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Maurice Clarett changed lives as a consultant for UConn basketball



Maurice Clarett changed lives as a consultant for UConn basketball

Tyler Polley knows about soccer player Maurice Clarett. So did most of his UConn teammates.

What they don’t know is the story – from college football superstars to the NFL flameout to felon becoming what he has made, a motivational speaker who founded a behavioral health agency called The Red Zone.

The first speech, a year later, still echoed because it was so revelatory.

“When he told his story, I was just surprised how he got back up,” the senior said in a telephone interview. “He lost a lot of things. Inspire. “

It was supposed to be a one-time meeting with the men’s basketball team in Connecticut, one of the coach’s chief guest speakers Dan Hurley had talked with his players over the summer. Instead, Clarett became part of the program at Hurley’s request. The official title is consultant. But after talking with Clarett, it seems like he is more like a therapist. Before the new coronavirus pandemic struck, 36-year-old Clarett spent up to three days each month with the team. Even when he is not present, he communicates with the players, often connecting with them by telephone.

“My problem is not talking to them,” he said. “My problem is listening to them.”

Maurice Clarett
Maurice ClarettThe AP

Most experts predicted the NFL’s fame for Clarett after he led Ohio State to the BCS national championship as a freshman in 2002. That did not go according to plan. In 2003, he was suspended for receiving improper benefits, and was eventually dismissed from the Big Ten school. He challenged the draft NFL eligibility rules and lost, drafted by the Broncos in the third round of 2005, but never appeared in the match.

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His life went off the rails from there, immersed in alcoholism and a life of crime. He served a sentence of 3 ¹ / ₂ years in prison for armed robbery before changing his life with a drastic change of 180 degrees. In 2016, he founded the Red Zone, which provides counseling for children and adults in Youngstown, Ohio, and is looking to build facilities for college athletes dealing with substance abuse, mental health problems or other problems.

“Only good resources for them,” Hurley said. “He is awesome.”

It might seem strange, a soccer player from Ohio helps the college basketball team from Connecticut, but for Clarett that doesn’t make sense. He connected with Hurley through UConn assistant assistant friend Kimani Young’s friend after Hurley heard it on the podcast and thought he would be a strong choice to talk with his players.

Clarett has talked with many teams before, but he has never been offered a regular show, an opportunity he believes really makes a difference and creates relationships. He got a lot from his trip to Storrs, Conn.

“This is a meaningful job,” he said. “You can’t beat a meaningful job. If you don’t make a difference in someone’s life, you really don’t live.”

One of the players working with Clarett is James Bouknight, an impressive sophomore and an All-ACC freshman. The Brooklyn native was in a car accident where he was charged with driving without a license, driving too fast for conditions, avoiding responsibility and disturbing the police and consequently suspended for three matches. Clarett helped him overcome the mistake, begging him to have it but not letting him define himself. An error occurred. Passing them is more important. He offers similar lessons to other players. He walked in their shoes and saw everything collapsed. The aim is to make sure they don’t repeat their mistakes and don’t just take college.

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“One small mistake can all go downhill,” Polley said.

“I built the trust that I thought with my friends. “We can get together and work one-on-one and have begun to explore what life outside of basketball is like, what drives and motivates them,” Clarett said. to these people echoed. Life is much bigger than basketball. This is much bigger than going there and getting into shape, running and dipping and jumping. It’s about the impact you have on people. Its impact on the world. “

Clarett played basketball in middle school and told Hurley that he could still play. Coach UConn joked that he would become an old-school advanced force. He hasn’t played with any of the UConn players at the moment. He has more important work to do with them.

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Frankie Chavez releases single Cheguei Bem in Portuguese



Frankie Chavez releases single Cheguei Bem in Portuguese

Franky Chavez, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, announces a new album and the first song in Portuguese. “Cheguei Bem” is the debut single, heralding the return to studio albums of one of the great names of Portuguese blues/folk.

The new single is now available on all digital platforms and is accompanied by a music video that can be viewed on the artist’s official YouTube channel.

“This topic appeared in December 2020. On a sunny and cold day in the heart of the Alentejo, music appeared in succession. I don’t know why, but I immediately remembered that I needed to send the recording that I made on my mobile phone to Pedro Puppe. Maybe because I was already thinking about starting to write lyrics in Portuguese and Pedro was one of my favorite lyricists. Two days later he sent me a text and a recording of his voice in addition to what he had done. I realized that the lyrics were talking about me, and by changing one here and the other there, I interpreted it as my own. Thus, Cheguey Bem was born. Chavez explains.

This is Frankie Chavez’s first adventure in which he explores the Portuguese language in writing his original songs, another new milestone in his career that has traveled all over the world. His repertoire is on a new path, which he adds to three studio albums and an EP.

Despite all these innovations, the unique characteristics of Chavez, the influence of blues, folk, tradition and electricity, past and present, as well as the future in his sound remain unchanged. It was his unmistakable music that allowed him to conquer the world, with numerous national and international tours that earned him critical acclaim and distinction.

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Former Portuguese minister criticizes the power of digital supercompanies



Consolidation of the power of large digital conglomerates with a global reach is negatively affecting the global economy, as the power is concentrated in the hands of a few, and this situation requires a tough response from governments.

ConjurAccording to the former Minister of Economy of Portugal, the world has not adapted to the “new economy”.

This is the estimate of the former Minister of Economy of Portugal. Pedro Siza Vieira, who left his post in March this year after five years in the ministry. Participated in the X Lisbon Legal Forum organized by the Brazilian Institute of Education, Development and Research (IDP).

According to Vieira, the world has not yet adapted well to the “new economy”, and this must happen without delay.

“There are several phenomena that explain why the world is redefining the basic principles of the functioning of the global economy, and the most obvious is the emergence of new technologies. The emergence at the global level of companies that control the digital economy causes very big problems for companies that need to contact suppliers and customers through these platforms, which determines the functioning of the market, ”explained the former minister. “It requires legislative intervention to regulate this issue.”

In an interview with TV ConYur, the former Minister of Economy of Portugal also commented on the impact of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine on the global economy. There is no small risk that the planet is going through a great recession, which could trigger a wave of company shutdowns in all countries, he said.

The 10th Lisbon Legal Forum was supported by FGV Knowledge, the Brazilian Institute of Insolvency (Ibajud), the Institute for the Reform of State-Company Relations (IREE) and Décio Freire Advogados.

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Clique here watch the interview or watch below:

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Niteroi signs a cooperation agreement with the Portuguese village of Forgins – Niteroi City Hall



Niteroi signs a cooperation agreement with the Portuguese village of Forgins – Niteroi City Hall

The city of Niteroi signed this Thursday (30th) the terms of cooperation with Vila de Forjães, located in the city of Esposende, in the district of Braga, in Portugal. The Portuguese village mapped a significant number of foreigners who had emigrated to Niteroi and turned to the municipality to strengthen relations between the localities. The signing, held at a virtual meeting, is part of the program dedicated to the 33rd anniversary of the erection in the village of Forhains.

According to the cooperation agreement, Niteroi and Forjães will carry out exchanges and cooperation in various ways in the fields of science and technology, economics and trade, sports, agriculture, health, education, culture and tourism, thus promoting prosperity and development. .

Niteroi Mayor Axel Grael recalled that last month, Niteroi and Braga ratified a sister city agreement, signed in fact in February this year, to create commercial partnerships and exchange information to stimulate and develop new business. The partnership also prompted Foryaes to approach the city of Niteroi with an offer to sign.

“We have taken this initiative very positively, and we will cooperate, no matter what the cost. In Niteroi we have one of the largest communities of foreigners and a very active and representative Portuguese club. I believe that Brazil and Portugal need to cooperate more and more to share experiences. This approach has a great synergistic effect and will certainly bring positive results,” he stressed.

The project management office of the Niteroi City Hall (EGP), together with the chairman of the parish meeting, will be responsible for coordinating the cooperation. Project Management Office Secretary Katherine Azevedo stressed that the activities will be developed between the municipality and the village.

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“We are promoting Niteroi’s internationalization strategy to stimulate development in various areas of the city through activities that benefit both parties and bring people together. There is a natural synergy between peoples, mainly due to the language that facilitates this exchange. During the conversations with the Forjães team, several activities were conceived, which will be detailed in the work plan,” he said.

Forhaes Parish Assembly President Carlos Manuel Gómez de Sa said that the Forhaes Parish Council is partnering with communities where people from Forhaes live. More than 10,000 Brazilians currently live in Braga, he said, and it is one of the fastest growing cities in recent years.

“Right now we are developing the Forjanenses around the World project which, of their own accord, aims to track Forjanenses expats, the community that we have in Niteroi is very important. We had many foreigners who emigrated there, highlighting the figure of Antonio Rodriguez Alves de Faria, the founder of the Companhia de Comércio e Navegação in 1909,” he specified.

Photos: Luciana Carneiro

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