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Hurricane Douglas intensified into major hurricane as it moves toward Hawaii



Hurricane Douglas intensified into major hurricane as it moves toward Hawaii
“The Hawaiian Islands must monitor the progress of Douglas,” the Nationwide Hurricane Center (NHC) says. “There is an growing possibility that solid winds, risky surf, and hefty rainfall could impact parts of the condition starting Saturday night time or Sunday.”

Tropical storm-pressure winds are forecast to get there on the Large Island as early as Saturday evening local time.

The storm is 895 miles east-southeast of Hilo, Hawaii and is transferring west-northwest immediately towards the island chain. The good news is this main hurricane is forecast to start out weakening currently as it interacts will cooler h2o and drier air.

Douglas is anticipated to be a category 1 — winds 74 to 95 mph — hurricane as it strategies the islands this weekend.

It is possible to weaken even extra as it strategies Hawaii and will speedily changeover to a tropical storm as it moves more than the condition.

Some forecast designs choose the storm specifically about the Significant Island, some thread the needle concerning the islands and many others just take the storm just north of the island chain.

It is essential to not concentration on the middle of the forecast monitor but know that the storm could strike any where inside of the forecast cone issued by the NHC.

“It is reasonably popular for hurricanes to track toward Hawaii, but they ordinarily dissipate or at the very least weaken noticeably just before impacting the islands,” Phil Klotzbach, a investigation scientist at Colorado Point out University, explained. “For illustration, equally Lane and Olivia impacted Hawaii in 2018. Also, in 2016, the two Lester and Madeline threatened Hawaii.”

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Whilst a hurricane’s results on Hawaii can be intense, it is exceptional for significant hurricanes to get to the island chain’s shores. For one particular, the Hawaiian Islands are a smaller plot of land among the world’s most significant ocean basin, building the statistical chance of a direct landfall really minimal.

Hawaii addresses 6,423 sq. miles of land divided up amongst six main islands, producing the possibility of a immediate landfall even fewer probably. Florida, by comparison, is a considerably less difficult concentrate on for hurricanes to strike as it covers much more than 50,000 square miles.

Gradual begin to the East Pacific hurricane year

In a time that has found early storm formation in the Atlantic, the japanese Pacific has been slower for storm progress than in prior decades.

“During the period of time of trustworthy records, this is the 4th most up-to-date date in which the very first hurricane of the year has fashioned,” in accordance to the NHC.

A slow Pacific hurricane time, specially when paired with an energetic Atlantic hurricane year, is a indicator of a La Niña party, which forecasters have predicted could come about this year.

Below La Niña, international convection wind currents generate sinking air more than the japanese Pacific, and growing air in excess of the western Atlantic. Sinking air designs boost wind shear, a unexpected shift in wind route, speed or both, which can rip aside hurricanes ahead of they have a chance to develop. Soaring air produces a favorable atmosphere for tropical storm enhancement, which is why all eyes are on the Atlantic this season.​​​

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Portuguese surfer to stop competing due to mental health issues



Portuguese surfer to stop competing due to mental health issues

O Surfer Vasco Ribeiro announced this Friday that he will not compete for some time. The athlete justified the decision with his own mental health.

Via social media, Vasco Ribeiro admitted that he had a tiring year when he was forced to seek help.

“I started competing when I was only nine years old and in the first race I started winning. In my career, everything happened very quickly, intensively and successfully, ”he began.

The athlete spoke about the exactingness to the result, which puts pressure on any athlete.

“As long as we’re winning, everything seems easy and we often don’t realize how difficult the life of a high-performing athlete is. one more to manage. I had little desire to do what matters most to me and so it was time to seek professional help to be able one day to fight for my dreams again,” he wrote.

“I decided that the most important thing right now is to focus and invest time in my mental health, because everything else starts with it: stability, family, friends, results, etc. This is my commitment and I have two beautiful daughters , which are my biggest drive and motivation for this new phase,” he added.

Vasco Ribeiro, aged 27, was national champion in various categories, European champion and junior world champion in surfing.

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Daymé Arocena launches samba in Portuguese produced by Kassin



Daymé Arocena

Daymé Arocena – Dancing and flying

The highlight of the new Cuban afro-jazz scene, singer-songwriter Daimyo of the Arocene dives into samba for the first time with a single entirely in Portuguese. “Dance and Fly” about freedom through art and produced Bag. This is the release from brownswood records.

Listen to “Dance and Fly”:

Watch the viewer “Dance and fly”:

Inspired by the desire to get closer to people during self-isolation, the song became a source of complete joy for the artist. “Dance and Fly” gave me the energy to be happy again, to be positive again, and I will always be grateful for this song. To be able to have this element to cleanse my soul of sadness, because music is like that, music has such power.”says the artist.

Produced between Puerto Rico and Rio de Janeiro, the composition Arocena learned from Cassin, one of the top Brazilian music producers of recent decades, who immersed himself in a samba ballad inspired by artists such as Javan, Lueji Moon, Ed Motta e Gal Costa. The group was formed by Kasin on bass along with great musicians: Danilo Andrade (keyboards), David Moraes (guitar), Alexander Siqueira (drums) and Daniel Conceicao (drums).

With four studio albums in his solo career, Daime, despite being only 30 years old, has already established himself as one of the main names of new Latin American jazz, using his music as an expression of his roots, faith and soul. Currently living in Puerto Rico and inspired by the Caribbean culture, the artist is preparing new releases.

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Subscribe to Arocene Daime:

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“The Portuguese real estate market is still very fragmented, complex and offline,” says Casavo VP Investment.



“The Portuguese real estate market is still very fragmented, complex and offline,” says Casavo VP Investment.

The real estate market is constantly changing, with increasingly demanding clients and an increasingly limited supply. New technologies have become indispensable tools for companies to use them to grow in this market, which, according to Duarte Ferreira dos Santos, vice president of investment in Lisbon at Casavo, “still remains very fragmented, complex and autonomous” .

In an interview with Executive Digest, Duarte Ferreira dos Santos believes that despite the momentum that the pandemic has given to the digitization of the real estate sector, the real estate industry is still characterized by traditional, autonomous and very dependent on bureaucratic and physical processes. In his opinion, the technological solutions that have emerged in recent years allow streamlining processes, making the real estate market faster, simpler and more uncomplicated, and improving the experience of all stakeholders, whether they are buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants or even real estate agents.

Portuguese real estate market.

“The Portuguese housing market, especially in the Lisbon metropolitan area, has an interesting transactional dimension as a result of the cultural preference to buy a house rather than rent it. In addition, the housing stock in the capital is very old and obsolete, the vast majority of houses were built before the 1980s,” he explains.

To respond to an aging supply, by renovating the houses that Casavo buys, they contribute to refurbishing old buildings in the city and making them more energy efficient.

“The Portuguese real estate market, like other markets in Southern Europe, continues to be very fragmented, complex and autonomous, despite the fact that the pandemic has accelerated the change in customer behavior towards the adoption of a digital channel.” Duarte Ferreira dos Santos believes that much remains to be done in this aspect, namely in the introduction of digital tools to make the market more transparent and improve interaction with buyers and sellers.

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400 million euros for business scaling

Casavo recently raised a new €400 million investment round, which includes a €100 million Series D round and a €300 million credit line.

“The total amount raised by Casavo will be used to scale the business and strengthen its leadership in Europe. This combination of equity and debt is a recognition of our strong growth and investor confidence in our long-term vision. This round will allow us to strengthen our leadership in Europe by growing in markets we already operate in, namely Portugal, Spain and Italy, as well as expanding into new markets where France is a priority.”

A tool that allows you to instantly evaluate real estate

In this context, the VP of Investment explains that Casavo provides a tool that allows sellers to instantly value their property. “Casavo can submit an offer in 48 hours and complete a purchase in a matter of days in a single visit… Through the use of a proprietary algorithm, Casavo ensures that the submitted offer is fair and based on objective criteria.”

On the other hand, for those who want to buy a house, Casavo presents a portfolio of ready-to-live-in properties with high energy efficiency and modern and attractive design, which can be found on the platform and viewed remotely using immersive technology. .

The future of the real estate market in Portugal

Looking to the future, Duarte Ferreira dos Santos believes that “due to the lack of supply of new construction and the high demand caused by the needs of families after the pandemic, we do not expect the market for refurbished homes to be significantly affected by the situation we are facing, especially in homes , prices for which correspond to the income of the Portuguese.

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However, he sees a slowdown that could be due not only to the rise in the cost of living for families associated with the current geopolitical context, but also to the increase in Euribor rates and the new rules that the Bank of Portugal has applied to housing. loans, which can contribute to an increase in the burden of households.

“In our view, it will be increasingly important to refurbish used homes that are outdated and dated to meet the needs of families,” he concludes.

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