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Trump is right to stab Jeff Sessions: Goodwin



Trump is right to stab Jeff Sessions: Goodwin

President Trump is a person who has a lot of disputes, some of which are very petty, they oppose defense. But in one of the biggest, he stood high up.

Trump and Jeff Sessions, his first attorney general, were locked in the Twitter squabble when Sessions attempted to reclaim his Alabama Senate seat. The President has supported GOP Session opponents, former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville, and regularly ripped off Sessions, tweeting on Friday: “Three years ago, after Jeff Sessions resigned, Mueller Scam’s Fraud began. Alabama, don’t believe in Jeff Sessions. He disappointed our country. “

Session’s response revealed – his surprising ignorance. He wrote: “Look, I know your anger, but rejection is required by law. I did my duty and you are very fortunate to do it. It protects the rule of law and results in your release. “

Oh, Please. The best way to see Session’s response is that he still does not realize that he is played like a drum by Democrats and the media.

Like General Mike Flynn, Sessions were subjected to conspiracy by Russia, Russia, Russia in an initial attempt to sabotage Trump’s president.

They want the Session to get out of the way, and his resignation serves their corrupt interests and, as Trump said, opens the door to special advisor Robert Mueller. If the Session refused to resign or resign, the country would avoid a two-year investigation, and the forbidden attempt to remove the president by members of the Obama administration and Dems in Congress could be disclosed more quickly.

The memory lane follows the Session’s silly arguments. He was the first senator to support Trump, advise him and campaign for him and, as a gift, was asked to become an AG.

During the first confirmation session of the Session, Dems tried to torpedo with a racism card, but a very strange question came from Senator Al Franken.

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He told the Session that CNN was telling a story “alleging that the intelligence community gave documents to the president-elect last week which included information which, quoting,” Russian operators claimed to have compromised personal and financial information about Mr. Trump “

Franken said the story also alleged there was “an ongoing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump’s successor and intermediary for the Russian government.”

The documents, of course, are the famous Steele files. The trial date is January 10, 2017, five days after the Oval Office suspect meeting where President Barack Obama approved the plan of FBI Director J. Edgar Comey to give direction to the elected president only on allegations of urinating on file. .

Recall that Comey quickly compiled a memo describing Trump’s reaction, proving that the meeting was actually part of an investigation into Trump himself.

Someone leaked a briefing to CNN, probably to coincide with the session. Later that day, BuzzFeed published all documents, citing the CNN story as a pretext.

Although the Session was narrowly confirmed on February 8, his refusal to Franken that he had contact with Russia would return to haunt him. But the first victim to fall was Flynn, the new national security adviser.

His conversation with the Russian ambassador to America has been tapped by the FBI, and its contents were leaked to The Washington Post. Fooled by the FBI in an interview disguised as a joint chat, Flynn denied he and the ambassador discussed US sanctions, even though the topic appeared to have indeed arisen. When Vice President Mike Pence said publicly that Flynn assured him that sanctions were not discussed, the Department of Justice notified the White House that the transcript showed otherwise, and Flynn was forced to resign.

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Now Session will get the same treatment. The Washington Post again suffered a leak, reporting March 1 that anonymous intelligence sources said the Session had two meetings with the same Russian ambassador during the campaign. Dems quickly accused the new AG of lying under oath to Franken and demanded that he resign.

The session refused, telling NBC, “I have never met any Russian at any time to discuss any political campaign, and that statement cannot be trusted by me and is wrong.”

But asked if he would withdraw from involvement in an investigation into Russian interference, Session suggested he would.

The next day, he did that, insisting that he was honest in his answers to Franken. But he said he would not have anything to do with the Russian investigation because he was Trump’s campaign adviser and successor.

Suddenly, he called for his resignation to die. He moved away and that was pretty good.

Rod Rosenstein
Rod RosensteinThe AP

Meanwhile, Rod Rosenstein, a career prosecutor tapped as deputy attorney general, has yet to be confirmed. His March hearing was dominated by Dem who wanted to know if he would appoint an independent prosecutor if needed.

He said yes, and confirmed, 94-6. Senator Chuck Schumer made a speech in which he said that Rosenstein assured him personally that he would keep that promise.

Rosenstein took office on April 25. Soon, he will write a memo making a case to fire Comey, and Trump drops an ax on May 8.

Nine days later, Rosenstein appointed Mueller to take the FBI probe, and “other things” that emerged from it, possibly including Comey’s dismissal.

In hindsight, the plot against Trump is amazing in his courage and cruelty. For Session, even now to claim that he did the right thing was foolish.

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If he feels very strongly about rejection, then he should resign because Trump deserves to have a fully functional AG. Instead, he gets Rosenstein, whose appointment of Mueller and his role in the application of FISA which dishonestly reeks of conflict and error.

The session cannot fix all of that but at least must understand the national nightmare that he helped create.

Cuomo tried to regret

On Remembrance Day, Governor Cuomo admitted that he was wrong – but not in a nursing home.

Asked to predict when New York would reopen, he would not do it.

“I quit the business because we all failed in that business, right? All the initial national experts. This is my projection model. This is my projection model. They are all wrong. They are all wrong.”

He added, “We don’t know what really happened with social distance. I understand, but we are all wrong.”

Pollyanna in me sees this as a practice to admit that her order to send COVID-19 patients to a nursing home is a grave and fatal mistake.

After all, politicians sometimes do the right thing.

Carranza DOE’s ‘bigot’ face

City School Chancellor Richard Carranza, a race man at its core, wants to add discrimination against Asian Americans to his anti-bias training.

No thanks, said a Chinese-American advocacy group, noting that Carranza himself had accused Asians of “having” acceptance in high school.

In a blistering statement, the Alliance of Chinese Americans in Greater New York said the first step in stopping bigotry towards Asians was “expelling Carranza from NYC.”

More than you, Mayor de Blasio.

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Portuguese club sign Matheus Pereira from Cruzeiro



Portuguese club sign Matheus Pereira from Cruzeiro

Credit: Bruno Haddad / Cruzeiro

Boavista received a positive response from Cruzeiro for the final transfer of Matheus Pereira. The left-back, first of all, is the request of coach Armando Petit to replace Janis Amas, who is due to leave the club in the coming days.

O It turned out that the clubs started the exchange of documents this Wednesday morning (29) and the purchase of the defender is in full swing. Now Boavista is looking to get past the red tape to finally announce the signing of the player.

Mateus Pereira has a contract with Cruzeiro until June 2023 and is on loan from Guarani until the end of the current season. The club from Sao Paulo has already been informed that it will lose the left-back in the next transfer window.

Also according to the report, Boavista will invest 3 million euros (16.6 million reais at the current price) to get 60% of the economic rights for four seasons. Cruzeiro, in turn, will keep 40% of the season ticket for future sale.

Mateus Pereira was one of the full backs, according to the Boavista Market Analysis Center, since 2021 I have kept a player in my field of vision. At first, the deal will be on a season-long lease.

However, the Minas Gerais club eventually agreed to negotiations when the Portuguese made the final choice in favor of buying the athlete. Recently, Mateus Pereira received a poll from Braga. However, Cruzeiro was not enthusiastic about this business model.

Matheus Pereira held talks with the club from Rio de Janeiro

Having failed to return to Serie A of the Brazilian championship, Cruzeiro placed Matheus Pereira on the list of “fixed” players. In January, for example, he appeared on the radar to protect Fluminense.

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At the direction of Abel Braga, the then tricolor coach, the defender even had a verbal agreement with Fluminense. However, the board backed out of the deal shortly after signing Chris Silva from Sheriff Moldova and Mauricio Pineyda, who was at Barcelona, ​​Ecuador.

Out of coach Paulo Pezzolano’s plans, the left-back was loaned out to Guarani until the end of the current season. Bugre has 23 matches, three goals and one assist. In addition, he is one of the best players in the Brazilian Serie B position.

Matheus Pereira figures

Matheus Pereira, based on the basic categories of Cruzeiro, arrived at Toca da Raposa II in 2017. He belongs to the same generation as goalkeeper Gabriel Braçao, defender Kaka, right-back Vitinho, midfielder Mauricio, striker Cayo Rosa and others.

With these players, Matheus Pereira won the 2018 Under-20 Mineiro Championship. Two years later, coach Adilson Batista promoted the player to the first team, who decided to bet on the first team to form a squad that would play for the first time. in series B.

In two seasons, he established himself as the owner of the left back of Rapos. At the same time, he represented the club in 61 matches, scored one goal and made three assists.

This season, for example, 21-year-old Mateus Pereira has made 23 appearances for Guarani: 12 in Brazil’s Serie B, two in the Brazilian Cup and nine in the Campeonato Paulista. In addition, he scored three goals, provided an assist and spent 2033 minutes on the field.

Highlights: Cruzeiro 2 x 0 Ponte Preta (Serie B). Watch the video!

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Teodoro Obiang meets the Portuguese he saved from death | NEWS | DV



Teodoro Obiang meets the Portuguese he saved from death |  NEWS |  DV

Teodoro Obiang was received on Tuesday (28.06) at the headquarters of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), where, not to mention the process of abolition of the death penalty in his country, he promised to comply with all the necessary recommendations of the membership. by organization. .

“We are ready, we are organizing to fulfill all the conditions that all CPSG member countries demand,” the President of Equatorial Guinea said in press statements without the right to ask questions.

Accompanied by Zacarias da Costa, executive secretary of the CPLP, Obiang assured that Portuguese, considered a foreign language in Equatorial Guinea, is on the rise, mainly because many young people are already learning the language in schools.

“Portuguese will become the language spoken throughout the country,” he promised.

The President of Equatorial Guinea is in Portugal as one of the senior government officials invited to the United Nations Oceans Conference, which is taking place in Lisbon until 1 July.

The presidential delegation of Equatorial Guinea includes First Lady Constance Mangue, Foreign Minister Simeon Oyono Esono, and Mozambique Murade Muraga, former CPLP Executive Secretary, who serves as Obiang’s Special Adviser for the Portuguese Language.

Jorge Trabulo Marquez spent 38 days canoeing in the Atlantic Ocean.

The head of state of Equatorial Guinea held several bilateral meetings, including with the President of the UN General Assembly, Adullah Shahid; was at the International Craft Fair (FIA), this Wednesday will be received by his Portuguese colleague Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and will visit the Sanctuary of Fatima.

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“Obiang understood and set me free”

At the hotel where he was staying in Lisbon, Obiang received Portuguese journalist Jorge Trabulo Marques, who spent 47 years in prison in Malabo after 38 days of trying to cross the Atlantic by canoe from Sao Tome. . . .

Marquez says he was 30 years old at the time and it was Obiang, then supreme commander of the armed forces, who saved him from death.

“At that time, I was considered a spy because it was hard to believe that a European would sit in a canoe,” Jorge Trabulo Marquez told DW Africa.

“I was taken to Black Beach Maximum Security Prison and sentenced to hang. Five days later, while I was walking, the phone rang and it was Commander Obiang, the nephew of President Macias, who called me to his office to give the president a writ of execution.”

President of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang receives journalist Jorge Trabulo Marquez in Lisbon.

Meeting between President Teodoro Obiang and journalist Jorge Trabulo Marquez on Tuesday (28.06)

But Obiang, then 33, went against the execution order for his uncle Macias Nguema.

“Thank God he was understanding, he was generous, he took my word for it and set me free. I was here today to thank him for life because I saw death before me. Every night I heard piercing cries; terror prison. Whoever entered alive, came out in a tomb.”

At this meeting, the journalist expressed his gratitude by offering a picture painted with a portrait of a man who saved his life in a country where the Castilian language prevails and where the death penalty has not yet been completely abolished.

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Portuguese DJ Narciso among the first advertisements of the Polish festival Unsound – Showbiz



Portuguese DJ Narciso among the first advertisements of the Polish festival Unsound - Showbiz

Musician DJ Narciso is the only Portuguese name in the first group of artists at Poland’s Unsound festival, which will take place in Krakow in October, the organization announced today.

The Portuguese DJ Narciso appears in the dance program of the festival, reminiscent of the organization that is part of the Príncipe publishing house from Lisbon.

Narciso created RS Produções in Río de Mouro, municipality of Sintra, in the middle of the last decade, which he shares with Nuno Beats, DJ Nulo, DJ Lima and Farucox.

This year he released the EP “NXE” with London’s Endgame by Chinese publisher SVBKVLT. According to a biography available on Bandcamp at the time of launch, DJ Narciso is “bringing together a new wave of artists from Kuduro from Lisbon, [sendo] one of the youngest members of Príncipe who helped redefine the genre.”

One of the most influential European festivals, which annually collects names from various musical fields and commissions works by contemporary authors, Unsound will present projects in Krakow in its 20th edition, such as the premiere of Osmium, which features Hildur Guðnadóttir. , Slater of Sam Blanket and James Ginsburg, who will play with singer Rulli Shabara on instruments made especially for the occasion, according to a statement from the event.

Polish cellist and composer Resina will join Frenchman Aho San in the Ego Death project, also curated by Unsound.

The Contemporary Spółdzielnia ensemble, in turn, will present “Vitriolum”, in which musicians interpret works on 3D-printed instruments “based on Carpathian flutes and ancient double reeds.”

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From October 9 to 16, Unsound will also host Oren Ambarchi, Johan Bertling and Andreas Verlin as Ghosted, as well as Japanese solo artist Phew and more.

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