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What Matters: Trump just showed us what he was like after the election – whatever happened



Fact-checking Trump's claims on tear gas used against protesters

Our Q-and-A, lightly edited, are below.

What if he loses?

Why do we wait for months to inaugurate the President and how Trump entered

CNN: We held presidential elections on the first Tuesday after after the first Monday in November. But the new President will not take office until January. What is the reason for this gap and is it still necessary?

KAB: The reason for this gap is to provide a peaceful transfer of power and is absolutely necessary. Maybe now more than before.

I interviewed more than two dozen people who worked for Barack Obama and George W. Bush and on both sides I was told that they had a smooth transition that was important at a time when the country was experiencing its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. . Michelle Obama’s first chief of staff, Jackie Norris, told me that she “will never forget the intense friendship and loyalty that the first women and the first female staff members had for each other.” The same applies to the West Wing.

The gratuitous way of the Trump campaign is approaching a dangerous transition. What is certain is that no one on his campaign team has even taken the time to compile an acceptance speech. They don’t think they will win.

Trump won the partial election by saying he would “drain the swamp” but there is a basic responsibility of the federal government that he would be better prepared to manage if he had some level of institutional knowledge (Joe Biden is the opposite). And that takes time which means it takes several months to make an appointment and learn how to work.

I wrote in my book “Team Five” that Obama’s aides were told to prepare a “how to” draft manual on how their offices function, including the smallest breakdown of voice mail passwords.

This is from the book:

But Obama’s aides don’t have anyone to hand over the carefully curated briefing book.

Government employees whose careers are waiting in the Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, and all bureaucracy that is widespread. They want guidance – they want to know who their new boss is and how their work will change in Trump’s presidency – but they get nothing. In fact, some high-level employees waited and waited until, after weeks of silence, they assumed they were no longer working, and packed their offices.

How Trump got out

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CNN: After witnessing Trump’s first term, what are the things we should look for in a post-defeat transition?

KAB: I think Trump should have lost to Joe Biden (who was a symbol of career politicians after spending eight years as vice president and nearly 40 years in the Senate) he would not feel obliged to do what George W. Bush did for him. Barack Obama. I don’t think there will be genuine surrender, or the transfer of power peacefully. I think it’s impossible in defeat that Trump will behave very differently from what he does in the office. I would be surprised if Trump shows up to Biden’s inauguration ceremony at the Capitol if he wins.

Peaceful transfer

CNN: The US is known for its peaceful transfer of power. Is there a precedent for a defeated president or his government wreaking havoc on the way out the door?

KAB: Historically there have been some bitter defeats (see John Adams and Thomas Jefferson) but in modern times both parties have been touting their ability to peacefully transfer power. During the 2008 campaign, Bush’s national intelligence director, John Michael McConnell, had arranged for Obama and his Republican rival, Senator John McCain, to get a report with thirteen of the most important national security issues. Once, during the last two months of the 2008 campaign, Obama and McCain found themselves sitting at the same table in the Roosevelt Room, with Bush sitting between them, when they discussed the authorization of $ 700 billion by Congress to save a sinking market.

Bush and Obama respect each other. At the May 2012 opening of the official portrait of George W. and Laura Bush at the White House, Obama said, “President Bush understands that saving our economy is not just a matter of Democrats or Republicans, it is an American priority. I will always be grateful for that.” Contrast with President Trump reportedly did not invite President Obama to his portrait at the White House.

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There’s no way Trump would somehow refuse to leave

CNN: Trump is not the type to quietly leave. What things can he do if he wants to throw a gear into a government machine?

KAB: He could refuse to go, but I didn’t see that happen. There is a discussion on the left, especially Bill Maher, so that is something that is on people’s minds. I have trouble imagining

Trump sat on the steps of the Capitol with hundreds of thousands of people cheering for his departure.

Former presidents have traditionally admired each other, even after being forced out of the office. After Ronald Reagan spoke at the opening of the library Jimmy Carter Carter said, “I now understand more clearly than I ever have before why you won.”

Jimmy Carter apologized to George W. Bush for the dedication of the Bush library for being too harsh on him, especially for his outspoken criticism of the war in Iraq. “Oh, shut up,” Bush answered. Can you imagine that happening with Trump and whoever replaced him, whenever that happened?

What if he wins?

Encouraging bold

CNN: No President has been impeached, released and reelected. You can imagine that if he wins, Trump will feel braver than anyone in history. How does Trump treat offices in the second period as the final winners?

KAB: I think he would feel brave to take whatever action he wants. When I interviewed him for my book, it was not long after the release of Mueller’s report and he felt like he had been released. He was frankly excited and wanted to talk about how he thought he had done more than any president in history. So I can only imagine his reaction being reelected after being impeached. Much of what he spends his time doing is arranging only with his supporters in mind and if he is re-elected that will prove the overwhelming power of his electorate. I think he will criticize journalists and the so-called “deep state” even more than he does today. That won’t be a good sight.

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There is no historical precedent for Trump

CNN: Is there another president who came to the unpopular White House and then won the unpopular re-election? Are there divisive presidents like Trump?

KAB: I think George W. Bush is very divisive but not so far. His approval rating has jumped since leaving office. And like Trump, he was elected without popular vote. Bush followed in his father’s footsteps and remained largely on the sidelines. He watched his approval rank jump because the absence actually made the heart grow. I can’t see Trump staying on the sidelines.

President unpopular and second term

CNN: What can we learn from the terms of the two unpopular presidents during their re-election and winning against hope (I’m thinking of Harry Truman here or Richard Nixon)?

KAB: If you see Nixon and Watergate, winning by a narrow margin only makes it more paranoid and irrational and causes his resignation. That example is not a good sign.

Trump and the successor to the GOP

CNN: We are far into allegations here, but I wonder if Trump wins, how will he treat Mike Pence, who has been a loyal soldier during this first term. It’s hard to imagine someone with Trump’s reality show sensibility just handing a stick to someone like Pence, who no doubt doesn’t have Trump’s talent for drama, as the next logical GOP candidate. What does history tell us?

KAB: Trump is not loyal to people just because they are loyal to him. I think he would treat Mike Pence well if he was re-elected because Pence would logically help him convince evangelical voters to stay with him. But I don’t think that loyalty will last long and Trump can support others if Pence runs for 2024. That won’t translate into long-term support unless it’s in his favor.

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Joao Almeida became the champion of Portugal in cycling



Joao Almeida became the champion of Portugal in cycling

This Sunday, Portuguese cyclist João Almeida (UAE-Emirates) became the Portuguese champion in cross-country cycling for the first time, winning the elite national championships held in Mogaduro.

In his first online race since Joao Almeida was forced to pull out of the Vuelta Italia after testing positive for the coronavirus, he won his first national title since becoming time trial champion in 2021.

Almeida crossed the finish line in Mogadora, covering the 167.5 km distance in 4:08.42 hours, 52 seconds behind Thiago Antunes (Efapel) second, Fabio Costa (Glassdrive-Q8-Anicolor) third, and Rui Oliveira (UAE). – Emirates), fourth.

In the end, João Almeida stated that he was “very pleased” with the victory, admitting that the race “went very well” and thanking his teammates.

Former national champion José Neves (W52-FC Porto) did not finish the race, as did Rafael Reis (Glassdrive-Q8-Anicolor) who won the time trial title on Friday.

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Portuguese military admits ‘it will take time’ until territory is taken under control



Portuguese military admits 'it will take time' until territory is taken under control

The “path” chosen for about a year in the fight against rebel groups in the province of Cabo Delgado in northern Mozambique is “the right one,” Brigadier General Nuno Lemos Pires said in an interview with Lusa.

“Now, while the situation is not fully under control, we all understand that, as in any other counter-terrorism situation in the world, it will take a lot of time,” added the head of the European military training mission, although he acknowledged that this “ does not mean that sometimes there are no fears and failures.

However, “this is part of what constitutes an action taken against terrorists who operate in a very wide area, who in themselves have the initiative and the ability to hide in a very wide area,” he said.

In fact, he stressed, many of the recent attacks that have taken place in the south of Cabo Delgado in recent weeks are due to the fact that Islamist extremist rebels had to “flight from the north” of the province.

“Because this was a consolidated military operation carried out in close cooperation between the Mozambique Defense and Security Forces (FSS), [e com as forças d]Rwanda and SAMIM (Southern African Development Community Mission (SADC) in Mozambique), who were clearing out the intervention areas that existed in the area, the reaction of many terrorists was to flee the area, go further south, where they were not pursued. , and make new attacks,” he explained.

“In such cases, the initiative almost always belongs to the terrorists. There are few of them, they hide among the population, they move over very large territories, with a lot of dense vegetation, it becomes very difficult to find them, but you can easily move,” he continued.

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On the other hand, the Portuguese general emphasized, “it is now difficult for these groups” “to concentrate power and forces for large-scale operations, as was the case three years ago during the conquests, such as Mocimboa da Praia or Palma.” ,” he said.

“They don’t have that ability. Many of these attacks even demonstrate [estratégias] survival [clássicas das guerrilhas]. They’re looking for food, they’re looking for supplies, they’re searching deep down for a place where they can survive, because the area is already under quite a lot of control. [por parte] Mozambique FSS, Rwandan forces and SAMIM,” he explained.

In this context, Nuno Lemos Pires highlighted the “quick response” of the Mozambican authorities to each of these developments, starting with head of state Filipe Nyusi.

“I think it is exemplary that the moment there is a movement or a series of significant attacks in other areas, we immediately see the President of Mozambique heading north, linking up with his Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (CEMGFA). , with the Minister of Defense, with the Minister of the Interior, and outline plans on the ground for a quick change of equipment and the ability to respond to such movements,” he said.

During one such trip to northern Mozambique in mid-June, Mozambican Interior Minister Arsenia Massingue said that Mozambican police were informing the “enemy” – the rebel forces in Cabo Delgado – about the positions of the FDS and allied forces on the ground.

However, Lemos Pires downplayed the situation. “We must be aware that there are infiltrations in any political system. It’s happening everywhere. Ignoring this dimension is tantamount to ignoring what is happening everywhere,” he said.

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“I don’t know of a single case of insurgency, counterinsurgency, terrorist or counter-terrorist combat where these leaks didn’t happen frequently. You need to be careful. .

In addition to the vastness of the territory that has been the scene of conflict and the topography favorable to insurgent guerrilla strategies, the porous borders with Tanzania to the north of Cabo Delgado and Malawi to the northwest also pose a danger. challenges the SDF and allied forces of SAMIM and Rwanda.

Lemos Pires also relativized this question. “We are talking about transnational terrorism, and it is good to understand that the situation in the north of Mozambique, in Cabo Delgado, is not limited and is not limited – and has never been limited – exclusively and exclusively to this region. A phenomenon that exists throughout Africa. , namely in Central Africa,” he said.

The UETM commander even took advantage of this circumstance to formulate an “extended response” to “a broad problem, a regional one, and the solution must also be a broad regional one.”

Therefore, “it’s very good what we see here on the ground, in fact, this is the unification of the efforts of regional African forces to try to deal with a problem that really worries everyone,” he concluded.

“What happens in one region can affect another. That is why it is in everyone’s interest that these groups be fought, detained and that the narrative that they are currently spreading can be counteracted – we hope that there are fewer and fewer successes,” the Portuguese general stressed.


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Lusa/The End

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Sporting confirmed the title of champion of Portugal in futsal and became a two-time champion of the country – Notícias de Coimbra



Sporting confirmed the title of champion of Portugal in futsal and became a two-time champion of the country - Notícias de Coimbra

Today, Sporting CP confirmed the title of Portuguese futsal and became the champion of the country, once again beating Benfica 4:3 in the third game of the play-off final at the Pavilão Joao Rocha stadium in Lisbon.

With this triumph, the Lions add their 17th national title, become two-time champions and achieve something unprecedented in the sport in Portugal, reaching the title by winning every play-off game and completing this feat with three wins in the final against rival Lisbon , winning the first two matches 5-4 and 4-3 respectively.

If in the first two matches the “lions” always started on the losing end, this time the team of Nuno Dias reversed the trend and led through Pauleto (05 minutes), making it 2-0 due to Cavinato (13) and Cardinal (18). ) signed a third before the break.

In the second half, André Sousa (26) moved to Benfica, Ziki (33) turned Léonin’s lead into a 4-1 lead, and Artur scored twice for the Eagles (34 and 39).

Sporting seized the initiative from the very beginning, and after Pani Varela threatened to hit the post, Pauleta really opened the scoring for the Lions with the next move, only having managed to pull over to the side of the road with a well-aimed blow. pole, after help from Eric.

Alvalade’s team were encouraged by the goal, and in the following betting twice he cost Benfica André Sousa, who, thanks to two excellent interventions, avoided Sporting’s second goal.

However, even the “elastic” goalkeeper of the “eagles” could not prevent the score from 2:0 in the 13th minute, when Cavinato appeared “in the face” of the goalkeeper to deflect a free kick from Alex Merlin.

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The “party”, which took over the Joao Rocha pavilion due to the Lions’ two-goal advantage, led to an overabundance in the stands: the fans broke the glass next to the “red” bench, due to which the game was interrupted for several minutes.

Three minutes before the end of the first half, Benfica had a great opportunity to close the gap: Sporting punished Sporting with a free kick for the sixth foul: Arthur missed him in a one-on-one match with Goncalo Portuguese, hitting the post.

The “punishment” for the Luz team was even more severe a minute later when the Cardinal made it 3-0 to the national champions. Pauleta, in an individual move, took all the defense of the “Reds” to the “tug” and filed for a support, which, in front of the helpless Andre Souza, chose a side and struck for the score.

In the second half, despite a greater lead in the match when Benfica appeared to be shaken by a big disadvantage, Sporting saw the opposition close in on the score thanks to a 26th-minute André Souza goal. even touched Merlin before entering the gate in Gitta’s defense.

Shortly after that, Benfica could have re-entered the final discussion, but Arthur, after a combination with Carlos Monteiro, hit the post again, missing the opportunity to make the score 3:2.

Benfica failed, while Sporting responded with a fatality, and Ziki stamped his name on the scorecard in the 33rd minute: first Pani Varela hit the iron, and then the green-white center was faster on reload.

After two iron balls, Artur finally “set” his goal and lowered it to 4-2 in the 34th minute. Toward the last minute, the central “incarnate” made the score 4:3 and left the result open until the end, but Sporting even became the national champion for the seventh time during the “reign” of Nuno Diaz as coach of the team from Alvalade. .

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The game was played at the Joao Rocha Pavilion in Lisbon.

Sporting – Benfica, 4-3.

During the break: 3-0.


1:0, Pauleta, 05 min.

2:0, Cavinato, 13.

3-0, Cardinal, 18.

3-1, André Sousa, 26.

4-1, Ziki, 33.

4-2, Arthur, 34.

4-3, Arthur, 39 years old.


– Sporting: Gitta, Eric Mendonza, Joao Matos, Diego Cavinato and Alex Merlim. Also playing were Tomas Paco, Cardinal, Pauleta, Pani Varela, Esteban Guerrero, Ziki Te and Gonçalo Portugal.

Coach: Nuno Dias.

– Benfica: Andre Souza, Romulo, Robinho, Rocha and Ivan Chishkala. Also played were Afonso Jesus, Artur, Carlos Monteiro, Bruno Sintra, Rafael Henmi, Silvestre Ferreira and Jacaret.

Coach: Pulpis.

Referees: Cristiano Santos (Porto), Ruben Santos (Porto) and Joao Sinval (Braga).

Disciplinary Actions: Yellow card for Robinho (11), Bruno Sintra (12), Cardinal (12), Jacaret (16), Pauleta (29), Romulo (32), Zika (32) and Afonso Jesus (34).

Attendance: about 2000 spectators.

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