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The FBI says Bubba Wallace is not a target of racial crime



Bubba Wallace se toma una foto en la salida de Talladega con los pilotos a sus espaldas

NASCAR, citing FBI reports, described the item as “garage door laces made like ropes.”

“The FBI knows that garage number 4, where the snare was found, was assigned to Bubba Wallace last week,” the agent said in a statement Tuesday. “The investigation also revealed evidence, including an authentic video confirmed by NASCAR, that the snare found in garage number 4 had been in the garage since October 2019. Although the snare is now known to be in garage number 4 in 2019, no one can know Mr. Wallace will be assigned to garage number 4 last week. “

Wallace has not publicly responded to FBI findings on Tuesday night. NASCAR said that he had never seen the figure.

NASCAR issued a statement regarding the FBI’s decision that said, “We appreciate the FBI’s rapid and thorough investigation and are grateful to know that this was not an intentional and racist racist act against Bubba.”

“We remain firm in our commitment to provide a friendly and inclusive environment for all who love to race,” NASCAR said.

Richard Petty Motorsports, who drives No. car. 43, who was driven by Wallace, issued a statement saying one of his employees “found a rope tied like a rope in a garage garage” assigned to Wallace.

Petty’s employees followed the protocol and notified NASCAR, the statement said.

“No member of Richard Petty Motorsports, or Wallace is involved with the presence of the rope,” the statement said.

Also on Tuesday, the Wood Brothers Racing team said via Twitter that a member of his team remembered seeing a rope like a rope hanging in a garage in the fall of 2019. The information was conveyed to the appropriate authorities as part of a NASCAR investigation, the Wood said of the brother.

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The discovery of the Sunday afternoon snares at Wallace’s workshop in Talladega came when the United States, and NASCAR in particular, more precisely dealt with American systemic racism after the police killed George Floyd.

Wallace, the only black racer on the NASCAR top circuit, has been a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and related protests against racism and police brutality.

In a teleconference Tuesday, NASCAR president Steve Phelps said the FBI findings were “the best outcome we could hope for.”

“Team (No.) 43 has nothing to do with this,” Phelps said. Wallace drives No. 43.

“The proof is very clear that the snares in the garage were already in the garage before,” continued Phelps. “The last race we did there was in October, that there was no snare, and that – the fact that it wasn’t discovered until team 43 members came there was something that was a fact. We haven’t returned to the garage. It was a quick one-day performance. Members the crew went back in. He looked and saw the snare, brought it to the attention of his crew chief, who then went to NASCAR series director Jay Fabian, and we launched this investigation.

“To be clear, we will do this again. From the evidence we have, it is clear that we need to see this.”

Phelps does not accept media inquiries by telephone.

A NASCAR spokesman said on the call that while the federal investigation was finished, the NASCAR investigation continued.

Wallace wore a “I Can’t Breathe” shirt before one event, repainted his car with the phrase “Black Lives Matter” and asked NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag, which the organization agreed to do on June 10.

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Wallace tweeted Sunday that the “despicable act” left him “very sad and serves as a painful reminder of how far we must go as a society and how persistent we must be in the fight against racism.”

“This will not destroy me, I will not surrender or retreat. I will continue to proudly defend what I believe,” Wallace said.

Monday, NASCAR racers, pit crew members and others walked with Wallace and escorted No. car. 43 was as a form of support before the race.

Dianne Gallagher and Kevin Dotson from CNN contributed to this report.

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Jean Pierre received an offer to trade Avai to the Portuguese team



Jean Pierre received an offer to trade Avai to the Portuguese team

Jean Pierre has to trade Florianopolis for Portugal. The attacking midfielder, loaned to Avai by Grêmio, is interested in the Portuguese team and is in talks to work in Europe. The transaction model must be a loan with a call option.

At 24, Jean Pierre has been with Avai since April and has a contract with Gremio until the end of 2023. With the interest of the Portuguese, he should extend his contract at Porto Alegre, and then he will be transferred until the middle of next year, when the European season ends.

The name of the Portuguese team interested in the player has not yet been disclosed, but the interest is concrete and has already reached Grêmio. The Rio Grande do Sul club has given the go-ahead for negotiations, which depend on the formalization of the offer.

The international transfer window in Portugal remains open until 22 September. However, the idea is to complete the negotiations in August.

In Florip, Jean Pierre took part in 12 matches for Avai in the Brazilian championship, scoring a goal. The debut took place against Inter at the Beira Rio stadium in early May.

Revealed in the Gremio youth categories, Jean Pierre made his professional debut in 2017 and has experienced ups and downs in Porto Alegre. At his most recent contract renewal, he received the highest termination fine of any youngster at the club.

At the end of 2021, he was left out of the squad led by Wagner Mancini and negotiated his departure to Alaves from Spain, then began negotiations with Atlético-PR and finally was transferred to Giresunspor from Turkey.

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In Europe, the football player was diagnosed with a rare tumor of the testicles, and he returned to Brazil for treatment with the removal of the tumor. The case created a sort of legal limbo in which the attacking midfielder was not paid. In April, he was assigned to Avai to return to acting.

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Luis Figo is the first Portuguese to star in a Netflix documentary. Here comes the controversy – Culture



Luis Figo is the first Portuguese to star in a Netflix documentary.  Here comes the controversy - Culture

Before the footballing world surrendered to Cristiano Ronaldo, another Portuguese had reached sky-high levels of popularity in the sport. The importance of Luis Figo in the football market will be analyzed in the documentary About Caso Figo: The Transfer That Changed Football, which will be released on Netflix on August 25.

Created by David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas, the format focuses on what is to this day one of the most controversial transfers of all time: In 2000, Luis Figo leaves Barcelona for rival club Real Madrid. From the pesetero to being targeted by pig heads thrown on the turf, during his first classic game as a merengue player, the 49-year-old Portuguese became the most contested man in the Spanish league at the time.

The Figo Affair: The Transfer That Changed Football revisits that era with the testimonies of the main characters 22 years after the transfer: Luis Figo himself, José Veigi (the agent of the footballer who made the deal at the time) and Florentino Pérez. then president of Real Madrid.

Luis Fig case

credits: Netflix

data-title=”Luis Figo case – Luis Figo is the first Portuguese to star in a Netflix documentary. And here comes the controversy – IGG”>

credits: Netflix

This format is the first Netflix documentary to feature a Portuguese as the protagonist. Among the various figures associated with the world of football who talk about that time, there are names such as Paulo Futre, Roberto Carlos or Jorge Valdano. The documentary will also show previously unseen footage from Figo’s personal collection during his stay in Barcelona and his holiday in Sardinia in the summer of 2000.

watch the trailer

“Focusing on the transfer rather than on Figo’s career, the film tells us about truth, greed, morality and the whole sport in the process – this is the birth of football as a big immoral business with romantic notions of loyalty; not to mention Florentino. History of the origin of Perez. I was honored to direct this film and after the release of Pele last year, we are thrilled to be working with Netflix again on another major sports story.” from Netflix.

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Ambassador of Portugal to Venezuela praised the local community



Ambassador of Portugal to Venezuela praised the local community

“This (RUS) is important for the Portuguese community, and it is also important, as an example of solidarity, that the Portuguese give to those who live here in Caracas and beyond,” said Joao Pedro Vasconcelos Fins do Lago in an interview with Lusa. the end of a visit to an NGO supporting needy Portuguese and homeless Venezuelans.

It was a visit that I wanted to make from the first day I was here, because this is an organization that works with very difficult situations, situations of deep social need, people who have many needs in terms of housing, health and food for people. of all ages, with a special focus on the elderly, the most needy and the most helpless, in a range that deserves all the attention“, these.

The diplomat stressed that “Regala una Sonrisa is exemplary and does a wonderful job,” given that the visit served as an introduction to the ongoing work, the difficulties and proposals that it presents.

“This is an institution that the Portuguese state pays full attention to. In fact, it receives financial support from the Portuguese state in the form of support that has increased over the years and has led to results,” he said.

João Pedro Vasconcelos Fins do Lago said that “there is a beneficial effect of meeting people on the street, where they have to feed them, give them medical care, and also give them shelter.”

Regarding the proposals made by the president of the NGO, Francisco Soares, the ambassador said that “they are aimed at making it easier and more flexible to help people,” without specifying the content.

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“Obviously, we know that we have come out of a very difficult two-year period, a pandemic in which the bureaucratic part of the case was also difficult, and there are several ways to make some situations more flexible and remove the bureaucratic burden. very specific in the sense that a hand that helps those in need can get to those people faster,” he concluded.

For more than seven years, Regala Una Sonrisa has been organizing homeless awareness days every month and promoting the weekly “Sopa Sorriso” initiative for more than 200 people in need in the center of Caracas.

The NGO is also responsible for the Anjos Lusitanos program for Portuguese people living in isolation and in dangerous situations.


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