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Hiltzik: UC won a huge victory in publishing open access science



Hiltzik: UC won a huge victory in publishing open access science

The University of California, which has struggled for years against the business model of profit-seeking scientific publishers, has just won a big win: a four-year deal that will make the content of more than 2,700 journals published by Springer Nature available to UC without subscription fees.

In exchange, UC writers will pay fees for Springer Nature after their articles are accepted for publication in these journals. The fee will allow anyone to read and use published papers for free. The contract runs until 2023.

The agreement announced this week unites system of the leading research universities in the country and the second largest scientific and technical publisher in the world. This is a big step forward in the campaign by UC – as well as academic institutions throughout the US and the world – to cancel the business model of existing nonprofit academic publishers.

This is a big agreement. This shows the world that the open access publishing model that we have promoted is appropriate for all sizes of publishers, including large non-profit commercial publishers.

Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, UC university librarian

In this campaign UC uses heavy weaponry, as its source it is estimated that 10% of all studies produced in the U.S. The University accounts for about 2% of all content published by the journal Springer Nature.

But universities have struggled to manage a subscription budget of around $ 50 million per year, according to Ivy Anderson, executive director of the UC California Digital Library.

As subscription fees continue to increase inevitably, squeezing resources for other services, UC, like other institutions, starts looking for ways to get more value from its expenses while expanding the spread of its research.

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Prior to this, UC reached open access agreements with a number of smaller publishers, but none were on the Springer Nature scale.

“This is a big deal,” said University Librarian Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, who is also a Berkeley economics professor. “This shows the world that the open access publishing model that we have promoted is appropriate for all sizes of publishers, including large nonprofit commercial publishers.”

Traditionally, publishers accept papers for publication for free but charge steep subscription fees. The model means, in practice, that academic users incur costs for conducting their research and once again reading their own papers in print or online. This model also builds a financial wall between writers and fellow scientists, who also have to pay to read published papers.

The Springer Nature deal effectively puts the world’s largest scientific and technical publisher, Elsevier, on the sidewalk. UC has struggled since 2018 to change an 11 million dollar subscription contract with Elsevier to an open access model.

Both parties were unable to reach an agreement despite the extended game of brinkmanship. In March 2019, after failing to reach an agreement on open access, UC ended its subscription to 2,500 Elsevier academic journals, including some of the most important publications in the world such as Lancet and Cell.

Elsevier allowed the faculty, students, and UC staff to continue to access the journal until mid-July, when it finally cut off their access to most new material. (Content from 2018 and earlier remains available.)

The conflict reflects Elsevier’s generally harsh approach to the demand for open access, which has spread throughout the world; users in Germany have been disconnected the publisher has reached an agreement with users in the Netherlands, Sweden and several research universities restoring access that was terminated while allowing several open access rights.

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An Elsevier spokesman called the Springer Nature agreement “good news for researchers and the shared goals of open access are progressing.”

He said the agreement “shows what is possible with the UC system as we continue our dialogue … towards a sustainable solution.” UC said it was not currently negotiating a new contract with Elsevier, even though the two sides had continued “the conversation.”

“We have been looking for some common ground so we can negotiate,” MacKie-Mason said.

Unlike Elsevier, Springer Nature proactively adheres to the open access model. It largely recognizes the model as the future of academic publishing in a world where financial constraints increasingly afflict academic institutions of all sizes.

“Open access is at the core of our strategy,” Carrie Webster, vice president of open access at the publisher, told me. “We have long believed that it is in the best interest of research. The open access business model is an important step towards achieving the future of open science.”

UC, for its part, is committed to opening access in 2013, in recognition that it is the best way to “disseminate research and scholarships as widely as possible.”

According to Memorandum of Understanding released this week, UC authors will be able to publish their articles open-access in most Springer Nature journals.

This arrangement does not include the journals Nature and Nature-branded, which was obtained by Springer in Berlin in 2015 and which is ranked among the most prestigious scientific journals in the world. But the contract anticipates that the journals will be included in the regulation in 2022.

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Meanwhile, UC will have permanent access to more than 2,200 journals published under the print of Springer, Palgrave, Adis and Macmillan.

According to the arrangement, UC is expected to cover the first $ 1,000 of the cost of publishing Springer articles per paper, with researchers contributing the excess from foundation grants or other sources. The university will bear the excess for researchers without adequate facilities.

Researchers who prefer to publish under the traditional subscription model will be able to opt out of the open access arrangement if they publish in the journal Springer Nature which is “hybrid” – that is, accept papers on both models.

Overall, UC is expected to pay at least 5% less for Springer Nature than under the previous contract. Anderson and MacKie-Mason refused to say how much the university had paid before, but said that it was less than the $ 11 million spent on subscription and Elsevier’s fees.

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Nintendo’s official arrival brings physical media in Portuguese to Brazil



Nintendo's official arrival brings physical media in Portuguese to Brazil

Nintendo officially enters the Brazilian market with physical media in an announcement at BGS.

  • Games include classic console games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild;

  • The recommended price of each game will be 349 reais;

  • Sales will take place in selected stores.

Nintendo wasn’t kidding when it set itself the goal of increasing its presence in Brazil. In addition to opening dedicated social media accounts for the Brazilian public, the company will also introduce physical versions of its games by the end of this year.

Each of them will be accompanied by a national age rating, a description of the title in Portuguese, and illustrations and information on the back cover, also in our language. The novelty was presented during the opening of the Brasil Game Show. “Bringing smiles to Brazilian families is part of our mission in the country,” said Bill van Zill, Nintendo of America Senior Director and General Manager Latin America.

The first games to hit the Brazilian market will be a great choice. They will be present from classic games on the console to even recent releases. They are:

  • Super Smash Bros: Ultimate;

  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus;

  • platoon 3;

  • Mario Strikers: Battle League;

  • Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Rage;

  • Mario party superstars;

  • Super Mario Odyssey;

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild;

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons;

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

“The arrival of select physical Nintendo games for the Nintendo Switch in Brazil symbolizes our commitment to offering consumers a variety of options to access Nintendo products and content.”

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Each of them will be offered at a suggested price of 349 reais and will be sold in selected stores. Nintendo has also released an exclusive package for the Brazilian market, consisting of the Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe digital version.

The package is on sale from September 30 at a price of 2599 reais. In addition to the console and game, the consumer will also receive a three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

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Real Hospital Portugus promotes Pink October campaign



Photo: Divulgao.

In order to promote the prevention of breast cancer, the most common type in the world, surpassing lung cancer, Real Hospital Português is running the Pink October campaign. Early diagnosis is essential for quality of life, successful treatment, and increased chances of a cure. Thus, the October Rosa do Real Hospital Português will be divided into three areas: social action, an educational campaign and a running and walking circle.

With the completion of 50 biopsies in patients from the public network, the institution will facilitate access to the main examination for the diagnosis of breast cancer. “We will positively impact the lives of these patients with our work. Real Hospital Português is a center for the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, and together we will take an unprecedented initiative by providing services to the community,” emphasizes Luciana Limongi, a mastologist. The campaign will be held in partnership with the Real Instituto de Mastologia (RIMA), Real Patologia and Real Imagem, which have recently received the PADI Seal – Accreditation Program in Diagnostic Imaging.

Rosa’s October Run and Walk Scheme aims to warn of the importance of early breast cancer detection and encourage physical activity. According to the National Cancer Institute (Inca), about 30% of all cancers diagnosed in Brazil can be avoided through lifestyle changes. “Behavioral risk factors such as obesity and lack of physical activity are directly linked to the occurrence of breast cancer. That is why it is so important to develop healthy habits,” emphasizes the mastologist. The sporting event will take place on October 29, starting at 16:00, from Cais da Alphandega and will cover a 5 km route. Registration is open to the public at

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In addition, the educational campaign “To be strong, you must have a chest, take care of yourself and overcome yourself” painted the institution and social networks in pink, recalling that early diagnosis increases the chances of successful treatment by 90%. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct regular examinations and consult with a mastologist.

    (Photo: Reveal
Photo: Divulgao.

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Another Portuguese club declared insolvent



Cova da Piedade x Estoril Campeonato Português

After Académica OAF, another Portuguese club is in a delicate position.

SAD CD Cova da Piedade, a team that played in the Portuguese Second League until 2021, has become the latest Portuguese sports organization to file for insolvency.

After being relegated due to failing to submit all legal paperwork to play in the Segunda Liga in 2021/2022, Margem Sul’s SAD ended up playing in Ligue 3 and decided to suspend seniors this season and juniors. football 19.

In a conversation with Lusa, club president Paulo Veiga said he was waiting “further position from the club’s legal department.” However, the club, which is also one of the largest creditors of SAD do Cova da Piedade, is confident of a football asset as early as next season: “Guaranteed next season we will have a senior team and a junior team representing the colors of Cova da Piedade.”

Learn more about Bola na Rede and Moosh!

BUT Mush strives to stand out from the crowd by opening doors to new and innovative experiences. OUR Mush is changing and entering a new era, a new identity, a new logo, but the same trust and the same security to safely accept deposits and transactions from consumers. Our house also has a customer support team available at any time to resolve any issues. With a strong investment phase in Portugal, Mush presents itself with a redesigned website, with new products and new experiences, with an eye to the future – keeping the identity and the idea of ​​achieving the goal: hitting the target Mush!

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Bola na Rede is a project started on October 28, 2010 at the Escola Superior de Comunicação Social. Since then, we have been trying to provide you with the best sports vision at the national and international levels through opinion pieces as well as breaking news. On October 28, 2019, we decided to expand our reach by launching live broadcasts on the channel. BALL IN THE TV NETWORKNo YouTube. In addition to direct, we also have a lot of information through our social networks and in various models podcasts. Operating Systems podcasts from Bola na Rede are available on a wide variety of platforms and aim to give you a little bit of everything about the world of sports in general. Currently we can offer you the following content:

  • Podcast Mourinhos vs. Guardiolas” – Program of national and international sports news.
  • Podcast “Law of the Market” Content about the latest transfers and transfer market rumors from the world of football.
  • Podcast “Talk about the ball” South American Football is here on this program that aims to bring you the latest from the major South American leagues.
  • Podcast “Out of the Ring” WWE is a company Tuevacationer media in the world and in this program we follow in detail every event of the company headed by Vince McMahon
  • Podcast “Ball of other times” – In that podcast we want you to come with us on a journey through the past of the football world. Here we remember players, teams or competitions “from another time”.

If you’d like to learn more about the project, make a suggestion, or even submit an application to become a writer, commenter, or moderator, send us an email at [email protected] The ball is in your court and we are counting on you!

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