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Trump hasn’t met with protesters or visited Minneapolis despite precedents



Acosta: Trump punted on addressing Minneapolis protests

A visit to the site of a national tragedy is something that is often requested by the US president – listening to Americans affected by events that have caught the country’s attention and called for national unity.

Trump has expressed his sympathy from inside the gates of the heavily guarded White House, and mentioned Floyd’s name during an event that focused on American work. He posed for photos in a church that was damaged by looters after peaceful demonstrators were cleansed of the area with anti-riots, such as pepper balls. And he held a round table meeting with representatives of national law enforcement organizations, the Republican sheriff and two Republican attorney general’s, to hear their opinions on the matter.

But Trump’s efforts to overcome demonstrations have, in many ways, garnered criticism and sowed division.

Vice President Mike Pence has held a series of listening sessions with members of the African-American community.

So far, this carefully curated program has not included the Floyd family, organizers of the Black Lives Matter event or national civil rights activists. Instead, they were detained in and around Washington, and the guests were black conservatives, spiritual leaders, and community leaders in the Washington area. One guest, Candace Owens, has the word Floyd is “an example of a cruel villain all his life, until the very last moment,” that he should not be considered a martyr and that he “Not a good person.”
Trump also said he talked to the Floyd family by telephone. But Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, said that their conversation was “brief” and one-sided.

“He didn’t give me a chance to talk,” said Floyd. “It was difficult. I tried to talk to him, but he just kept, like, pushing me, like ‘I don’t want to hear what you are talking about.’ ”

The late White House solution to calling for national unity can come in the form of a presidential speech this week.

A senior administration official said a speech on issues relating to race and national unity was under serious consideration. And Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson – the only black member of the Trump Cabinet – signaled in an interview with CNN “State of the Union” on Sunday that we “will hear from the President this week on this topic, in some detail. ”

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But so far, Trump has had little direct exposure to American public members who have not agreed with his politics since taking office.

From time to time, Trump has met with Democratic lawmakers, seen a protester escorted out of a rally, or pushed past someone carrying a sign of protest from the isolation of his motorcade. And Pence, in a direct public interaction that rarely happens in public with someone who disagrees with its principles, was confronted by an advocate of Medicaid and Medicare expansion while stopping by the Iowa stall to stop the re-election campaign.

However, in general, the White House does not place the President in a position to be challenged by everyday Americans who oppose his political views. In fact, it is very rare for a modern American president to be exposed to the public by Americans every day who disagree with their government’s policies. Every meeting, round table, and event is curated carefully with guests examined by White House staff.

But there is a precedent for the US president to meet with activists and civil rights leaders, or, at least in one case, to visit places of mass protest rooted in racial tensions.

President John F. Kennedy met with civil rights leaders the same day Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his speech “I Have a Dream” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. President George H.W. Bush has been criticized for waiting five days to visit Los Angeles after the LA riots following the release of police officers involved in the brutal beating of Rodney King. And President Richard Nixon met with anti-Vietnam War protesters before dawn at the Lincoln Memorial five days after the incident at Kent State University, when the Ohio National Guard opened fire and killed four students who protested the war’s expansion into Cambodia.

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Some of Trump’s previous visits to the American community treating the wounds of national tragedy have been responded to with criticism and division.

During a visit to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, Trump was criticized for casually throwing paper towel rolls at the supply center while visiting the island’s well-fortified environment and celebrating his administration’s response to the hurricane season.
Trump also faces political backlash over his visits to Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, after mass shootings in their communities. Some politicians in the cities played down the President’s visit and some El Paso shootings said they did not want to meet with the President.
Trump also wrongly accused the Ohio Democrats Senator Sherrod Brown and Mayor of Dayton Nan Whaley from “totally misinterpreted” his visit to the Ohio hospital to meet with Dayton victims. But neither Brown nor Whaley suggested his visit to the hospital received a bad reception.

Kristen Holmes and Sarah Westwood from CNN contributed to this report.

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Portuguese TV project ‘O Último Lobo’ wins 2 awards in Spain



Portuguese TV project 'O Último Lobo' wins 2 awards in Spain

“BUT SPi introduced [na Conecta, que decorreu entre terça-feira e hoje em Toledo,] two of his upcoming art projects, “Code 632” and “O Último Lobo”, the latter of which is one of the finalists of the “pitching” session and received the RTVE award, the event’s highest award, which means an agreement between the Spanish public broadcaster RTVE and the ACORDE award” , the Portuguese producer said in a statement released today.

The Last Lobo, an eight-episode co-production between SPi and Caracol Studios and written by Bruno Gascon, is “a crime drama that tells the story of Lobo, one of Europe’s biggest drug dealers.”

“Code 632”, a co-production of RTP and Globoplay, is a six-episode series based on the book “O Code 632” by José Rodrigues dos Santos.

Recording for this series will begin in July and will be split between Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro. According to RTP, in a statement released this week, the book adaptation for the series is being handled by Pedro López and directed by Sergio Graciano.

“Based on authentic historical documents, Codex 632 focuses on a cryptic message found among the papers the old historian left behind in Rio de Janeiro before he died,” recalls RTP.

The cast included Portuguese and Brazilian actors and starred Paulo Pires and Deborah Secco.

SPi, part of the SP Televisão group, produced the Netflix series Gloria and co-produced Auga Seca for HBO Portugal, among others.

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Portuguese rider Miguel Oliveira in 16th place after the first free practice in Assen – DNOTICIAS.PT



Portuguese rider Miguel Oliveira in 16th place after the first free practice in Assen – DNOTICIAS.PT

Portuguese rider Miguel Oliveira (KTM) finished the first two free practices of the MotoGP Grand Prix in Assen in 16th place.

Oliveira finished the day with a time of 1.34.676 minutes, 1.402 seconds behind the best rider of the day, Italy’s Francesco Banagia (Ducati). Spaniard Aleix Espargaro (April) was second with 0.178 seconds and French champion Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) was third with 0.305 seconds.

After the first session in the rain, in which the rider from Almada was sixth fastest, the rain stopped before the start of the second session.

The riders started with intermediate tires, but as the track in Assen in the Netherlands, considered the “cathedral” of motorsport, dried up, they installed dry tires (slicks).

Under these conditions, Miguel Oliveira was losing ground in the table, ending the day in 16th place, despite an improvement of about nine seconds from the morning’s record, in rain, in which Australian Jack Miller (Ducati) was the fastest. , fifth in the afternoon.

On Saturday there will be two more free practices and qualifications.

The 10 fastest in the set of the first three sessions go directly to the second stage of qualification (Q2), and the remaining 14 “brawl” in Q1, resulting in the two fastest qualifying to the next stage.

Fabio Quartararo enters this 11th round of the season leading the championship with 172 points, while Miguel Oliveira is in 10th place with 64 points.

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Portuguese MNEs defend that Mercosur is a “natural partner” of the European Union at the moment – Observer



Portuguese MNEs defend that Mercosur is a "natural partner" of the European Union at the moment - Observer

This Thursday, Portugal’s foreign minister said that at a time when the European Union (EU) seeks to diversify suppliers and markets, MERCOSUR is a natural partner whose importance cannot be “underestimated”.

For Portugal, “the current delicate context makes us appreciate even more the mutual advantages of the Agreement between the EU and MERCOSUR,” João Gomes Cravinho said, without directly referring to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“At a time when the EU is seeking to diversify suppliers and markets in order to ensure greater strategic autonomy, MERCOSUR is a natural partner, whose importance we cannot underestimate“, the minister added at a conference entitled “Brazil and Portugal: perspectives for the future”, which takes place from Thursday to Friday at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

The Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) is a South American economic bloc created in 1991, whose founding members are Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.


But still, within the framework of the European Union, Joao Gomes Cravinho believed that EU strategic partnership with Brazil left ‘untapped’.

The Minister stressed that in the context of the EU, Portugal “always knew how to use its position in favor of strengthening relations with Brazil.”

Therefore, it was during the Portuguese presidency, in 2007, that a “strategic partnership with Brazil” was established, he stressed.

However, according to the head of Portuguese diplomacy, this is “a partnership that has clearly not been used for a variety of reasons and which still retains the ability to position Brazil as Europe’s great interlocutor for South America.”

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With regard to bilateral relations between the two countries, the minister emphasized that “in this context of global turmoil, the wisdom of the central characteristic common to the foreign policy of Brazil and Portugal, which is active participation in many multilateral structures, in recognition of the indispensability of multilateralism, international cooperation and global rules based order.

Portugal meets with Brazil in all areas of Portuguese foreign policy. We are Atlantic, we are Ibero-American and Portuguese-speaking,” he said.

In the Atlantic dimension, “Portugal and Brazil are united by an ocean, which we recognize as growing in importance in the context of new, complex and truly existential issues,” he said.

According to João Gomes Cravinho, “Some of these problems can be answered in the Atlantic Center, co-founded by Portugal and Brazil”, and “the other part of the huge ocean problems will be addressed in detail at the great Summit.” Oceans”, which will be held in Lisbon next week.

“In any of the areas, new prospects are opening up for Portuguese-Brazilian relations,” he stressed.

With regard to Ibero-America, the minister believes that Portugal and Brazil share “an enormous strategic space with the Castilian-speaking countries, where a joint Portuguese-Brazilian reflection is undoubtedly recommended on the potential to exploit opportunities and create synergies”.

“Value of CPLP [Comunidade de Países de Língua Portuguesa] is gaining more and more recognition at the international level – and the evidence of this is the growing number of states that become associate observers” of the organization, he believes.

“Because they want to engage with us and reinforce the value of the linguistic, cultural and historical ties that unify lusophony and create a unique dynamic for relationships with third parties,” he stressed.

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But even at this level, he argued that there was an urgent need to find a “convergence of visions and desires” that “allows us to enhance” our “separate realities.”

The minister also mentioned that “despite the break caused by the pandemic”, Portugal has a “real air bridge” with Brazil, consisting of more than 74 weekly TAP flights, which is a cause and effect of “a dynamic that is being updated and reinvented”. relations between the two countries.

This dynamic, according to Gomes Cravinho, is also reflected in economic and commercial relations.

Thus, “Brazil is the first Latin American export market for Portuguese merchandise and is already the fourth largest merchandise export destination (outside the EU).

“However, the conviction remains that the potential is far from being realized, and that nostalgia for the future entails a vision of a different profile of our exchanges, a technological, creative profile that corresponds to global geo-economic transformations,” he defended. .

At this stage, João Gomes Cravinho also underlined the potential of the port of Sines, “whose strategic importance, which has long been noted, takes on new importance in the troubled times that we are going through.”

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