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For night shift workers, curfews can be expensive



For night shift workers, curfews can be expensive

At the end of his shift at the Home Depot warehouse in Joliet, Illinois, Elgin Hodges returned home at around 1:30 in the morning on Tuesday, sparks of blue and red light from a police car that lit his way.

Mayor Joliet has declared an emergency and impose a curfew from 8 pm to 6 am in response to the riots that erupted over George Floyd’s death.

Hodges checked that he obeyed speed limits, scanned the dark streets and parking lots for officers and nervously adjusted the documents he kept on the dashboard detailing his status as an important worker during the pandemic.

In recent days, many workers in cities with curfews have struggled to do morning shifts or come home late at night. They have to compete with the closure of public transportation, suspension of services by companies riding vehicles and police blocking the road and the way out.

Some employees see their wages cut when the business shortens hours in response. Others are forced not to pay wages because they cancel shifts in the face of travel obstacles or safety concerns, or leave early to be able to go home before curfew begins.

Hodges, who is black, is concerned that the curfew will make him a target of police harassment.

“Growing up, I was taught to keep turning my head. But now I have worked twice to ensure my safety, “he said.

Many cities and counties have relaxed or lifted their curfews, including Los Angeles, where the Sheriff’s Department said on Thursday that they would not impose restrictions, even though it said each city was free to defend itself.

At Joliet, where Hodges lived, curfew, was pushed back to 10 things, stay in place on thursday night. Every night since curfew was imposed on Monday, Hodges had taken the back road to avoid the main streets which were full of police, adding about 10 minutes to the usual 20-minute trip.

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Blacks and Latinos fill jobs that operate outside standard hours 9 to 5 at a higher price from workers from other demographics. Experts expressed concern that imposing a curfew disproportionately affected black people and other marginalized communities.

Additional oversight of law enforcement during protests over pandemic restrictions serves as a “double whammy” for people of color, said Brenda Muñoz, vice chairman of the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education.

“Even for workers who are considered important and freed from law enforcement, people are afraid to go out during curfews for fear of police brutality, given the latest killings,” Muñoz said.

LA officials eased restrictions a day after the United Civil Liberties Union and the Black Lives Matter lawsuit filed against cities and counties as well as the city of San Bernardino to end the curfew, calling them “extraordinary repression” of political protests that clearly violated the rights of the First Amendment and restricted the necessary freedom of movement.

Kimberly Beltran Villalobos, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, was quoted for violating curfew after he went to fetch his mother from her workplace in East Los Angeles around 11 pm. Monday. He was also quoted May 30 when participating in protests over the death of George Floyd.

However, in cities across the country, curfews linger, as does their prospect of being able to re-apply elsewhere in response to a resurgent weekend protest.

In New York City, where Mayor Bill de Blasio extends from 8:00 to 17:00. Curfew until Sunday, Taylor Shubert was stopped by police around midnight Wednesday at the exit that he usually brought home from the Metropolitan Hospital in Manhattan, where he works as an administrative support staff.

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“I am an important worker, I have been told that I can go home,” Shubert told police. The clerk at Shubert’s window refused to let him pass, and told him to take a different route.

Through another speaker the officer said, “How about removing the bumper sticker from his car too,” according to a video from the encounter recorded by Shubert. Shubert have a sticker showing support for former Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar behind his car.

On the bridge, Shubert was stopped by the police again. He took a detour again. The third time he was stopped, he begged an officer to let him go home for a few minutes before he was allowed to pass.

It took Shubert two hours to drive to his home in Inwood, where he finally jumped into bed around 3:30 in the morning, he said. The six-mile trip usually takes 25 minutes.

“They disagree with my politics and want to antagonize me.” Shubert said. “We are important workers who are fighting the pandemic. I don’t know how not letting hospital workers go home makes my environment safer. “

For low-income workers, who depend more on public transportation, curfew costs can be measured in dollars and cents, said Erica Groshen, a faculty member at Cornell University’s School of Industrial Relations and Labor and a former US Bureau commissioner. Labor Statistics.

At the Martin Luther King Community Hospital Jr. in Willowbrook, a neighborhood in South LA, Sofia Cuevas said her coworkers at the hospital cafe, where she worked as a barista, had to forget about wages and leave work hours early to catch the train before curfew begins.

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Cuevas, 25, said he has a car, so he has no trouble finishing his shift this week, which ends at 9:30 at night. At that time, the staff he saw left at the hospital were doctors and nurses on the night shift, and janitors and guards who cleaned the patient’s room.

“Being a Latina, I’m afraid I’ll be pulled over because you never know what can happen,” Cuevas said. “I have white skin, so I might be fine, but I don’t want to take the risk.”

Darren “Tree” Wallace, who was in the cleaning staff at Kaiser Permanente, a hospital on Sunset Boulevard, was worried that a red rectangular sticker behind his badge pointed to him as an important worker offering thin protection.

Wallace, who is black, moved to a temporary inn – a five-minute hotel room drive to the facility – on Monday because of safety concerns.

Policies that allocate hotel rooms for workers were initially negotiated by the International Trade Union Services Union of Western Trade Unions for staff who tested positive for the corona virus or worked overtime due to a pandemic.

When law enforcement is given the discretion in applying the law, people from stereotypical groups, especially those who are black, will experience discrimination, said Jody David Armor, a professor at the USC Gould School Law School who studies racial profiles and the use of excessive force. by the police.

“That was one of the points triggered by protests at home,” he said.

When formulating policies, Armor said, even the lowest level of nonviolence violations, lawmakers must ask, “Am I willing to live with the possibility that someone will die when this policy is implemented?”

Times staff writers Johana Bhuiyan and Samantha Masunaga contributed to this report.

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Who is Paulo Bento, the Portuguese coach from South Korea who coached Cruzeiro?



The coach commanded the Portuguese national team at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and left the South Korean national team after being eliminated in Qatar.

Portuguese coach Paulo Bento qualified South Korea for the playoffs of the World Cup, something the team had not achieved since 2010, when the South Korean team reached the 1/8 finals of this championship. But 4-1 rout against Brazil as a result, shortened the path of the Asian team, as well as put an end to the work of Paulo Sousa in the national team.

Paulo Bento started his career as a coach with the youth team of Sporting Clube Portugal in 2004. At the club, he commanded the youth team for two seasons, winning the junior national tournament in his first year. Incidentally, the coach took over the first team shortly after he announced his retirement as a player.

Given his prominence in the youth categories, Paulo was chosen to replace José Peseiro, who was eliminated in European competition, in the professional team of Sporting CP for the 2005 season./2006.

Professionally, Bento was runner-up for four seasons in a row in the Portuguese Championship. Despite this, the coach won two Portuguese Cups and two Candido de Oliveira Super Cups. On November 6, 2009, the coach resigned.

Having distinguished himself at Sporting, Paulo Bento was announced as Portugal’s coach on 21 September 2010 after the World Cup in South Africa, where the then-champion Spain was selected in the round of 16.


In qualifying, the coach managed to show good results in the first games, plus, of course, take Portugal to the semi-finals of Euro 2012, taking off from Spain on penalties. Having stood out in competitions, the coach extended the contract until Euro 2016.

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However, after losing to Albania in qualifying for Euro 2016, the coach could not resist and was fired in September 2014. The unsuccessful campaign at the World Cup of the same year in Brazil also affected.

After the Portugal national team, Paulo Bento returned to Brazil in May 2016, but this time to coach the Cruzeiro club. With a contract until December 2017, the coach made his debut in the second round of the Brasileirão the same year.

Paulo Bento Cruzeiro Brazilian Championship in Sao Paulo 05062016Washington Alves/Light Press/Cruzeiro

However, Bento only lasted 17 matches in power with six wins, three draws and eight losses, leaving the team in second-to-last place in the tournament.

On 11 August 2016, the coach was announced as the new commander of Olympiacos, Greece, where he remained until 6 March 2017, winning the Greek title. Following this, Paulo Bento was announced as Chongqing Dangdai of China leading the team for only 15 matches.

20221124 Paulo BentoGetty Images

On August 16, 2018, Paulo Bento was announced as the new coach of South Korea following the departure of Shin Tae-yong, who lost in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup.

As part of the South Korean national team, the coach has 55 wins, 12 draws and eight losses, having won the East Asian Cup title and classified the team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. After being knocked out against Brazil in the 1/8 finals, the Portuguese announced his retirement from the national team.

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Pioli ‘pulls’ Leao by the ears and says the Portuguese ‘must make a dash’



Pioli 'pulls' Leao by the ears and says the Portuguese 'must make a dash'

FROMTefano Pioli, Milan coach, gave an interview on the Italian radio program Sky Calcio Club on Sunday in which he talked about Rafael Leao’s participation in the 2022 Mundial, a test in which the Portuguese striker was a replacement for Fernando Santos. ‘, indicating that he has been talking to his player over the past few days.

“If we talk? They have an obligation to call me at the end of the game. He is happy because Portugal is doing well. It is clear that he would like to play more. I can take advantage of this for a contract extension,” said Pioli, who also spoke about the Portuguese’s renewal process.

“He is fine with us and management and Rafael are talking. We are waiting for good news,” the Transalpine coach fired.

Looking at his player’s short playing time at this 2022 World Cup, Pioli admitted that Rafael Leau would like to have more playing time for the national team, but hinted that the Portuguese striker is not unhappy.

“If he plays a little? It’s hard to judge because Portugal has a very high quality team. Rafael is happy because Portugal is having a good World Cup, but there is a lot of quality and competitiveness in the attacking sector of the Portuguese team. “, – stressed the coach of the Italian, who also left a small warning to Rafael Leau.

“When you see him in training, you immediately understand that he has incredible potential. He has technique and speed that few others have. Over the course of a period, he had to develop and adapt to the reality at Milan, where the pressure is different from what he is. he was in Lille. It took time, but his potential to become a great player was always there. But he still needs to make the leap to become a champion because he can be even more decisive in the opponent’s zone,” he stressed.

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“If you think about Rafael from two years ago, he has made tremendous progress. He’s missing a few things, but he’s smart and approachable. I can give him all the ideas he wants, but his talent must be left free. should improve his heading, given his physique,” he concluded.

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Portugal, nuts and the Portuguese consumer: a successful trilogy



Portugal, nuts and the Portuguese consumer: a successful trilogy

Nuts have become part of a limited group of Portuguese agri-food sectors that manage to achieve much-desired food self-sufficiency. In the case of almonds it is 170% and in the case of chestnuts it is 116% in relation to the national consumption.

The value of Portuguese agricultural production in 2021 was 9.6 billion euros, representing a growth rate of 14.6% compared to 2020, and therefore it is fair to say that dried fruits today, with a production of 80,000 tons and exports reaching 100 million euros contributed. to this success.

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