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Belarus strongmen face mass protests after jailing their main rival



Belarus strongmen face mass protests after jailing their main rival

Lukashenko has ruled the former Soviet republic with more than 9 million people since 1994 and ran for the sixth time in elections scheduled for August 9. He has long drawn international criticism for suppressing dissent, and the country’s secret police – still known as the KGB – often detain and harass opposition activists and independent journalists.

Demonstrations on Friday, in which thousands of people lined the streets of 10 cities, were prompted by a series of arrests, in what opposition activists called an attempt to eject popular candidates from the presidential election. Two of Lukashenko’s main opponents are currently in the KGB and police detention: popular YouTube blogger Sergei Tikhanovskiy, who was detained in late May, and former Belgazprombank chairman Viktor Babaryko, who was arrested on June 18 along with his son and campaign manager, Eduard Babaryko, according to the campaign they.

Following the latest arrest news, activists began forming “chains of human solidarity,” some of which stretched for several kilometers, according to organizers and local media reports.
Independent non-governmental organization Viasna, which monitors protests in Belarus, reported Saturday that at least 120 people were arrested overnight, including many journalists.

On Friday, Lukashenko said the protest was a foreign plot and claimed that the country’s law enforcement “frustrated a Maidan,” referring to the 2014 revolution in Ukraine which toppled the country’s pro-Russian president.

“We managed to take a few steps ahead of schedule and cancel a massive plan to destabilize Belarus,” Lukashenko said according to a government-run news agency. BELTA. “We show the true face of the dolls that we have here and dolls that sit outside Belarus.

“Don’t make me choose. If I behave democratically, if I show them that I am very warm and unclear, I have the opportunity to lose the country altogether,” Lukashenko added.

Babaryko is considered the main opponent of Lukashenko in this presidential election. The campaign said they had collected 425,000 signatures to support his candidacy, passing 100,000 signatures.

The country does not have a reliable independent political poll, but in early June, the “Sasha three percent” meme was trending on Belarusian social media, referring to the low number for Lukashenko in an informal poll from an independent online outlet. Sasha is a nickname for Alexander.

Boyfriend Eduard Babaryko said in a Facebook post on Thursday that he was being interrogated at the KGB detention center on charges of tax fraud. Lawyers for Viktor Babaryko say they have not been able to visit their clients. Until Saturday, Babarykos has not been released.

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The arrest was preceded by a series of police raids on the office and Babaryko’s apartment from a family member. Belarusian State Control Committee head Ivan Tertel said that 20 current and former bank executives related to Babaryko had been arrested on various charges, including tax evasion and embezzlement, and acknowledged that “Babaryko is the organizer of a criminal scheme.”

Babaryko has denied making mistakes and said the accusation politically motivated.
Demonstrators held their hands in the air during a demonstration in Minsk on June 19.

Lukashenko has claimed that several candidates who opposed him in this election have relations with Russia. Belarusian outlets called Babaryko “a candidate related to the Kremlin” when he was managing Belgazprombank, a subsidiary of Russian energy company Gazprom, for the past 20 years. Babaryko himself denied the allegations and asked the media not to call him a pro-Russian candidate. Lukashenko has long fostered close relations with Russia, which has close economic ties and a customs union with Belarus.

“[Lukashenko] “It did so because of the road map of deep integration with Russia … where Belarus lost its sovereignty, and it sparked a wave of public anger,” Babaryko said in an interview with independent Russian parties. RBC news outlet. “So now there are indications that something is being done to benefit Russia or other national causes [negative] Reaction in Belarusian society. “

The Kremlin also denied supporting Babaryko and rejecting allegations against Gazprom.

President Alexander Lukashenko speaks during a summit on December 20, 2019 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

“The Kremlin has no candidates in the Belarusian elections,” Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said earlier this week.

Putin and Lukashenko exchanged phone calls this week but did not discuss the situation around Belgazprombank, according to Peskov. Lukashenko is expected to visit Moscow next week to attend the Victory Day parade rescheduled on the Red Square.

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The British and US governments condemn the arrest and urge Belarusian authorities to respect the rights of their citizens to peaceful protests.

“The United States urges the Belarussian government to uphold its international commitment to respecting fundamental freedoms by allowing the Belarussian people to freely, peacefully gather and release those detained, including journalists who cover the peace meeting tonight,” the US Embassy account in Minsk said. Twitter Twitter in a statement. tweet.

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A BOLA – Bruno Gama (Aris Thessaloniki) scored a goal on smiling Sunday for the Portuguese (Greece).



A BOLA - Bruno Gama (Aris Thessaloniki) scored a goal on smiling Sunday for the Portuguese (Greece).

Portuguese striker Bruno Gama (incumbent) scored the only goal in the 41st minute win over Aris Thessaloniki, who earned three points against Asteris Tripolis in the 12th round of the Greek Super League.

Former FC Porto player nicknamed Juan Iturbe mini messiRecall that having chosen the Paraguayan nationality, he left the bench and replaced the Argentinean Daniel Mancini in the 69th minute, and the hero of the match, the Portuguese, the hero of the match, left the field at the same moment, he was replaced by the Argentinean Mateo Garcia.

In the main match of the day against AEK Atenas, who took 2nd place and hosted the eternal rival Panathinaikos, Portuguese midfielder Andre Simoes started for the home team (was yellow in the 34th minute), who won 1-0 from Polish midfielder Damian Szymanski on second minute of the match.

The striker Dalsio, winner of the 10th jersey of Ionianikos, also participated in a 3-2 home win against PAOK Thessaloniki. Away Portuguese player Vieirinha was expelled, but some familiar faces of Portuguese football played a role, such as Serbian striker Andrija Zivkovic, ex-Benfica, Nigerian midfielder Anderson Esiti, ex-Estoril and Leixoins, as well as the central player from Cape Verde. captain, Fernando Varela, ex-Fairense and Trofense.

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The newspaper highlights the “tight rope” in the relationship between Jorge Jesus and Benfica



The newspaper highlights the "tight rope" in the relationship between Jorge Jesus and Benfica

Portuguese newspaper A Bola stressed that the relationship between Jorge Jesus and Benfica is not the best, as the coach is not achieving satisfactory results. Last Friday 03, the club lost 3-1 at home in the derby against Sporting.

“It is not only the connection between the club and the coach that will be evident after the events at Estádio da Luz. Even the continuation of Jesus’ life until the end of the season may be jeopardized, given the results, quality or lack of It follows that about the presented football and, above all, about the relationship with the fans who were seriously injured, ”wrote the car.

Also, according to the newspaper, JJ’s position is unstable, not least because the man who bet on him, Luis Filipe Vieira, is no longer at the club. In addition, the coach had to face a serious challenge from the public during the defeat in the derby.

However, if the team succeeds in the challenges ahead in December, then coach continuity through the end of the season can be guaranteed. The match between Benfica and Dynamo Kiev at the Estadio da Luz stadium, which will take place next Wednesday, August 8, will be an excellent indicator of the future of Jesus at the club.

It’s worth mentioning that JJ is one of the most coveted names in Flamengo, who will lead the team in 2022. In 2019, Jesus led the Brazilian team in the conquest of Brasileiran and Libertadores.

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The lucky winner of the evening of the Foundation of the Mayors of Terry and Strauben received a holiday in Portugal



The lucky winner of the evening of the Foundation of the Mayors of Terry and Strauben received a holiday in Portugal

Michael Daly is the Everglades Star Award Winner. Received a voucher for Terry Airport to Al Korve this summer from Travel Solutions, Northern Ireland’s leading tour operator, which includes seven nights at Aratlandico Apartments in Albuquerque.

It was part of a rally held tonight with all proceeds from Mayor’s Charity – the Foyle Down Syndrome Foundation.

Councilor Graeme Varkey, Mayor of Terry and Straben County Council, congratulated Michael on his great trip and thanked Travel Solutions for their support.

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Sarah Simpson and Michael Daly, Travel Solutions Holiday winners for the Portuguese Mayor’s Christmas Fund on behalf of the Foyle Down Syndrome Foundation, welcome Alderman Graham Wark and Robert Wilson and Terry Airport CEO Steve Fraser of Travel Solutions.

“We had a wonderful Christmas Eve night in honor of the Mayor’s Foundation and it was the perfect decision to give Portugal this incredible star gift to our winner, Michael Daly.

“I would like to congratulate you and express my gratitude to Travel Solutions for their generosity and kindness in making this gift and in turn for their support of the Foyle Down Syndrome Foundation. We are raising a lot of money for this very useful business.

“I know that many have missed the opportunity to enjoy a good vacation over the past two years, so I thank Travel Solutions again for their support and hope that next summer Michael will enjoy his sunshine gold at Alcarve.”

Julie Magill, CEO of Travel Solutions, said: “We would like to thank the Mayor for giving us the opportunity to support the Fund’s fundraising efforts. We are proud to be part of this epic night.

Terry Airport Managing Director Steve Fraser added: “I am honored to be part of this inspiring event and to support the Foyle Down Syndrome Foundation at our local community center in the Northwest. We are delighted to partner with our partner Travel Solutions to deliver this wonderful vacation package, as well as our flight partner Loganier, who, as always, is very kind to provide the airlines with gifts in support of this well-deserved cause. Special thanks to the Mayor and the staff of the Terry City and Strauben District Council for their continued support throughout the year for organizing such a wonderful evening.

Other gifts for the evening include two return flights from Loganeer-sponsored Terry Airport to London Stansted, Liverpool or Glasgow; Ipod; Overnight at the Benedict Hotel in Belfast; Restaurant vouchers; And much more.

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