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Why would Joe Biden almost certainly choose black women as VP



Why would Joe Biden almost certainly choose black women as VP

Consider where we are as a country now.

* Floyd’s death has triggered (in large part) peaceful protests throughout the country, not only about police brutality but also about the deep and lasting racial inequalities that exist in American society. (See these six charts which show the reality of inequality strongly.)
* Biden owes his status as a presumptive presidential candidate almost entirely to black voters – especially in South Carolina. Biden’s campaign wobbled badly – he finished 4th in Iowa, 5th in New Hampshire and 2nd in Nevada – before February 29th at Palmetto State. According to the results of the poll, black voters constituted the majority (56%) of South Carolina’s main voters and exceptionally (61%) for Biden. His win in the state pushed him to a series of victories at Super Tuesday – only three days later – and, at the time, the nomination was his.

South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, whose endorsement of Biden a few days before the main election, without question, was the turning point of the race, was asked about Biden choosing a black woman as his partner on Wednesday morning in a conversation with Jonathan The Washington Post. Capehart. “The only thing that needs to be in this process right now is to win,” Clyburn said. “That is to win. This will be a plus to have African-American women. It will be a plus to have a Latin. It will be a plus to have a woman.”

True enough! But there are compelling reasons to be made that Biden’s best chance of winning the White House is by choosing a black woman as her partner.

Remember that one of the main reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump was because black voters fell as a percentage of the overall turnout from 2012 and he won them less than President Barack Obama had.

For all the focus on the Midwest and white industry, non-college educated voters who went with Trump, had Clinton been able to push the number of black voters to the level during Obama’s two victories, he would almost certainly have won.

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Now, just putting people of color on a ticket doesn’t mean you win black votes or make sure they produce large amounts. But politics at the presidential level is often about symbolism. And who Biden chooses as his vice president will be his best chance to reveal how he views his party, the country and the world – and what he prioritizes among the many, many problems facing the US today.

Back to Biden chosen by Obama in 2008. Concerns among voters at the time were that a relatively inexperienced senator – Obama had been in the room for two years when he began running for president – might have had too much learning curve as president. So Obama chose Biden, a man who had spent his entire adult life in politics and Washington, sending a symbolic message that there would be a steady hand behind the wheel. George W. Bush made the same calming choice as Dick Cheney in 2000. Trump chose Indiana Governor Mike Pence as a vice presidential candidate as a nod to the formation of the party – although, if you think about it, it’s clear that it was just a nod. , not an actual effort to incorporate the views and approaches of establishment into his presidency.

Biden, if you listen carefully to his speech in Philadelphia on Tuesday, seems to indicate the need for big action – and different choices – when talking about the race problems that are still burning in this country. Here’s the key part of what he said (bold is mine):

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That will require more than just talking. We talked before. We have protested before. “

“Let’s vow to make this, finally, an era of action to reverse systemic racism with old and concrete changes.

“That action will not be completed within the first 100 days of my presidency – or even the entire term of office.

That is the work of a generation. “

Choosing a black woman one generation (or more) younger than Biden will send a signal about how committed she really is to changing racial dynamics in this country. (This will be the first time a black woman has become a vice-presidential candidate for one of the major parties.)

And lucky for Biden, he has a number of African-American women who will make an excellent choice.

Even before Biden’s ugliness “you’re not black” and the rebellion after the murder of George Floyd, California Senator, Kamala Harris (age 55), who was the first African-American and Indian-American to be elected to the Senate from California, was at the top of the VP ranking me. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (50 years old) and Florida Rep. Val Demings (63 years old) is in the Top 6. Now? It’s hard to see three people more likely to be a choice. (Stay here for me new ranking on Thursday!)

Biden said he hopes to make a decision about his partner before August 1. In fact, the decision may have been made – or at least significantly narrowed – by the events of the past 10 days.

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PRR. Banco do Fomento invites companies to offer new financial instruments – Observer



PRR.  Banco do Fomento invites companies to offer new financial instruments – Observer

Banco Português de Fomento started a public consultation this Friday aiming to receive contributions to launch new instruments under the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) which still has 475 million euros.

In a statement, the organization stressed that it intends to invite companies and all stakeholders to participate in public consultations on “future capital and quasi-capital decisions.”

According to PRR, Banco Português de Fomento (BPF) has been cast in “structuring and distribution of capital decisions and quasi-equity capital of a total of €1,425 million under the Capitalization and Business Innovation component of the PRR.

The Belarusian Popular Front still has 475 million euros to launch new programs, the organization’s press release emphasizes.

The public consultation is aimed at soliciting contributions under “the terms of two pre-structured financial instruments designed to encourage company formation and/or capitalization of businesses, primarily in the start-up phases”, “Venture Capital Program” (an instrument that assumes a fund structure of funds)” and “The Deal Co-investment Program (an instrument that takes the form of direct investment in companies, always in co-investment with private investors)”.


“These tool proposals are aimed at facilitating market entry and growth/expansion of viable companies through the development new products/services or markets and strengthening and professionalization of personnel, including the management team,” the BNF press release further emphasizes.

The public consultation is also aimed at obtaining “other proposals for new capital and quasi-capital solutions in accordance with the terms of the aforementioned capitalization funds, which are considered relevant and necessary because they are considered unavailable at the time, or existing conditions that prevent access and use.”

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Ana Carvalho, CEO of BPF, emphasized that these public consultations “are aimed at building an open dialogue with all actors of the business ecosystem, with to improve workflows and identify market failuresand the most appropriate solutions to overcome them.”

“Although we are actively in contact with various associations and institutions, this public comment allows all interested parties to participate, especially potential beneficiaries and partners involved in these measures,” he added, quoted in a press release.

All information and technical descriptions of the two pre-structured products are available on the Banco Português de Fomento website at the link

Suggestions or offers must be submitted online for a thorough assessment by the Belarusian Popular Front until 18:00 on December 19, this body further explained.

The mission of Banco Português de Fomento is to support the economic and social development of Portugal by creating and providing innovative, competitive and appropriate solutions to the needs and challenges of the business ecosystem, enhancing entrepreneurial potential, investment and job creation, and promoting sustainability and economic, social and territorial cohesion of the country.

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FESTin returns to distribute Portuguese-language cinema worldwide | Cinema



FESTin returns to distribute Portuguese-language cinema worldwide |  Cinema

For the 13th edition, FESTin’s mission remains the same: “Bring cinema in Portuguese to the whole world.” So says co-director Adriana Niemeyer by phone with PÚBLICO on the eve of the start of the film festival, which starts this Friday and runs until next week, ending on Wednesday the 14th at LX Factory at 7:00 pm, in Espaço Talante, inside the bookstore Ler Devagar , with a screening of four Brazilian short films chosen by Antonio Grassi, the actor in charge of the space, followed by a toast.

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VARIOUS. Portuguese project that wears a shirt for mental health



VARIOUS.  Portuguese project that wears a shirt for mental health

Little phrases with big meaning sometimes fit into T-shirtright now in bag da Ivory, a project that began in the year of the pandemic and has been interventionally warning about mental health issues ever since.

Francisco Soares Ganzo, the founder, first suffered a panic attack when he was in 10th grade, but ended up not paying much attention to signs that something was wrong. Then the mental health problem reappeared later, at a different stage in life and with different symptoms.

“Four years ago, I started experiencing constant anxiety, to the point that I couldn’t sleep,” says 25-year-old Francisco Versa. “Basically, I put a lot of pressure on myself from the women with whom I had relationships. It was Wednesday masculinity, competition,” he continues.

Early adulthood began with this “almost obsession to be with women” and get the best. performanceto the point where he became very anxious whenever he had sexual relations with a woman.

“The peak was when I couldn’t sleep. My brain was always on and I started taking pills to help me sleep,” says Francisco.

In 2019, he decided to see a therapist rather than a psychologist because he thought it was only “for wimps”, but it wasn’t, and Francisco later figured it out.

Today, he wants to convey the same message, and to do so, he created the Ivory project in 2020, consisting of clothes and accessories with special messages that form a bridge to the necessary incentive for those in need of help.

“When I finally worked up the courage to ask for help, I was like, ‘Wow, I wish I had started sooner. That’s why I started this project. I lacked something that would motivate me to go to therapy earlier. clothes are meant to spread information,” he says.

But Ivory goes far beyond what is written in sweatshirts and accessories.

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Help that comes in order

“Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

This is one of the messages recorded in t-shirts e sweats from ivory. It’s simple and affects everyone in their own way, but the focus of the Ivory team – also with a past or present marked by mental health issues – is not the phrases on the T-shirts, but what follows them.

“To say that mental health is talked about a lot is a lie. What I mean? When I hear the news that companies are very concerned about mental health or that it has become fashionable with COVID-19, it is all a lie. What people say is vague. Nobody tells stories. A person who is really bad, like I was, does not need to hear that he should go to the gym or eat well. He needs to hear a story like this.” .

Ivory’s next step is to create a space for sharing testimonies through Appendixjust to address this shortcoming. Until then, the project intends to function as anxiety And further to support in the field of mental health.

“For every order we have, a person receives Email mail to make an appointment. Because our goal is to really open doors, to do something that I didn’t have, ”says Francisco. “I feel like a lot of people buy ivory because they’re in bad condition, but they don’t want to take the next step to take care of themselves.”

If encouragement is not enough, an ivory sweater will be cozy and Email mail gives you the push you need to make an appointment with one of Ivory’s psychologists. All it takes is an Instagram post or an email.

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Sweaters and bags 100% organic cotton and mobile phone cases with phrases coined by Francisco Soares Ganzo and designs created by the whole team can be ordered at website.

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