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India-China border tensions: Minister of Defense reveals major Chinese troop movements



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Speaking to CNN-affiliated News18, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Tuesday, “a large number” of Chinese troops had moved to the Actual Control Line (LAC) between the two countries.

“It is true that the Chinese are on the border. They claim it is their territory. Our claim is our territory. There is disagreement about that … India has done what needs to be done,” Singh said during the interview.

“We do not want the country to bow before us, and we will not bow down to any country,” Singh added.

India and China share one of the longest land borders in the world. In 1962, the two countries engaged in a bloody Himalayan border war, and tensions have continued to erupt there sporadically in the decades since.

Last month, aggressive cross border battles between Chinese and Indian troops resulted in minor injuries to the troops. This incident has been followed in recent weeks by reports of tensions in the mountainous region which have yet to be confirmed, although neither side has publicly acknowledged anything extraordinary.

On June 1, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a press conference that the situation was at the border “Stable and controlled.”

“Both parties can solve the related problems through the established border mechanism and diplomatic channels,” he said.

Zhao’s comments came a day after the Chinese-run nationalistic tabloid Global Times published an article previewing new military weapons, which could be used to “High altitude conflict,” like the border of the Himalayas.

“Chinese border defense forces have supported border control measures and made the necessary steps in response to the construction of an illegal Indian defense facility recently crossing the border into Chinese territory in the Galwan Valley region in May,” the article said.

Actual Control Line

In 1993, after years of deadlock and territorial negotiations, China and India finally signed an agreement that sought to mark a long stretch of border between the two countries.

The border is known as the actual control line, but the exact location can be blurry, and there are still disputes between China and India about where one country ends and the other begins.

Former Indian Foreign Minister Nirupama Rao said on his official Twitter account that Delhi and Beijing could not even agree on the length of the border between the two countries.

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“The Indian border of China is 3,488 kilometers (2,167 miles) long … In the Chinese definition, the India-China border is around 2,000 kilometers (1,242 miles),” he said.

Chinese state media has also covered this problem.

“There is no actual line of control along the China-India border that is recognized by both parties,” Global Times said in an article on May 25.

The border tension last peaked in 2017 when troops gathered in and around the disputed highland of Doklam, a thin spot. a strip of land at the crossroads between India, China and Bhutan. Although not part of the Indian region, this area is close to the “chicken neck,” a strategic corridor that functions as a vital artery between Delhi and its northeastern states.
Bhutan accused China of building roads within its territory, which Beijing refused. India then stepped up to support Bhutan’s claim, causing a standoff for months, which included live shooting exercises by the People’s Liberation Army on the border.
The Chinese and Indian Army are involved in & # 39; aggressive & # 39; cross-border battles

US voices support India

On May 29, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo entered the territorial saga, voicing his concern over border disputes with the podcast.

“The Chinese Communist Party – the nature of the activities they carry out … Even today, an increase in Chinese power is moving north of India on the actual control line on the Indian border,” Pompeo said. “These are the types of actions taken by authoritarian regimes and they have a real impact.”

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said last month that the US would be willing to mediate or mediate border disputes between India and China.

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“We have told India and China that the United States is ready, willing and able to mediate or mediate their current border disputes. Thank you!” he tweeted.

Relations between the US and China have deteriorated rapidly during the coronavirus pandemic and as Beijing seeks to tighten its grip on the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in its response that it did not need “third party” intervention on its border with India. But US officials continue to talk about the situation.

On June 1, Eliot Engel, chair of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, said that he was “deeply concerned” by the Chinese troop movement along the actual control line.

“China shows once again that it is willing to bully its neighbors rather than resolve conflicts according to international law,” he said in a statement.

“I strongly urge China to respect norms and use existing diplomacy and mechanisms to resolve its border questions with India.”

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Wabi2b enters the Portuguese market



Wabi2b enters the Portuguese market

It is the first marketplace that allows distributors and Cash & Carries to sell directly to traditional retailers in Portugal. With a presence in 30 cities around the world, it is the turn of the European market, and above all the Portuguese market, to welcome Wabi2b, a digital ecosystem that wants to digitize and modernize brick-and-mortar by connecting its channels.

With the mission of supporting local and traditional commerce, transforming their business processes and bringing them into line with the standards of the digital world, the Wabi2b online store allows retailers to have access to multiple suppliers in one store, view the entire range of products they offer. , compare prices, place all your orders at once, and enjoy platform-exclusive promotions and discounts. In other words, through innovation, Wabi2b intends to provide better and more informed decision making to expand its business.

From the supplier’s point of view, Wabi2b gives its partners full control over the work, namely in the choice of their geography of sales, in the cost and minimum cost of delivery, in the portfolio of products they represent, in prices and in deliveries. and payment receipts. In addition, this platform allows the Wabi2b commercial team to attract new customers and cover a large area.

This is a new digital sales channel with no technology investment, where the supplier receives automated performance reports with key market insights, allowing you to increase your sales team’s efficiency through better route planning and giving your teams more time to add value to them. bring in per visit, being able to direct regular sales to the platform.

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In addition, it also allows you to highlight new product launches, run promotions, and improve customer communications through marketing activities such as personalized banners and targeted push notifications.

Per Hugo Duarte, Head of da Wabi2b Portugal “The Wabi2b ecosystem is set to revolutionize traditional trading and business management practices. With this platform, consumer goods companies, suppliers and point of sale will connect for the first time in a single digital environment whose transactions will be carried out, which will reduce costs, waste, increase transparency, facilitate inventory control and better understand the business. performance. Barriers previously held back by the diversity of agents in the supply chain can now be easily overcome with a single click. The operation in Portugal was very unexpected, so our expansion plans for 2022 are ambitious.”

In this first phase, the platform has registered over 1,700 stores in Lisbon, and in June it also launched in Porto.

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Portuguese government highly appreciates the priorities of the Czech Presidency of the European Union – Observer



Portuguese government highly appreciates the priorities of the Czech Presidency of the European Union - Observer

The Secretary of State for European Affairs this Wednesday expressed full agreement with the five political priorities identified by the upcoming Czech Presidency of the European Council, highlighting issues of support for Ukraine and the energy transition.

The priorities of the Czech presidency will eventually become the priorities of the Portuguese government for the next six months. We hope that the Assembly of the Republic will follow this path,” said Thiago Antunes at the opening of the parliamentary debate on the priorities of the Czech presidency.

The Secretary of State for European Affairs began by setting the priorities of the executive branch in Prague for the second half of this year: managing the refugee crisis and the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, energy security, strengthening European defense and cyber security, the strategic sustainability of the European economy, and the resilience of the democratic institutions of the European Union.

According to a member of the Portuguese government, the first priority is continued military assistance, humanitarian and financial to Ukraine“with the application of sanctions against Russia and its allies.”


“The European Union is facing the biggest wave of refugees since the Second World War, and the Czech Presidency proposes to mobilize and coordinate all the necessary resources for the reception and integration,” especially of children, he said.

Speaking about energy security, Thiago Antunes mentioned “the difficult but fast path that the European Union has already covered in a short period of time.”

“The war in Ukraine has demonstrated that the European Union cannot depend on Russia for energy supply, and the mission of the Czech Presidency will now be to achieve progressive and rapid autonomization and modernization in the energy sector. Portugal has all the conditions to become a central player in the energy transition,” says the European Affairs portfolio holder.

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In his opening remarks, Thiago Antunes also mentioned the goals of the Czech Republic to strengthen European defense, namely through partnership with the Atlantic Alliance, in which he highlighted the issue of cyber security in preventing attacks.

The Secretary of State for European Affairs then spoke. “European problem of vulnerability” in the face of global supply chainscontrasting with the need for reindustrialization, and highlighted the “disturbing reality of inflation in all Member States”.

Regarding the sustainability of democratic institutions in the European Union, the fifth goal of the Prague government, Thiago Antunes noted that this is the least related priority to the war in Ukraine.

“But this will certainly be one of the most frequent topics in European debates in the near future,” he added.

During the debate, PSD MP Sergio Marques accused the Portuguese government of adopting a position of “restraint and reluctance, almost opposition to granting Ukraine candidate status, changing its position only at the last minute so as not to be speaking in private.”

Then Andre Ventura, the leader of Chega, accused the PS of “failing to decide” on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union.

PS MP Kapulas Santos said his party “could not disagree with the priorities of the Czech presidency” but wondered if the “European Union” would survive the impact of the new enlargement.

In turn, MP Bernardo Blanco from the Liberal Initiative said that regarding the priorities of the Czech presidency, the party “fully agrees with the first priority regarding Ukraine”, but refused to depend “on countries that pose a great geopolitical risk.” .”, such as Russia or China.

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Communist Diana Ferreira believed that “the goals that are adopted in this presidency in matters of energy or energy security are to protect the interests of big capital” and believed that “solving these problems is not at all a priority.”

Mariana Mortagua of BE asked for flexibility in the entry of refugees into the European Union, as happened with Ukrainians, criticizing the “absolute hypocrisy of double ‘standards'”.

In the same vein, PAN sole deputy Inés Souza Real refused to allow the European Union to treat people fleeing war “as first and second class refugees”, while Livre’s sole deputy Ruy Tavares questioned whether the Portuguese government would support a joint refugee resettlement program in the European Union.”

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PAN wants to abolish fees for teaching Portuguese abroad



PAN wants to abolish fees for teaching Portuguese abroad

O PAN has submitted a draft to Parliament to stop collecting tuition/entry fees for young Portuguese and descendants of Portuguese who attend or will attend Portuguese language teaching abroad.

The diploma, which was presented this Wednesday to the Assembly of the Republic, refers to a petition signed by 4,524 people that was delivered to Parliament in the previous legislature. Petition titled “Portuguese for all! Concerning the right of our children and young people to study Portuguese abroad, it proposes to “protect and strengthen the teaching of Portuguese among children and young people of Portuguese and Portuguese living abroad”.

PAN understands that the formal learning of the Portuguese language by Portuguese children and young people living abroad is “more than the right of these children and young people, is the responsibility of the state” and is a way to ensure the continuity of “Portuguese across borders”.

“Petition No. 168/XIV/2.ª gives the Assembly of the Republic the opportunity to review the state of the official network of teaching Portuguese abroad for the Portuguese and the descendants of the Portuguese, as well as to consider its problems and the causes of these problems. “, – says PAN.

The party, led by Inés Sousa Real, warns of “a small number of students studying Portuguese abroad” and justifies this fact with “mandatory attendance rates applicable to all students”.

“Currently, the school has about 20,000 students, which is a third of what it was in 2008. This situation is largely justified by the fact that in the 2012/2013 academic year there was a mandatory attendance rate for all students, which meant revenge on the idea that there are constitutional rights for the Portuguese community abroad, but they can only be exercised if they are paid, which is regrettable,” the document says.

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PAN also reports that even during the pandemic, students had to continue paying tuition fees “despite being unable to attend remote classes due to a lack of necessary resources.”

“In the previous legislature, the PAN at the headquarters of the Education Commission requested the Minister of Education for the designation of the revenues generated from the collection of tuition fees, but never received a clear answer,” the party points out, also mentioning that he had already submitted a draft resolution about the abolition of tuition/registration fees for these young people who are “only not moving forward due to the dissolution of the Assembly of the Republic”.

“As part of this initiative, PAN, in an effort to address this clearly defined problem, is proposing to abolish tuition fees for all Portuguese and Portuguese young people who attend or will attend Portuguese language teaching, from January 1, 2023, as this makes no sense in constitutional law payable, and that students have to pay for what is already funded by the Portuguese state,” the document says.

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