined slightly to 4.23% after two years, rising to 4.72% after three years and 4.74% after five years. . The average ten-year yield was 3.95%.

Square AM was also once again awarded by Euromoney, which recognizes major leaders in real estate financial products and services, as the “Best Investment Manager” of 2022.

Square AM has been on the market for 17 years and is one of the largest real estate fund managers in Portugal with €1.3 billion in assets and over 25,000 investors.

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Benfica announces a partnership with Portuguese driver Miguel Santiago.



Benfica announces a partnership with Portuguese driver Miguel Santiago.

Young competes at the National Speed ​​Championship and the FIM GP Junior World Championship.

Benfica have announced a partnership with driver Miguel Santiago, a Portuguese driver who works in the National Speed ​​Championship and the FIM Junior World Championship. Santi, who started taking his first steps in motorsport in 2016, was pleased with someone during the presentation. “The dream has come true! When I was little, before riding motorcycles, I played football, went to Benfica’s school in Mafra, I always dreamed of becoming a Benfica athlete. I never thought! A few years ago, if you had asked me, I would have said no, I believed that one day I would be here, it is a great pride. I have no words. I just hope to reach the goals, glorify the club. I have the race, the desire and the ambition.” , repeated the 18-year-old BTV pilot.

Miguel Santiago is thinking about becoming the queen of motorcycle racing.

“In recent years, the FIM Junior GP has attracted many riders to the Moto GP where 20 out of 24 riders [que participam] come from this contest. Participation in Moto GP is considered the greatest school of prodigies, I am proud to be there and so close to the level of Moto GP,” he said.

Flavio Miguel Silva


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“Unthinkable”. Every Portuguese wastes 183 kg of food a year.



"Unthinkable".  Every Portuguese wastes 183 kg of food a year.

QuestionAs World Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day is celebrated, speaking at a conference on the subject in Lisbon, the official recalled the statistics released today by the National Statistical Institute and said the situation is “worse than expected.”

The data, official and published for the first time, refers to 2020 and shows that 1.89 million tons of food was wasted in Portugal this year, so each Portuguese wasted an average of 183.6 kilograms of food.

INE statistics show that families spend the most. The figures show that more than 1.2 million tons of food was thrown away by families this year, followed by catering (over 237 thousand tons), trade and distribution (214 thousand tons), primary production (over 101 thousand tons) and food nutrition. industry, about 61 thousand tons.

“We buy too much, we buy bad, let it spoil. It is unacceptable that a third of what is produced ends up in the trash, ”said an official who spoke at a debate organized by the United Movement Against Waste.

Ana Cristina Carrola of the Portuguese Environmental Protection Agency (APA), who also took part in the debate, stressed that the average amount of waste per year per inhabitant in the European Union is 173 kg, less than the 183 kg that is thrown away by the Portuguese.

“This is unthinkable these days,” he complained.

Jorge Moreira da Silva, President of the Platform for Sustainable Growth, former Minister of the Environment, another participant in the debate, recalled a recent report stating that the impact of food waste could be as high as 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and that the impact on the economy is a billion dollars.

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“Food waste alone is a quarter of what is needed to achieve the sustainable development goals,” he said, adding that while food is thrown out the window, 823 million people go to bed without “decent food.”

Jorge Moreira da Silva said that there are targets in the European Union to reduce food waste that are not being met and that mandatory targets will be announced soon.

The debate participants agreed that it is necessary to inform and attract the attention of families who often spend money without knowing it. “Most people have no idea about the impact of food waste. Nobody will change if they don’t understand the problem,” said Jorge Moreira da Silva.

The debate also spoke about the importance of water, which is present in the production and preparation of food. Ana Margarida Luis from Aguas de Portugal picked up an orange to say that throwing away an orange is equivalent to throwing out 80 liters of water.

Other figures released as part of the initiative are part of an awareness campaign that warn that food waste generates three times more greenhouse gas emissions than oil production, generates the equivalent of 25% of vehicle pollution, and pollutes four times as much as anything else. commercial aviation flights.

[Notícia atualizada às 21h09]

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