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India and Australia strengthen military ties when tensions rise in the South China Sea



Why it matters who owns the seas

The agreement was announced after a virtual summit between Prime Minister Scott Morrison from Australia and Narendra Modi from India.

“India is comprehensively and quickly committed to strengthening its relationship with Australia. This is not only important for our two countries but also for the Indo-Pacific region and the whole world,” Modi said.

“We are committed to an open, inclusive, prosperous and Indian Indo-Pacific role in the region, our region, which will be very important in the years to come,” added Morrison.

The new pact, known as the Australia-India Joint Logistical Support Arrangement and the Implementing Arrangement of Science and Technology, arises when military tensions rise in the Indo-Pacific region, which includes the South China Sea, where China has strengthened its position. on disputed islands.

A joint post-summit statement said the two countries “share a vision of the Indo-Pacific region that is free, open, inclusive and based on regulations to support freedom of navigation, excessive flight, and peaceful and cooperative use of the sea.”

The agreement binds both countries to deepen military integration through more complex exercises and give them access to each other’s bases for logistical support.

South China Sea

China claims almost all 1.3 million miles of the South China Sea as its own, although other claimants have borders that are much closer to disputed waters. In 2016, a court in The Hague ruled that China had no legal basis to claim historic rights over much of the South China Sea.

The Philippines said it would not end the US military access agreement amid tensions in the South China Sea

Australia has a long-standing security relationship with the United States and has maintained a long presence in the South China Sea, conducting air surveillance patrols since 1980, according to the Lowy Institute.

Australian warships also visit the area regularly, including participating in exercises there with US warships in April.

Last year, Indian warships joined US, Japanese and Philippine naval vessels in transit in the South China Sea.

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India, meanwhile, has stepped up its defense cooperation with the United States, including with Malabar’s annual naval exercises, which unite the US and Indian military along with the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

Australia’s High Commissioner for India, Barry O’Farrell, said in an interview last month that Canberra would be interested in joining the Malabar exercises, but there was no extended invitation.

The signing on Thursday came as tensions continued to rise on the India-China border in the Himalayan Mountains.

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Tuesday that “a significant number” of Chinese troops have moved to the Actual Control Line separating the two countries.

Last month, aggressive cross border battles between Chinese and Indian troops resulted in minor injuries to the troops. This incident has been followed in recent weeks by reports of tensions in the mountainous region which have yet to be confirmed, although neither side has publicly acknowledged anything extraordinary.

Angus Watson, Rishabh Madhavendra, and Ben Westcott from CNN contributed to this report.

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September, Holiday Month for the Deaf – Portuguese (Brazil)



Mutirão Opens To Negotiation Of Individuals' Overdue Debts - Português (Brazil)

September is a very important and visible month for deaf people, with three dates that raise awareness and celebrate achievements that are part of the entire community’s trajectory and struggle. These are: – International Sign Language Day, September 23; – Day of the Deaf, 26 September; and Libra National Interpreter and Translator Day on September 30th. With a focus on the deaf community, the Department of Education is promoting several initiatives in this area.

The first is aimed at changing the scenario of educational and language policy based only on the inclusive perspective of including a deaf student in the school environment without guaranteeing procedures that enhance accessibility in his education. The National Guidelines for Bilingual Education for the Deaf integrate all stages of basic education and are based on the promotion of bilingual curricula and pedagogical practices for the deaf: Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) and written Portuguese.

Through the Department of Special Education, the MEC coordinates with interested municipalities the construction, renovation or expansion of bilingual schools for the deaf. To date, 11 locations in Brazil have shown interest in the project. To complement this phase, the Libras National Textbook Program (PNLD) provides accessible formats to deaf students and public school teachers of basic education in the country.

In the academic world, in partnership with universities, advanced training courses are offered for teachers, managers and professionals who want to work with bilingual education for the deaf. Thanks to the projects of various institutions, there are currently 3,520 vacancies for teaching the deaf.

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On the Internet, Canal Libras is a space for communication and content distribution with a focus on the national educational network, from early childhood education to higher education.


Another important date: The National Institute for Education for the Deaf (Ines) turns 165 on the same Libra and the Deaf Day, September 26th. Within the structure of the Ministry of Education, the Institute stands out as a national reference in the field of deafness, necessary to support the formulation of public policies, and then for their implementation in the field. The Institute works to promote education for deaf children, youth and adults.

With information from Ministry of Education.

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Mother of autistic boy attacked by CR7 criticizes Portuguese again



Mother of autistic boy attacked by CR7 criticizes Portuguese again

The case of Cristiano Ronaldo’s aggression against an autistic fan continues to be heard in England. Sarah Kelly, mother of Jake Harding, has asked the English Football Federation to punish the Portuguese star.

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Sarah’s complaint comes after the league filed a complaint against a Manchester United player for aggression against Jake in the Manchester team’s match against Everton on April 9 last season in the Premier League. After an unsuccessful result, the Portuguese dropped a fan’s mobile phone on the way to the locker room.

According to Sarah, she and her son once again became victims of offenses in social networks after the announcement of the complaint against the attacker.

“People are following me, saying that I am rebelling again, but I didn’t know anything about it. The case should have been heard six months ago. My son talks every day about what happened to him. He still hasn’t returned his phone,” he said.

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Jake’s mother still asks how the player manages to sleep at night after what happened. “Let’s hope he finally gets the right punishment. He can’t keep getting away with it. Your behavior is unacceptable…” Sarah concluded.

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Marseille in California. ″Where the Portuguese is, there is Portugal″



Marseille in California.  ″Where the Portuguese is, there is Portugal″

“You are the future,” President Marcelo Rebelo de Souza told a three-year-old girl dressed in traditional Portuguese clothing who came out to greet him on the podium where he spoke at Artesia Portuguese Salon. The city, located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, has not hosted the President of the Portuguese Republic since 1989. This weekend, he did it with pomp and the setting of an ornate Portuguese-American community bursting with pride.

“We have never lost the honor and responsibility of being representatives of this beautiful flag,” said Jimmy Enes, a member of Artesia DES, a Portuguese descendant, in a welcoming speech delivered in perfect Portuguese. “When we are asked who we are, we always answer”i am portuguese“and not”Portuguese-American“or ‘Portuguese American’,” he said. “That’s why we’re trying step by step to protect our heritage on the outskirts of Los Angeles, one of the greatest cities in the world.”

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