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The Texas Supreme Court blocked ballots amid coronavirus

The Texas Supreme Court has blocked a plan to allow voters who fear the corona virus to use ballots for the November election.

Court Friday night given stay who reject lower court orders that have temporarily lifted postal voting restrictions to allow residents to vote by mail if they cite concerns about the capture of the corona virus at the polling station, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Attorney General Ken Paxton from the Republic of the country pioneered efforts to stop the ballot initiative by letter and has petitioned the Supreme Court for his stay.

The high court order stopped the distribution of ballots for those who feared being infected by direct voting for the election, at least until Paxton’s appeal was heard this weekend.

“I am pleased that today the Texas Supreme Court confirmed that my office can continue to prosecute voter fraud and issue guidance on ballot papers by ballot” while the appeal was made, Paxton said in a statement.

Paxton’s appeal is scheduled to be heard Wednesday.

Two lower courts previously supported incoming mail.

Under state law, Texas allows residents over the age of 65 to vote through letters or voters with disabilities, military service members and residents who will leave town for elections.

Democratic leaders in the state are punishing state officials for trying to force potentially dangerous voters.

“Frankly, I’m surprised that the state of Texas even today, in a state where so many people suffer, that they are struggling desperately to try to make a grandmother [who are] 64 years go and vote directly, “Chad Dunn, a lawyer for the Democratic Party, told the newspaper.

“Couldn’t have been more surprised.”

Proponents of the incoming mail movement made the legal argument that the risk of corona virus should be considered a disability under the law.

“The efforts of this Paxton and other Republican members to make people choose between exercising their right to vote and using their right to live is just an insult to everything that democracy stands for,” Democrat chairman Gilberto Hinojosa told the outlet.

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