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Corrections officers said they were banned from the Derek Chauvin floor because of their skin color



Ex-officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck in custody

Officials alleged that on May 29, when Chauvin was charged with murder in the death of George Floyd, they were told to report to the third floor of the prison.

“When we arrived on the 3rd floor, we realized that the employees’ colors were all on that floor, and that we had been separated from the 5th floor,” where Chauvin would be held, said a discriminating employee.

Steve Lydon, supervisor of the correction facility, immediately reversed the decision, but the eight employees said they were “deeply insulted” by the “separation order,” said the alleged discrimination.

“I believe Ramsey County’s actions are discriminatory because they openly choose and separate color officers because of the color of our skin,” officials said in their complaint.

Jails officially provide a side to the story

Lydon said when he was told on May 29 that Chauvin would soon arrive at prison, he made the decision to reassign corrective officers to other posts, according to a statement given by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.

Chauvin, who is white, and another officer knelt at Floyd, a black man, during an arrest in Minneapolis. Floyd’s death and the arrest of observers’ video releases sparked protests across the nation.

“Acknowledging that the murder of George Floyd is likely to create acute racial trauma, I feel I have a direct duty to protect and support employees who might be traumatized and possibly increase ongoing trauma by having to deal with Chauvin,” Lydon said.

“Because of caution and care, and without the convenience of time, I made the decision to limit the exposure of colored employees to a murder suspect who has the potential to exacerbate those feelings.”

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Lydon said he reversed his decision with time.

“Shortly after making a decision, the Corrections staff expressed concern with the change and within 45 minutes I realized my mistake and reversed the order,” he said.

“I then met the people who were working at the time and explained to them what my thinking process was at the time and convinced them that the decision was made out of concern for them and had absolutely no connection to concerns about their professionalism or Chauvin’s security. ”

“I realize that I was wrong in my assessment and issued an apology to the affected employee.”

In a statement, the officer’s lawyer, Bonnie Smith, said the change had come too late. “At that time the damage was done. Shift was moved and at least one color officer assigned to the 5th floor over the weekend was moved to another floor for the duration of Chauvin’s detention in prison.”

According to a statement from the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, Lydon’s job was modified while Sheriff Bill Fletcher reviewed the situation to find out if additional action was needed.

Chauvin was charged by prosecutors with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree murder because of his alleged role in Floyd’s death on May 25.

Officers seek compensation for emotional distress

Minnesota Department of Human Rights Communications Director Taylor Putz told CNN that state law does not allow organizations to release charges of discrimination or other information about a case until the case is closed.

The Minneapolis police chief said George Floyd's family would inspire his reform efforts

Furthermore, Putz said the Department had not closed the case and could not comment.

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Officers in legal action identify themselves as African American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander American or mixed race.

They demand steps taken to overcome to ensure that discriminatory behavior never happens again at the Ramsey County Adult Detention Center as well as compensation for emotional distress and lost income, said Smith’s statement.

Smith said one of his clients was suspended amid Chauvin’s order and said he would not bring Chauvin to his unit, Smith said in the statement.

Another officer said the colored correctional officer was notified in the middle of responding to an emergency call that they would not be allowed to complete the emergency protocol until the white officers arrived, because it involved going to the fifth floor, Smith said.

“The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office separates hard-working employees whose color is far from famous prisoners simply because of their skin color,” Smith said in the statement. “Sorting out employees based on their race and color is very degrading and embarrassing, not to mention illegal. These correctional officers come to work every day to maintain the safety of our community and work decisions must be made based on their performance, not their skin color.”

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Luana Piovani goes to Portugal’s Golden Globes with her boyfriend



Luana Piovani goes to Portugal's Golden Globes with her boyfriend

Luana Piovani

Photo: Instagram/@luanapiovani/Famous and Celebrities

This Sunday, the 2nd, actress Luana Piovani went to the Portuguese Golden Globes along with her boyfriend Lucas Bittencourt. In her Instagram, the actress praised the outfits they were wearing.

Ready for the Golden Globes. Great guy. We are very, very luxurious, my love,” said Luana. While Lucas was wearing a black suit, she was wearing a short white lace dress with green accents at the waist.

Luana Piovani at the Golden Globes.  -

Luana Piovani at the Golden Globes. –

Photo: Instagram/@luanapiovani/Famous and Celebrities

“Long live the Golden Globes and long live you, my love, who accompanied me and constantly gave me a hand, because I have very high heels and I have a problem knee,” the actress shared.

Luana Piovani revealed the reason for the breakup with Pedro Scooby

Actress Luana Piovani finally revealed the real reason behind his breakup with surfer and former BBB Pedro Scooby. In the documentary “A Vida é Irada, Vamos Curtir”, the actress recalled the tense moment they went through due to the inattention of the athlete, which eventually became the trigger for the divorce.

While they are traveling with their family, Pedro forgot to extend their stay, leaving Luana with nowhere to go with her children and several problems to deal with. “I had to leave before 13:00 the next day because the property was already rented out. With three children and twelve suitcases, Luna remembered. “When I hung up, I took the ring off my finger, put it on the table and said, ‘My marriage just ended.’ indicated.

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Portugal loses to meet Slovenia in the 1/8 finals of the Table Tennis World Cup – Observer



Portugal loses to meet Slovenia in the 1/8 finals of the Table Tennis World Cup - Observer

The Portugal men’s table tennis team lost 3-1 to Denmark on Tuesday, but have already secured their place in the 1/8 finals of the World Team Championship, in which they will play with Slovenia.

Portugal, ranked ninth in the world rankings, proved itself in the previous two rounds against Slovakia with a score of 3:1 and against Brazil with a score of 3:2, thus guaranteeing not only access to the playoffs of the World Cup, which occupies a place in Chengdu, China, but also a victory in Group 6.

Without Marcos Freitas, the Portuguese player best positioned in the world hierarchy in which he is ranked 33rd, the national team won one game, Joao Heraldo, world number 49, over Anders Lind, 156th in the rankings, at 3- 1, with ends 11-9, 11-9, 8-11 and 11-5.

Diogo Chen (692nd), who replaced Marcos Freitas, lost the first two games he played in the tournament to Thor Christensen (891st) 3-0 (6-11, 9-11 and 8-11) and Anders Lind . , with a score of 3-1 (8-11, 11-6, 5-11 and 14-16), while João Monteiro (83rd) was surprised by Tobias Rasmussen (363rd) with a score of 3-0, with ends 12-14, 9-11 and 8-11.


The Portuguese team could not get even with an exception introduced by Denmark in the round of 16 of the 2021 European Championship.which suffered its first setback in the competition and did not even shake the first place in the group, as it had the advantage of head-to-head with Brazil and Slovakia, who faced each other on Tuesday, with the South Americans winning 3-0.

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Portugal finished level with Brazil, while Slovakia was third and Denmark fourth, and will face Slovenia, the 14th team in the world, with Darko Jocic standing out as eighth in the individual pecking order and second in Europe.

The Slovenian national team, which beat Thailand (3:0), Puerto Rico (3:1) and the USA (3:0) in Chengdu and lost only to the hosts and the very favorite China (3:0), beat Portugal in the final of the Mediterranean Games 2022 year in Oran (Algeria).

Women’s representation, which reached the 1/8 finals of the World Cup for the first timewill play against Luxembourg, the 25th team in the world rankings.

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It costs less than 12 euros, is Portuguese and one of the best sparkling wines in the world.



It costs less than 12 euros, is Portuguese and one of the best sparkling wines in the world.

HOURPortuguese sparkling wine is considered one of the best in the world. The Quinta de Santa Cristina proposal at Leça do Balio was the only national proposal to win a silver medal at the 2022 Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships.

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This was the eighth edition of these awards. Dedicated reference – Quinta de Santa Cristina Sparkling White Reserva 2017. website brand is sold at a price of 11.50 euros per bottle.

It contains 12% alcohol, and the winemaker was Jorge Souza Pinto. This is the only caste from Arinto. It is a good option to accompany seafood, fish, white meat dishes and some appetizers. It should be drunk at temperatures between 5ºC and 7ºC.

Two more medals were awarded to this manufacturer. Quinta de Santa Cristina Espumante Reserva Rosé 2016 and Quinta de Santa Cristina Super Reserva White 2014 won bronze medals at the same competition.

Not website races can have access to different winners.

It costs 11.50 euros.© DR

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