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Charity auctions access to golf clubs to help frontline workers



Eric Sedransk

“What can I do to help?”

How many of us have asked questions about ourselves in the past three months?

This is a question that no doubt confronts those fortunate enough not to be part of the frightening statistics related to the COVID-19 pandemic – whether millions have contracted it or tens of millions have lost their jobs as a result.

Since mid-March, we have witnessed nurses and doctors, police, paramedics and firefighters, dispatchers and grocery store workers continue their work and wonder what we would do without their courage on the front lines.

Last month, I was introduced to Eric Sedransk, a 35-year-old Jersey City resident and a diligent golfer, and I felt humbled by his smart initiative and simplicity where he found a way to help the sport we both like. for.

Sedransk created the “Member4aday Auction,” using golf as a vehicle to collect important money for frontline hospital workers in New York City.

He reached out to some of the most prestigious golf courses in the country and asked if they would donate one round of golf to the four so he could auction off for COVID-19 assistance.

Sedransk raised $ 101,186 in a week-long auction, which yielded 202 percent more than the stated goal.

Eric Sedransk
Eric SedranskEric Sedransk

“I set a target of $ 50,000 and, to be honest, I don’t think I have the opportunity to approach it, but I think it is aiming high,” he said. “I think I’ll raise maybe $ 20,000.”

Every penny of $ 101,186 goes to the Sedransk charity sedative, Frontline Project – which was founded by TNT reporter Allie LaForce and her husband, Houston Astros pitcher Joe Smith, to whom Sedransk was introduced by one of the donors for his auction, Dormie Network. The Frontline Project was created by LaForce and Smith to buy food from restaurants and send it to frontline hospital workers.

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LaForce estimates that the money raised by Sedransk will provide between 10,000 and 12,500 food for hospital workers in the city.

The origin of the Sedransk project is the most surprising where it answers that question that bothers us: “What can I do to help?”

When quarantined at his mother’s home in Hilton Head, SC, where the golf course was never closed during the COVID-19 crisis, he said, “I feel this incredible guilt when I play golf while my friends and family in New York fight the pandemic. It encouraged me to do this like no one had ever pushed me before – trying to find a way that I could give back, which eventually led to this auction. “

Before he was laid off just before the pandemic struck, Sedransk carried out business development and partnerships for technology companies, so the background lent himself to making online auctions.

“I have just begun to reach some people I have known all my life, through business and through personal relationships,” he said. “I said, ‘Why not just reach out?’ Worse becomes worse, they will say, “No.” But I am raising money for COVID-19 for hospitals and frontline workers in New York City. No one will tell me, ‘Don’t call me.’ Even if they say, ‘No,’ they will say, ‘Thank you.’ It’s like the softest sale on earth, so I thought, why not try it? “

Sedransk’s first nickname was for a private course outside Philadelphia called Rolling Green, because he knew the chief professional happened to follow him on Instagram.

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“I actually sent him a message on Instagram and he replied,” Yes, “Sedransk said.” Honestly, that’s all I need. I want to think that even if the first person says, “No,” I will continue. But like what whatever you do in life, if the first is what you need to carry on. Many places say, ‘No,’ because their rules don’t allow it. Some say, ‘Yes.’ “

Not just “a few.” Forty-eight of them.

Shinnecock Hills said yes.

Likewise with Friar’s Head, the course Phil Mickelson told me was “his favorite golf course in the world.”

Silo Ridge, part of the exclusive Discovery Land Company, said yes.

So is Medal, Tiger Woods home course.

Same with Sleepy Hollow, one of the regional gems in Westchester.

Prestwick in Scotland, the site of the British Open for the first time (October 1860), said yes, like the Mid Ocean Club in Bermuda.

“The response was outrageous,” Sedransk said.

So, too, is the end result.

“I think I can really use something,” he said. “I think there is a much greater opportunity to create a platform around golf and give away – auctions, prizes, events, content.”

Sedransk was successful with a one-day member auction so on Monday he launched another fundraising project to raise more money for COVID-19 assistance in New York City.

This one is a draw for one round of golf with former Yankee Johnny Damon at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge, a course that holds the annual Arnold Palmer Invitational, and one round of golf with former Giants star Justin Tuck at the Whipperwill Golf Club in Westchester.

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Sedransk worked in concert with Damon, who donated a threesome on Bay Hill. Those who are interested can find more information at

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Members of the Airborne Operational Battalion of the Parachute Regiment of the Portuguese Army during the annual Falcon Jump exercise on September 17, 2022 over the Ede launch zone, 18 km west of Arnhem, in the province of Gelderland, the Netherlands. A Portuguese skydiver is equipped with a SPEKON RS 2000 parachute from the German manufacturer SPEKON Sächsische Spezialkonfekion GmbH. Above him are US paratroopers with T-11 parachutes.

Photo by M. Bienik | 6 barrels per day

The annual Falcon Leap 2022 exercise, based in Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands, took place from 5 to 16 September 2022 in the Netherlands and Belgium. During the first week, the exercise focused on cargo drop operations, and the second week focused on drop operations. It was attended by more than 1 thousand soldiers representing 13 countries, including Portugal, with the participation of the Operational Detachment of 22 soldiers from the Airborne Operational Battalion of the Parachute Regiment of the Ground Forces.

The exercise officially ended on September 17, 2022, commemorating the 78th anniversary of Operation Market Garden, which began on the same day in 1944, during World War II, as part of the largest airborne operation in which more than 40,000 troops serving in the 1st Airborne Division of Great Britain, the 1st Independent Parachute Brigade of Poland, the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions of the United States of America. These commemorations were marked by the launch of paratroopers over the original drop zones of the Operation.

The photo was taken by the Polish soldier M. Benek, seconded to the 6th Airborne Brigade (BPD) – Brigadier General Stanisław Sosabowski, a unit that is the result of the historical legacy of the 1st Separate Polish Airborne Brigade, which jumped during the operation ” Bazaar Garden “, in 1944 under the command of General. Stanislav Sosabovsky – whose name is a suffix (as patron) of the current unit.

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Article published in partnership with “Espada & Escudo”



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Luana Piovani goes to Portugal’s Golden Globes with her boyfriend



Luana Piovani goes to Portugal's Golden Globes with her boyfriend

Luana Piovani

Photo: Instagram/@luanapiovani/Famous and Celebrities

This Sunday, the 2nd, actress Luana Piovani went to the Portuguese Golden Globes along with her boyfriend Lucas Bittencourt. In her Instagram, the actress praised the outfits they were wearing.

Ready for the Golden Globes. Great guy. We are very, very luxurious, my love,” said Luana. While Lucas was wearing a black suit, she was wearing a short white lace dress with green accents at the waist.

Luana Piovani at the Golden Globes.  -

Luana Piovani at the Golden Globes. –

Photo: Instagram/@luanapiovani/Famous and Celebrities

“Long live the Golden Globes and long live you, my love, who accompanied me and constantly gave me a hand, because I have very high heels and I have a problem knee,” the actress shared.

Luana Piovani revealed the reason for the breakup with Pedro Scooby

Actress Luana Piovani finally revealed the real reason behind his breakup with surfer and former BBB Pedro Scooby. In the documentary “A Vida é Irada, Vamos Curtir”, the actress recalled the tense moment they went through due to the inattention of the athlete, which eventually became the trigger for the divorce.

While they are traveling with their family, Pedro forgot to extend their stay, leaving Luana with nowhere to go with her children and several problems to deal with. “I had to leave before 13:00 the next day because the property was already rented out. With three children and twelve suitcases, Luna remembered. “When I hung up, I took the ring off my finger, put it on the table and said, ‘My marriage just ended.’ indicated.

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Portugal loses to meet Slovenia in the 1/8 finals of the Table Tennis World Cup – Observer



Portugal loses to meet Slovenia in the 1/8 finals of the Table Tennis World Cup - Observer

The Portugal men’s table tennis team lost 3-1 to Denmark on Tuesday, but have already secured their place in the 1/8 finals of the World Team Championship, in which they will play with Slovenia.

Portugal, ranked ninth in the world rankings, proved itself in the previous two rounds against Slovakia with a score of 3:1 and against Brazil with a score of 3:2, thus guaranteeing not only access to the playoffs of the World Cup, which occupies a place in Chengdu, China, but also a victory in Group 6.

Without Marcos Freitas, the Portuguese player best positioned in the world hierarchy in which he is ranked 33rd, the national team won one game, Joao Heraldo, world number 49, over Anders Lind, 156th in the rankings, at 3- 1, with ends 11-9, 11-9, 8-11 and 11-5.

Diogo Chen (692nd), who replaced Marcos Freitas, lost the first two games he played in the tournament to Thor Christensen (891st) 3-0 (6-11, 9-11 and 8-11) and Anders Lind . , with a score of 3-1 (8-11, 11-6, 5-11 and 14-16), while João Monteiro (83rd) was surprised by Tobias Rasmussen (363rd) with a score of 3-0, with ends 12-14, 9-11 and 8-11.


The Portuguese team could not get even with an exception introduced by Denmark in the round of 16 of the 2021 European Championship.which suffered its first setback in the competition and did not even shake the first place in the group, as it had the advantage of head-to-head with Brazil and Slovakia, who faced each other on Tuesday, with the South Americans winning 3-0.

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Portugal finished level with Brazil, while Slovakia was third and Denmark fourth, and will face Slovenia, the 14th team in the world, with Darko Jocic standing out as eighth in the individual pecking order and second in Europe.

The Slovenian national team, which beat Thailand (3:0), Puerto Rico (3:1) and the USA (3:0) in Chengdu and lost only to the hosts and the very favorite China (3:0), beat Portugal in the final of the Mediterranean Games 2022 year in Oran (Algeria).

Women’s representation, which reached the 1/8 finals of the World Cup for the first timewill play against Luxembourg, the 25th team in the world rankings.

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