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Trump’s showmanship now backfires on him



Trump addresses a socially distanced West Point graduation

The eyes of the President’s television producer guide him to look for dramatic tables that create the image of his own choice – strong, challenging, destroying the company’s structure and trampling on the normal ethics of the presidency.

But his recent efforts to create an attractive political image seems to bear fruit.

In a recent example on Saturday, Trump’s attempt to wrap himself in military power and prestige failed at a West Point graduation ceremony that seemed to use it to his advantage, as creeping walking down the street sparked so much social media ridicule that he felt the need to explain it in his own tweet .
And for all his tweet about law and order, he didn’t consider the latest real incident of police brutality – the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks behind in Atlanta, which led to the resignation of the city police chief – while seclusion in a New Jersey golf resort for most of the weekend.
The current president famously marched to an iconic church in Washington, Lafayette Square, DC, after the protesters were forcibly evicted, intended to project power to his supporters, but turned into a symbol of mismanagement by George Floyd’s protest and very tense relations with brass current and previous military. The tall iron fence erected around the White House then turned into a symbol of the severance of the President with sweeping changes to the nation. Trump’s instinct during Floyd’s death with the knee of a police officer around his neck was to exploit the situation to advance his own political prospects – rather than cool the tension and seek national reconciliation. Over the weekend, for example, he pounced on Major League Soccer’s policies to support his players’ right to protest during the National Anthem.
“And it seems the NFL is also headed in that direction, but not with me watching,” the President tweeted. Trump has long exploited the controversy regarding players who have knelt down to protest police brutality to create a cultural war problem to attract supporters. But it is possible that as the NFL match continues, his choice to improve may turn against the President if more players kneel and reflect a country that is increasingly willing to reconsider some of its attitudes towards race.

Back on the campaign path

This week, the President will return to the campaign path, holding a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday night – although there are fears that indoor arena events with large crowd types that are banned from sporting events will cause a spike in infections from novel coronaviruses. The initial plan was to hold a general meeting on Friday. But the decision to coincide with Juneteenth, a holiday that marked the end of slavery, served to emphasize the President’s deaf tone in the race. And instead of leading the matter, the President is behind – with Democratic and Republican lawmakers working on police reform and with major changes to law enforcement practices ordered by states and mayors of cities.
Tulsa's health director hopes Trump will delay the rally because of the jump in 19 Covid cases

Trump’s demonstration, a striking example of the art of political performance, is far more important to him than to conventional politicians. Not only did they give the stage president a chance to enjoy the praise of the crowd, they also in many ways defined his wild presidency, and gave the impression that Trump was ganging up on a massive anti-Washington movement.

See the 2020 presidential election ballot

Trump has plans for more rallies in Arizona, Texas and Florida – countries where the virus is rapidly increasing again after the initial economic opening he requested. These events will likely focus on his rejection of a pandemic and inaccurate assessment that the United States has “won” over the crisis.

His striking refusal to wear a mask, meanwhile, underestimated his own government message that face masks could significantly slow the spread of the corona virus and actually accelerate the resumption of normal life. US General Surgeon Dr. Jerome Adams on Sunday undermined Trump’s implied argument that the change in social behavior mandated by the government to deal with the virus was a violation of the basic rights of Americans. “Some feel the face covering violates their freedom of choice – but if we use it more, we will have MORE freedom to get out,” Adams wrote on Twitter.
In many ways, Trump’s presidency is a series of interconnected and choreographic moments, from his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, who did nothing to convince the isolated country to stop its nuclear efforts, to make announcements like a new decision recently to get out of the World Health Organization amid a pandemic. Critics see the decision as an attempt to shrug off mistakes for his own failure in fighting the virus which he has long insisted will not be a problem for the US and has now killed more than 115,000 Americans.
State polls show a clear shift towards Democrats since protests began
This is what happened, for example, when he visited France in 2017 as a guest of honor at the Bastille Day parade in the country and returned home determined to show himself spectacularly with himself as the center of attention. The event finally turned into a very controversial celebration on July 4 last year that delighted its supporters but alienated millions of Americans by politicizing patriotism and raising serious questions about the president’s use of the military as a political tool.

One of the key questions from the November election is whether the message the President sent to his supporters – and to voters in the middle of the road – with his brave showmanship will be enough to gather the winning coalition or can eventually turn more voters against it.

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Trump replied about the ramp walk

The president and his election campaign have spent months trying to portray Democrat Joe Biden as weak and mentally and physically unfit for the rigors of the presidency.

But the White House has refused to be frank about the President’s own health, including a mysterious and unplanned visit to the Walter Reed National Military Health Center last November.

And when critics raise questions about Trump’s slow pace at West Point, he can’t handle it.

The president, who was 74 years old on Sunday, responded to Twitter with his own narration about what happened, which only strengthened the moment.

Panic Button ' when for the Republican Senate

“The road that I went down after West Point’s speech. My commencement was very long & steep, had no grip and, most importantly, very slippery. The last thing I would do was” fall “on Fake News to have fun with my last ten legs ran to flat ground. Momentum! “The president wrote in an early tweet on Sunday morning.

West Point’s graduation continues even though cadets have taken part in online learning since March since the academy was in New York, one of the hardest hit regions during the pandemic.

The president explained in April that he planned to attend the graduation in person, despite criticism warning that he was putting cadets at risk because they were called back for socially distant events.

Ahead of the campaign meeting in Tulsa on Saturday, participants were required to sign a waiver that they would not sue the President’s campaign if they were infected with a virus, a situation that sparked criticism that Trump was putting people on board and people. they will meet in society – at risk to advance their own political requirements.

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Portuguese club sign Matheus Pereira from Cruzeiro



Portuguese club sign Matheus Pereira from Cruzeiro

Credit: Bruno Haddad / Cruzeiro

Boavista received a positive response from Cruzeiro for the final transfer of Matheus Pereira. The left-back, first of all, is the request of coach Armando Petit to replace Janis Amas, who is due to leave the club in the coming days.

O It turned out that the clubs started the exchange of documents this Wednesday morning (29) and the purchase of the defender is in full swing. Now Boavista is looking to get past the red tape to finally announce the signing of the player.

Mateus Pereira has a contract with Cruzeiro until June 2023 and is on loan from Guarani until the end of the current season. The club from Sao Paulo has already been informed that it will lose the left-back in the next transfer window.

Also according to the report, Boavista will invest 3 million euros (16.6 million reais at the current price) to get 60% of the economic rights for four seasons. Cruzeiro, in turn, will keep 40% of the season ticket for future sale.

Mateus Pereira was one of the full backs, according to the Boavista Market Analysis Center, since 2021 I have kept a player in my field of vision. At first, the deal will be on a season-long lease.

However, the Minas Gerais club eventually agreed to negotiations when the Portuguese made the final choice in favor of buying the athlete. Recently, Mateus Pereira received a poll from Braga. However, Cruzeiro was not enthusiastic about this business model.

Matheus Pereira held talks with the club from Rio de Janeiro

Having failed to return to Serie A of the Brazilian championship, Cruzeiro placed Matheus Pereira on the list of “fixed” players. In January, for example, he appeared on the radar to protect Fluminense.

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At the direction of Abel Braga, the then tricolor coach, the defender even had a verbal agreement with Fluminense. However, the board backed out of the deal shortly after signing Chris Silva from Sheriff Moldova and Mauricio Pineyda, who was at Barcelona, ​​Ecuador.

Out of coach Paulo Pezzolano’s plans, the left-back was loaned out to Guarani until the end of the current season. Bugre has 23 matches, three goals and one assist. In addition, he is one of the best players in the Brazilian Serie B position.

Matheus Pereira figures

Matheus Pereira, based on the basic categories of Cruzeiro, arrived at Toca da Raposa II in 2017. He belongs to the same generation as goalkeeper Gabriel Braçao, defender Kaka, right-back Vitinho, midfielder Mauricio, striker Cayo Rosa and others.

With these players, Matheus Pereira won the 2018 Under-20 Mineiro Championship. Two years later, coach Adilson Batista promoted the player to the first team, who decided to bet on the first team to form a squad that would play for the first time. in series B.

In two seasons, he established himself as the owner of the left back of Rapos. At the same time, he represented the club in 61 matches, scored one goal and made three assists.

This season, for example, 21-year-old Mateus Pereira has made 23 appearances for Guarani: 12 in Brazil’s Serie B, two in the Brazilian Cup and nine in the Campeonato Paulista. In addition, he scored three goals, provided an assist and spent 2033 minutes on the field.

Highlights: Cruzeiro 2 x 0 Ponte Preta (Serie B). Watch the video!

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Teodoro Obiang meets the Portuguese he saved from death | NEWS | DV



Teodoro Obiang meets the Portuguese he saved from death |  NEWS |  DV

Teodoro Obiang was received on Tuesday (28.06) at the headquarters of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), where, not to mention the process of abolition of the death penalty in his country, he promised to comply with all the necessary recommendations of the membership. by organization. .

“We are ready, we are organizing to fulfill all the conditions that all CPSG member countries demand,” the President of Equatorial Guinea said in press statements without the right to ask questions.

Accompanied by Zacarias da Costa, executive secretary of the CPLP, Obiang assured that Portuguese, considered a foreign language in Equatorial Guinea, is on the rise, mainly because many young people are already learning the language in schools.

“Portuguese will become the language spoken throughout the country,” he promised.

The President of Equatorial Guinea is in Portugal as one of the senior government officials invited to the United Nations Oceans Conference, which is taking place in Lisbon until 1 July.

The presidential delegation of Equatorial Guinea includes First Lady Constance Mangue, Foreign Minister Simeon Oyono Esono, and Mozambique Murade Muraga, former CPLP Executive Secretary, who serves as Obiang’s Special Adviser for the Portuguese Language.

Jorge Trabulo Marquez spent 38 days canoeing in the Atlantic Ocean.

The head of state of Equatorial Guinea held several bilateral meetings, including with the President of the UN General Assembly, Adullah Shahid; was at the International Craft Fair (FIA), this Wednesday will be received by his Portuguese colleague Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and will visit the Sanctuary of Fatima.

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“Obiang understood and set me free”

At the hotel where he was staying in Lisbon, Obiang received Portuguese journalist Jorge Trabulo Marques, who spent 47 years in prison in Malabo after 38 days of trying to cross the Atlantic by canoe from Sao Tome. . . .

Marquez says he was 30 years old at the time and it was Obiang, then supreme commander of the armed forces, who saved him from death.

“At that time, I was considered a spy because it was hard to believe that a European would sit in a canoe,” Jorge Trabulo Marquez told DW Africa.

“I was taken to Black Beach Maximum Security Prison and sentenced to hang. Five days later, while I was walking, the phone rang and it was Commander Obiang, the nephew of President Macias, who called me to his office to give the president a writ of execution.”

President of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang receives journalist Jorge Trabulo Marquez in Lisbon.

Meeting between President Teodoro Obiang and journalist Jorge Trabulo Marquez on Tuesday (28.06)

But Obiang, then 33, went against the execution order for his uncle Macias Nguema.

“Thank God he was understanding, he was generous, he took my word for it and set me free. I was here today to thank him for life because I saw death before me. Every night I heard piercing cries; terror prison. Whoever entered alive, came out in a tomb.”

At this meeting, the journalist expressed his gratitude by offering a picture painted with a portrait of a man who saved his life in a country where the Castilian language prevails and where the death penalty has not yet been completely abolished.

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