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Charting the Massive Scale of the Digital Cloud



Charting the Massive Scale of the Digital Cloud

No make a difference the place in the environment you log in from—Silicon Valley, London, and beyond—COVID-19 has activated a mass exodus from regular office existence. Now that the lucky amongst us have settled into remote get the job done, quite a few are still left pondering if this enormous, inadvertent perform-from-home experiment will modify get the job done for very good.

In the next charts, we attribute details from a in depth study conducted by British isles-dependent startup community Founders Discussion board, in which hundreds of founders and their groups uncovered their encounters of remote get the job done and their programs for a post-pandemic upcoming.

Even though the foreseeable future continues to be a blank site, it is very clear that hundreds of startups have no programs to strike backspace on distant get the job done.

Who’s Chatting

Based generally in the United kingdom, pretty much fifty percent of the survey individuals had been founders, and just about a quarter ended up administrators below the C-suite.

Prior to pandemic-relevant lockdowns, 94% of individuals surveyed had worked from an exterior office environment. In spite of their brick-and-mortar setup, a lot more than 90% had been ready to carry out the the greater part of their function remotely.

Gen X and Millennials made up most of the survey contingent, with practically 80% of respondents with ages between 26-50, and 40% in the 31-40 age bracket.

From improved get the job done-lifestyle balance and efficiency amounts to lessened official teamwork, these business people flagged some bold truths about what is working and what is not.

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Founders With A Distant Eyesight

If history has taught us anything at all, it is that environment occasions have the potential to bring about permanent mass transform, like 9/11’s long lasting affect on airport stability.

Even though most study respondents had options to be back in the office inside six months, these startups are rethinking their distant get the job done procedures as a direct result of COVID-19.

How might that participate in out in a submit-pandemic entire world?

Centered on the startup responses, a sensible article-pandemic perform circumstance could involve 3 to 5 days of distant perform a 7 days, with a couple committed in-business days for the entire crew.

Founders Forum Future of Remote Work Perspectives

Upwards of 92% of respondents explained they preferred the option to perform from dwelling in some capacity.

It is crucial to continue to be open up to understanding and experimenting with new methods of performing. The latest pandemic has only accelerated this approach. We’ll see the other facet of this disaster, and I’m assured it will be brighter.

— Evgeny Shadchnev, CEO, Makers Academy

Productivity Scales at Dwelling

Working from house hasn’t slowed down these startups—in reality, it might have improved overall productivity in many circumstances.

More than 50 % of the respondents were being extra successful from dwelling, and 55% also reported working lengthier hrs.

Founders Forum Remote Work Productivity

Blurred strains, having said that, raised some worries.

From chores and rowdy young children to prolonged hours, performing from dwelling generally tends to make it difficult to compartmentalize. As a final result, employers and workers could have to attract firmer traces in between operate and household in their remote insurance policies, in particular in the lengthy term.

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Despite the fact that the positive aspects surface to outweigh the fears, these concerns pose critical questions about our progressively distant foreseeable future.

Groups Expose Some Intel

To uncover some work-from-home easter eggs (“Better for work out. Much extra enjoyable environment”), we grouped approximately 400 open-finished issues according to sentiment and discovered some fascinating styles.

From serendipitous encounters and beers with colleagues to a lot more formal teamwork, an frustrating range of the respondents missed the camaraderie of workforce interactions.

Founders Forum Remote Entrepreneurs

It was distinct startups did not pass up the hours invested commuting each and every day. All through the pandemic, people hrs have been changed by spouse and children time, get the job done, or other routines like cooking healthy foods and doing the job out.

Distant working has been terrific for acquiring us as a result of lockdown—but truly creative do the job desires the magic of confront to experience conversation, not infinite Zoom calls. Without the need of the serendipity and chemistry of real-globe encounters, the environment will be a much much less creative put.

— Rohan Silva, CEO, 2nd Household

The Long term Appears Distant

This pandemic has sent a new regular that is simultaneously complicated and revealing. For now, it seems like a new way of working is currently being coded into our collective computer software.

What will become of the beloved open up-office environment strategy in a pandemic-prepped environment remains to be viewed, but if these startups are any sign, operate-daily life may perhaps have modified for very good.

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Language policy in party election programs



Language policy in party election programs

Opening the last week of the election campaign and having voted in advance, I decided to share the results of my reading of the electoral programs (or similar) of the main parties in relation to official languages ​​(Portuguese) and with official recognition (Portuguese Sign Language, LGP and Mirandese). I limited the analysis (but not the reading) to the four most voted parties in 2019: PS, PSD, BE, and PCP; I used “língua”, “português”, “gestual portuguesa” (LGP), “mirandês” and their synonyms as search expressions. The goal is to understand the importance that each side attaches to language(s) and language policy.

PCP Presents Electoral Commitmentwhere it shapes the 2022 elections and resumes Election program for 2019, of 114 pages. In this “language” appears five times, twice in support of “learning [gratuito] Portuguese as mother tongue among expatriate communities” and three in “Valuing the Portuguese language and culture”. LGP and Mirandese do not occur. The documents use the spelling standard of 1945 (as well as CDS-PP Electoral Commitment, 14 pages).

Not Election program 2022-2026, from the British Empire, on 203 pages, “language” occurs six times, which is associated with increased teaching and access to LGP, with immigrant communities (Portuguese and native languages, in bilingual education) and once with reference to the free teaching of Portuguese for second generation immigrants.

OUR Electoral program 2022 PSD, 165 pages, never mentioned Mirandese or LGP; the Portuguese language is mentioned seven times, and the document contains a theme called “Language”, which proclaims: “Portuguese is an expression of our collective identity and of Portugal’s presence on a global scale, as well as differences in the use of the Portuguese language. don’t impoverish it (…) The attempt at orthographic standardization offered no advantage in the face of a globalized world, so PSD advocates assessing the real impact of the new [??!!] spelling convention” [sic] (CDS-PP is strongly in favor of abolishing it, and I would like to see some of the studies evaluating its impact.) In another paragraph, starting with the words “Portugal can never neglect lusophony”. [sic], advocates “concrete efforts (…) to raise the status of Portuguese to an official language of the United Nations” (only PSD uses the term “lusophonia”). The remaining references refer to basic education and immigrant communities, as well as to Portuguese-speaking African countries.

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Not PS campaign program, 122 pages of compact text, the search expression “language” occurs 26 times. There is talk of LGP dissemination and interpretation in government services; “Mirandes” is not found. The role of the Portuguese language in establishing Portugal in the world is clearly appreciated through its internationalization in the context of strengthening the CPLP, namely in connection with the International Portuguese Language Institute, relations with UNESCO and OEI. , under the control of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture. The teaching of Portuguese as a native and non-native language (for emigrants and immigrants) is carried out at all levels of education. The text contains several concrete proposals for action.

Of course, much more can be said, and reading this text is not intended to devalue (rather, promote) the reading of election programs. The choice is up to everyone. Voting is free and voting is an act of citizenship.

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The Portuguese government plans to double spending on research and development



The Portuguese government plans to double spending on research and development

The leaders want national R&D spending to be 3% of GDP by 2030.

The Portuguese government has agreed to nearly double the country’s spending on research and development by 2030, the EU’s long-term goal of 3% of GDP.

The December 29 resolution called for government spending on R&D to reach 1% of GDP by 2030, with the remaining 2% added to private spending.

In 2020, public and private spending on R&D was 0.66% and 0.96% of GDP, respectively, which means that public spending will more than halve and private spending will double.

With rising costs, the government has promised reforms and modernization of the R&D sector in Portugal. He said the resolution would support the promotion of a culture of innovation and science and help stimulate the restructuring of the knowledge-based economy.

Last year, Government says Portugal’s spending on research and development has increased five years in a row, reaching a record 3.3.2 billion by 2020. He said the growth was mainly driven by the business sector.

The EU as a whole has set a goal of spending 3% of its GDP on research and development, but for decades it has struggled for more than 2% to cover real costs. By 2020, R&D spending has decreased by $1 billion., but it increased to 2.3% of GDP as the economy contracted due to the government-19 epidemic.

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Former Portugal international Lima Pereira dies at 69



Former Portugal international Lima Pereira dies at 69

Lima Pereira, the Portuguese international who distinguished himself in the 1980s with Porto, died this Saturday at the age of 69 after a long illness.

At one time he was one of the best Portuguese players in the central defender position. António José Lima Pereira was born in Povoa de Varzim on February 1, 1952. He graduated from Varzim and played there in the early years of his senior career. In 1978 he moved to Porto and his journey was very successful. His name is associated with some of the most brilliant moments in the history of the dragon emblem, such as winning the European Cup and Intercontinental Cup in 1987 and the European Super Cup in 1988. In 11 seasons (265 games), he also won 4 championships. , three national Supercups and 2 Portuguese Cups. He ended his career with Maya in 1991. “I knew how to exemplify the values ​​of Porto,” Pinto da Costa wrote in a social media post.

Lima Pereira, who represented the national team 20 times, suffered a stroke in 2006.

Jorge Amaral, former Porto player
“He personified the spirit of Porto and the North. He was a friend of his friends and had an enviable sense of humor. A loss he regrets.”

Octavio Machado, former player and coach of FC Porto
“A champion who celebrated all who had the honor of living with him. We already miss him.”

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